The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 29, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
Page 1
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-..*• VOL, X!Y-NO.f)5- *v *i Gfll* SATURDAY OCTcftlfi ^29. If? , , , ' PKlfcE TWO CKST* L. POWDER Absolutely ^u*-©.^^ i f ' 'A r)i»awl uf'tartuMiakin*; ;-«iwUfr LttrUcDtot" aH i^i )fnv<*fuiT^ sltemrtL Latest IL $* Government, Food fie Sweep at Their s Will Over thi Cream' City% The Hungry Devastator Works —AwMJHwroc Until He Lick» Up $10,000,900 in ^rcpcrtjr- Human Life L<jst. ~ JtUfh of tlin Htulurit Portion wf t& f'H,f t*ld Whvte »n4 HunUi-^jJ* of Wi.rkinen's CottAgflk Melt In. A*li««—Th«- Ponerles* Uefttre tli* Sw«-f.|> n( tin ' «troyer—Help' s*llt, from i,tilt:a K » "~ rrerir::i:= ^***^~~ **Ctindre<l» W Fr^Jglu Cars . , t ut 'J'tiem 'jU/Htleil ^ with Poultry—J)i-,tifin-lion or rrclgtil BSKIJTCT j;o>ruBft co WnU'Street/N.V, $500 REWARD I „' Ws will pay tUe above'rewiwd for say-tin* « UfM Complain^ Dytpep«t». ifok H«ad«ch«. I a dlflWtlou, Oonaltpatlon or Uo«ilfeneM we CM 1*1 ««re wUU Weil's r«jjataWe Uv«r ' Pills ', wbtn tfca dtre^Uoa^arb utrtotlj Compiled wlrli. TUay are partly VdjjeUblo and uuver faU to (five •siMfaotion. Sa*»r •oitea, LArga boxes con- t»lnln« 80 pilU. i3 o»nU. Bewsru .of o6unur- f«4t«sad Imitation*. Tlieeeaaln« miiufAomreiJ bf TBBJOHMLO. WEiTTJOMJPAIfr, Uaicsga. HI Far «aU-by A. O. Hydo. Jlar*h»ll, Mlch-T A Up»f»ate*dOuns CuffUff ol' wfcAS ktad or -|:*«8ru>U, iutorutJ, Blind of Blaedlnu, g, CitruiUn, R«ODUI .or Heredlwu-y. TbU JIM po«lur«ly tiayier U«MU kaowu to falJ, $1.W a boi, 0 boxe« for J3.W: usuf by ouUI pnv j.ttl4onffc«lptoe.pric<i. A wriu»u ila j«v*itif e'y etvuu to 8»cli •purcli&Hcr of li when pnrobaneJ «| pus lime, ta n-iuad iku hnidJl'not curmf, Uuarsaiiio u-'iea IJT • A. O. V*l.-, Ma'r*t»»)i. MU-h. (Mil for Health is Wealth, »•*• ,' 1 . ;"! ">?*? N '".')•.' : •> I,*-!.—.'^i • i»t ^< . D«, 8. Ot. 'Waal's N^iiv* ^»i> 'Biuiw »»MT, a giuurauteea wiaolffo tor Byatarifr, IHJl-^PW^ 1 ""^ ™« MwJOMB '.Her . . - > l, pr tobiiocp, XVakerulneiui, Mental ji, Sftftenlns!, of the Braia resujtlng tu'W- lv w^tosdiBff to Ml8«5:,3te*w;«na d^itb, AyjtfOW^Jt^Barrenew,- ij&i of pow« IB JnTOhjutjwyJ^oss^ ttn d Bpebwrto*: ? >»jr j»««»-e»«rtl«»«f«ia»e wain, »*U orjaaulgence 1 . £*cb box contains ODQ > "Mtmew;. fl.UO 4 t»ox qr-«ix boiea ft>r>5--. ^tby^ttpr^tilojj^ixslpt of price ! WE GUARANTEE 8»X POXE8 ' T* cure r, sy q»ae. WItU*»ol> owfcr rwseiTetil' by i^fc^p^Bi^.^n^-y^v^p^^iinf^ ivrjth"S^tOO. we wil sar otif written (juWantee to'te if tfaa tre»tnkent tlpce uai affec tiu»r»nteeBl<)iuedi)Bly oy A. O. Hyde HAVE you T CHILDREN FOE - USBPUIjNBSS? of yoang wun «£d wauiuo wceltcd tbeir«t*rtin.lUa»ttlie K. B. 0. 'To' couua of . irfahs)) he pleased to bare you e»U al i%« <3«U«f« sad talk over '-be matter, or addrsae for Battle OreeE. Mioh I t»*i<»«^a , , ,. v of blocks <if-Mllw«uke«'s largest htt^ln**!* honse*/to- <getW »6JtH hundred* uf '"frame housea, Jast 'night. Commencing at 5:30o'clock in an the , r ._ ment on Kast Water strert 'next \,n th« river itifrflHmesj/driveti by the fearful hnr- frightful rapidity to the lake-over half a mile to tlweaxt I(> isutt*rly irnpo^ble to estimate the lo.-* with" anj\ Degree of a<-curacy. Even- it, complete list'^of' the big jbusi«e*« Ujouseu cftnnot'be obtained, while k tp these mu*t l» adiled thein»all individual lo»sif!8_of hnudi«d»6f ,srnall property owners whose Fmusesj and household good* h^ive been destroyed.'..;'' ..;••" ! :' ! u • As it is the foss will probabiy amount t»- .