The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 6, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1897
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\ • v > i *TT*i_ YEAR. Chronicle. FKlDAY; AtJMTST «, PETCE, TWO OtSNTS. POWDER Absolutely Pure. for Us great, leivvtming strength and bealtltfaltnoFJii the foud ftgaiimTaTutu and all tprma "of Adulteration common &> tlw ehrap brau<l° RQYJH.*BAKIN« TT>wt>FK Co., New Yuj4s. Tilt- Sunshine Mate,' * Is tho title af a ««•'>* rounly illfc-tfMJted patri phlet of wix'ecti ji'icti in reforeix-e to ^«ith Dakota, the rendui« m,liter in which written by nn-iuilitunwtu" South Dakota lftt)j~\fr«, Stolid Hii*inei Arnold--Who htt« ' been a resident of flio 8ui)*huie State.for tivtft UfjeaiH, v i<»[tj •KiH be-mailed to thenddrCFS of fin) fnriwror fojr.nor'p wife, if sent at ,«nie<? t<. TInrrj M«>rcer r Michigan ifnfweBtier Ageu , Oiican", Milwaukee <J St. I'au 1 .-railway, T For H're.'t, W., Detroit Mu-h. II. A- Snyder put ui .t tine lot of fruit uf all kinds and startinl a w Alton. which veUl m.ikc tri|i« c\er tho, cil) *!>» iy As he will not ^K 1 abjo fo yo ovw &vepy street <lhii\ be will g<> cant .ind west one (l.iy-ntttl nurih and •«>ut,h the next. Nothltv; but the bent the market svtlorcta \\rtl Iw* .h.itidl'Hl and wtir^-will be in keep! n\> with thi™ tnneo You c.m have hint call re^uLirh l>\ Ht the store. 'To IVliom it MtiTft'oiictni Whereua inj wife. Man. Hu^lieo, h«w left iuy 1)ed,'h(vird and icHs.ienre wilb,- uutTtny Jtt.«rf tutus* fttid l>r<HinMti<ui. Now thfrt'fon-all person^ an- hetcbv forbidden tu liailitfr or trust lit r mi my account .is 1 wiH-pa> iu> del>U, uf her contracting. Dated Ma> 8, lb!t?. Hi vi:\ Hr<iili v ( By Jame'a M. HuijlieB, ^urmti^it of --^. Henry Muyht-t*. fi«1i»fti'n Seed Time and Is a gpod *t>H'ortuuity to^pntimni farun ii(f land.- in Smith ]>tU<itn. only une days rido (rum I liu ;i;;u JJtmotUui oropn of wheat, Coru, '.urd y nuil (Urs re*«rii the tilltr Of the soil'. A-. ti Hunk un'fl--jj«iry country South r>|ilkot i U iii'i* ,th Hits wtirld,. Vita fuirn lands wiih nenrliy, Innrk' ts camtow l>e bought tor from ^ItJ^ ^l'.', $15, i\ir furitu r t arUenlars'ttnto \(t U. HtiUl.,r,J, Jfuu-rnl I DE AHMITg MOVE. Begins Evicting Those of His Men Whd Art on Strike. THEI1 f»e«*»r«il«pt1 to O|M>r»& I tip Oak Hill jvilne Meeting of A Rpunher— day closed IdlflR H *»lttnb«rg, In thl^'yty hy a, meeting 1 wharf, where a crowd of fr$m IO,<i(M) neajti'e,a^emblerf tn near V. DPl«, MR?L ,?(«»»*•• anrt wsveial local Wie speakers rteer>t!oft anil the d w«'iv irtwdly Tfpr^i madr'to the unriKhteouw.^ of the'sup"- ^ression rtf "free <*peer-h jmrt law ful a°i- Efich orator»sAW the ttoe _C?