The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 6, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1897
Page 2
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Tflft DAILY CriROOTCLffi AtJCWST 6, 1891 TOK *{«Vi«"T'il n* ihp Mn'-h-i'l, MUh., po*<«ft?«<? JTI lrrtn»j»"'rt<iHon t brooch tt>i s wailc nl "tuoxid I ! i i MIC* OK ••»t)M«*CKII*HOH: 'Hifnngrh I*. O., 10 f#nifi w>r .w« -aft iha tbUcatton, , M, MOSES, PitWifther. th<? t'ited NORtH Ladies" Aid Society will meet at v and Mrs. «T, Wcbst-er in thurfldaj aftotnwjn, jiM>r«l>er i^gawtpd to and fiji' frltnds cwdlftlly i% per U>n . Wil't. Fire and Cj«lol»e.|ftsi»rA««*. Wo again ammnnce tliftt we none of the donhtful clnm of insurattco companies. Wo reprraont six of th« trading t-ompanie® of thft world, - having ftewts rrf ttxi^iy six niili'ion dollars for protectiun of polity liolrt^ra, tltf old JKinti ha\'insf cleTen million, Tlxe Iwst too f;ood; Ihf best is thf cheap* Iris Will tyiake tr!{» every Stmday commencing at 1 p. m», 1<> rpnts round trip Coldsprinj? park is opfn to thp public. '"c _. Company D. Walt?** for pinno. file- gant six pasrt* coinposition. Prfro -We, For sale by W. A, Bnitws. For Sale promptly paid b> D. CriTJiii'tighftm,Ag<>ftt, W«* ha\c all the* 1ft teat thftigs i« the way of job type. Now ii th" time fo get a piano. is dtiK «if North O\vi»Hf tt> the hi-rty waffon Scv- «>T °ih*< nnittlit-rs wt»ro abapnt, IvKt ft goodly n'tjt&lwf we^ Pje»- \ t fin r«arl> hotir toipjids and ncigfi- bcg;ii> to ne^prob)^, <>;ieh carriage ipj^-tit*^ nf both old and yotifig. At-' rfVloek. the long 'twill? Tt ae< fipy^ul v'fKo white canopy, and soon UM>- iniMT man wft« supplied with fill the i ata- hlt'B •and drfienciew of the stfuson- which }ad»e<j kiwnv *pH h»w to-prppt»rpf daj v^afi 8}iplit jugaincid and visitiufr. *» HwtHj <'!Hi be no MMWI V delight- fid way of f pending si da* of nwH (hnni'i anrfghbarlMKid pifni* 1 ;, •tn . The Vus d» ( co»at<jd with llnga add HoWera, PinSbtx \\Sftlfestooned hern > and thwt* «\hirh inadf it very pleasing sight. Too much (-ap not bo stud in favor of Mr. mid MCM. Day as Owy spiirvd no pains in inakiti£ tiip day adPhghtfulono for th»-ir in<in> fiiuid. At a Into ho»r the fotn pany d« 4 piirt» tl to fhoir homes fooling th«n fiad a df>li«htfuJ time. v CONVIS. is anxiowi to thresh thoir telle- Drinding is on the sVck list. The Porter Sunday pdhool will .it Pine lake next Thursday. Ktna, tho littlr daughter of Horace Hart, .recently foil down sinira broke her arm. MJ=IB \cUTVmj>leton, who iem .California 'att«-ndm<£ *tjie Christian Endea\or v N"atit>nal.con\< nUon, \\ill be home nott i Taylor, of Battle Creek, and Miss Ida VanVleef, of CVmvifi, spr-iit Thtirs day with Alis-s Mary Porter. Tho annual Sunday -'school convention of the UnvH-ihip of Coin ia, \vill l>o held at ttit* .lunetion uu the afternoon and and eu'ninfjpf August't.S. li is eipe.cted t)i,it(ur\ sihnul in the U>wn will In „ pn int and'.JajiXan aHive