The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 29, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
Page 3
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THE OAILt OliRONIOLKrftOTOBER '29; report takeri by • drug registering thermometer for the ' hours* • ^ L, ^ ,^,_ j.. _,„_,_ e SRfiVrtrt'S. - • ,ji-4_ hull Is being* re,s»odeled, "ito tent having" appropriated flOO for that piirposer —'-— , > Boston Herald: Chicago, has adopted »A', municipal flag with a _ terra cott& background inttniatlbg^hjU she want* the earth. , / 'Married, in this chy, OetV84, by Rev. j. M, Getehell: Edwin J. Carpenter and Miss Moggie A. tt. Mclnroy, both of Marshall* , . Que thing 4 can be «uU4 iu'-favor of Nancy Hanks-if she ia fast, she doesn't •AppWr od the streets with her brother'? suspenders on. "*"< ' ' Married, in this'city, Oct. 25, by" ReV. J. M. GetchMl; Mr. Conrad J,.3wortn, of Buffalo, N. Y., and Miss «V, of Marshall, Key.E. W. Kankln!s subjects / rrenbyterian ahurchSundSLys Mnrnfug —Wlmt, 1*9 the 'chuvc^it. lil^onlng-^ ChrlstlanCharity. , ' . v - *JUie« Statesman' aunoiincea °tli« mur- ringu of. Eugene Hollon, of this <;lty. (Jone had not henrd anythiitjj aboyt this- particular wedding unul |he read it iu that paper.--^ ... The count of the '-priHOBjjrs in the a prison showed *?W -Thursdpy the'largest number since the women were transferred to the Detroit house of correction. " - Since work began v. year »go on the ProT. Cronk will stlfJt a 'dancing school Nov. 9 at .Arbiter hall nf 7:30 local time. ^. 0> Reuchle has bepti sick for ^onie little time past with' nturalgia of the' stomaeh and is jnst getting out again Mpa. Idft'Br^wn, c?f Eaton Jlupul*, a couptff of solos in suoh rt pteasfnff matiiipr at the BaptiM cl!iirc,li last evening, bns foriued si class in-imw- Ic'Sn thw city. 'Shf has already a (ami ' ber of pupils and as <sh'» is reconimp,ml- ed ajj a thorough cpmueloill t^noher sl»- Will no (ioubt secun* A {srjfOGUts^ • -U is much easier tti besiow moui'y out of a well HUe.d p'arsp than to'tttH<M>uir«4 to diwovor the real' needs of nuiul <»t Character and minister to them by -.VIM method* and in n delh'ate manner IT ia much easier to supply the want* <>i :t cHild than to {each linn how to mipply them for jjioisell', un4 far easior i<> -> !A < him the rfisdlts of our labor than \n train him in tho^e habits of ind».va'i and porseverence whlc,h,willt»nah!o1»iiu to reap the harvest of his 'own well taxed energies, iTet the one is positivo Injury, the other" an ucttial fifooiru tho World's bnildinss, nineteen men have Jon their lives by -'accident and 3,800 men ttavit beqa either permanently or temporarily ' - .Since tt. W. Muniaw returned from the east he hits received" t ?o order* for iflbnuraents from BntUii Creek parties, an^ has received t he •.cuhtraet for- doing the cut stone."wnrk for tlje Cron^.blocl:, whlcn la sjoon tpbe oreiCKHt in thatcijy.' "l'h« eastern tfiid- westeru wholesale cqal aaenu met yesterday m the York Jersey Central tmtl.dmg in New Yprk, Both roeelrtagfj were secret. /The price oi coal, it was decided, would ;b* aUowefl to remain unchanged fo r tiie presenj,. 