The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 20, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1893
Page 2
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<*»* ^ JtfNEf 20, 1893 <PI s, ( THE: DAILY CHRONICLE l2-yeaf"-old son of iFi-nnk Sherwood Of ( Menomf nee was* drownwUvbile fishing. French 6ddet{es<ot' the^Ttjjper peninsula Will hold a're'nnion at Republic next Satt TERMS Of Dally, one yeaftliroiiffb P. «...»4 15 Dully, flnllvcretl. 1O cents per week SobectlpUons recorred at. tWofflfe ** tmb atlbtt 151 Stats street J.M. MOSKS.Pnblisoar, ., , John? Schnltc, aged 1 25, a man with a family', was drowned in the mill pond at Scio, Washtenavr county; • , A Wge hospital ia being bftilt at Manis- tiqnc, -It is to be one bf the best buildings In that section of the; state. > . fetephen D. AVriglitof Cass coiHityisthe bnly,pibneer living who came vrtth the. tide' * A Boy Stn'rts-ori a LOUR Trahip. • WEST BAY CITY, June 20.—Cyttig Jones, whose homo isat,Chippewa Lak$, started out on a long walk,, his destina-' ;tion bfflng Oheb6ygan. Jones is about ,15 years old, and w^is^arrested .here a few days'ago in company with another lad from the %anie place, both l«m ing run; away from theft homes. The 1 other boy was glad of,, a chance to- return home,, but Jone? says that his parents would not lose any sleep over his disappearance, and did not want to go back. Ho was locked trf> while the officers wrote to his homo, but not hearing from them Jones was released and started immediately on his way to Cheboygan. , ' - *. ' ' A Romance nt 1'errinvllle. MARSHALL, June 20.—Joseph uranier, :* brewer of Perrinvillo, was engaged to marry a girl in Germany before he struck this country, When he got to tfcia side o£ the ocean he forgot all about his German love and,married somebody .else. Th.e girl, too, married. Her Iras* band died and so did Joe's wife. ; The •latter wrote .to his former sweetheart, 'and finally proposed for a .second time! She bad no objection* to the offer and is now in Marshall. They will be married in a short tjme.___ , ''•' • Four Hundred Cases. IftONWooD," June 2Q.—There are now fully 400 cases of typhoid fever in the city; Deaths continue at the rate of six to eight per day. Charles L. Hyde of New York city, president -of the waterworks, has arrived with his attorney. In a number of cases papers have been served upon him by pel sons who have lost relatives or friends from the malady on account of the alleged neglect of the superintendent to use filters. Two Prisoners Escape. JACKSON, June 20'.—James Morrison and William Henson, short term convicts, escaped from the prison by scaling the walls. Morrison and Henson were employed about the engineroom of the electric light plant. At the time of their escape no guards were on the -wall, and the only difficulty was to get to the top of the wall, wnich they did by means of a rope ladder. They were missed at 5 o'clock and the alarm given. Cost Him HU Life. GRAND LEDGE, June 20. — Peter French, a single man. 28 years old, who -has been here from Truinbull county, O., for some time, went boating above the Resort dam with a girl. He experimented with the strong current, to see how near ha dared approach the dam, aud the boat was drawn over. The girl waa floated toward shore and helped out, but Fench was drowned. Burglarized the Town. WHITEH A LL, June 20. -"^Burglars broke