«20, or IteS^OOjOfK). The tract buraed is over half a mile wide east, and we#t^and .aaiile north »i»il liouth. ifijmmencing in the establishment pf th* I'nbrft Oil cowir. jwuyat 2TS Kast Water sft^st. Th* fire WM*burning liossely wfa^ir the city'depan- juent reached the scene. Owing tf< »he !-..« ;_ *" .« . S\ ^ * The &n broke oat near th£ cortisr of £art Water and Detroit street* at ' 8:30 o'clock and the alairuj wasltowedlately sent iu, bH* owing to th* Urrlbjit hjgj j«lnlU,_which swept sasfcSrty toward tlu lake, the buildings in tWS. vicinity- «r«rt «'»««i^~"—-nwd ana < he tire spread with .. rapidity. Flying cinders •nd 4pod oil through the night air like « mammoth pjfot-eohniedwplay, Scattering in tbrir flight they lanuVd upda the roofs of tile large manufacturing estnb., mbmenu, the pride ot t4ie city. nbU in * few fninutojt hnikling after building woa «utt«l ««d ], Mge walls cracked and tot torjd to the ground KoU« on tK* Wine* «f th* th«> n witU-the rewly «sfc, Mock af|»r 6l «|mo»t cago, if acini* and nearer cities far aid, of which responded promptly, "brins. « calamity. Chief F&ey"kept the to? CD? fined to on« block on ICast Wa unW T o'clock, when it got away leaped across the street aafl began a . w«a lower p«pf of tlw t^lrd largely ty poor fwuilii devastated. Abpu^, »» «?ott««ei W«r* destroyed, • AUirnw came iu «very city 'at X , <rf and Coder streets, two »«le* from where the, Ire ••'•Mined,. d. Many of tfaa scene* of cfcticgreat 1 187.1 la {,'fafoago were r«-euaet^d, tfa« 'dynamite •xpl«sioua ( th« leaping flarn'w and cruuibliflg aitnatioD. ( f) ^ terror of th« utterly'unable tfi do nnythiijig, and for any practical resjittK jnighr «s w*U liaveUwhr Sfil_biug« _l'uj»[til^of ibis th*. »pe>n' worked I braveiy-'AnA did everything ip their power, rUking their lires i>the burninghailding* blocks in to check it. •hi vain aa'd«l| t^ight long the coutifoueq aoug th^ir way from the sbment in E^st W«t»r .street where the lilaze started. The path of the nre wae ia- ' e shape of an immense V, th* angle of *£«. £«"*«• l»ing in the oil establishment, yfidlt oije^iye, extends directly east .to the hJnJ; th* otfiej; running ti^ the lake in A froni wei-e *'; > er w W«"fl"t, 6«.f«etomii ana wholesale festabluhuieat^ttiefire foapd iea&y prey in the scores »f blocks filled-irith frame hw«^ »'hk-b-«<|tena the rust of Milwaukee street . • ' - /*.*. 4««ep« Into tti* *relpUt r*i« ,From.,these the flames leaped reigUtbowftw of the MUwauke*. SUweatulWwtern. Thenexjaugfat o« extreme southern '* t sJtjrr * 9»«n*'5ajt|oau >Mwe4l ^IsiSsfs* s^^f^ij jjjj eonsumsd; , AJI *xaa *i « was «* path of the fir? a scow of j^witth enjdnes 'endeavor to g«t loaded cats out of -the yard. worked bi*vely and wiccpeded in renting aome oftM t»jin» f ^t, they could o3f takje*b«w further south, the yards to tfei north being blocked T|^didaog<«>d,as th* wiij,d *,w |l4rted from the nortb, "*ft^°"oUuo«t I«H nsafo and iu «t moment the ears which\4 just escaped the flaujies in one- place Ve bwnied in auother. It was j u these yt that some of the most pitiful sights •***-•**-•— ff\ ^k>«H 'v<1«_ A d_id _ i_ *** ails*, Asspoi* as the yard* was «a*urad the wi»pt«4-by liwUie*. veered f north t« west, • Mad it reotniawl in .Jlrfc won W Jj»\ v cjdiiin v of tU* . „__ .,_,.. tVurkx. b>ftit;« 9 o'clock the rariou* d«- ^—TT-jf— J/of"th« jeas work* ejrplodsd if HUiek succesHjoh with d^HVii)-4 i^rprbem lions. Thit> limt alone refiiTKniitu t1,'*"0,- flOO, which W#H the <-o»t of ilw ^«*(«nlly epctedpjant, A.llrh<>.Northwc<tera freight bnilWift- i/W»d ^cars along jlu» tracks ar* totally Ue*trpye<l. Several s(i«a<b» of militia bavabeea called out tp^"protect.Valuable freight from robhlpg marauder*. All the southern section of Mjl.waukef is i« htjns. •TJie .