j>art in tho j>n>i,i uu. .A picuu supp' rwdl hi 1 wned TEKONSHA: "Tht ullage undents art ul over the lu\vlpi»Mu qB i of owner** of ti,u lion oigines who persist in taking Maib Hic«-<t when the) pa'-s thi<nii*h tov, u, tin rt bj fri«;li jewing teams hitched R(\, .1. \\.SIieefuin of the Methodist rhnirti and rnanj of hia parwhionprH ar^ atUMjdin;,' the eamfi meeting fit Albion Theie-\vill If* 4 uoservue atthe MethodiHt etiiirch in (on^'fjitt'iut 1 ' 0 Tlje hiill t; line at B»H'rt»ation park last K'tfnrdav between tin,- silnrtuon A Allen Giants «>f Jlomer .tnd the home team proveil txi lie a Waterloo for Homer, the ht'ore ^>etug '£} to 4 a^aintft them. Tues d;vy the Homer, e.hib iruniedown with Ylv« men obtuiitd from v.u-umri Huctioiis of til" ntati>. hired f^r the onMaioii MIU h a htront? a^retcatiurtthjt'l unsliuablc to fleort', losing the tiaiue l>y <5 to H r »\ n tuV^i game will be played at tionjer n«>\t \\eek Mrs \ II Ivtmtall, reeeivt'tl w'riuus M u inpf fmm a earrhijje one last \\<t'i t, •• iehu>!t of a hor»if be ing fnnhf ncdttt a trattton? enyipe in thi- rofid A wire• I of the tariiaj/«-w.wd< iiu»hhht?d and Mrs Kiln il til !i<w btrti confined to the hiium the m < ulenU- Mi. Fn d Unetfel <-i>lhdi*il withanotl(nr <" ihtvl on tin htrei'ts of the ullage Moti dav i-\v'niiiK and iw'ened B<JHJC<. brtiib*-^ Hi£ ttJwel it) laid (J H lakf, t>f Najioleon, ,i former prmi (pal of Tekoiihha sohools, w in tin* IH the o;it< rests yf The Ciilhoun County Summer Normal ' " elost-w itci feeoond M*siun next week, r f*h«5 hW,i HID] h.i.uheen ,t great Kucceaa in (mini of attendance arid enthu»i<ifiu). The to l 4h«, ^ip« rie»ce jtbe bljae he anticipated «o he jnforiue-f) hw w if e' a father that nft could Jake hi« n^ninhter l>auk lit a«»y tw»e. The }ouug ladj rptujrtitid fyj her ttut duLiiot proi^ifeo to releaau sin h ^ruoiuptotjr noliee -m. ffartsou eupl»ort of to» «>ntribut<» to fo^jtttr half. ZINC POISONING ' ^ Nt^i-r <aa wi^ir nU>*r-«i Graeite f, I'ur* (1 J\elt^t aiv UaenJ fo aad gtt the J grtiU'jae for irK; at BliBa. A. | i i, l 1 '. (be <ltKwul^t,<> l>i uiuL wbmt r«vL of P. rriu Luuviut or i,,BtiiT{- wi)l pruvriit tbfUJ (oc (.mj tuat liatc Alt b! U <ia« u» ui>t iwpt t ' 7,! i.c itlt fur All au. for- bctur Buy juur BltfiBEE at the wf bhuribaitd. No position You tarn it HJ 1,1 cUja, It u*tb, silfl Slo luquite at tbw t«fflce \ E. U^KKIATOBI IVacher. and set! the beat two burner Hue stove ic tUe uiEM'ket. Prk'C ' hit if floor, j»rfihnimj ftottl-, orAck c-«>fn, bolted fftttt feed go to Granite Bi*»h Pans. Awy u* >y vvtlT .W^thft ^nJP D*ftf«S as a 1'ftlk av> you 'Ie; falfc aboiit, it? Biil tt the *iyl^h podding- tnvi- r<» ptattlnjBt out? tt^t ytm Be<-«| a trifle <rt and puffe li« yoti tried typ. PVo d Pro Pat rift". A cool, swoet, eatisfying motee. • Geo Moebs & Co , nmnttfartur- rp, Dotroifc. Sold by \V. A. JEtornOs. Cordette. • S. E, CROJUJ*. Tap Your Own Shoes. Full lino of half soles, leather, cement, Arks, etc. Ufr