The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 20, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1893
Page 3
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\ ^^7^ = ^r;u^ * ' »." 4 - •*" N *"? * *«-" ( - tjijVJJf } ~,\ ' "~i '* ^ -,«" f/ ' " Visitor^ to the world's fair will find the CtfHONtCLtiott safe at fceo. F. Warren's news and cigar stand in the Michigan building. ^ ' BREVITIES. .,,: Go get a straw <U at, You will not roe ft, find It eiialer Mrs Smiley and Mrs. Hitchcock are home from Chicago. Strawberries sold tor from five to eight cents per quart today. - ; • 1 There Will not be a nieetiag of Lafay ette Chapter this evening. Cawp Bros., ef this city, grow the fin est strawbetries that have been brought to this market. . Mrs. E. L. McUlure, of this city, has gone fo Vermont on a visit. The Michigan Centra'l has laid a side track td. Page Bros/ ne# factory. a T ; be first excursion of the season to XJnil lake will be given by theJdacca- bee* next Sunday, June 26. A number of ladies from thw city were to have a' picnic agBraoe lake this afternoon, but the rain interfered. . F. W. Dickey bought 44,000 pounds of WAol.MondaJv, It was not all taken in until after, eight o'clock in the evening. Geo. WiUoa, Beokwith, Eugene Bigelow, and Elijah Book left this morn ing for a ten, days stay at the world's fair. ' ' Ira Barkeley, of Albion, will sell a stock bf dry goods at auction in this city commencing June 23, in the store in Cook blocK 3d door wostlof postofflee.. Marriage licenses issued Juno 20: David Fletcher Tarr and Viginia Owel Ion Philips, both of Battle Creek; Jacob L. Martin and Maude E. Burl, both of Battle Creek. People who hear railroad trains spoken of by their number can keep better track of tne Michigan Central trains by remembering that even num bers go east and odd -vest. F. C. Stuart's funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the house on Green street. He will be buried by the Odd Fellows, of which or• der he was an honored member. ^ There was a large amount of wool in again today. On account of the trouble which was had Monday by some forcing their way into the line, the teams were numbered as they arrived, and unloaded in regular order. The price remains at , 18 cents. ' ' The oase'of WvingUou ys Smith has been on trial most of the day. ..It was x given to to the jury late this afternoon The case of Zimmerman Man'fg. Co. vs ' Darius Dolph. winch was oommanced Saturday, will be finished next. This is a windmill case. No appropriation for hydrant rentals was madei Monday night at the council meeting. As no money was appropriated the recorder cannot draw an order, consequently the water trouble will no doubt be settled as soon as the bill is sent iu Ji'y 1st. The city will refuse to pay and the courts, will be called appn to settle the difficulty. The, recent legislature failed to au tkorize the secretary of s^ftta to publish the immediate effec^ac^'ia pamphlet form for distribution in advance of the • regular volume of ?ubjie Aeta, as has been done in previous years," and, as . as there i» go authority for such tn^H ' cation It will not be njajie. Tljere are * 44»»aeb tots aad the demand o * tary Jochim Jor cppte* of tfcejn fccavy awi tbat oflUaai greatly r* it. -H* is John Honstdn Wasifi Katenwzootc- day? -^ This is' the last week 6*f school and TheTIiferary boy and" his studious sister are nerving themselves against the sor roVo'f parlTcgwith their dear leac'he'r for over two months.,' . There will to«specie!