The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 27, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1892
Page 4
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o „ ciiRomcLK. OCTOBER 27. _UJM. K •atrtiiUgftgUft*. Inside or outside h, "in n*& uiitfl Ip P- iint. \ . - „ j l^nere "ob^ law? onl? Is rased. $5 teontfc, $50 pet annilrot Where more than 1I*UU*U, *>">/ I'*.* »»..*.r.*"." One lamp is-jused bj^beaame pets u m the -(fame locality the -additional llainps will be for at $4 ier month or $40 per an» « •temps will Ue placed iu pdsltiett >f charge ta the user other than abotfe nigtil Jamps or other special service at num. f nfr Sale. __... 1st of medioal'Work* from the-feest Mtthorllifs. Witlbe sold clwsp If (Use^CT ' • N A,8tiKftM*H. Select attd standard oylstert st uiftgfaatti'g. ' ' • v^»^ Bros, carry a tuillme pt staple groceries .AUgoodd.—* -*•* *~* k ' Sa*e ntottey 'by Aii an4 shoes ftUJrac^ Bro*. vott t special . AttdamagXtotnelampor wiring by Vhe et most be paid for by turn* . The uwt itilliiB j»« case >a/ attowed to ino uvur TTIU^«u^»«-> ~"""*.,~ 4 -,—— Mttddle witkor remdte efthep latp£ w fog and if any change In position »r rt meat is desired by the consumer it will *>e done by the city at coat. v "Ineandeacent lighting, lights ready for us* at all ti mes flu rtijg d ar ktiess.x. " ' MUter rates C-10 of One cent pei miMr per 10 candle power lamp lor either sttifs* or of St6rm Serges jtPerrets Don't ^ail to see the FLAG. 2 Stores -2 Stores. * * . ^. . >• t. j i(»IU«»*W»S^r.-tt»——*~* ! , ^—,«—«—i Ho meter placed tu servixie where less t five lights are in use. For all ordinary ser- vioe where inetexs nre not used following rates: Stores arid business places 50 ccntf per 'month* per 16 candle power lamp for any number of lamps, whether one 01 ttore. , * Residences and offlees, etc., assents; per , . 'A marquis?diamond 1^ candle power lamp per ,. —_ four or less lamps' are i ied. \V}i. re raore than fouf-}aDnp8 ore m' r place !<«, the same ^rson in 'the same'loecduy V& venU P « month per lamp for «*ch additional Ininp •»er four. , « . ' """*" ten per ceut *ill bo jontracU for residence ftf i Without metetsT are made. ig,"Wrtnqui meters, aro «>«»«. , AlllaVips o.f additional candle jibwer at fsroportlohat€l rates. ; . Allspeoitlsemce must be specially con- for- All bills payable is Believing'? f And a good lamp must be simple; when it is not is —rwiftot good. Staple, £cautifiil t <?<tfrf--these I words mete much, but to see ''The R^cl will impress the truth more fotpibly.,, All ...—,, ^ tough and sjeamless, ?ind made in three pieces Only,* it is absolutely sflfe and unbreakable, lake Aladdias of old, it is indeed a "wonderful Rtrftp/' for its marvelous light is purer and brightefc tfan gas light, /softer than electric light and more cheerful than cither. k " "Swigtt^gsgaw^SSSSSSW •ties from toe Urgest Lamp State /« the WorM. ' •> i ROCHESTER tABIl*.<3O.