mending jour ojsn shotw. lalf solos, 10c jM?r T»u'r. % O'JjKVHV BKU-4. Ren^taber, "The. Koyal" igenej for Her Majcsfff cigar. . Box nide a, specialty. , To Wlooi it"laj Concert Any woman IP a fool that will st^nul >\er a rod hot cook stu\9 tbie weather can get ono of onr 2 burner •asolino istovefl for 83.50 OF a three buni- r for W.O^), Positively >no daiiRer with hrs stove. \ BOSLEY'S." \ _ - , - ». Atti'iitinu Ladies! Madame GMird, >l<j\ion sjice went at her tho Orioutal coiu- fre«i tront- Madmon St. one door north of StatcVtreet for one week iho will be pleased tt\meet all that ape nUfested in tho treatment of the jkm blemishes of all kinXjs removed. N'tctr. la-rsjf, hom« grown potatoes re ei\ ed dailv at W v r«ON'f. Porcelain Kettles, You/uuht ha\e a kettle of sonic kind ur canni IK fruit. Thin is the <>no: any Wunteil at A litnitt'd amount of cobble stone ae- nt*rt-d near iClectnc l_*i£ht [ila,ut. Tnee per >rtrd. Enquire of C. N Chi*)i'inan Street. Coiunuttco, Murahall, Mich. The Ladles" Library AfeHoeiaUon will ,ij half jirieti fu> th» follbwing nuwja HUH for ISltfis Kelectp'.Centur.v, Hi^r i'f S, 8t. NirholaK, Cnsiuupitlitan MJHS B*jhlc»y will lake pupilt* ill vou;e the Peter I^otkvi^)od, attho Uurd raill la repared ti> ejcehangfe ftoiifr for wheat. He handle^ the Torkvilk* milling (;onipany'» lour, one of the- host braiidw made, • ('JirrHihs Mtid Currants now ready for jijl}, bent tittie i<> tuake it. AJ1 orders received V< North Marshall a\e., or bj postal. I. H. Pjsriftai, 53 N. School. A high grade, .ptatt? tefhjiical schooL DR. UOUIS S. JOY tar. diplotua tnrqut frota ear, nuse ant ACCIDEMT TICKETS. The Inter-State equality Company of Now York filv«» 'SIX MONtHS* InwiraAce, S1,OOO for S1.OO To Men or Women la mid tiil ytftra of «gu, while tidtaK witiitu « Hatlwftjr cur, Kto- Biidgi, Trolley or cfttle our, iijtjav ur SU.-AUI Ctrrv Ikmi $100.u(Ki dopu»tt.jj witit tUo oiittt of tile etoto ot Saw Yurie £ur FOR SALE BY C. G 1 NGKRSOLL f t*cr t« tlifc World <toY' :U BS " lot with barn and wrehfmL i BBCWK Marshall, Mich. Mrs. Margin Etts WonM tlkp washittg f> tlo at thfl jhome oft, her mother,, Mrs. rl Hanover street, * Call at tfi* Jsovfle of *Rt*&. McNawea. S2 West Stat® etrp«*t and hft will repair shops at once. All work left at 's ^r^pery store-will receive at- daily. - - * ' Ijattit. tfeft dayfl. It far the Iji . ___ Elniri'. tsan gp^ tfe« Albion by tbo 100 ft., fa ( BO g J Weigiil of 90 or pat<-n^: thebfcst floor "BECOME A REAL WOMAH" gtedy the fo«tJ*Hoifi of florWtflt habits. tru« W?«i*nh<ja»il. Thin is the Ahn of ... AKELEY INSTITUTE.. Omni) Hnven, »)<!>!. I on I.«fc« Mlshlgm, Th«ve handings Ail rorxfrrn ' m«nw Et'ftno RflW-fft! rar«-of eultnro. Mnsl T. f. SHEPHERD Keeps none bttt the BEST MEATS f RADKLTN.