>£2I£$L frict was 4t> r$rt\s per ton for mining coal by hand. |150 ;p]e* day for maohfne Workers, artd |2 tier day for drivers. A mas 1 ? m^Pttnp of ttilm»r> was held in reprfcsentartves' hftH "yratfrrtay aftei'- noon C'onsidprabH' enthusiasm was Speeches wt>t(- made 1»y Ncaff of RlVgrton; ^Tdnh-'H«ntBr, of Streator, E. 3. tJurtn, Colonel J. S, and J<4hrr SfclJonalfl, resw^ontf W. >p. th# Carpenters' anton of this x-Ity;«ttr«i. E>*vrd ROJ«S chairman of th* 5 , State hcwy'd" of' Ifehor Atatlprtc^iaftd 'Sepr'esentaflve' Chatiea K. Si>lby, of this city. ^,11 the at th««tnAS# wefttn S as vUJtog to stand flrtn to <Iie-pndi A. majwtty of those preseat believe" the ^slrlkP 4? 'Won, '* ^ Miner* itt IncU»n«. H^utej tnd., Augr/C.—Vie* treef" Jdent lilew^ityn wired,^ SecJrPtaf y Keij - rtf the tndhjna rnln^rfi' oi'ganlza- fronj W.inslow. thftt tty)f»tNmetH at 33arttt'fll, ppt^rstnfrg, Little's, Aryahlre base Wa>, UtJ CtHunj -v « im-ago/lil. In th ern Michitjau, Miin.i ».>t«, [uvva nud Sftulh, • Ij>alnrrta t «lo»g Mic^Hitwo-f the i'h«-«y0 t Mtl *aMkee«SrHt. VauP Hsujnuj. arc- hundred* home* nearly ail of which are OB or i|i«ar Ink.;* v, hiuh • have riot Iwen tt-jhfcJ oujt, Thuiw* fpf«>rt< rnygo in variety frona th« '^fuil dns-, {of dtuiior" to E v. DEBS, . had arrived to can H halt on goV( rnment by.'ipjunctitin'.-'.arnl declart-d that .the RtriiRKle of^thf miners wi>nlr) t)f> conducted peaceably and lawfully as here•>I>He o^ ar.jthirtj any man It «.vas lenrni'd , positively that Governor Hustings has •had, Mien tn the TujtleTr«Vii leKlon for t\\u i\ce|i£i pa'-^ to k< ft> him pdhted on tlji • oinlitMn of flu "tuHe Faetuij In-! uf tn"t i ,c\i' utuc In thi-4 w«irk. Ciilnr.tlp fj £iin sirid MffnTidN*"*." nf th* jtein r^l staff, havt a1-«i luvh rtv^r the flt'U! ftml \\tll tnal>e. th< if n J>«>rt to the guviwr. ^ i— i. C-rulius ad tu I'«: jV'riiilt'» MiuVt. I'fttHburK, Aug. ft.-rOut of. th«- 2,000 who onmped at Turtle Crack Saturday barely-300 now rein«in at "<'anriKjJ*'tern?lnaUon.'" In ailclition to the !art;e^^H.nrnb(.'r of men who were turned: out of i'SCBUi and out Viff front ?ha- Wedn« "sduy. \yht-r*,' the : Kri-a.t tttt\v»in flit- stiikftf, and thn NtW and Cle\e[nml Oats C.ii^l company wilt itf tarried on At 'furttc wnd Sandy Cjitt'k- th»t strlkfrK liasc praitirally \\or» Turtle Oiff-k niln*-, knoun as No 4, i-J olosc-d d<i>vn .Lt> tisht' n •« th ran «. v*r honif to c-to»f It hy t t-nt'pftttvful im-auA of li){il<*ti<in It IH iru«- ihat a fm\ nstn aif .still t \t \\rtrk In tlH' |4t, Irtlt they*tiitf nut jiMttinu OUt iny ("al The sfinie' ht>lilx «no<l at rtaru1> ^*ri-ek H*-p6tt« . (v*a»i Plum CV< t k (lie t-oniKuUi U»ry. isui>viinteit- '4fnt !•»' Avmit claims, that '£,', mvtt art still working, ,whH»; tht< nujktMS say ( ih»y i'ouritf<t but thirty g*jlns into tha pit yt?«t!'iF<lay of from comjpaffy and «>H-*).d Ayiouij ttut Jint pf pur raiders «B the thimUarto r{ec;iiuu irf nwthern »H at the tturfoiumiDL a bhortdis- Muwtiukt*, a ad uoae , point* t>( t&nce from vf there- *r« «o far away fio.ii thu " that tfit) travei,bj-fre<juant tralBtt.over Uie a?«:«t rosduith*.