The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 21, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1893
Page 2
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THEfpAILY CttEONlCLE, JtfNE?21*1898. ft* THE DAILY CHRONICLE TKRMSOFSUBSCHIPTION. flatly, one year llirotiirli P. «...»4 1;fi Dally, delivered* id-cent* per week Subscriptions received tit )Tie,r.fl9f e «t pub at I on 15l Statf^etreot, . . «|.M. MOSES,, Nine Killed an<fAt>t>ut Hundred Injured.: One TflE TEA1N DERAILED ttf A TttlifNEL The PftsgenEWB Ilnd linen to the Sliccps- heatt Bny Knees—-Women Fainted nnil Men neroimo Pnnlcgtrlcke'n—Catifte- of the Accident Will HP Invent Igntetl. NEW YORK. June 21.—A 1 train on the Long Island railroad upon which were about 1,000.persons returning from foe Sheepshead Bay rnees •vyas derailed Tuesday afternoon in a tunnel a short "distance from Pnrkvillr, L. I. Two •were killed outright; seydn died on being removed to the hospital and about 100 were injnrqd, many stv seriously that they will not recover. . 'Those killed outright at the time of the accident were: PATRICK DALY, New York city. H. 8, PK1NOLK, IWO. TWt'st Seventeenth street, New York. '.'- The following were removed to the Seney hospital; Brooklyn, arid died'Boon afterward: -.. ' ',. HENRY SP1XK, 75 Morton .street, New York city. . . ROBEKT CUDLFA', 523' West Fourteenth street, New York. ', B. J, M'GONIGLE, FRITZ D. JOHNSON and JOHN SIMhAY. QUINBY, Uticn, N, Y.; right leg cut: died on way to hospital, UNKNOWN .MAN, about 85 years old. black hair and whiskers, at Seney hospital, unconscious.-sufTeruvgfroTmshock and internal injuries. Injured: HIRAM A. MATNARD, New York city, leg injured. NICHOLAS FOSTF.I:, New York; leg fractured. P. J. PINSOK, New York;.leg and body injured. ANDREW BAUTOLAMAY, Cedar Creek, Sherman county, N; Y.; left leg cut off. JAMKS FITZSIMMOSS, New York; foot cut off. . PAT GRAHAM, New York; internally injured. J. B. CHILDS, Elizabeth, N. J.; face cut, In the i^eantime the. founded had been gathered up and stretched out upon the grass on tho embankment. The physicians that were arriving a% .tended to their wounds as best they Could;' .One >nridred persons, it is said, were^fotind upon.this green.plot,- <i tern- poiiary hospitaL . Theeauge of the accident and who was to b^ipife for it arc matters which aw t6 be iii\&esti gated. The train waa without dotitit derailed by a misplaced switch, it stood there open after tl)e accident in mute evidence. Whether it had been opened by the switchmah or vrhether long use had rendered it unsafe npd-was jolted.opeh b'y the passing train is not (tefihitely kuown., '' New Ann Arber Dli'fctors. " TOLEDO, June 21.—The stockholder's of the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad elected the "following New York capitalists to fill vacancies in the directory caused by resignations: John Jacob Astor, J. Edward Simmons, president Fourth National bauk; .Getirge W, Ouintard, Amos F. Eno, Josepli Walker-; Jr.', H. B. Livingston and E; Dichman. These changes are tho re-' suit of an agreement reached by the bondholders' committee. The Ashleys are not among those who resigned from the directorate. Further changes will, however, be made in a few weeks. THE MARKETS. .' $.;; . Kcvlmv uf tli'e Grain and Cattle Markets For June SO. Dutiolt. WHEAT-—No. 3 red; 65>|c; July, 06«ci AiiKust, CO^ci.No. 3 red, Ol^c; No. 1 white; 67ft. Goitlf—No. », 41c.. .OATS—No; 2 white, - ' - Clilciigo Provision. WnEAT^-Jnrie, C4%c; July, Septvinber, 70#c. CORN-June, 41%cj- July, 41Jfo ber, 43)^@43^c. . •. • • OATS—Jutie, 30}£c; July, 30c; September, ORK—July, *20 10; September,'f20 85, LAUD—June, |9 70; July, 19 80; September, *10 40. . • . . SHORT j Rins—July, t&OO; September, Chamberlain's Eye and , Skin Ointment Ascertain cure fpF Chronic Sord Eyes Tetieti Saljfc Rhejattr, "Soafdf aeaa ? 61 1 Chronic Sores, Fever Soresi Eczema, Itch, Prairift Scratches, Sore Nipples and Piles. It is cooling and, jBOothing. Hundreds of ciises havo fcfeen feurcd by_ it after all other .treatment had failed. V5 cents per box^ ' You can aiway est Cigars at Greene's Drug stdre, Call and Try T^em. If you warit a house built in rfliort order call on WKO. Shipley as he. is pro pared to put you up a house ready for plastcnng,in ten days time. Shop on Eagle street over Lynn's. BcfsidcnCo, 151, Hanoyer street. " /GIVES FRESH- CLEAR. SKIN, INDIGESTION,DI2ZINE:SS. ._ '^'OPTIONS ON THE SKIN. DE>AUTIFIES ^COMPLEXION. Ufci It la nn aRreenblo Ijixntlve for tho Bowo.te j can be mndo Into a Tea for use in one minute. Price 3fx3.,Wo. and $1.00 perpaokago. 