The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 22, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1893
Page 1
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>*v , * > VOL X1V-NO 261 '*., .1" MlCn., -THffRSDAY, JUNE 22, PRICE TWO CENfS Senator Leland Stanford V, California Dead. • Msolatety pure A cream of tartar baking powder HiRhestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S* Government Food Re port, • , ROYAL BAKING-POWDER CO ' 106 Wall Street. N.Y. HE GAVE. HIS- STATE $20,000,000. . - « •he Founder of n Magnificent University In Memory of His Only Son at Palo-Alto. He Paused- Peacefully Aw&y—A Biographical Sketch. SAN FriAtfcisco, "June 22.—Senator Stanford died, nt midnight Tuesday fortf, under the will, is to carry out tha work of her husband reeftrditg the university. • j • •', '*.•'., , night HUMPHREYS- .*• This PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicine. / Nothing has ever been produced tfc equal or compare with it as a CURATIVE and MEAUNO APPLICATION. Ithasbect used 40 years and always affords relie and always gives satisfaction. Cures PitKS or HBMbRRHoros-Externa or Internal, Blind or Bleeding— Itching and Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Anp Worms of the Rectum. The relief is fauna- diate— the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scald$and Ulceratfan and Contraction from Burns. The relief is tostent Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers. Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurffr or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS an/ Sore Nipples, It is invaluable. Price, sa Cents. Trial size, 25 Centev Bold br DratttoU, or nnl po«t-p»l4 OB receipt of prtw. BBW mu> at his country residence, Palo Alto. He waa in the best.of health that day and took a drive around hia stock farm, returning shortly after 10 o'clock. He made no -complaint during the day regarding his health. About midnight his valet entered his bedroom and found hia master de"ad. For several pasjt no indication of hi& .being TNE PILE OINTMENT EFFECT .ON THE Benntor Stanford'* Succcnsor 1VI11 nbiy Be n Doinocrnt. " '*""-' WASHINGTON,. June 22.—The death of Senator Stanford will increase the .Democratic majority^ef the senate as Boon as the California legislature elects, his successor. In tne meantime Gkwornor Merriam will nominate a Uopublican, but his term will last only a f ow months before the Democratic .legislature chooses a Domocrnt for. tho four remaining years of Stanford's term. • Will Bn Shot to DejitliV ""* FT. SMITII, Ark., June 22.--Simon Wade, Joshua Calvin, Samuel Jefferson and Pr.emus Brown have been convicted of murder in the Choctaw court at Arburton and sentenced to bo shot to death on July 7. On the 10th of September last these men* assassinated Frank Frazier. The murders were the result oflpolitical differences and there are several others yet to be tried for the assassination of Joseph.Hoplataubbe on the same day the others were killed. Stranger Commits Suicide. Lot ! lsvn.LE,\June ty.— An unknown stranger committed suicide by jumping ,from the W, C. Hite* a ferryboat plying between LoinsvilleNuid Jeffiirsonvillb, Ind. The man waited until the boat was in midstream before talking the fatal plunge. The lifesaving crew will make an effort to recover the body. JuHtlce lilatclifortl's Coiiditlbn. i JIEWPORT, B. I., June 22.—The famr I Uy of Judge Blantchford are still disinclined to talk, but it is learned that his condition is unchanged and that his life is hanging^ in .thf? balanuH. On the Decrease. ST. PETERSBURG. June 32; —Cholera la decreasing rapidly in Ruaaia. I A new remedy has created a sensation among physicians fyy its wonderful effects in. speedily curing every form of files, tti is called. the Pyramid'PileCurt. Mis choap and simple to use, but nothing re- . qvcs the disease so quickly,' safety surely. Any druggist will get'it for you. Monies for- viMtors tolho World's Fair' }g the title of a neat little book, contain ing the nilxlress ot about.fl.OOO families, who vilLaccomnioilnlc visitors, also a lift of libtisK illustrated with large scale mnp, sold at M. C tlckut oilieo Price 50 ?enU. • M.'. .' i iiiic' n. ,m.,^.^, i ; tn jf " ^ • Boughton will sell yon wall phpe't. " and for yoii. Whuu anjthiiig you wnht to hifv, "• Just call at CliuH'hcr's mill.nnd try, His Ciish prices will > ureiy v suit yjti,'- Wlu-u any feed jou tlo want ground, Call at (Jhesbor's mill, he in always around , Ami ho will try to pious? you. Wo buy for cash and 'sell for cash, Ami that's what keeps us in" our hash. If you want tho best refrigerator on earth for thcJoiist money 1:0 to Boslej'w. Buy the genuine j'hilntleiphu l:twn mowtir itt Bosley'd, sharpened and Lawn mowers paired al Boslev'*, re- Unmoved, T ' " 1 have removed my ' oilico to Eagle block in the rooms fortnurly occupied by Dr. Houston. KLIAS HEWITT. Get your tin warn mcndeil at Schelly's tin shop. ' in a Heoamcha. yot Carter-a IdtHa,«7« ww«»trr v i; -.T**. .-•"• . , : »v -je.—.