into A. Heart general store, James Michelso'n's saloon, George F. Sibley^s hardware store. P. B. Wiiloe's clothing store and Bill & Uttley's wagonshop. They blew open the safe in Hear's store and got f 40.. They stole a revolver and eome powder at Sibley-'s jand a drill at the wagonshop. Found In Bags. "*•GALESBURG, June 20. —The silks, cigars and other property taken from the stores in Galesbiu-g have been found in bags in a barn four miles east of here/ The property waa identified ="•». by its owners, and » stranger has, been arrested xm suspicion. Young Girl Rilled. YFSILANTI, June 20.—Allie, daughter . of Lemuel E. Bissell, attempted "to cross the track in front-of the westbound Michigan Central passenger at Ann ^ street and was,,throw» 40 f,ef t and- in 1 stantly killed. She was 14 years of age. Foul Play Suspected. ifoUgHTON, Juae 20,—Henry Matson • was found dead at Qpechee, His he,ad •• was in a spring of water, but -wounds about bis head indicated foul play. An -Jnyestigation will" be made. He leaves ' t^idow ftndj five children. , , r .'.'. • '" ' Bodyyoand. ^ -^ Jung 30,—3%r ho4y *>£ , agedii y«ari» was found fhelifesaviugcrew. fba Yrjyer 'with a little com- of immigtation in A. L. Preston, the staple driver from Cal- ftorriui to Coldivatet, issjick, In the meantime Ms wife-handles tlie reins. David Volz idllftl three benra near Se- bewning last wogk. This fs the first time in ywmfthnt bears liavy been Seen in thafr- eection. \« . . James Lloyd of Diniondale wa's arrested on the charge of Iwinn n deserter from the United States army.- He was taken to Lansing, 'but wfis immediately released. The Michigan list ol .pensions examining boards is soon, to be completed by Com'ihis-^ sinner, Lochren. It is reported that in most cases they will consist of three Democrats. • . " A span of hor.-w* from, Northville was attacked by a vicious dog belonging to Frank Trigganl of, Milford. The .dog bit the horses in a-f rightful manner rind hod to be killed to get him loose. THE .MARKETS. " Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment A certain cure for'Chronic-SoreByes' Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald, Head, Ol * JChronid-Sores, -Fever Sores, Eczema, itcbj Prairie Scratches, Bore Nipples and Piles. It ia cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatrtient ha< 45 cents pcj box.' Robert Sholie.f has openid a tin shot* in the" bujfdiojc fotmuriy occupied as A meat market, opposite E. L-.' Murphy's store. Give him a call whet in need of any tin work. '• - ' Attention Cess pools and privy vaults cleaned and disinfected inogood shape at treasonable prrc'cs by ,, ' . ; : v GRAY & BAILEY. Yoti can always fintf the best Cigars at tfrreine's Drug store, Call and Trv Them* If yon want a house built in short order call on Wra. Shipley as ho is pro pared to put you up a house ready for Mastering in ten days time. Shop on Sngle flrcel^pver Lynn's. Residence. 51, Hanover street. Cattle Market* Revlnw of tho''Oraln and •_!..- For June 10. • . , • • . .-;,..• -'•'•'• Detroit. .'•••;" WHEAT—No. 2 red; COKci July, 07>^c; Au« ;st ( 70c: No. 8 red, 63Kc* No; 1 white, 67Kc. IORN—No. 3, 4lKc. OATS—No. 3 white, WHEAT—June, CoJ^c; July, 66%c;Septem ber, 71J£e. CoRtf—June, 42Xc; July,42%c; September, 43%e. « OATS—June, 30><c; July, SOtfc; September, 27%c. " ' PORK—July, $20 15; September. 