* CHOUSE Cor. Batfcs and Larncd DETROIT, MICH. Sl.SO. To he Iiwl. Gowl« t<o all parts of the*eity hut no pedflhng done. Khrgry thing neat and clean. TotJ rcu*~fST' iVTACKlNAC P^TOSKEV © CIHCAOO.V SHEPHERDS', Why BTot KdUoate _. AT— K HUG'S r COLLEGE Get your jo*> work done at HIP Chronicle otfico. At,I, C, Deu^l ACo'a.' Call onlhein before youNbuy a rocker, they - have all rinds and prieea to ouit the tiinia at tho- new HateU Corao in. Attention. John Cu7«tnS'ha(* /eceked through H. L. Day & Son a ear of thft x "HercuIes" i»Vand of Clcrinan Portland oemeht/ahd ^. prepared to put down the befit/ WHlkn vnd guarantee it to stand with An) other Cement on the iua / rket, / * _ " , / Fir<",Lis;litni«Vauil ('} clone Inmirancf. Wo iiovvjuinounvf to tlun "insuring pub- iic'that oil/ recent business trip to Chi- aigo reapted in perfecting' arrangetuents with vn { «?tern uianagpre of maijy of the g Fire iHs-uranceCo.'s of thiueoun- tryy.i|wj Briti»h companies, for tho trans action of fire and cvclono insurance' oh: tnoader prinqiples and more ftiVotuble terms than hitherto "ranted any resident agent in UUH locality. With iiS >t-arfi expenf'nce in this Irne of •ind novV aided by nearly S.'K^XKMXK) of ssotB for tho protection of j»ohey hold ;rs we are preimred lx» transact, liusiness <i> >n larger aralev than ever. Losses [tromptly settled and iiaid bj uicnt, at 1). Cunninghijm'e Bureau, W Btatfe street. Mangled and Torn lace curtnins would Hieken the heart of nately such a state of atlairw w not iiet-Jiw- sjtry. W» wndertake to th<TOUg hlywasl) iron any !»<•« I'Uitaia, no maftor how dtheato, entrm»t>4 to our Cftre and |o ro- turn if ;ua wkiik )uid aound as when brought to U«. Any bt(<ly o*n lauudw a «» a- liaiideTctntjf -H tak»s art to 'd« up' a \wp> Curtain IB the way tnsy Hatch Block. <jha)rfl and tables tp rent tor'parties. «ev. , K, of ^aitfii. W . d» * , t \&ll iftft . ttU application* ta (Jsiobi GEORGIAN BAY LINE: iiusou'a dock l»jeuoli t.&> to \u iJjelroil! rdii> roi»tuof mom* ihu red ia*.u tuvc-d, fought uucl 4i«d. to X). i vrcjDtHly tfotif Oae wv«fc Tib ttiouitf- <HBa $17. Vram ««ri.U $1S , if or folder* te -Juliia Slurein-ou. (uot tta^tloiiiii-Hrnwl, !>*. &qr «. T-' U. »gBut., tu- <«. W. Browu, Mtft > Wludtior, Oiil. JOIUS That Mia bwi Ua* from to '-riyplo Cr«e i« til* roledo, PKTOSK6Y. THE "^<X>," AlA»QUCTTh A>it» OULDtH, EVENING BETWEEN O^roit and Cleveland Ca<it>?ctinB with ItarHHl Tnitm,' Clcvetnmv forftll points Ra«< 8<»iih nn/1 ip* luee, July, August and September On.v 2 New Steel Passenger Steamer* tHve inst ^leen fialit Tor our TTynH r Lakr Rouu' costing $j«i,!X3o eicti, t-cn'l for iIJiMMtad pamphlet. Address, A. A. SCMANT2, p. P. ft.,-oct«oiT, M.icn; TUP Melt & Wand Steam Hay. ft* Il»> mid no health without pure blot^dl no pure blood wit houtpure kidneys rto pure kidneys unlessTcept clean * * ' "*- v 13 *j . ft. "y^tei 1 AifMrWRO* Wfee cleans the *nd rfiBK»ios Rhi-iinutwm, (hiut and tifher o? all diflKftnt 1 !, or Isv pxptiv^ prepaiif ut>on f-~ t^tpt of prict 1 . Send for 3" page fiWiplilet. "A New Knr "f Kidtltv'*.'' free by Hiari.- WANTS FOUND ETC. «««!'