'j'be -pi»8t«_r o.f Uraqe v Unfver; fttilint, 'iW*iIL preach toiuorrow ruorniug *t 10;00 "on ''True Heroism." TlTitie! cuts^at the ro.ol ot all huHun pro gress and happiness, jbc other' fl\( ri"li • c| and nburiahes it, « ^ , j * L'ast nighl a teuti) of lj(jr»e.s arm a wagon were ,-tolun from, tho bilrn uf Isaac Cox. in Emmelt tuwubhip, uiuc bags of wheat were"\aKi'ri Croukhite ,who llvca n«ar Mr'. Cox/iinU horse of- vtggy from Uurrett ' city. , Tim or, who uoie •tola thu team"oiid wheat uaiue thrmi<;h in thla dlroctiou- a,n1] dr.ovu to the of.O. 0. Johnspu lii'-Mtii'tti tte wheat r wi\* 'unlotulrri ami thV* u«:uif t'ak'en over into-a iiehl UIH! 1«-,U. A«. there wurt a Ifghc Waaon track follo\v:ng the heavy cue, it i.s MtppOMd that thg 1 w'lix-ftt uUji) Altrr .thu wheat and luririti^ 'Jiit one ot Uiu mow cuiuu )o tlin arjd Werjt t"£>,'(J:<'A. (J^iilnuuM 'B Iniin -u-.toam to >lfa\v i.u- lii- vvlii'at. partif s that- tbok the team took thu liorne a»ul the 'hu -slated from lh- He repryseutf d ,ii Albiou> broke iloA'n and being .rcpuiied aiiu vva got "tile requii'Kd. 'couvoj'a'nce and took the wheat, to J, 11 Ciuuuiia^i t&'Oi. When asked wtftttii'isr it '-vas v>!nitt or red-he said red, but it haupcnud in lj(^ We have the" ageticy. of CLOAKS made from, these popular goods, 'aiid we will sell them. at~very ^ow prices to get .themlip.- here; garment war- S. V, R. IIPPEJ*. -\ _, / ranted rnonj tor U; ' ieif niposi j( accoi^njod Iby ' C«jntra,l eleyjitor wjiteilii iU'uiu. lu ti lueantitne- thu pariu;.-* «)>../ -IKKI Ui-t u, tetiru asid wht«s»i..-tri'ivt j ijt-.M.nd' uuiili 'Sberirt' fl'HU-u-u of their 'l<H>. I'll shiiri'fl'itartod out. to. look IIP ilir '-v •> • .buyera and ow.caO.iju; .at Mr. (.'•' ilutt,a iiuin vvilh Wiwt ut ilitt eU'Vaiui; tl to t-ho: :»;1}i j in > 1 know that 1 am a little fa/ to th'e East end but as our city is grow- N , \, . , • — -^ v, " *-.'. . , - - ing we must spread put, ^re all can^ not do business in the center, but '•/•-.'.' • • it will pay you if. in want 'of.a.iay Ha,rdwaree to giv§ me a call. I have two carloads of Acorn Cooking & Heating Stoves to pick from. Over One Million of these stolen - • . f • V. . • ' ' . . :.:.' . • ' .' ' •' ' "\. now in use. Every body isr invited to Sail at mir Salesroom au3d, inspect my new line of go(|ds. I also make a wonderful offer in plated I »•'"•"" ' : • ' • O, , ' ^"' •• ' ' -' goods thfsweek. v ' ' " ^ ' ' 9 ' . ' .- " t ••.',' State mart and placed him :Wij|i)r un-i :,hjk^'t«riie(J:,|hui:b»igis' vv;r.i>!>^ ^Ii tha'l the U^mte- of tliti : OAVi^ijr \V ./:.,J;l« . v^ \VQHid 11*4 :'. "?;}?,. tlitt jjausit ;o^ the the fcof .the received at .the . it is capliol, twday. ..'Tllte'^ ft nd with jta .pedesta^itand It ^rt , It wiff bo prjopjirly mounic'il afad " season they ert in the gov"ernor ? s parlors. /' -, ' ' .'"vV^Av " ._. ," ; ' _.' . : " jf m/y of our spcjely people " jPetpBl.ihe.