980 90. LARD—June, 19 83; July, $9 55; September, $10 55@10 57K- . KlBS—July, $9 25; September. *9 57J^. Livestock. CATTLK—Weak. Hous—Heavy, $0 45(aO 50; mixetl and medium, $0 50MO 00; light, #0 45®0 CO. SHKEP—Weak, 10c lower. New York, WHEAT — July. 7!i;. 75K@7Cc; September-," 77 ceiiiber, 82%(i/S3Ki; CoiiN—No. 2, 50'i «i;>u>c; e 51>ac;.June, 4y> 4 ((j50^c; July, August, .HJc: De- elevator, 51@ y.SOSSlc; August, 5Ua51%c; Septeiubi-r, SOk^fec. OATS—June, 37ii,(if87Jic; July. a~(£37)ic; ._» *\j. . t» _» I.... rt.ifty,ir~"' -"" „ For CiWr Vltty Yean. "•:'' • '"'•.' . : »- '• .,•.?. Mna. \V'iN9L6w''rf'' ; BooTHiiia STRUI* b&a been Used for children tetthltig^ 11 Poothei the cbi:<], ,allAji< all palp, cures wind colld, and la tb« beat teincily for diarrbcca. Twenty-flve ceflts^a hot-: tliv. Hold i)) nil druggUtaihroagHont the world* TIME TA-LE, JUNE 18, 1893. BTATtONH. Divy Bx.t a.m. Chicago,L-r..... « 00 Kalamazoo 2 08 Battle€reok.... 848 Marshall, Dp... S 13 Albion.. .. 5 38 Jackaon 4 30 Detroit « 45 p.m Buffalo.. .... * 65 Kftl Kxt r 7 48 8 17 888 940 1301 p.m. i *n At'c p.m. 730 11 38 1310 13 33 1268 286 6 30 N.Y. Kx. 9 m. 8 10 705 740 ( 800 8 847 1045 ft-m. 600 p.m. 885 a.m. Mall 705 1835 1 90 I 45 907 810 BOO p.m p.m. 9,50 307 2 46 3 10 881 4 10 7 15 a.m. TJU.INB wear. Day Bxft 4m: 1UOO It fa an n^recable Lnxatlvo for the Bowels; can lx> made Into a Tt-a for use in one minute. Price 25c., AOo. and 81.UO i>cr package. An Klefftint TOILET POWDEH for the Teeth and Breath -25o. MA JB1. V 't •^ *** J i tf " Via _ August, 83t-; .September^ 32%(£33) 4 'c; No. 2 white, 40c; N'o. 2 ChicaRo, 39c. Toledo. WHKAT—Cash, C5]^c;_July, (K55ic; August, tii)?ic; September, CORK—Gosh, 43Kc. OATS—Nonuua.1. A Surgical Operation, For the cure of Files is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gites instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It ia the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pam, expense aud danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for" you. Just assure as hot weather comes there will be inore or less bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's CoLc, Cholera-and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what you ought to h^ve and all that you would need, eveu for the most severe and dangorc-us cases. It Is the best, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleasant to take., -For sale at Cjfroeue's drug store.. • • World'* Columbian Kxpasltlou. The Michigan Central will sell tickets Marshall to Chicago and return at rateM>f seven dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good on 1, 4, 1-0 or 20. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure. . ..- .: a.m. Detroit, Lr B IS ;*ckBon,..ll 40 Albion; ;..J8,Sii Battle'cr'k 1 2f tCalamazoo ii 08 rhl lca£'o,A r 7 85 p.m. Ohlc Kz,* 9.89 1008 1023 1045 11 SO 410 p.m Kal.lChlo Bjt.t|8p'l* a.m. 6 80 p.m. 1 18 8 10 888 355 4 IB 447 9 10 p.m p.m. 6 00 816 '888 4)03 9 BO p'.in' ». m. BIB #10 547 60S 6» 7 00 11 15 a.m. P«t Ex.* 010 1800 1886 108 1 45 226 766 N«'t Kx.f (Saturdaye exoepted 'Dally tBund Smith, the Photographer. Has some nice Frames for and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on hand. p.m 745 1045 11 81 11 40 12 10 110 • BO . ....._ JftTBexceited O. fr. RUdOLBS, Gen. Paw. & Ticket Agt. " JeHNSOM, Freight A^ent, O. U. OUBOHK. Tlrkit Agent. M*r«b*U Ciuciiati, Jackson & Macta Timetable taking effect June 4 1893. Trains paea Marahall u follows: TBAINB OOIKa «A8T. So..2S, Toledo Ezprea* ......... . ........ 