- no for of Seud at*o ftict tiatioo D • yrJ,' t'' v 'tes * 'aasoriiit mn of tbe tiriiicjptii r <»orw, aud ailstOf nuauiitr lix^tels ttnd DMnrdiug iiuiwce, t^ad fo Geo H. Keatlord, u, Irt. HUMPHREYS' VnERIHARYSPttinCS t^j HW^R««lgHMI»i«» to <i«Jt I'd. This ui<tJ« to th*s t bo tube In uti W^Sk^-th*^ fc jit^nifctB in <U<>< days' <.'f the ro nrrf-ratlr tins it was e<r ne tod«,jf. J fee bat to hazard* t not jMgfier it'* d -L-. except iaion ta the I^ttifl riot vrt^sw^V 5 -- jfVy-^^-AJ,™ say's it wl|l nj« he, ifee |uv*eaw cf tbe /»t-' at this . of n^rit^ra are «w- ii o »>fc- M(')C*rett lif*Ut-» t teyday . Strike be^ u 16t«t the Vkay They *#y t*j I win TuitU Creek, will bt'H free ' 10 farr^ i t jfjo«> wp river frwn th^ie to CO»iVKNTIO>i. for the P ( CB»- ieyr*- Tfe«r* »»r«*ri* JUii.,, Aug.. uf tik.a.1 miners. anU ligd tu order by Carson ytjotwday in the to the state h^ubji. were about l&P d«U:tf«teS prc»cPi. at)ine 4V,«UO in! VftH^ "t'fte pur- uf tixe tuiiveittiyti ia to udopt scale fvr JHiulog noa.1 in hotb. hand 4&d tnin-hiutf luiusss and a i- for day work. The nt*- x^fcVrtiVtf board ia, Ws c^ii fiw*ion, demanded 6ft cents p«»' ton lor oMaine ^^Ntl ia (Ompe Creek). TWo' &»f '' a <->«Uy to w«i-lj,!ue0 employed i£ the easttiiu part ot ihii state. The vi--i« uf coal tl is sicall and hard to "tola?. The state toy jruUi»is to. the Spriu^jtad 4i«. bj j eft ftceoiaplisheti hy >ihe marching miners that st't rtut early thl? week from Washington,- Linton and Princeton J[t ?s understood "tha,t no trouble vvas encountered. The miners arc moy- in« south. and will iH-ofaably Boonvlile today Only the miners at Kvansviite, 'and at Ncwbursr. all told, employing ahout 200 men. are now at wot'k. It is not believed the marchers "will go to Bi-ahsvlfle. It being JHO- far from the M»Uree <if th«f movement." Ifuotier Minors Oapliire (t Train. Terrc- Haute, Ind , A\ig 6,—Th^ mart 4 hin^ Llnton niinera boarded a south-bound Kvnnsville jittd l»s tia,tn yestprday mornlns, anil ordered off told the conductor" they did not propose to get o'ff untit they had reached Wy.le's. The trail) was pulled Into n «fdiffi^where it Is still standing. TJjJp pherUT was ^ummojrfdj but the miners ignored «his order?! to leaytf the train The railintid ewmpnijy has ap- 1 plied for an injurfrtum,whf£h, tf granted, Ili^ead to the arrest of the men. Lnlior Mufllnir at**ruv:ll. Braviil; Ind., Aug. '6.—The largest lei.-, >or rneejUng ever held in the Bounty at tht' court house yesterday, were adopted censuring for srantinK Injunctions, against abor leaders. .Addresses wexe made y State Senator F A. Hbfher. Hon. P. T. IjUt^tef «ind tieveral laboi leaders. The sjw-akers highly praised the' min- •rs'.'for their pt-aceful struggle for living; Homer closed his remarks by the strlkei» that substantial' aid was forthcoming;. * Struck Out of^Sympathy. Marietta, O, Aug. 6.