{o'jr flTe Ifnna. for n<rtl«e"<jot. <-x turn than twenty I AlJY ArtKNT8 WANTl?t>— Vot W»r*h»11 *nti j vicinity. Oil at fftrnorof f)rp«n Mwt »7id - - - ronne MRS I. M BJW1WN. I tHT— On State sMfift TuMdaV <!T<mtng, a, j ftfcHfT* gold tyar pin. Win Under pfcwi ionv« ftt < Vroniple FoTSg«rJif«!«i»i»o»iU!r9of Jolm o ehorea. Apply W girt City 8t<*«jp 8, BTKWAKT , Huteh Block. BK>T- foom, ftwt flw>r 81 Strcot, frobt W ANTBD-A btlffbt, cn«rgi-He watt to act *» sjjroinl a.'uuu In Mawhait aud vicinity for th? oM. Mjroiig Bfttt tfted ItaiBe 13ft» eonyrtvtij, flf Sew Yorh. Thie position can bo hjadolnmWtr^tod wrtlfconwdte immanent,. A man *ho linn mum county officer p* Wjjh cfei* ' nwp-ftnry *«- 'S RFMgmrCo« Bsvce Bld'jfi Chicago, lit. To be aad of .... * „ M. B. POWELL, Druggists, MARSHALL, MICH Ladies If your dealer hasn't it, *< WE WILL SEND VOU POSTPAID It cannot break r.t the Sid? or Wai«l . Color: DRAB Of WHITE M)N«. SHORT and HEOIUH LENOTh THE MICHIGAN CORSET CO., MACKSON. Thre^Ooinions: ««77ie CHICAGO RECOR& is a model newspaper Jn;jeyejiy^$ense of the word; "— "Thefc is no paper pubtl&hed in America that so nearly approaches th&Jrtie journal* istic ideal as The CrllCAQO From "Newspaperdom" (New '."••' '•'-'.. '•'• - ' . "X' .. : : . ' "/ have come to the firm conclusion, aftier M long test and after a wifle cort*parisoh with the journals of many cities and coiin*> tries, that.' The- CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for sometime likely ioJind-'on these mortal shores."— Prof. J. 7. Hat field if: The Bvanston (III.} Index. by ncwsdhdcrs everywhere ..and subscriptions received by all Address THE CHICAGO RECORD. 18 1 MqiUxon-st 0 LIVER GAVE TO THE WQ1 ID THE CHILLED PLOW and it has saved more money to the fanners of America « than any other implement ever produced. Oliver Ohied 4i"£ tlje Best on Earth. Tb* Ne#» 08 «nd 99 Woodjaad Steel B^m Plow& filled Wfeh Ncin*^iaakable Steel 8omda»d8 «»aU>e Celebrated No. 40 moef afl requtteirtfentd aad c»nnot be equalled- lipiUtioua aud Btfy Out/of the Regular Oliv*r^jitsnt$i wo will wind ft aupOftiHeftdynt Ri jtlvn e<jtap'*te both in the thoorj of the hn*in«"a, ?l of- Pi>Uo<t«*!n(f, wtiirlt c DR. Addmi« with rrf W. ? ^ AtblUB, r*>ner«! Atjftit, South.- w«>i»ie>ji JAIchljsan atid ^rtheMJ Indiana, office rcroitm 1, 'J iv<Hl ft. Kal«m«»oOi»3Rkb « W ANTS!) -f PBIOllr AND PAIThKlJL pc"th Bn-n or IB<}!P<» t*i twel for rwpou- o, e«»abll#h«l h«tieit» in MwlilRnn. MontMy nn<JEesp(M3">ee. Position ateady, Hefermiffl. t'-fe self (Ml^T'ftKl stamped «ji>*Q]a{>0; The , Ixpt. H. I Wrsfeo, L iiST— SMnrilfty aflfernoon at thii milt pond, a g«W *atoh nnd 1>l«<'k rtbtioh fob with goid -_- Di»llc, fl»t door south of D? . Smile) ' Ci'fVtf /fltt«tf<t and to- ftie b«nae BtnJ lot known «« tl«r Mansion «n<l Muibcrr'y ''i^iSp'f <«• i apli . For ttrta-t and jnire of U. L, Day. . Witi BKNT—Brirk hoiw on High street he- faeti b!ate and Maimiou stwt Apply (o CltntoiiT. .Cook. F Ull F >ft RENT—T»Wf/i anff chair* tor Knijuire of VatiZant, I "I1O I.HT Ou griod security, Jt thin offlre. at , n,<ltiftriauB per- eialt; uKUitf. ornmn it) Mi<;hij;nn for K>n«jiiHU>is honcc. ut p(s.ftlo!