The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 21, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1893
Page 4
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tiLiii ' ( 2o,'i893, * , TOUT- Carpet*, The carpet ^Ieahjn£ works on Ex- chapge street will be open on nml after Monday, March ' Go fo Bonghton's for wall paper, New stock; fithtl nowmjk's \ Robert Schelly .is prepared to do kinds of tin work''; shop opposite E L Murphy's. Scientific American CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS, DESIGN PATENTS, .COPYRIGHT*, .etc. for jnitomatlon mttlfreo Handbook wr'lto to Mlf&N * co,, m HUOADWAT; WBW YORK, 0l<J<wtbnronn. for seeurlnK patents in America.' Kve^y patent tnktsn ont liy us is htouplit hofore the public by tt notice Riven free of charge tn the Lftreeftt circulation of any scientific paper In the world. Splendidly UluBtrated. No Ititellltfent *rmn. should be without It. Weekly.; S3hOO » vent? W.60 six months. Address MfJNN A CO, PUIJUSUSRS, 301 Uroadway.'tfew Yort City. A NEW PAIKLESS I CERTAIN CUf?E. .,...- GIVES IH8TANTI ! RELIEF AND lAtfTINB CURE. NEVER RE- l TURNS; TO WOVE IT nn «i ^ convince j you Hint ft tvil-1 jiromptlv cun nny cusej Ora® Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant jrad refreshing trt'tho taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the ays? °tera effectually,, dispels' colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. > Syrup-of Figs is the only remedy, of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the tastQ and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly benWclsHiTtUf effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1- bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on band will procure it promptly for any one who 7 wishes to try it Do. not accept any substitute. /. CALIFORNIA 'FIG SYRUP CC SAN FRANCISCO, CXL.7 UHlfSVJUE, KY. HEW/lfOaX. <V.y. |of riles, nxtcTlial.-Internul, Bleeding, j Protruding: or itching, we will send ; ("IRIAl. PACKAGE FTtEE to'a-./ addles 1 Send stamps to covet postage & atldrc 1 THE PYRAMID DRUO CO.. IT in»x±t. AI.IHO*. MH-H. § OftflANlO ttlAMEtt AN! /tatMATNl DIUY II CAN BE CURKI>, Health andyoath- fal vigor restored . prolonged even In advanced by a miracle of modern' *rt« Cull or write enclosing II, state Caao f nllj'B.nd got a trial treatment and advice Of a regular specialist of many years' experience; A Fun Line of "Woolen T^dt^\A7iat For Summei^CJse Just Received* Add THEDIEFFENBACH DISPENSARY, Street, MILWAUKEE, WI8. SHILOHS CURE. enreBCpnsnniptlon, Coughs, Croup, Sore Throat. Sold by all Pruggists on a Guarantee. Fora Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh's Porous will give great satisfaction.— •»$ cents. jwr wil SHILOH'S VITALIZER, /lira. T. 8. Hawkins; Chattanooga. Tonn.. says: .. „.. .. . -~-, D j^ LIFE* I Jeoerused." For Dyspcpala, Liver or Kidney trouble it ezoela. Price 76 da. y S [LOH'S/lpATAHRH REMEDY. ^ _ HavSyoueatarrn? Try thia Remedy. positively relieve and Cure you. Price 50 ets. ThU Injector tor its successful treatment is furnished free. Remember, StiUoh'aJtem&diua are sold on a guaranuxs to give satisfaction. "or Sal e by F. Q. SEAM AN .& CO, "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all Joreign lluror and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven yoars storage iu wood, it id a '-Jlyo as ia a Rye," and costs no uioru than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the ijjnrit by oxidation,, and it its converted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. O. Seaman & Co., Druggist. A. P E R i; TASTY DESIGNS,- AT Lowest .Prices. Call and Be Convinced. M. B. POWEIi. Duu't go to Hulelt'a and have your eyes tested. All' tests positively free. Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which the wearer sees to read or sew nnd with the same glass see at a distance.' Remember we save you from 50 to 75 per cent pu traveling optician's prices. on. VIOIMfBM Bemovc* Frtsklrt, Pimples, Liver - Moles, c!ackhe»di r iunbura au<l Tin, un<i TV- itor^s the skiu lo its odgi- ntear ucxii healthy com-' •leiion. Superior toollface ,. preparat-oiis and iiarmless. _. druggists,or autilud lor SOvla. St-uil for Circu'ai VIOLA »KIN 'SOAP >' '^'P'J to»n>pv»t>io M • afc{fl pmift ju si^pt uD^QUftlf? ^^- ttt* toHotj" Emdl wltboui & 1yk\ for 't< tiurwiTy.* Almnlutt'ly pun) ftptt AtjUcyti^7 ^1*^1 • mi. ,'AI 4i««si«u. Price 25 Ce«U. ^. £. 8ITTNER A CO.. TptEDOj O JACKSON FAVORITE ' Ttopgij $n$ ,cojft«»tis*feQn«>i!ri%* l TI>e8p- • ' ' owtterialanip wiUi.the lightof themoisiing;. ="'. • \ '• Mixed v.goA, |wt iltie s» 4,'.^^-Aft cliijiilren'a Tli,e following item, clij-pe'd .from the Ft. Madison (Iowa) Deinoqrat, contains information veil worth remembering: "Mr. John Roth, of this city, wljo met with an accident a few days ago, spraining and bruising his leg and asm quite severely, was cured by one 50'cent bottle of Chamberlain's J. J ain Balm." This remedy is without an! for sprains aud .bruises and should have a place in every household. For sale at Greene'e drug store. CHEAPER GAS FOR LIGHT. TO CONSUMERS OF GAS FOR1FUEL. The'Gas Company anounces the*following reduc tion in prices of Gas* for LIGHTING wherever Gas is used ALSO for COOKING or HEATING to take effect on and after • SEPTEMBER 1st 1892-. GAS STOVB BATES, $1'.60 per lOOO.cubio Ft. For all Ga^e consumed where » GAS RANGE used, 0 For aUgaaoonaumed where COOKING or HEATINQSTOVES MO used and th« monthl) consumption ia not less than 1000 cubic feet. R at a for Qua used for LIGHTING ONLY remain unchanged and>ro aa folio wa: Less than 1000 cubic ft. in one mon h, S3 00 per 1000'cubic ft. 5000 cubic ft. and less than-10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 per 1000 10,000 or over, I month $lbO per 1000 cubic ft. , (cubic ft. All the above ratoa are eubject to a diacouat of JO ota per 1000 cubic ft when the month* bill ia paid ia or beforo the 10th of the month next following. Tha above apecial ratea are made to induce consumers to uae gaa for cooking and heating aa well as lighting. Experience Prooves The ADVANTAGE of (Jas For Tin rooliug aud all kinds of tin work doao promptly by Robert Schelly . * ' .Ajll persons are notified not tp any more .garbage in the streets. BETKU HOWE, Marshal. The ByBamid Pile Cure ia a new discqvejry for the prompi, permanent cure of Filer io every'jEoruj, T&v&jsy djugg^afhaa jt. Cooting Over Every Other Fuel iii Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, Quickness, Convenience. 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL. SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A d is conpt of 10 per cent will be made from Regular prices on all billa for Gas Fixtures or inside piping ordered and completed from Sept 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893. M4JaSHALiI, LIGHT Go. When, you want a whisky for medicinal; use yow want it pure, "Royal, ^.uby" Ejpa guaranteed' pure in evejry .pajcfcicujar, a or the? in valid andtke V^ Bbe becatw Itfte*, ah* dunj to , ONE FOB = CAR LOAD of Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, - 4 ^ ONE BAIiP CAB L04D * of .tin \vare, eonsifetin^ of tea and coffee pots, Kettles, njjlfc dust pans, wash Jaoi-lers, every thing ia tin, copper, Iporcelain, goods and an tj rust^eg tin vjare of t tpott used for spades,, Jiay; and ' , _ , • ^;.FM&?T.- .. . ,.,.,,, ioji^a aad ^QOT kiioM of ever^ ^p^JVAJI^i N& <rf JWwBWf 1 «f "fewi 4(N$P»p4^«Tkta0*' | fw * ii^-|i9 ; i|^M r «p^ ,«l.'"1lw» s^fe--' IWi" • : ^ AamnrvA* «*11 «9w « IV.*M «.** ^ i_ * ^.t,^ _ 1*?*»i * «fcC«»«}S'^<**.•»«• •i.^L-' J.^7 "^IlSll ~'***wik^ " c '««. -' ,-n •d ~ -4 ' -- -.-•' ,'/ -"-'''•''--•*• " 1 '^',9-'S- S/ -''A .' •-. ' «.* i'"'-^-^ ^.^ 'f '^*.£-^ .^' '. ri£ '*~^ r =~i 7-" V'* . •" 'v,, ,/•-- '-"-^''^, 1 % v »5«MBW'' J «W»A«&*£:*'• > , .' 4** ^ -' ^ - ?,iri*»'"7-*f J '"& ^_ , „ : -- • **»^^ *w,i^j^gj|^gjj- Jl

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