—Two hundred mlnerjs along; the line of the Ziinesvlllo and Ohio . itiver railroad between thla- ity and.Slani-'svtHe went tout it^st nif'ht ind yesterday morning, out of sympathy for. the'striking miners. They were re- the scale i«rife». "All l >ut the Sttjne artd Wtnefordnets miners went out Wtdpfcnday mutiUng. The supply of coal for tlie.Kanesville and Ohio River riiilrnud Is noiv 'cut off with but little oh hand. t. A, W. M6ET AT PHH.ADEUPHIA, City l>«'U-tp»tIoj>* , WurbJitir IturiP fur the Phlladi Iphia, Aug. 6/ -• When the time came for'the'afternoon runs of the \, \V, peoi)lf through* West F'ali- niont fujtk, and to tfie tiua,ker t*ity the upper Delaware, tftt- whUh had made the morning ,. „ hau^ dinaiip^ared ;unl the sun tvun siiln- bri^htjy' The u|«ttif sveatrier 1 0011- tilwed for, the reat o| the dtiy and by Hiiji 1 ^ "wjjM every (iroat/rct jiC wjeitther for th« trial irc;ats this L " ! " t **""iw flnaiu in th« afternoon. The farmer will begin at U o'clotik and * latter m^ o'ctiMikw *Tt»fr track, which of wood and wan huilt t's^HX'lally (or thla .yt-ai's. merj,, M reported J>y .the who htuve hfei} r Idiot; on ft for day** to W tft pei'fcrt cuH- tlm Awgr. At lund 4. cinchirtaH f>; at New Y«rk 4. Philadfetphia B; St St. 1 fyOUlf*~Pltt8tm» g T, St. Iionls 8; at Boston — ftaltlmore S, Boston 4, at Cfhicafo AM BrooKfyn—PoBtponed. Western Ii*>ftpue: At Detr'oit«-M!n- nitapcilis *, 0et»-<jit 4, (second game) Minnp»polls 1. f)etrolt 11; at Orand Raplda-'-MllwauHeo 6, Grand Bftptdfc 9 t at IrtdianapoHg— Itansasr Oity' 0, Indianapolis % at Columbus— Bt. faotl' ^ Odutnht&f 16. r t . . IftJfon • At I*eoitA— Rapids 2 4*eorta 7; At <Jwlncy— Butlington i, ^JXiIncy 6^' _ ' Turk Wasn't Onlns to Crnto, Anyhow, Cfft«*a. Crct^, Aug. 6.— The aamirai^ In 'command qf the foreign fleet* tn Cre- ta^vfaters yesterday Informsfd tJie Torfc- ls}» 'governor of thelt Itttentlon to prevent the' Turkish aquadrorc which left the Dardanelles on Tuesday last fojr CreW fr«rtj ' staying ftt Cretatt wftfer* The anlMi er of the governor was* that h» fcff c! i«M?l'v(?d ft "cSnm'uTiTCTmtHrTrtrnr tl«r Tarklah gov«rnmerit deriying that tht Jaitej' had diipatehed a fleet or^troop* to Crete and stating that the T Turklflh squndron eohwiiing whose movements there had beep m much comtn-ent was going to Slgrt, island of Mltylene. There is more cafcntch in this seotion ol the oonntry than all 'ofcher diftca^a put to- xether, and until the last few years was tmfl* po»eJ to be incdrable. For a groat many yeaiwdootors pronounced if.'ft locnl disease, »nd preacrined local reinedie», and by cou- failing to cure witk ideal pronounced it' iticiur»ble. _Scieneo has proTen catarrh to be ft constitutional di? criae, and therefore «><iuire8 coeaUtotiojiAt Irdatmeat. H»ll ? 6 Catarrh, cure,--tnanuffto- tured>y F. 3. Cheney & Co,, Toledo. Ohio, i» th<» only constitutional,cure oh the .market. It is taken internally 1i> dot>^a from 10 drops to A teaspopoful, 'It acts directly on the blood and mucous BUrfacfcS of tfi^ Wt~ tem. They oiler one hundred dollerd for rtny fails to cure Send for oireulnrB F. J..CHkS'tt? .