The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 21, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1893
Page 3
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TkE DAILY CHRONICLE, 1 JUNfi 21* 1893. Vwttors totha world's fait will find the on sale at Gee. .£>* War-, ten's news and cigar stand in the Michigan building. .? _',.'.' , ;.,. BREVITIES. Viadex Arnold is very sick. R. 8; Lockton went to Jackson today. Mr. Dickey bought 48,000 pounds of wool Tuesday.." ."•*'-' Mr. IS. «J. Pennell, formerly of Mar shall, is In this city. .•-'•' Snpt...Higiabotbam of the American Express Co., was in this city today. Michigan Central mileage tickets are Nos. 1 ; 4, 19 •himself at lioino and stays to supper, singing his/^oft little summer song the not good now on trains and 20. The price\>f'wool dropped two cents in this city, today, bringing it down to 16 cents. - Qne farmer remarked that he would let the rats carry, off his wool before tie would sell it for46 cents. County Treasurer Marble is now issuing certificated and Register Kelse'y is- 'recording deeds and mortgages. D..JL. Malvany, of Homer, died yesterday morning of heart disease. Funeral Thursday at four o'clock p. m. Mr. E. Evarett Evans has given- up life in the city and will manage a fairm in Marebgo during the ensuing sum mer. ',, . •/.,.- .-' '".-.'•:• • -",/'" '.':' •" The ladies of Trinity church will serve ice cream, cane and- strawberries this eventiig at the social to be held at Mr; Bosley's. Senator Mayo came near having a scrap with a brother farmer at! Dickoy's wool market this toon-ing,-all because one thought the other was trying to get in ahead of bis turn. Attorney General Ellis has given his opinion that the state militia cannot camp in Chicago at the expense of the state. This opin'on was rendered in compliance with a request from Gov. Rich. In the Livingston-Smith case the jury rendered a verdict establishing a line which gives both parties less than they claimed, and assessed the <costs of the suit on the defendant. Tne Zimmerman NUn'f g Co.>s. U. Dolph is now on trial. Ann Arbor's council has passed an ordinance closing saloons at 10 p. ni., standard time, except June, July and August, when they will remain open half an hour later. It is thought that Mayor Thompson will veto the ordi nance. Many apple orchards in Van Buren county have been stripped of their foliage by a small black worm that rapidly destroys the leaves. The trees look 8 8 if they had been swept by finj. There ' "are frequent complaints of curculio on the plum trees. 1), C. floedemaker, of Charlotte, circuit court stenographer for this circuit, was in this city today. Mr. H.. has had something of more importance than court reporting to attend to lately, a little girl having appeared for admission to his family and being happily received. The old adage, "a pint's a pound the world around," is as untrue as general sayings are likely to be. A pint of com •mon-cogee weighs twelve ounces; a pint of flour, one half a pound, pint of brown sugar, thirteen'ounces-, pjnt of granu lateo\ fourteen; a pint of choired meat, ten; in no case does*' pint of anything exactly equal a ppuad. While some of our republican friends are feeling bad to4hinktb ; at the country Miss Nora Fnnk is in Detroit today. Pearl Arnold, baa returned from Chi cago.. * ....''.... .; . -. -••' *• .-' Arvie"" Wales left Tuesday night : for largo, N. Dak. •/•'• ! Be sure and atteml the social.this evening at Mr. Boeley's. Miss Stella 1 Chambers, of Cdlurhbufl, Nebl, 13 visiting Miss Grace Geer. • Mr..and Mrs. Walter Fitch, of Rushville, if. ¥., are visiting at Marvin Fer gusonV...'.- " . . -Brooks & Kline succeed Mowd & Brooks In the clothing business. Mr. Kline comes frotii A'tldison. y u > "Mrs. W, B, Church, W. F. l&hurch .•NEWS TN A Condensation of Interesting Happenings Throttghotit the Country. Tiie amount of goid in thb tMted and Hamilton Church, of Albion at tended the funeral of JV C. Stuart this afternoon. A now potato-pest has put in an appearance. This fellow Ts a worm that bores a hole in the side of the stalk of the growing plant and then goi>s to:for aging. The plant wills and dies F. C. Stuart's funeral took place this afternoon. The services at' the house were conducted by Rev. Dr. Van Ant werp. Members of the I. O. O. F from this city and Charlotte were in attend anco and conducted the services at the grave. •'..