The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 29, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
Page 4
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f M fl>¥ Oil , 2,pOo candle, . WhSre on* tiithp only** S>j usM. $o per tfcontliv. $oQ per annMiJi, Where roora than :' Wed birth* iarcitf'jper^n id the locality the addigoaal '.lairtps ; will be , A "the ij|pJt ' l<»t of itvcijicalt .\Vorki frcin iV',?. VV5l ; lb« soli! ' '^sv^ r- '.'. -• X A *?r "other. tblan ; ;at):6V<;; sp«ci»L rates. -. ' 1stos. 'earf yv,*k,t.rau line M s ••• Alt fifrtii!*' 'w>v ti'tjil . ;^V® ^ allowed to Kiaddlawifllbt r«uiova either Utnp or wir- la^ And if any change iii position or o :con»uuier^it. will be cent. '•• • '••• gKtiaa, lijfhi-si .ready .lor ill tiroea durjaff darkiiBw. . Meter ratostt-lQ of one cent, pv-f hljib tit l^.citndU powjer Jump for • eitiinr att.KM*N>r- " ''-•• '• •''• '•" : $ ess. Gbdd^ ^ in fifftllghU ftro in use; Fqr nil ordinary -SIT.- a, are not used B f olio-wing n:'. Stpn&aM businwi piiJee'fl 00 u<;ni6 B»r «Boath ' fcer Itt citnille power : .Ta,fi!i J far aByawrtiber of. lamps.- whetlie-r ofto «.> _ i' : 1>yr:'bu£ift£ voor ' ttrci*; ' ' •• .' ;; ;,; n .. '•- • es : of Btorin .jail to me '•''ilji s :X^dlir:i^ . -'Iban fo«r la'mi/ti are Hti:iilabii'1'iir 1 tliVi'stitijt.' .... '^«K,iwfaw^ ' ' ' ' ' or reaide'nca i meters, are made. V . _ . of ftddiiWonal candle.powor at ; ' »roportlonat« rates.; - ;-; , • '; ^ J. .-.' '•, . All ipooial serric* must bo spociaily t-mi- • All pill* payabif* OB oYbefor* the 10th of •ftpfamonttr and a penalty of ten per cent will'*• added to bill* not paid when duo. . . No wiling will : be allowed to. be done cx- 'eitipi. under the. direction .of Che cltj" and ' waara lighting coatracts are made. All Incandescent lamp renewals must bo »»d*by tha.£onaamerat his own expense, but tbe oity will until further notice supply Ordinary open cleat wiring will be done daring the installation of the plant at $1.23 per lamp, not including lamps and sockets. AH subsequent wiring will bV done .vv-^X'" »« r. ' *?%'.i *< .> « *'V ^ .;«- f? WrtvTT ;:-' : Eii1^!ll;' r l&jbfl'i^^ t !>a • \v.ijl-l; ;ii ?4V > ^'y pfe f Grugii sfr(:v^ -t/iilyy ci4» ihcv flIJd 11; -K; CIWU:<?!! ;i:»rl \VilL' be nt nest w«<;?ii prciiaml to lill at!-:oj-dors. I'or iii.s' 1 line!; iblurnuoy:, sweijjifriji, ''jj, .etc', Under the direction of the commiuaiocerrt at All v, .ttg"will be d«n« x 'under t'Ue [aftat rale* of th» Michigan Insurance Bureau. All applications for lucaiiilfr^cent lighting will be accepted in the order/of i lm tjon the persons applying IV th $00 lamps to ba placed iupositwu and- tke lamps and sockets will be f umiaheJ f ric •f charge, all'other laui[>s ur. spuket's ai vot-t. '" The abow lightipg rates are based ou an ChiWreh Cfy^ter Pitches Castoria. • ... %• . — -• '. ,.>v' — v .'.'. . • -, In i.yi dor lo.niak« -rapwi. for new Mtoc-k will i«c!l wnll uuptM- at c^ji. " ,1'OWKi.i.. "The inoat Xvoud.erful uicdii-'inxilint 1 hdve over tnft with is Chamberlain's. O*lic; ^'h era and Dinrrhu.>:t Hvuk-Jj 1 . ' In ^ it On ^- .