> 42 i**Hk FJwcc, New To«. «W» Yxu^CltlimX-y* Ueimf^X"' l **W' ! J , Rhodes, the well known ohim lu Rochester.* Onion Vbliool anu M. E.'churcO and f «iU be nt hbtac next week prepRrell to fill all orders "for work In bis line 1 , chimney sweeping. iwrr COLO jjm>Y*r blacking, sloi/e « or before ttie lothofr£ eare orders at the bouse. etc. Cry for Pitcher's •on lighting contracts are made. All incandescent lamp renew t als must be i {) the-konsumer at his o^ex——**- -' make room, for paptfr at post. / -' stock IWM.UW s^pftrts olulm this <;amp in Colorado. A*say» too, and have runa» high «w *.-.— dred tieoplti a day ate now ru»ntng oblet tows of th« dUtriot. £»••»! TheTtoauca of a lifetlrao 1* wortli lookl»|j| ftf Tou can ret thpire quickly atod oomfprtBbly' b'y takiDK the Santa. F« route. Only llbe »«»»;} \ clianga ot cars trom Ct other principal citten tp «*.««! utafrlnn wfrVl Htkllv 9 DEPORTMENT, AND PHYSICAL CULTURE,^ .^00. p a oo . Only llbe .-. i»w»*a« Ci ^tt'S^K^ssssz™*. iSSSSSfjse?." 1 - mswot . -• ' Lvfer met with is Chamberlain's Colic, Uiol- - — OrdinatV open deat wiring will be done era and Diarrhcna Remedy- In, .^ ^i. - ... ,^_i _i. *1 Oli ». M „:-..„, «^>th^lu ^Aliaf (1 ' dutiugtbe installatipn of the plant at $1.35 per lamp, not including lamp* and socket*. Alt subsequent wiring .wilt be done solbly uudejr the directjun of the commissioneta at COSt> . All wiring will be done uuder>ha latest rules of the Michigan Insurance Bflreau. «olio it gives speedy relief. On hunting trips I have, found it indispen^a&le. Put m alkali water-it iuipar(/a, pleasant taste and prevents the paioful<dmr>ha?a whfc-h alkali water produces. Ycoul'd not feel safe without it in my house. J.'^. &nith,Fort Aber- N, D, For .sale at Oreane's drug Uln OI Vila iw*uui|iai* 4Ma**a***»*.« —r*--> . i —77-7 . All applications for moandescenl lighting atortf, ____^^_^_^__ • will b6 accepted in the order of tho applica-1 ^ wl| , bu prepared tp stttEt a class in ar tion and to thepersuns.applying for the first | .^^ danciDg abQ ut- :jfr>v. }st For f wr- WO lamps to be placed in position aud used, L' ber • mfornwrt ofl. call a t t 153 W.'State twiampaand sockets will be i^mah^ free • .- -' ; tf chwgf, all otiier lamps or sockets atco«tJ?\vee 1 .^ , . .. The a6^»»lighting rfttea-are basedjon, an' uu -^ ' "' Mistimatp of the cost of operatipn<jf the plant and 'while they ara now much lower than f»r ibe Bame quality and quantity <pf .hght furnished in otb«f plaqes» should H be found J ^^ g^y wa ^ Ucki we eftve && Oastoria. • A , t ._ £oi£ak9 a-red uc t* on °* a P 11 * 0 *' tbei . ^.«j ^>,^™j^^r,^n«<*«ri lVl^»4»ot»v.*^** »^r »-^-i *• - ( I ftuo^ivwvj ""• M " w —i '• — ^^ f ( .pebble Itdiftakfl a- reduction 'in pnc«, the | W j^^ WMaChUd( she^i e(i forC«5toria. • rat*s will'be lowered and all contracts aow ^.^ -tobe i mel h -1 go* cUiag tj? Oartoria. ™* . .^ . ..*, _ i« A.- . u n u An **Af n.f onv I f?4*c** ^MW MWi.n..