£i-!. fcuciot-ti Ibo Uominioft I ompnuj, Itryt i', A-l- IT'OK JiBN'l —'iablCB and ch.'ilre torpartleit r Kiiqain of J, W. Lpotor, the popular e« f T *,/ REPA1«IN«. CHAIK- canine. Beq«o»ts l>y potsta) curds attend- to. t aljMuth door. \\i «VN'lKl> ^evlrlll trnatwprt Vf ln«Jtia ^o tra\cl in Michigan for . llshprt, reJifthHi huvipw. Salnry 87SO »»(! eac- P^UHBH htt'iuty posilion. Kocloue rpfor»w>e and »«lf ft«iilri'«Ki d stump* d i nvelopa. The Dominion Company, Third- Floor. Uinah» tildg. Cbic<*i>i>. 111. _ A Wb,N'I» WANThD-For war in Cab*, by .scuor t.'iu'UBilH, Cuban nprtireutiitlvi.' at \\itftnngtoii EniiursH,] by Cutiftd pntriDtts. lu iremeu'ioui dtiUHtul A bonanrft far •gcntrf, Oulv $1 TJP. Bi(r b<x)k,lilgcoHiiul»(<lons. Kyery- hoiiy *'8ui» th« only cnqoreed. rel)«hl«. book. Uiittit* irff. Cif(ii;*(iv»'ii. T>etKbt paid. Brop all !»»»Unr rt .niftt« $»X) A inpnt-L with War in Cu»uw*iM<ltw*lcKl'iy. TiiK NATJ.ONM, BOOK (?<|J«(?KHN, X,-J-3,')ti JJcATtiorn St., Chicago. . • rains To' -:,•,•;;.:• Bay View G. R. Hummer Schl«lalti jri now jir '' train' N'o. 7 lejivfea Kula; V'. ni., and Grand" i., arriving Travers^ i., Petohkej 71*5 p. i». View H.CSJ p. in. uml Hnrlx.r m. Tbih Schedule from otn>r linew. for folders [und further tion to i* C. It. LOOKWOO1>;' 0, P. Jt T. A. y Oruud Result), Mich. Wend V CASTORIA Por Infants and Children, i TSsfw- tin REVIVO RHSTORES VITAUTV, >y-i for R. SowwvUle. tt*su*r*l Agtnt iAdkuaS 1 flUauto. For the last 20 years we have kept Piso's Cure for .Con-' _.^>tion in stock,, and would sooner think a. grocerynaan «H*«* ret along without sugar in his store than we. could without L "-' Cure. It is a sure seller.—RAyEN & CO., Pruggists, p f Michigan, September 2, FRENCH REMEDY, rV^auces Oie above results in 30 DAYS, it am pcnVf-Hiilly and ijuickl j-. Cures wttgft 3U ot>.tfis fail. Young ruen and old uicu wiU rec^tv«r ihcir hfu) vigor by uwug KCVIVO. It quickly surety reitores from effects of sel^abose or uidtecretiona Lust Macbood, Lost Vnaht), tr»potency, fijghUy Epasbiou^f Lost Po.,er ol eiib«r sex. Kaiiuig Memory, Wastm^ Jiitaias. lasoiiuiia, Nervou^jt^ss, which unfits ^ tor study, business or marriage, it not only . ftires by starting at the seat of disease, but is« Great Ntrve Tonic and Btotxl-Builder *nd restores borh^ vitality and strength to th>? nuiseular aati nervous system, bringing back he pink gJaw to p^W cbuek* and restoring the • ire ul youth. It wards off InMWltJ aiwi C«ffl" ipttoo. Accept uo substitute. Insist ^ ba-v ing RBV* VO, no other, k can be carried^- *c » pocket. By nuul. $1.00 per package, in ,.W »U lor »«•«>«>* with 'a BWHI**" '«a«rMt«« to w« cv «**"»4 f^ motfey ia package. ?«r inse «atett|ak address ROYAL MEWONE CO., CtHCAOO, v •

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