^meeting of Peninsular lodges Lp/p.F., this evening at eight o'clock t<& arrange for the fun- eral.6f P. G./F. C.. Stuart. A full attend auee is requeslelcl. Miss Ada Bcnaett is home froifi the west. She "Will return in August and be accompanied by her siste'r >; Miss Car rje Bennett. Both have posiUb : ris*in the schoola'at Mites Citji Moiit. The old saw mill in Marengo village burned down last night. A number of DETROIT'S boys had been exploding firenter-ackers near it in the evening and it is supposed the dry saw^dnst took fire and spread to the mill. Quaker doctor will bo here one week. Free lecture and entertainment^ on streets. Office at Johnson House. Don't fail to bear or see 1 Silvester, humorist, every evening, free on streetfr a meeting of-the Presbyterian the the church and congregation last evening H. C. Haskell, H. E. Pbelps and H. E. Winsor were elected elders and A, JO. Hyde, F. W. Dickey and E,j,G. Brewer wore chosen trustees. ,< Homer people are pleased with the chanRO of time on the C,, J. & M. Trains now run _so that they can comQ to tue connty seat in the morning and return in the afleruoon, having atiple time to transact ordinary business. Eaton Rapids is the abiding place of no less than-48 old maids, and the Her aid lets forth the following wail, at tho request of one of 'em. "Man! Man! Where art thou?" We judge that man is conspicious by(bw absence, around Eaton Rapid*. The new cable street railway started up in Kalamazoo last week. 'Their tickets are made of aluminum, about tbe size of a quarter, and as light as a foath er. The first lot of 10,000 weighed less than 23 pounds. This metal, on account of its strength and lightness, is bound to come into use for many purposes in the future. The June number of the Michigan Maccabee is at hand. The arrival uf this valuable journal is hailed with as FOR 1893. The Anhtlal Suiritticr Me<*ting_ pi the Detroit Driving. Club, which takes place July 17, 18, '10, 20 and 21, will bo the grandest one ever held' on any nd^ In tlio United States. Success Is admired'from the stati. for sor^ral reasons. Chief among these reasons is the fact that no othfr meetirig of any pfomfrioncc Is held during that week In all this brojttl. land of ours. Jrcricf no clashing 1 of dates to cbnflkt, and practically •wllVbn the means of concentrating orery stahlo tn training to Pe* trotfs Blue Rihhoh Meeting. The flycv special classes \vhlch closed April 5 with purses amounting to $21,000, with the nipgnlflcent entry list o_f 102 horses for five classes, shows conclusively that tho,, regular classes which close July 3 4fc<l*u>tffen BtU« of Plants.—Now lit fit Tiaie to tiny. , , • To close^ out my stock of plants I now offer the en tire, lot at about the cost of grow ing them. 50C.pansies at 25 cents per dozen; 609 En«- glish Saiaies, 25 cents per dozen; 100 verbenas, 30 cents, pet dozen; 100 geraniums, 75 cents per dozen. , ' . Tho above are' iff bud and bloom and ready to produce art immediate effect in the gar- 'den. X. . • ..,/ 100 asters, 'JJ^ehts'-'-pef^o^en; 100 .petu- ' nias, 10 cents per^diozen; 200 phlox 10 cent!) pendozen; ?60 celeryjxiO cents per dozen;100 eW plants, 20 cents {per dozen; 100 pfp- ftlipcellnneous potted-plnnts, a large as- ortinerit including roses, fuchaias, be go nias, etc, 25 per cent off. Call at Geo. Ooleman's etora on State street or at 59 E. Green street. CLIFTON B. RAWL1NSQN. ' Notice ItelHtlve to fcowrs. The ordinance relative !o pasturing cows in tie street will bo strictly en forced. Jio.cattle will be"allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in tlie street, whether tied or otherwise, will be taken care of. No ex ccption will be anyone-. much delight as is the arrival of the Legislative Journal, especially when it contains a notice of assessment. The Mapcabees are a first class beneficiary order, as good as can be found any where, but the paper is'a chestnut, which the great camp oflicers use ,to boom themselves for reelection. Frank Dean Patterson having been on the sick list for some .daye, returned from Ann Arbor last night. Having io addition to the studies required for the three years medical course taken the greater part of the extra work required-, in the four years course, and having ser cured a position on Dr. Vaughan's staff of assistants', be expects to return to Ann Arbor next fall, and complete the will swell tho list