*w -T- _.. ^»" * Jae time t*i'ie v*kiu*I effect .Sept U, 189?. i I • a B^l-iar- M airatiail M (o|lowa: T»OJK» opwa «A»T. xo '«, Toiedo ExpreBU • ». Cincinnati K?pre»a. •• ,1, M all and Bx» reea.. T«W "•" ^~ .w^~»~~ j— — - "—--• ' j \viien«bebe«amelUs8,She tt»^ y? 's^iy^^-s^^ ; ^ = "" i ^rr:~ - ' ''th» jta^ of;the reduction, ' ' - ' AppUcfction rnufi.* b.e made tp^the iecocder either of tb,e cp.m.mi8sloners. CMldr^tt Cry fo^P^er's . ijft-Mall and Express,.,, ,, «. O*w)Uina,ti4 B, y. Express S, Loijal 1* reign t.,,,,. «»> • •«•• ••• All trains dally except Sunday. Sitactoonneotlona are mada »t Toledo, awfl Xi./.i n .«-i ojittv-all roads dlverclni: , . "Kojr»l #U»by 1 ' I'url Wlu«. No good thiig^iould bfrputlawed-bewuw» J *r ftl _ c A n aiWaVS and the*e/ a gr*0el£r person treats it - I »*»- u »« <** w "^ " *" ~ A '"^ or tfte best Cigars at, dW N pi onl, may lif, ,be W -t,y pro,,- ^~- - ^rUg StOr0, 2^StS2Fit5SS!Sr"* Call and tr^ them, -'> rendered V^re comfortable,-an4 >-" ~ ' — "• many of'iw usual paius ani idiciouflu8& df ''Boyal But,. _ ,., wwej-tw^ bottle 1* guaranteed by -t^f undersigned > be -absolutely^urewd o?er firt yeftrs : old at bottling or money jpai£ tot it wiil be refunded." * Qo«t bottled Hi get "&byal Buibyl" For sale by Wednesday* afiercooin »nd evenlag,.'?<•»;'. . 11SI2. and -tfrwresftcr on JFr'dajy aJternooH »od evenhig of 94ch week at A»belw.r llalj. CMS5 WfWJS. _ r 7:30 t» «•' W <£oni* Ww^ GENERAL pANCINQ j:V*jj L .llfl*. JACKSOH FAVORITE I, WAIST tesonch wornty w°i?w A FEW \W©RDE. dealers sell ir sent, poctpsild, for $!•««• "WSa-.^LU^*^ Bl'Ol, J"*-' »"**"•"'• t- 77r~^r^ JACKSON, ^Oron^QregjLOM .l^iehtean. POPULAR DANCES. .Vl I of the Poji^lar Uan» im »ill b«> tuu«L(. As&lmMu Qauottf.., The Pirouette. 1 La Belle Caacutian, TtoeAurfra, - ' • 71* frolic, , SeAStdfPolita. . Tho CafirieceS JkeHtifoarih t Qitfultittetfuitl Ivicttm, ttoJi ^ Bottled by Bayftl. Wine Co,., Chicago. who tas Jong «d -a» amd XnwiWWWTBroJcers, ,Me» moiwae. »w •»-., } _,—^ of.the beat kuown ana lusiuess men in that city, stify to the good qualities of » Cough ' Remedy. Having f ajp«ily ft* the past eight 1 years r^n'safeJi' *a7it bsaao ^«4 for .either IffiSSSip* » »ftff<to$* S^fcOtqena'a drug stoye. -N MOTHERS!! frJ!^. «r call on your. < , with, your babi BODX, OAtlplNG""W «>e RHYME OF As'flftJStP l» M?8 RHYME cjr-»«»-¥«-»—; They move BASJE^f who i>»ve teamed to Dane*. " -, AM OBCHCS"" ivilH»ioatt«idanc;f thus uffoidlng •<*'»}" tim? an4 — ^"rfn W/Ut&CUy ftf-MttriAfiU: ' ot the City *1 M-ur- * 11 *<vulft wnAlcMlC **'* retail- «* .§fgsgS^-,s^-»Ai ^55«fK**. F«^i **.& »«*<«»• practice. 6W XTTjaWAS vritto _ _ _ HAVE you CHILDREN ' ». K, a. BiUSVi EK, Sd A. DBAS, Sd w«rd. LEWIS PEWaiN, Board of EDUCATE FOB _—if «o, aead tUew JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND 'CONVEYANCER. AH uujjiness k^teoded to promptly awl caretullyj Has a safe to keep judg | PB1VATK UESSOH* WUl'uegl»en ot U». Hall wcL uftamo^of^the ach«al 8? i ir»«k^\TW»lMLJ WN* ~ m 1*nn» ' '"

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