& CO., Toledo, Q. Sold b^ drUgifists, 75c, Hill's Family pills are the bent. Skin nnd blood diseBHe8,-e« 'Sinjr all sorts of dire disaster* to hubinn happinew nw ensily and ciuickly cured by Burdock' Blood Bitters Chatubcrtain'a Golie, Cholera and Di r nrrtioea rom.edy^tl«cay^ affords. prompt ,^ jrhich. tlays late m arrfving, tyyt-no time In* begin niut; its. {\£bt tot iwsxt yeai : a W. Bttch- ami M relief.- For'sale at Grfcei^a drug store. Tii^ nenr futtite is big with He wKb wtiiitM keep posted Eagerly peruses tbe daily .t Every family uhouM take Iho yerjHttsst fa connection with ihrir T Er^f iieedfnT^tw'al paper v a IB ati indofailga^ ja Now 5* ttte accepte ( 0ive u« your subscription. »• _ • Nothing gained by Waitifi^; The Evening News— 10 cents tt^week'. If *ytjfl Want further information,. « * o Se^k it of onf ageiitrin year-«w^few»«^ #'*&&*ei*x^^ What if Not ^Miracles? The great Four-C Remedy is doing work wherever introduced as nearly nuraculotw as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (I wilj cs iept it a " •' favor lof any one interested to write the persons whose names > appear below or anyone whose name may appear * among these testimonials.) Ml aim Is to coittlncBtiie public of my tlacertty and of the true merits of ttils remedy. It only takes ten days, by v using Oif- ford's Tobacco cure to entirely fid ajjor^ sou of the desire to use tobacco in any form. It is guaranteed to do so or tho" money ia refunded. Call and enquire at Hyde's drug store. An elegant lino of belts, latest stylos and lowest prices, at Hulett & Son's. if the jBrtby b Cutting Teeth. ~ Be sure and use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup (or children teething. It soothes the oliild, Boftona the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic and ia the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a hot««• <> . * ; — BENEFACTORS Or THE RACE. Office of "RltrattsHsA Tl*«is" I • Kltigflsiier, Okia., Dec. 12, *93. ( GenftEMBN:—1 bellev* It ray duty to write you i line in regard to tho benefloial effect of Phelps 1 * Four O RemedjC' «> far Wl <un persou^Ily oon- iBfned. A wwk ago last Thursday, I wa» taken with a severe attack of la RTipp^ and in A short lime became so hours* 1 could not apeak above » (vhlspes. The ntaht previous I had oouEnecl acarly the entire nlchtj.fuut ttetttte retlrinf! J took i teospoontul.ftmf slept theentiro ni«bt atswefltly M ever I uict ID rof life, not opughing once I w*s intirely relieved before taking one bottle. Pholp»' " Cold «tud Croup Curo ahouid be in every aid life tho land.. I wind you tins wholly ilt&) by aDyoue, for you are betefBator* ot Ibe r»oe in Riving U the aotidote for totat of the HOIK afflictions to whtob it U twir^X V«wy Truly Youw, l C J «MBrrr. Editor. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, KRPR»9, Deo. SI, '61 Lmrt Friday. Dec.'19, my Attending phy»4el»n itated unlesn I .Was better by tnorning he could lo nothine for my nslief. That nlRht I com- nenced taking Fb*lp's "FourC" remedy,Btoplrtd 111 other medioimis. The flwt doac stopped ipy wugh: slept and~*«stied well: a few more dose* •etnoved all 80ren<*ga from my lungs; tbe »soond lay 1 was up; the third day I was out on the :oroh-Binl to-day was up town porcliasiug holiday Miea Jinxne BASBKT, Woshiogton Ave. and Summit 8t CROUP CURED; Oo«' do»6^ef Phelns' CouRb, -OM and Crown 3ur(>, i;av« my child mstant relief when attackea »>th tho croup.-. " - — • . W. £. MOORB, of Moore ; Bros., Grocent. Arkansas City, Katwaa. Notice M. J. Gillett's piauo* advertisement. * . "1 Rlways rpcomineud Dr. FowUir-a Evt. of Wild ^tr»wb«rty in coa«i) of erfrmner oouiplaint* aud have never Uuown it to ftt»I. Yt>u may use my i-ame." C, A, West, , Katnj»borou«l> O, UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. .' • J. 1J. HL-I.IN«, MftnaRor, i Office Commercial fri Atiug Co., > 106 Stfutli Clark SI. ) _ _ . ChKjttgo, Nov. 24, '94 B. B. Pholps, Estj., City. . DK*R SIR;— I ^jnh to bpar tesntnony to'thc great efficacy of your "FourC" retnedy In tterttii ' and luue ailments, A « u rule I have bfinn ^kpp- tical of tho rnorits <>f proprietary wwdioine?, but have to confeM that a test «f-your. "Four 0" "to convincing that at Ipast ».n« wady raadn retried j is worttftof use. My ohlldr«aall take it w(tU. out the fpast objection, from oldest to youtiHMf and it Is t-artlculurly notlw-ablo tbat tenelit a almost Immediate, A single dotut will eh,pc» most coughs iatfieir begluntng; it«iv«» an unbroken rest at night. In my faniily "Four C la ni» pl Indispensable and I recommend U. un> Vours, . ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Cblcago, S«pt. 2fr, 'SB For years buck each winter I have sufferea wltb apute I^arynRitis. I>«s'l winter was go bad I conk) not hmvfl my room for two week* or opttak . above a whiRper I tried every known cftunb prnparatlou from cough .drop'* up and down with DO relief, then in de«pt>ratioR I wns induced in to try Phelp'* "FourC." .The flrst dose relieved — my cough, tivlnK we tlio first pjghl's reklo-foii weeka. Half the biottle cured roe. I hnv<- never . be«n without this wonderful rem^y wincei It in aa different Jro<ii other liku remedies as mol»*SB9 from vljacgar or sugar from sand. . ' MBB. JOHEPU E.anmB. 5348 Madison Ave. IT IS A MIRACLE. " Conductor Eckard, the Railroad Correspon. dent of the Neod»«ha Kau,»ort R«t.i»t«», ht»»thf» tn say of '"Fcinr.G." "Phelpa it hnvioR a wonderful «ate of his Coueh and Cold Remedy. We pcrooually know* it U just what it ia represent- edio DO. Too much oan t be »aid in its praise. U to a miracle. NOTICE TO DRUdfllSTS AND THE PL JC. CoNTRACT.--Druggists are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND; THE PTJR- a . CHASE "PRICE, if tfce Sour-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough^ Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Broncmiis 1 Asthraa.LaGrippe,Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing, or deep seated, in. fact I guarantee in ail manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not, as a Cure-All.