The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 28, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1892
Page 3
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TH1 ,OCTOBER \V? ' , tfaeAl tiroppcrt to S4.6enfc* tpdat,, th* • SS.WI . • 84 . . .fc. & Otus w&t has th« If ffinlf J troir, 'the C, of M. cawl*d ' !b Battle Arbor-today. , P0U«f / of Men : ; tail fi& hear Kate at*he BaptUt ctinfob thi« etc Marriage'' t?cen«e$ foaued Oof. 88: Frank Bayner attrt l^afc Bcm^b.-bptb- rt, Pannfield." *' *Some~«f-those who w*nt tc» Battle Craek today nay there, wflf a btifcrawd And they heard £ find •patch •• •>, , Married^ in Ma^fihalf, Oct. 97," by ttey. B, F. Jaber, Mir. Geo. W.-Mwnson and Mrs, Fhilaun .Waning,- both pf Mar•hall. ^ ' "' •</* ' . AuuniAtuot" ne'uraJ^a, ' dja^hoaa, "hrqn^hiUs ahd.. ion»SHti» dauBeil the i,itt ftflohigau, for the week . ending 'pot. 3S. Diphtherl* v*** 8 places, »carl,«t fe*er» 88j r, '&»> and njotf»ie« from 4 don,'*nd,Mr. L. F, _ . ten Hajbov «PP **» *« fl *}f P* ^ r ,Mr^G, H, Old»,70Ti . F»f. H»|**" Cronk'» «oho«l for ;, deportmenft and phyaic»l at ArbiBitir alternbon ainjjl, etenit f'baheld on FfUUy .ri^htJx eaoh week.. Ohildretfi , ; We have, the agency for the sale ' "& V$J •s practice 4 to Si' general «l' TqMtoQ\13»tfho<>Is$Q. . (Jot. MoKinley patse<t. through |j ojity twice today. Be wa« in a PT ! ~ ear attached to day express going and tht tame flat. wa»* sttarhferi u» day expreea fl&al. H*$ •poke-in" liatlte Creak tliU afternoon aM will he in l)e troit thii evening. He also* A talk in Jackson thi« Afternoon. The tin plate question j* thus | anmmetl >up by '.lait night's . Oh'i •v% } .' 4i - \l ,^ popu lar: :g6o^HAnd '•: we ' sf 11 th^iii ^fc| ^ry prices to g^t ; tEem: introduced here.; Every garment ranted 8. V. R. LEPPER. \j% • £* vstf ^ Ttie '"Mwwsial '(rain on, the pflflti^l, wfilch c »r»B rusi'Jcotn to BattlB (JrteK on nonotfnt of the, Me' , fUnlu? inoeUofi, hnd a'bdut 185 .people wlten ,i« left th» oily. .Twelve soiajLtMackaon; 03 at Al- two and Aift.piataii (really .tiio.Jf it's a ^in plai* of comioei'd« the .rest i* steele'j'if <t* »'tttt- ; pl»te «>ttH« .campaign tbe wrttJiimaaination.X Th*r"miaj{i- ' , v »iory •f *j i, C^'if thi^ city, and % or 10 at Wt»a *od Marenao. -• Som« English newipapw woiwen wbp ' wanted te Hnd cittt whether, tae -people who ting in the Ix>ndon Btnwtt make a 'X good living or' »ot. put on ft digfltuise itjU anil takinK a gititar,' went out to . a*y it for themselvei. After singing 'And playing for nn h<Vv«r and a half they ha«l nrtlleated 79 5J^4 and they wejtft 'nnlj- amateurs at tfcat and with no pref • iou» experience in pi«n<9ing tha peopte. v :rhe*'L»n»in«c republicans arp *$ty 191 e to tblnk <h».1 Mr Mcitiftan, the choir- ot the republican elate central iht«<v nnpiured Gov. McWnley for a speech ftt Detroit when they had expected to IIRTH him in Lansing,. .The Joutnnl .s»ys When Chairman v llo- Millan's action became known local republicans Jookert »a,v»ge. They kept -theses hot with dispatches to Dick of tije Ohio p" ^t'cretsry Qldp, who made the . Detroit afioat about a $tantMi girl tier Wrth *aa< naable to talk. 'When 14 years old the wo of hor vottsil o gradnally came to -h*>- >spepp,h is* tally restored and she i« improving;' at *ucb a rate ^Q opportunity of h«"r .ost BO long, taat ^». pj5y»ic»ans nve alarmed. Sho tslk^ for dayi wimout rati.or-ifeep, in spif* of strong «pi?itt?j, and 4t. in feared that- lwif<ir* «ht> n through maktDx up 'fat l«m tmie «*h«j '' aiTan|?^efld Mr, MeKinl^y to Michigan in exchange f^r'iwnse of ** ~ Burrow's oratorv. J*r. Pick *ay» ^ <t , at wu* talk hetteU to deatn Stere RHey attenrled H hie old- regini«nt,;rhn 28tli jj«ck»on yc^tertiay". TJ«e organized ia Septembnr i«64. It recruited at Jackson, La.n»ini>. Mai at &|anbtfll.'