>a»t undoubi . dly nad the pleusyri4 of atl«iid- ing 3?rof ... VL,^- Oi-oajfc's dancing school? yrnm t,t », ifynakii ttuaortef. ulF-Julv ; ^j we clip the 4oiiwwn: l*rof. 11, iyi, Cronk- 4 .of Bxttle gaged by tb»" purfc Taaiociution to .duct the orcfay4tra. and urg».aiza -'dancing 'school here this seaHou, w-btch ^njqyed, fay ^ur,>oojety peopju much. The.' aft^raooti cbildresi>, class BOW uiwnhera 70 *» • class nearly HXTcoupJjaiM We, *'«ire cnureh last* eV«m«£T. to (ioteu tei K§te gtegwr Downs; The Jtudiieuce tiot w«i py«jrwhel oao, owing no doubt to the fact that the majority oj tho^e present J>*r^ never l»ad ^opportunity of wqaal»tin selves wit* the peculiar phases of ,-em iif e depicted by Miif Dpwns. How over, ber teleqUons . were admirably took the..tonm, theu : and: started fqr i nmjr; JLeuiu JJ1 ;i. li).t ...Avteti tv 4 ,|»«j ; ' t-tiou.;j4i T. ; ' Would ivot he •s(f«n uii^lt,%*y ir-ul ^vt y ififUrtl^.IifcLj;.,.. )t'ht:.., u iiii aixt' WJtli the ,<Lpubt waitiujj fer he |^!Joiit?)i1leturn, •sii tim *>f ,ili^ : weuk un l " not n73j;, tt(;uorlmewt; -4«ti. W4il «iJ«u ( at Arbyitur ball each week'." vb?.-i--' Cl,i.« ourjunpien*. Are u bid < when Twtion; ' We tUo, uuderfligucd, bdreby tt»rt-i,- th»; ouo «nil t^e Other aot to deliror-niiiU to vur roMuiuvrB butonoe» day from mud afi,ui;O<;t. ;>.%'iriii-. 1 ini HI buionoe» day from »n.ij afi,ui;O<;t. ;>.%'i JaoliiiUii/AprU'l, I«H. j»,t«d MirSbftO, D«u si§, IBM, ' »• ' W. JJ. liOJ.i'-K. HABv'IW KNBYL.i.A'l'Ult01 J . 3IKS. W. H. UOQK. rendered and demonstrated that the of her by the A View «1 llMs %V*»Ud> ,F»i« lu the form of u large ^ graph, in #ight cplorn, withke> to,aaaif, are deeerYtujf ; »dded much to the enjoy* orer Jo,ha BuUer'u shoe OtW, be bad i>y heudiug your wish twenty ceata iu postage atump.i to Ge<x H. Eeaflord, G. JP. A., Cbi«u#o. Milwaukee & St. jf»ul K'y, Clviea^o, 113. "4-9 supply is limited, nwst be wade efttiy. Should the r*tur«ea to i'lirce OlQtjjing Mauufacturies iii-Hooliester and'recently Q closed Myj \V« ur« lute in receiving these because we d\A »6t buy tkem * in'Jutu' uw.d July. ' ljut- we got them at prices tkat wilt sat* .•y for uur.patrons tbU iaJl: . ' ' ; • ' 4 ' •* Our ruxi"bf Merchant 'JTailoring surplus" purchased lu New" Yor xfkdy and merits inspection. Our Style, Fit,'and Finish; »reC u lj "^'r'" -;, :'-T. SHANAHAN, :'.',.' The Leadnig Clothier and Tailor. Glt ItESrr—M^ .aiora ou Staiu »«4^i, the best ItKiatipu in MivrRliall, lurmerlf oeeu pied by Join Butler. It has recently been fitted u'u aod Is p-iinteJ !ii tt' very flue oonibiaHion of colors , - S I Aft MONTH COMMISSION, XUv Good, live, .limstbnij Bi«»t U> erery Iowa And cviuntfl'u the United SUtea to *ell pufe t,et«, coffece, spice* 9,04 ' r«ut r-tuinn for Hat Mid ab . A street, Uta Mrs. Steele pro; ... „ Owa $n^ ,y,. Fitter! b^st Pertume^ al- iiii stocji »t 0, H; Greene'lDrug store. Ladies iw§ •^^^W^* 1 ^PP^^?^^ V^i^^P y Jgp«4p»^4|i^^ -Ts of.J. J. 4pfi»e49 *W 'If I- 1

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