4 MA An K'efant TOIL IT POWDEH H.U for thoTeeth and Breath -i»a * Attention Cess pbols and,privy Vault* cleaned and d isihfet ted il gdod shape at reasonable, prices by . i , ,-•-.. GRAY i& BAIJLET. •M*' . for-Orer MRS. WINDOW'S SOOTHING STRUP baa been used forchildren teething. MfootheB thecbl'.a allays all pnln, euros wind colic: and is the best remedy* for dl»rrba>fl. Twenty-five cents a bOK 11 a. -Sold hj nil druggists throughout the world. "Ihe Niagara Fails fault." TIME TA\LE, JUNE 18, 1893. TRAMS «*BT. Chicago Livestock. CATTLE—Steady-. , . • JI008—Weaker; heavy, $G 30@6 40; mixed and medium, $0 B5<g,0 55; light, $0 30@6 55. SHEEP—Barely steady. lez fractured. August, De- New York. WHEAT— July, W9<@73 7-l(ic; 75.V<St75J$c; September, cember, Sii^'&t&ic. KVK— Quiet, nominal; western, 57(<J58c. CORN— No 3, 50.V<c$51%c; July, 51>ic; August, 51<gi.Yie; September, . C. Hills, Times building; bund and arm injured. R. J..McKEXXA, Central park policemen; compound fracture of ankle. FRANK J. FINN, New York, face cut aud leg injured. ' RICHARD FLVXX. New York; internal injuries. WILLIAM HERRING, Auburn, N. Y.; leg fractured. JAMES BRAUFOHU, Paterson, N. J.; internal injuries. PATRICK GIBBONS, Brooklyn; bodily uv . juries. CHARLES HEKIJISG, New York city; seri- pur internal injuries. t HENBY RUESCUE, . New York; internal injuries. .-, ' • HUGH H, MCGOKIGLE, Philadelphia: cut and bruised on leg and'arms. PHILLI? ISAACS. Colanade Hill, New- York; leg fractured. FREDERICK SCHLQMBEEG, New York; body injured, , ADDICKS, New York; internal injuries, unconscious. W. D. FORD, Jersey City; legs and body bruised am} cut. . L. FOSTER, New York; injured on body 'and face. The accident happened upon what is known as the Bay Ridge division of the Manhattan railroad, about half a mile from the town of Parkville, which -is the junction of the roads running to Coney lidand and Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay. The Bay Ridge du Vision, after leaving Parkville, passed under a viaduct of the -Coney Island boulevard. The fated train reached this point about 6 o.'clock. Crowded aboard^ were inen, women ancl children wKo had been. spending the day wit- nesSmg the suburban race. The train •consisted of six cars. - The .front and rear cars were closed; The others were open. ?very seat was taken, and men stood in -the aisles of the closed car and shoulder to'shoulder upon the platform ; running qjong the sijjaes of the open cars. ''"-' , the first two-jears ran diraggjn|r beiund f the tarain bomp,. STATIONS. Day Ex.t • . a.m. Chicago, Lv..... 4 00 'kalatnafioo S 08 Wattle Ore**.... it 48 Vlarshall, lip,.', a 13 Albion.. 5 38 lar.kBon 4 30 Detroit 6 451801 Buffalo.. p.m. . S 56 JBxt a. m. '66 p.'m, 7 SO 11 88 7 .48 18 10 8 17 8 88 •940 p.m. 745 At 4 C Kx.* 1232 5 68 835 6 SO a.m. « 00 p.m. N.Y. Ex. p tin. 8 10 70S 7 40 8 00 8 15 841 W 45 a.m. 835 Mail a.m. 705 UK 180 145 807 8 10 6 00 p. m run. 9 50 £07 V845 3 10 881 4 10 7 IS am. l Mal , a.m. Detroit, Lr 8 IS /Mkeon...ll 4n Albion ....ia *••• Mareh»)l..l2 « BfttUe Cr'k 1 80 tlftlMnasfoo « 08 Chlcn?o,Ar 7 35 p.m. TRAINS-WEST,, Ohio Day Bxft m. lilOO 7 15 9 88 1003 10 !23 1045 11 20 4 ID Kx,* (Saturdays exoepted a.m. 6 30 p.m. 1 15 3 10 S 88 3 55 4 15 447 0 10 p. in, Eal.lChlo p.m 5 00 731 8 16 888 903 950 a.m. 3 16 5 10 547 605 0 S5 7 00 11 16 a.m. p.m. last 010 1300 1388 lOti 1 46 use Ex.t p.m 745 1043 1181 11 40 1810 no—— 680 a.m. World's Columbian Kxpnaltlon. v The Michigan Central will sell tickets from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of sevea dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov, Gtb. Children under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good ou 1, 4, 19 or 20. If you aro lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, astftina, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or seal; skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for bis vegetable cure. Toledo. WilEAT—Cash, 65^c; July, 60>{,c; August, Oy> h c: Septeniber 7 Coirs- N'othiug doing. OATS—Nominal. Smith ;a making the new porcelain enamel photos. They just lill the bill or a nice picture. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there ia a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It i» -the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure tha« a surgical op- e-ration, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you.- J uat as cure as hot weather comes there will be more or less bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at baud for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent' bottle of Chamberlain's Cohc, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy is just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the^moist severe and dangerous cases. It i« the best,, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleaeant to take. Fur gale at Groeue'tt drug store. Smith, the Photographer. Ha.s some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. H - 1 *UallT tSunday* exMfted . ^KS, Gen. Pass. * Ticket igt. Quo. A JBBXBON. Freight Agent, . .0. R.O»BORH, Tkkn Anent, Marshal! Cinciiati, Jacta & Macta Time tablo taking effect J»ne 4 1893. Trains pass Marshall as follows: „ TBAIMS OOIMO »AST. No. 25, Toledo Express ; ,..,......887 a •' V 8, Cincinnati Express 841 am •• M. Hall and Express ...1865 pn " 87. Local Freight BSOvn TRAINS aomu WBBT. So. !K,Blall and Express, .11 Wan " 2, Cincinnati 4 B. C. Express ."...„ .8 81 p m " iM, Express 1233-ain " 88, Local Freight ,. '..887an, All trains dally except Sunday. BDlrect-connections are madd at Toledo and iOinuinatlwith all roads diverging Trains 81 and 88 make go od connection at Mon telth with the Q R. 41., and at Allegan with the C & W. M for Grand Rapids, MnskSgon and ail points north. R B. OKAKE, Qen. M'g'r. T. u. M. SOaiNDLER, Gen. Pass. Agt 0. B. UIZE.Agt., Marshall. • WANTS, FOUND, ETC. (^Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ccedlng live lines. No chares less than twenty cents. Carter'* Strictly Pure White Lend, Wai. ' t ranted, lio j'ou know where to find it? Ljna wil} show |%u; Also the best standard or- in colors, sold at a mar -» ^ -1 *** tunnel. — and ihjp,two cars that rs.«iaine(i,on the i loose f rxHH.-"the^ot3&era - i. * b y ^ eir ^^ «pe*&iv-— L the t»aniel,and 85 feet beyond, erjjartoj!f L ' *-<>-- -•" - * -•• at dragging ,Saturday, Come and see. lovy price to reduce stock on 17,18^.- This day Qfiljr- No- S3 North. -Eagle St Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on band. New stock Bougtyton's. of wall paper at Geo. Wall Panel The largest 'Stock the lowest prices HYDE'S fcrufr Store TRUSSES A o full assortmeiit pi sizes. Tiie best kinds i;>OR SALE CHEAP— Two desirable bulldinjc JL' lota. West Uanevor street. For terms an• J.TALMADQE. to Oeo. U. White. MRS. A. A YOUNG MAN wants work. Writing or any light worK, Salary no object. Address, Jj« P. O. box lui*, Jlarshall,Mich. L ° 8T .-La«t eyenlog, a large pair of silver plated sh«tt», corner of Mansion and Jef- ersotf atreets, by city marble woik* Leave at Mrs. H i,. Partt'a. ' L^OH BALE—House and two lots en east Ureen X 1 street;. Enqulrq of Mrs, Debmey. dj«6 bridle, between Marahall 'and Battle greek. Hew<.rd ol 50 cent*, finder please Jeave at billiard halloij. ttanfciuiclre- pelve reward. djiti . BO1OJK \fcT ANTED TO KENT-Two or more furnished T T rooms or house near oycie factory for lieht honaekeeping. Addreas loo*c box 191. Marshal). Mich. W ANTEUr-A girl for general housework Appljr to Mrs. A, A. bolmei). comer MOB slon and Orand streets. and at reasonable rates Truses .fitted without charge for fitting at GREENE'S Drug Store 259 West Statq rflARSHALL. MICH. - Thejj&est Pertume^ always in stoci: at G. K. Greene's Drug store- Ladies aye invite^ to caU a»4 t^t them ;; Y .U n « J »tOT*iidoy«£ ! p - , j _^ ^jE^^^ygyjM... spring : an^. 1 '8ftmnjer " , Better ftd an,d price to ' F OR SALB-^About 80.COO second hand brick Enquire of Beals & Mann. W ANTED-Ladies to solicit for a popular work. 40 per cent, special Inducements uud uxciuaive territory aud particulars can now bu eecurud by adpiylng at & Grand street. Special agent tor a uetroit Publisaing House, TTiOR BALE-rA Klniball organ, for terms and A • otlier particolara acltlresu postofflce box ~ * W An opportu, oin* you exclusive agent to an aedigued tejmtory, JnUucements and' ula» by apMu. .«•.«)} H. Grand «tre*t. S! 1 K P UTEI -X-OM to . MRS. MQ3EBTS. WABD,, «8 MaMiojj ftraet, between the real « et-J»o¥koon

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