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it t» trial on theabove conditions. "I take all chances. ., "•- . R, R, PHELPS, mm Street, CHICA60, ILL, Proo, For sale by .W.T.DRAKE. CJAS STOVJEIi! Why Pay r/ we will sell you tUe bent grade for oik;. Wo are always the eheapeat in price. •v. Tb* c-otoradu more it . at, work nearly ^Vfery , „ 3^-f-, <ff~* -^^.^.S-^tWb-, « --iib^-uu ^-t- «.«,jK.i.R-^i +( c-«i t •»*«• and cialn^, to havt plfedgeX fronv s . dt the eaj»t**n statew i?et!St8^»ta,ti>fe As yet in> <4^«r fitit'M'hav* entered life lls,ta fur the 1» ' ' -'ST" !>»»»• on tl«» Ceyataj t-^Us. to "Dfcte^fcive He bald be ^taw if««.rl|«^v« tJ>6 main %tK^way and take M»e BMtu*y Creek ruad and foiiuwtd H« Hia%« aa iusult- tag proposal and was rfepuJs^d- H» struck the ^irl three tirnt* in tb.e fact, bey (idvyii, and jumoed OB • IJoptiwxttWtorB will'80]ayoan;4B( wheh or DON'T BUY ; , .jacreeQ door "wire .cloth, Y **^ ^" "yti" t<"a hens lay and ohicken» In 18Ci2, ( when {. «urve4 a»y country as a twice Juat «« ,he was #J>uut to ieavw Ills vlellm. wlw be »{it^«ipe(i wiw tieitd. gtu* Kroaiifd aad oi>eae4i tier eyes. He isatiatitd tbat tht j to choked iier unjtU htj If ft yvu.8 extinct Ht returned ltUA, the next riiOriUug toa»»ke aht w^a d.i^a; If rwt to cotuplet* JiU nendiuU. wurk. Buna H»id tJafet b« t hsi<i made UD tua tuiu4 that tttttirnooD to»i*ti&f>- JOs beawt" ly iuis*ion oa the flrat vvwuan be rnei Hs fcittj-tud his eriuiiaa,! u^r<cpr ty burg- tertetnsr a etore jn %ia borne town of Norway. Mich., io isai, wb«a' be w«« l>ut 18 years old. aiy«« ttew he nmaber of but|di(kries all .ovet the wjuwtry 1 . to* i* Cbolem and Dia after that I bought ttia Volunteers, I gontrao&xi cbrunic di- arrhuoa. |i has given me a great fleal ot trtniWe- ever since, 'I have tried a different uiediciuea and several ductora without any prouineut to- Not lonfe aW a friend sent lue a sample bottle" of\Jlhaiab*)rMu J » Colic, reua,-dy, aud k a 50 cent bottle; and now I caa wy^I ^ua ontirtsly cured. 1 cannot h** tfaaukrul eapugb to you for thia great remedy, aod recom maod it to a|| guttering vetafans. If tu doubt writo me. Fa. drug storw to rant lor 4- W, Large Reducxtion In Prices on AU .,;' Cooking Apparatus. ; ,^: ; :,, : /;•;,;. Bangos $iaoo, $18.oa $16,00 and ;f laoo ; Boiling Stoves $ 1 . to $5. according to size * THE WELSBAOH INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIQi^ Reiiuqerf ill Price From $2.25 to S2.OQ each. ceatp esira fey dome '(See cuts.) Theche«p«t Art4flol»l Liflht Y»t Invented; Abioltttfly 9%»fdf- Oo^te less than %Q per hour. Gives $Q- ppwer of light, lirioe the Ug&t ot opeiv uaa' burner with J the g%& ""^, i Mauy of the beat lighted stores in Mara Welabach Lights Always Give both aa to tight md consumptiou ot gas. Nearly 300'aold iulli lights. .during the past year, THE MARSHALL LIGHT CO. Mtur*Jmll. Oct. l*t,'%. Cot Ynnr J OB PRINTING UOl I UUI at Chronicle office.

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