<- •EHA.TOII LBLAHD STANFOBDi precarious condition entered his mind, in fact, ho talked confidently of his plans for the future. He expressed a desire to livo 10 years longer in order to bring his university into prominence. Latterly his limbs became much affected and a week ago-he was hardly able to move about without assistance. He said he suffered from gout, but that the hot treatment he was undergoing would cure him. Ho did not intend to return to Washington unless the Republican party needed him in congress. There is uo doubt he would have resigned his senatorship before long. He had to be assisted in walking, but hia mind was perfectly clear and .strong. Leland Stanford waa born at Watervliet, N. Y., March 0, 1834. His early ancestors settled in the Mohawk valley, Ijew York, about 17*30. Stanford was reared on a farm and at the age of 20 began the study of law. In 1843 he was admitted to the Jaar and began his practice at Fort Wash- muton, Wis.. • , Jn 1853, having lost his library and other property by fire, he removed to California and engaged in mining with his three aretbers, who had preceded him, at Mich- can Bluff, Placer county. Four years later he removed to Sau Francisco, and en- red in mercantile pursuits on a large Biatie, laying the foundation of a fortune what is now estimated td be at least $50,000 000 Mr StanfoVd'a entrance into public life was in 1860, when he was elected a delegate "to £he Chicago convention which nominated Abnaham Lincoln He was elected president of the Central Pacific railroad in IBtti, and governor of California the same year, which latter office he filled until December, !&& He personaUy superintended building 530 miles of the IV clflc road in gSJ oays, and drove the last sr>lke at its cpmple*ioa at Promontory Point, Utah. In 1881 he was elected: to the United States squate for the fulltermof 8ii years and re-elected in 1690T TTEe famous Leland Stanford, Jr.. university at Palo Alto, CaL, costmg 130,000,000. endowment and all, waaa pre§enti fjom toe Meseuator to the state oF'CaWoftua, as a iionumeut to-his *Bly. spu, S ouna man, in 1884 , tanfc-rd lived in. magmflcent DEEPLY GRIEVED. niaiUlmm Will Suy Nothing About Senator Stanford's Successor. CmcAUO/June 22.— Governor Markham refuses to ialk about the appointment of Senator ^t ail f° rd ' 9 successor. He. said ho felt deeply grieved by tho death of the Califurm&a and out of respect to his nieuiury woiiid say nothing at all about the appointment. Cali- forniansin Chicago, howler r say it is -po&sible that Governor Murkbuni will 'not name the senator, as his absence irom the stftte giyea all his powers\ to the lieutenant governor; and those who know this official say he will exercise all the powers he has. The governor does not talk of. this phase of the matter and it is learned that ho will not hurry back to his state so as to forestall the acting governor. NEW MEN SEUEQTEO. Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at It. SMey'd. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. e> : — Chafes on babies, «<>ro nipplus anil ni damnation of the breast iustjmtly relieved with Lavcndar Ointment. N. /.Sherman, the old reliable uni- auctioneer, is prepared lo attend sains of all kinds. He sells anything anil everything, : household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of "farm Kiijes. If you hayu tiuy.ihing to seuxjall and see him. l)on\s get excited over croup or quins> when Laveu4 e ? Ointment will relieve you within teu miniates if used »A".V*V. «j«v»« »*» —™m---—- Waahiugtoaand California -famous'breeder and owner -.pj J^es, some of the world's record his famausr Changes Iu' Michigan liotirdg. WASHINGTON, Juue 22.—Cougressinan Gorman called on Commissioner of Pensions- Lochren Wednesday afternoon Slid secured the following changes in the pension exauuujiig boarda in his district: Northyille board, Dr. M. A. Patterson, -suct;eediug Dr; John M," Swift, removed; Monroe board, Djr. J. B. Haynes of Dundee, sucuuediog Dr. George R. 'Richardson, removed: Adrian board, Dr. Jewett 'Williams, succeeding Dr.. NeKion, resigned; Jack- eqn board, Dr. Cyrus Smith/succeeding Dr. M. H. Raymond, removed; Ami Arbor board, Dr. E. P. Pylo of Milan, succeeding Dr. B. Freakey, removed; and Dr. Thomas fc>haw, of Ypsilaniti, succeeding Dr. Owen, rmoved. \Villlug His \\itv Shonia nie. CLETELANB, June 33.—At Sandusky, O., 3Cfe. Rotert Ilogan, in the presence of be* husband, swallowed an ounce, of •laudaiium aud then sa.t down fc> aw^ifc the effects of the drug. Hog«a. mada »oeffort to get.« physician, and to .a, neighbor, who hajflpeaea tu call, he ^_ ^ he !«aaWi$iB& Jtija wife should die. An giveu and efforte made to wwuJtn's life 'hut sfie will die. 1%b Hogansr' have jbee» as directed. 25 and 50 cents. 8TOCKWANT! TO PASTURE 'v * Terms cheap. Oeo or/dddress, A. B. KING, Marshall, Mich Sufferers from Piles should know that th° Pyr.vinidPile Cure will promptly and effectually remove every trace of t<Hem, Auy druggist w' 11 get it for you. "Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorl* « . i * •< SlOO fpr'a cas« of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner- vousueas and Sleeplessness" that Vegetable Cure will not cure. Vegetable Cure will break up Golds and and Coughs,'LaGrippe and its afte* effects Trexpulous.Weabness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and OouttipBjtioo. 13 oz. $1.00,, | is "a Bye as ia a Rye," naturally ripened id free ffom all forei^a flavor aud add- I teraot%/g«ar«nteed ~i»u?e. and ov'ejr - 1 ' of . meats: rakit} ( ri.s »*.B.' own. . article of invalids/ opnvidescf ats •fk- Bast ^JSfv^ J2 —r-f "VS.> ,*'^ 7 « \ 3 •-i.i -A i.'

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