(JreadfjiJ eanttflgratmn wan «tj|l ip prtgrn* at 9 p, fli. Never in the history of the city has smch a ciUinlty •• b^faj^n jf.'- Acres of lapfl, frqbracing th# graat manu,- facturinguli*tricts of the city, have been devastated awl ndw)i»amn$» of ^mouldr ering ruins. Almost the entire' souJhecu "rom Kast Wafe'r ! »1 r*-i-r, consumi-tl; -—,:<! Hor»«> Luu>.« lit ()i«, ,v»,» t .. . During the rt>nr«6 t>f the (inji number, of barns au(( large lirpry'itable^ wete buca«4- liberated the poficfj' Tin- }i«t>efi raja wijdly alwiu the sir«eK ««) >)»for««"they l»e caught» number nf petrous weaa gh nd> the elect! i« > the telephone" tratetl. TJ»* electric lyiwi and t}i« ga« stroyed. , WorS in ar» (>O»MI *iem U pr««light nervi<?i? ( works- iiavp ne«*paj»w f(PjS^^angtflie»;b«lQn(|io« to th« .lot-U epartunant hart been litwaWy ineitwi M alley before th«y could, be drawn > ; /• JMM»M3 • i'*leck tbe flrp was p^^y well " In tin tiiokly settled bloclc« ^rlm-e tlier* ir i the hnu|a>and sh« taunt get him out. #»r«a Her Llfu by Faro*. "' To *»r« her, life iho WM forcibly dragged fcom tbe pi« c «, PO»^ Wy kind H«i«hbor7h a a ,a^sted iht> siick f!a$uer nutin^h* absftncv ofth««Uughtor. but If they didnattbe old gentleman wnifi hav^ ppri-thMl. ( 'l'her» was a ttttoeirKloii« friglw s iV M i the toji- a>«4 property f.wum in the north of tly Tlwtil \r»rtl attd fn from t!i«> *oni .,f H«<1 it hate golm, and >nanv Inrg* (tat and r«.<id«Hte*, Ilierr. would J)aiehf>enu» nver in t1«at «Wm»t.ipn u.rVrk tw pmgnwk »i»l if iwig-bt imvfc swppt the ^ntire lak* front. . i V I •* All Uieevening.'meo, wjnra«n and -children Crowded <<Jj«5 fi c«ets endeavoring ta , their pj-wptrty frorrrffJenlowajst dwelf- ln«». B<fds and jer»rkery,ware thrown pell- inpll frrtmirhfe window* »ndpiled up in th« , street*/ Men ra*bed frantliajly from'store .to sfflrejn thf.wTiolessle district appropri- *rago»»OT cmttwlth which ta re- ten* from all: parts . - •» • ^i£.r— -T- ,4e ^work, ^iud meti / flreased In, pipen^Ive Clothes «tfd wearrn<r •HkhatdoouhMieswiby'-the score push- tngorpqllinifexprww wagons or huge d« ll U*I*t* t ll*»«ll.*» In&jl^JI >1 1* . .^. »J i. A »^ * of all k|nd«, Th»"sj>eets south - werefllJeft with a pushing and »cran»- kij( in»«.*of humanity, -nearly* Very, one belnrl«ad«l down v wirk n A«t «» ,A repo««r whoss home was one os bnrnerl, seeing th^rtlrertipn of t;he fire, hur jrjfU to his houa# to remove hi» sick mother And H*veT«lmt hr could nf lh* furniture Chough hs had .bitf foiir^Uteksvto.gobtf- fy* .«« JM^hed t he place, the building was, iu Hrt wfl^n he reached- there, I> is mother iiaving been carried out by neighbors. The v were burning, tierct-ljr in the block of :hf new l«»rH«s «f The Sentinel and " iherr Meeenvd t «»'!««• but liwlftboiw- " print iui; press. Kiubi-r» and of |w|)Ht and cloth" Vere i»i^!i i u« »ir by Uiebikh .. a fm-cr ut primer* w*» »tat{oned ou ' •f* <Vi I « !,«<•<•» .|ni ,, r »Mii.J(^ • - .iwwv » . I* ih*- uaui« of tt little ImolrJnBt aH about Xsvto- bar-, the a* e»wrttnt*ed njre for tabu. or "N "t !1 v, <* * \ ., j tftbH q.-r«rjn -th« World.* .Sold by 'this pipefi. Th» SterliOji pAndolph .%, "Chicago or Indiara. Spring*, Ind., *n»J. get » bbok ' " with ...... . — „ _ , - A. 'Abbott., Whw.hin t. P»w?i*al aod HiHt«n lasujraae? Brphew, Qea Moine*. ba*t kuowu aari men. in «*»>,«! y. can testif .to tbegood qu,aJit'«s of iny (saily for tfte past ci a h^ ye«r« [ely *»}•-»* ha* act «qua4 fur either ftfo«».!* 25 aod 60 wnjt bottles for t ecu? » o-rutf slprr. »-, ^^-«A.".i.^^_ ^ 4«! 1 t» 44ft 40 9 IT J 1ft i « ? i-i V

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