-'* Although these are hard times,,-the mosquito is not at all backward' this year about presenting h& bill. Unlike lore, he doesn't conie Itt, silence and alone to seek the/elected one, but he simply swoops down upon the unlucky individual with/his whole family, makes treasury is|D!Vriip,S40, an-lncreiise of $5,000,000 daring tfie past three weeks. .; The Allows on 1 which «JOhh Brown wasr hanged at Hdrper's Ferry, Dec. 8, 1859, will fee" placed on exhibition, at Chicago, together wit' the rope used .oil that occasion. The Pei /Ian government has agreed to pay 4.00C ols tdi the American, citizens whoso property was damaged and destroyed by the anti-Masonic riot at. Mo-. lendo last TWuf ch. - • The will of the late John CSreror pf Chicago, disposing of |4iOOO,000 "worth of property and :providing for numerous public bequests, has been sustained by the supreme court of Illinois. It .was contested by distant- relatives in Canada; Commissioner of Pensions Lochreft has made, a ruling to the effect that nil testimony/ in support of ft— claim must be -written but in full as stated by the claimant. This does^iway with the printed form of questions to which the claimiirit answers briefly without explanation. James W. Murphy has been appointed collector of internal revenue for the first district^ Wisconsin, and August Ross to at the Milwatikco gale of FlBM*.'-Ncw t* Ih Time to Hay. • To close out my stock of plants I now offer the entire lot t«t about the cost of grow ing them. " . . 50C pan«i ,es at 25 cents pet-dozen; 600 EJng- glinh daist es, 25-cents per dozen j 100 vef- .heims, 30.. cerfle per dozen; 100 (eerRtiiums, 75 cents per ddzen, *• • "-.-•} The aV>c ive art? in bud and bloom and ready to produe e an immediate effect in the garden. . . '•-. „ ' ••'...,• x & v.. 100 ast« sra, 10 cents per dofcen; 100 petu- niap, 10 c <mte per dozen; 2(Jb pMpx 10 cents per dozfi'fl; .200. celery, 10 cents 100 egg plants, 20 cents per dozen} pers, 15 ccrnts. ' > ^. Miscellaneous 'potted. plants, a iftrgo na- orlment including roses, fuclwias, bege nlas,-etc, 25 per • Call afc . Qeo. . Colernan'a atora on State street or tit' 59 E; Green street. CLIFTON u. RAWLINSON. while. Mr. twines C- Flanders, Jr , of Toledo, ()., formerly of Marshall, is visiting in this/city. His many fcicnds will learn with pleasure of bis appointment by Ion. Byron F. Ritchie, congressman from the 9lh district of Ohio, as his pri vate secretary at Washington, D. C. Mr. Flanders- will depart for the capitol city about the 15th of September. Address no stranger and allow no stranger to address you," is the advice of the chief of the Gtoicago detective force to all visitors. He adds: "The price of safety in thi&city at present is to keep your mouth shut in the presence of those you do not know. If you want to know anything wait till you see :. policeman. It is probable thaj Chkm«o is the most unsafe place in the world just now, to make ,chance acquaintances." The following teachers have been elected and. accepted positions in tl.e be collector of customs port. •. General Freight Agent Spriggs of the Nickel Plate railroad, has again been Indicted by the United States grand jury at Chicago, for Violations of the interstate commerce law, a former Indictment haV- ing Iweu returned against him two years ago. Mr. Spriggs is a nonresident, and no service has ever been had. James McKenzle and James, D. Porter,. United States ministers to Peru and Chill respectively, have arrived at their stations. The General Engineering company of Harvey, Ills., has made an assignment, The liabilities and assets arc estimated at 178,000 and 1336,000 respectively:/ It Is rumored that the government party in the British parliament .intend to abandon the financial clause of the Irish homo rule. 1)111 and allow the Irish legislature to frame its own budget, not to exceed £5,000,000, which will have to be submitted to the imperial parliament for ratification! Daniel Lord,. Jr., of New York who* was visiting Mr. aim Mr*j. II. U. McCormick of Chicago, while asleep walked through tho fourth-story window and, falling to the stone court below, received such injuries that he dlfiT" Hase Dall. _ At Pittsburg — Plttsburg. <!; Cleveland, 10. At Cincinnati —Cincinnati, 1; Louisville, 3. At Philadelphia—Philadelphia. 