-»jjcojy rt'lti'-f. fourlil it iiidiaijeJisiible. I J ut rn alkali \\aiern ini[iartit a- pleasant tn^te Ui>- I'Miifu 1 , ' ttiarili'u.-it \\Uidi nfkalt water jjr.ti4 : 6v*'t. • 1 t'uuld not ft-el safe \\ith- ont it iii'tny kutiae. S.,V. Suiit,h, Fort AUtr- store. & good tamp. sicrtplej whenitis not sirrtpleiti3| tnot good,. Sifafiif, £eavtifal, Good—these* ^wpra9; rnucH, but to see, *<lfhe Rochester''' ''Witt impress the truth feore. forcibly" AH metal, ) tough and seamless, and nvaw air three pieces Drily,} it is (fa0lutelysafe&&wfotakable. Like Aladdin's -of old, it is indeed a "wohderful lamp," foirita fear- Telous lights purer-and brighter tha^gas light, _ softer than electric-light and more cheerful than either. ^ fi«h > ^°/*t?d"« t S? M r? : ^ RociIB9 * Bll l "^e'aMpdsalerhasn'tlhe.tfeiftilna kSSS Sr "HI .«?« ! tyle Vf" *»a«j.«ead to us for our new illuptrtteti catalogue, [is^i^nS^i^^^^sr* 0 "' ^ olcc of ° Ycr -*° ' " ~ LAmP CO,, 43 Park Place, tfttur York Cl Roche : The J Original ll*"^ ill 1 'I Eagle Oper^ House ' , NOV. 2. Fret's- --,, Pimpl«t Uver •'M<tle«,, ' Second Season 'fa " America:- after a artiund the world. tour ^ Kvuryvvhcre, in the" oUl world and-the their puthetic iintl. toudtuug slave wt;<lr« juuth J.mve been hcarcl witlj t Oy ernwdoil audienqfs.- Thi?' ynlv oppwrtunity tn h'var ilictn i«.Marshall.. RessryM'Scatsi - ' SOCeuts, General adtrii^rou '43 .cmiU. <'hil<1 VVljeu Bftby WAS sic'k, \v<t g^ve^r Castoria,. Whenslxe wa-s a 014'lti, she cyieil f or Costoria. . . Mts'i* <yjll op iM oiJ\^Ji>ndti>, ' ' e»ti».attj of the cost of -operation of the \^K k jd while they are now muc.b,,.lower tlmuk ,, imr the sapae quality and quantity of light 1 furnished in,other places, found j j ','' ,.|Qfltfbtai to make a reduction, in 'pHcc, .the %''W|i(|'wiU^a|ow«?e(i and allooaiiacta netv. , ; -m,ide wm^ba entitled tothebenefif of any , reduction hereafter made, from and after the date of the reduction. Application must be made t-o the «r either of the When abo became Mists, she clung to Castoria. Whwi sbo had Cbl^SlrBn.^lie gaireHj<' -f— — 'r No good thing abquld beout^wed because here and there a graceless person treats it basely.' It i» just asnecuftsary to administw inrigorants to the aged and feeble aa it js to •trengthen a dwelling t^atHs buginnioc to deoajf* Kot **ly may lite be greatly pro ; longed by artificial,, support, but the declining years of those near and dear to us "be rendered mpro co<g.fortaVl«» /a»d age rc- Hevedof many of ha usual pains and penal' files bs a iudicio,ususo of "Royal Ifctiby" Port Winejeadi Bottle ia guaranteed by the uu- dersigned to be absolutely pure and over five years old at bottling or money paid for it will bo refunded. Quart, bpttlee,. Si; ' vuJtosrfti cento; never sold in- bulk. See that yon get "Eoyal Euby." For sale by M. B Powell. Bqtftpd by Royal Wiae Co,, Chba 'I •will :uiy KUcrnu'a ithhi liasinj; row»ler,oov,ti9y chetu'i!