. Ol. W. \V. Wheeler was In command. The n*^iiu«jit left Mioi>< and struck flout hern «f-il at l«ou-~ !, Ks. It participat«rt in ««>f r« i)a' • tlci, anr>ns there hp-mg tli$ struggle xt Hud tan thrpH (l«v* 'ic' 1 ' -* 1 i», North ,Ci»i'"ltnu The le^i . roent, went to the Inant with 8?iU' 301 «f c.«r. I know that lam a little^ far to the East end but as : ii ing we 'mtust^read-put; W0 a 4dt do •'btiBiii&ss in the center, but it will pay you if p want of any . ] Hardware ; $6 give m^ a call. I -\ have twp carloads of Acorn Cooking & Heating to pick from. pver One Million of theie stoves J now in use. 'Everybody is invited/ to call *at my Salesroom and in-, spect my new line of goods. / I also make a wonderful offer in plated x goods this week. , . *•** r • " , i— •East State Street. r'MABTIN PLQOK. • . , f : •''. . ; ', Gunpaulus^ , w ^,».'-it is ahnnt. 3x8 fr«t in »ize *nd 4 inches thick. The backs are of •wataut about % inche? thick and eiw- 1 wltk leather* Tbe leares are made ^»w of vflluio »nft'ihe laHft words are paint «4ppby?hanti.*Tlie letter*, are about i£ joehes wWc, with a great number of iojtitl Ifttera of large size profusely decor *f.«J. 'The -l»9ok wn#*made by Mark * the 16tb 'oaniury and repre- «ea$« i j ^blf the work ot a lifetime, ne by hand. .It. petition fcie/* 'for Ijfep^. i y njoytjfuft* r«|l estate. Jt>i*lpr for l,iv»nng Xi>?. 33, «3f"^.de,linfi Aikeu. ngainit «btme instruct ion t in at jn« oontjaned to ZTov. lo wiahingito dancing .will" Plea|8 ~ ' ' erenink " a tort hymnal as a' great with the nwftSe are found J . J , 1 &KsH* \ t !*•• Oc*,87, IS»?. j«««ll, IN- : w kt-fn AJST'T* 9 'S.S1JIT.S •P ^ YCIUTH^S it, CENT'S/ \rc XsjK.lici'e \iuti our ImmeBt'i t.i t . BaUla Creek Moon : • 40hn flarney, ' \ ,Jr, Js'^gain m jail. \ : «8t««lay $ too,k the haVoJNI * fourteen-year-old colored boy afe'd al*pn|>d bira w»tl» It. -.iawttheaj. bec^u^fc the boy did not ai>pre date bis fa^Uianty fee too^ ni« target 4lo "flarkey" who made the ooRJjriaint U-a native otf roetown, Africa^ aud if » tidsattd-intelligent jpepinxen d '•^ race, lie says'fete ttarae i» WiJliaios and that be c&me to trjrtbe f , „ , . and wya that B«k*r, Hesry C8> a, P«tei L\DtOt^ B P«Uen. Jttmb, ,,4 l*tteta »nd «tW»d»teo^»t. One oest pOfUf• wl 1 ! hewalfef bn tk»«tb«j; , l lor witli O VERCO ' CMi'Uig Manuf!icta.rje^i»U6chei^«r *qd recently. t-JuseJ Jt are n ^ ' - j of j^geoi ia> Juue, apti July.' But we got tlieia at money for our patrons this* fail. l»ur. will B. BOLtE. VW FEB (RTL.LA . W.fl.COOK iron plant brackets H>ceai»»t liefer saw. The boy tells wonderful j |.n the fora ol a large iizea iiitoo • i^riea and appears to learn, rapidly and j graph, IB eight colon, with k»y to tame, hand. vp« it Tejry]ca» b« bid by aendio^ y<jtu- addre« j L._—ae.-__-,t 1.^1 i—i.v. >^^«*^ cemttin poata&e ttan)m to My n « lajr are »«>hite twad polisbod a? though 1 Geo. H. Weafforcl, G. f. A., Chica S o out of a bo*. Tb» «f- l|Uw*ok*« 4 St. Ft»J |f y, GJOcip, 41 appear\to is^v. hia compatiy I Aa the wpply )| HwUea, »pplic»Uon " aad tfa» iktle talked for their •»• j iau»t be awace. ishoaUl tb« supply Qu«' line uf«^mut 'JLVUoriug surplus, pur-ctitaed iu .New Vo jow ready »iul ineritb jubpectiou.—Our Style,' Fit, sufiil FinihU art Uot »ev«r excelled. v *'^ . • — T.SHANAHAN, Tbe Leading OlbtMer^and Tailor. iu»t»t. nocutljr Uf«B Utveil foe ixji»V/m*l,lou'wf Cii RIV VHK13 *IAA *wm 941MI «tood. ii' tovf«»dco»xtriiii ^^^5*^ COJPUSSIOJS. l»«, hMtlm «^».-.fe.. Perfumes always in stoek at G- H. Greene's Drug stoye, Ladies are invited to

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