close, to 300 entries. With such stabled us'C. J. TTamltn, .of Buffalo;'A. IT. Moore, of*Phlladelplila; San Mateo Stock Farm, bf California; Augustus -Sharpo, of X,ouisvWe, Ky.; Palo Alto Stock Farm, .California; the Ploasanton stable of M. Salisbury;' V. Shuler, of ^ririnenpolis, Minn.; Georjco Starr, of Torre TTaute, Tnd.; Marcus D:ily, of ^tontana; Bob Stewart, Kansas City; IT, C. Jewett, of ^wettvillf, X. Y.: John Poag, Toledo, O.f Kotchum Farm, Toledo, 0.; Bu Bols Bros.. Denver, Cnl., and a vast array of smaller slubles whoso lights* are equally as strong In proportion to their numbers, gives strength to tht» nssortlon that at no : time In the hlstorj* of trotting and pacing horses could there be gathered together a stronger element of speed, than will be shown at Ihe Blue Ribbon Meeting of 1S93. $4ft,."">00 is the grand' total of purses. The classes that will compete for tbcse valuable prizes are the il:35, 2:30, 2:27. 2:25,. 2:24. 2:22, 2:20, 2:18, 2:la, F. F. A. and Merchants* and Manufacturers' Consolation purse, trotting, and 2:21, 2:18,. 2:1 T» and F. F. A. pacing, thereby enlisting, thj- speed of both gaits. TJucv various railroads leading Into Detroit have offered reduced rates, aecom- panied with ticket of admission. It will be tho carnival week of the year. To miss it means the loss of the greatest week's pleasure In speed contests .over hold in Michigan. made to this rule for PKTBB.-H.O'WE,. City Marshal. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. California cherries at Cunningham's. Sale—Agency Detroit Evening The naw Lavette safety mailing envelopes nt Smith's studio.4 DruuhentteM fcnd the Liquor Habit, Foul- ' ttvely C«fed by AdmlulHterlng l»r. ' H»Jn«»' Gulden Specific, It la luinutectnteij M a powder, wblph can bo el ven in a glass of beer, a oup *)f coffee or ten, or In food, without ibo knowJedga ef the paUent. U is absolutely Jwrailea*, and will eff. pt » permanent »ud epeedy oure, whether the ( aticnt j» moderate drlfiker or an alooholtc wreck. It nasboen given In thou«*nd» ol caset, and tn every Inatauce a Serfeoroure baa lollowed. 1» ucvcrralU. TUu system once impreKnated. with tbe Hpeciflc. if becomes an utter liupoanl- btlity lor the Hquor appetite to exUit. Cures guaranteed. 43 page book of particulars free. Address, GOLDEN Sl'JSCIFIC tO., 185 Knee S>., «.:luclnnatl, O ,•»«•«*-" !••»••« I New potatoes ?it Cunningham's. Strawberries Michigan Berries Daily at J. Ounniiigliam's Screen doors and windows all sizes at Bosley's We Jfre desiius'of closing out all Spring Jackets and Capes for Ladies; Prices all cut to fit;. S.V.B, LEPPEB, News. Grood thing Enquire of 1 Smith is tnaking the new for right party. F. S. DEUEL. enamel photos, or a nice picture. _ porcelain They just till the bill Notice to CyclUts. The prastice of riding bicycles on the. sida walks .must be stepped at once. Any persons violating the law in. this respect do so at, th«ir own peril. Keep off the walks and save trouble. PETEB HOWE. Marshal. four years medicalpouise Few people probably have much of an ide£of what it cos>« to run a metropolitan iajly papey-for a year. Here are a few figures which shpw tbe expenses «f the Chicago Tribune tor 1893= White paper.*255,000i type setting' and proof reading, $155,000; editorial department, 1107,800;' correspondence, $50,000', 4ele- graph tolls, 175,000; mailing* room an4 postage, Pi,090; ink, f 10,000; sterotyp. lag room wages) $18,000; art depart. ment (salaries) $14. «00 V . The total cosji. annum o| pr^ucing the TtCbope is We Want to Show ,our ' WALL PAPER, to Every Pers6n io the County, Good s,pnjniei: .75 per Druggist,; ^ ^^v JffS&iifiSSwK 5wSSt : ***£*®3 i^^4 ? j;l^^rpftjpife ** • *•<•- , WB <|»»nja»y. IP* ^s.w y»pwsf«-?r«5 ^%*--i . .v ' -r ..V%*ll Ctrvmiamjac. '*'' Bioians on**•••• hnardahavemaaen^on- ' ., » 'I-'-.-, ^ -gf* yy^-^^gMyg-Tj,- "WWwMjM?W **T^ . off vrofldrf »f»3M9iM%4|M»»«M

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