10: Baltimore, 'i. „ At New York—Nt-xv York, 8: Washington, til. At i;<i-,f(in—HJI-IIIII. 4: nninklyn, 11. Notice HelHtlve to Cow*. Tho.or'diffauce relative !6 pasturing cows in the street will be strictly en; forced. No cattle will be allowed 10 be pastured in,- any street, whether they are lied or not, and all cattle found at large'ra the street, whether lied or otherwise, will be taken care of."No ex> ccption will be made to this rule for anyone. PBTEU HOWE, City: Marshal. The new Lavette safety mailing envelopes at Smith's studio, . " city schools for the year beginning Sept. 4, 1803: High school—Ralph Garwood, Ger trude B. Smith, Mary Louise Obenauer. Eijghth grade—Maria L. Root, Mary B. Blakeslee, Fannie Gecr. Sixth grade—Jennie B- Rue, Harriet L. Fletcher. Fifth grade—Belle C. Watson. Fourth grade—Mabel Sterling. Park school—Minnie Maser, Carrie B. Halsey, Winnie Miller, Anuje L. Denison. East ward—Florence Harper. Capitol hill—Nettie E. Brooks. Louise yernor. . . , Several vacancies remain ty be tilled. For the acponinjpdatien of people }iy ing in the west end 'A. Watson will sell Keuchle's bread and cakes fresh, at 10 o'clock every, Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla* ' Some of the Grand Army boys may be in terested in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D.' C., Commander Dept, Tenn,. and Ga. He says: "We have had au epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chambeftaih's Cough Remed> has been the only medicine that has done any good." There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy IB freely given. It completely controls the disease. 50 cent bottles for sale ol Oreeue'a drug street. For Sale—Agency Detroit Evening News. Good thing for right party. Enquire of F. S. DEUKL. Good summer wood at $1 75 per cord at C. T. Grants I)iunhonne«« uiid the Liquor liubll, 1'ont- ' lively Cured by AclmlnUterliiK f»r. IUIn«»' Golden Speotflo. It IB maniKacUtied tt« a pow'cler, whleh can .he lilveii in a glass u( beor, a cup of euflee or tea, or in food, without ibeknoWledgwef tlio patlnul. U Is absolutely barmlous, and will ell', cf a per- luaucut uuil epeudy euro, whether the iHtlcut in moderate drinker or uu alcoholic wreck. IV aas been given in tnounauda of aage«, and lu every instuuce a perfect nnre.hag fpllo'wed. It iicv«r failM.l The syetem once impreguated with the Spocifle. it bccomus ao utter tmpon*l- bility for thu Hquor appctiie to cxlet. unres guaranteed. 43 page book of pirticulara free. Addretts, GOLDKN SPKCIFIi: tO , 183 Knee St., tMuclunatl. O New potatoes at Cu ningham's. Strawberries Michigan Berries Daily at J. Cunningham's Screen doorn and windows all sizes at Bosley's We are desiius of closing out all Spring Jackets and Capes for Ladies . Prices all cut to fit. LEPPER. It going to the cause democrats .* An Kitr»ordlnary.Bait*lo— *«,COO. A splendid two story dwelling Notice to .CycliaU. The practice ol riding bicycles on the sida walks must be stopped at once. Any persons violating the law io.^l'his respect do so at th«ir own peril, keep off the walks and save trouble. PETER HowE.-J^larshal. one story are being, appointed to office they no .fact tb»r War4e» Chamberlain 01 ou priiou is discharging dgpjo enaplpyef and pitting yepuWi^ana in h^ir placw, - "•• • A ManwliqQ* teacier ree>tttty 4 received ' tW followjof land, including excellent fruit gar'defc," .lopated. For te?|ns apply to . p. We Want to Show our, ' -. • • WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the County." W, bruggist, .2.4° Cafiforma oherrtef, at J Ve dol intend to epdoraft y Pe»r Miss -r-. . I ^^, " of thm ainee,; neo, EocOc AtSnvder's *"•£"-{,- Vr-"*'- ~<.W- - - ' f^ M.?sV t£'•**,-- ' -„,-' ,-^ t \ t i-^,*-*-F t r? , .

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