>J. by uunly&is Uill-3l fram UoyaJ or I'ricfH.'OOl Jb' ,ot Uicit-C-Irt-fk'llloHr Uenadtubcr the iir'KM 1 "is only one-lia!f. the pric-i- "js» only but tju* ijuaKly'f \\w suni*». ific reward. Ji v\jl| coui^ tore s.pri n<r. Jfyoi) dun'i of your »«'iifh!totn will. 11. A Try tor- DO YOU WAN l GOLD C«-ippl« C'rvek is i»ut * health ,r<4Vt.' It *<-u,UU reforj.. tfolti) * ^Jiffvfljiuftl t uV.ur ^Ikp n J'onk in Uulon^-ilo. .Ciukl— yellow gt)W-rs-fouurt nt <gra«tf rugu ADI) iu ' ' ' •• . .. •••"I'i s j"nr.t:»ju;J f). _ prei»«r«ll<ifia B: ;1 'i>:-riv«-ily iiHrra iirUBi!i>t'i>;ul VnniX'd m( !^3'-u. Hend . Vi«)CA .SKIN r <lui;j1f InomfanMa «i a 1 WtttWUI I Cfenlf. CO.. TotEDO, O THETRIUMPHOFLOVE! A Happy, fruitful KNOW the ORANU TatTTPHS: |he Plain FacM: the (iid Secret and the, New Dl»oo?» erlesof Medical Science a« applSW to .Married Ufe> sbouW write for our*. wo«d«rful little book. called "A .TREATISE FOB MEN ONJbY.' 1 .any earnest man we will toail *a^ copy irely Free, in plain sealed pover. refnire from 'RIE M ED ICAL, CO,, BUFFALO, N.T. ctrcut psoplt- n ^luy are now rnsliiujt to Fienout, chief t/>w* ut tttu 4l8trict/ The cUaut-b of a lifetime- is wortU Ipoklu^ thero (juickty niid camforuUly by! tuta !• e routu. Only Hut; -whti no i » Iroiii Cbicftjjo, tAU8ft* 'Cityjiint 1. otUef jjriLo.yal citieb to t'lonsiittut, n'M^rt'st rall,- roiidnation, with diiily atttiam to Fri}Uj,o.nt. ' - Aildieds for rate and tkcr^ic*, ,'V.ou part ( tukfij«. CE0E. GILMAN, ' AgU-fianta Vft Tims Ubl^.taXlug effect S-.-{?(. J4,'ibi«-j v ;:r.- iort, Support lint) llu» yorm, and comljlofti U>«| best -latit wwjof . Cui-ml and Waist. Tbe . JACKSON FAVORITE 0.0.0, WAIST Ismuchtrorn by women and jntfwea nnabl« 't» rlorous'ai-mi-ol boauti- — White, GoKl, Fart Blaci. ' Ot»n- ulne marked CCC. 7,OCKi sell it. Soiaule «. rt ^,r onet Corset Co., JACKSON, or tbp purp<*»eL of obtaiu- aad dUtnbutiug informationr of ev- kind to the raercautile worlil HuU- f oaeral public, information relating to orediti, prices, vabiot of real estate and in differeut lopaUties, ad Ttlcibleiii Gauetfpfctioj], cutiugnod ps»" thistnnoyia«ooiapli4tit,wtiJla ttxejttlso ell ilisii). flora of t hcotamaci! jsttouteie Uia dr««aei and.' a tbouaand and one other «u4t<|ri from all parts of tbe • United territories, co»t, reliable tod strictly private. uia4e! &r frcua tUi til.itw&aj ay ccuiplalnt; but (ortu- '4 -•** di., .« to t ejail lj erased tboao able fa w ssi i • vr, T |tjj<»t >ioy will* not ba irfl- -.V-a. BittiteraUaickneaa •W> S - v/ >K< rtVi So^aS,MaU ( wci " ,8. aU ( wciaajirua n^tmtiU » B. oi . ore mada at' T-o'tid® Ciucluutl with aJl 'joada diverging Trains SI unit ifi make go* od ooiine,vtio teith with th& (it ft. Js. 1., and «t Alleges with :hc ' for I £'. #. DKAKJi. Uea, M' t.'. U. M J£M W4NTB6 -B^lAn4 expe»ae*. Per wanentplaec.. Apply mo\r. Only grvwew of tmr»ery stock ou bo tli American and Canadian r ^ ftrdy rarlellea our apeci&lty. BftOWNBHOS.CO. If; A.TULOTSON ' JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND QONVEYANJCEa All wu8iae« fttteaded to aud caretully, Has & safe to fflieat (locket aa,<j eot / 1 : 5 C " *-* ' nmitt ^ -> :• —- -I: rates fitted' wilbou^ charge for fitting at s - a^ESNB'P J>ru£ Store 262 West State MARSH AH., MICH. Ybtt can always tod tbe best Cigars at Greene's ipnig^stpre. Call and try theml

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