027a» i* 3, Cincinnati Bxpreaa ................ 841 am' - 41, Mall and Kxprcss..., ........ ....1265 pm^ " U7. Local Freight ................. ....660pm tiums aoixa WIST. . So. 88, Mall and Express, ........... . ...110U aa •' 2, Cincinnati A B. O. Bxpreaa ....... 6 21 p m " 84, Kxpreas .......................... 1233am •' '28, Local Freight ..................... ttsrran. All trains dally except 6 unday. t. Direct oonnootlone are madd at Toledo and 4Clnolnati with all roada diverging. Trains 31 and 33 make go od connection at Mon toith with the G U. & I., and at Allegan with the C, & W. M for Grand Rapids. Maskegon and all - oints north. '. B. DliAKK, Gen, M'g'r. T. O. M. SOUINBLBB. Gen. Paaa. A«t a. E._M1ZE, Agt., Marshall. . New stock Boughton's, of wall paper at Gen. Wall Panel The largest 'Stock the lowest prices HYPE'S Dryer Store centa. WANTS, FOUND, ETC. reek for each notice not ._ No charge lees thau, twenty fcTwenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceuding five lilies. 1X>H SALE CHEAP—Two dean-able building X 1 lota, West Hanover street. For terms apply to (ieo. H. Whitu, SIRS. A. J. TALMADSE. A YOUNQ MAN wants work.. Writing or any light work. Salary no object. Address, Uj» P. Q, box 1060, Marshall, JUlcd. L^OK HALK— liouae and two lota «n east-Green JJ street, Kuquire of Mra. iJeUney. dJ86 TRUSSES A full assortment ot sizes. The best kinds T OST-Single-bridle, l-< BtttUeUreek. " . between , HeWurd ofWcenu. please leave at billiard hall ot J. Raub »nd r< oeivo reward. dj«tt ttOtl^lJC WINEQAR. Finder 4 -\STANTBD TOiUJNT^Twoormore furnlahed , f T rooms or house near cycle factory for light ' AddreaniocK box Wl, Marskmll, W ANTED-A _ Apply to Mrs. A. A, aion aud Uraad streets. for gsceral hooaework . Holmett, corner H»» 1>Ott SAlE—About 30,000 «ecoud hand bride. JD Enquire M Beals & Mann. • ' Carter'* Strictly Pure White Lend, Do yuu know where to liud itv Lyau will show you: AJio the btjst standard lead in white.or in colors, sold^at a mar velqusly low redpcp gtock on Saturday, Junc'lT.'lSES. .v^hif day only. Cqnje and see. No, 53; JSpctl Eagle St. and at reasonable rates Truses flitted witiiovit charge for fitting at GREENE'S Drug Store 252 West StB.teMARSHALUMIQH. 4 Ke^ Certalp. Cajri? |pr Flies Wedotmteiidrto of any exeept artj- we thjetefore, take in reoomtneud^g to suffewra . prowastenl; larmer liying two am a kftlf ' The ways in stock djRef iff*. Ifrog Jlore. W AITED—Ladies to solicit for & popular work. 40 per cent, special inducements and exclusive territory' and particulars can now bo secured by a4plylng_at_ttt Grand street. Special agent (or » jUetroii Publishing House, T7»Oil SALE—A Kimball organ. For teriM*ad other particulars address postoffio* box W A&rEU— Oonts imniedlatsly. An opportunity. Will appoint yub exclusive agent in ftssigued territory. Induc ulajra by applying at 83 a. Grand street. aecufity r^Wred. Special ' g Mouse. age^ o« L OST-T.Tue»day, May 30, bu)ween the »«i^ ,<l«u%oiaaSry < V a ---' - **• - - - ajarifcaUclty^aB^w AauitaWereward w. to.t? offlcg.- alktaatew la QonyJta »nd ' took«?»*rt»tt«M ,-. j fronji'^ue yiBage, attempted it suwjide >y cutting . lii? No cause la, aasign;e4 f or tEg act. sPW 1 ^ W ^w&yf nW? ^rtjF 6ft}llWl4testii©m One pkg. of Pytautud tiiely cured we' of Piles fcom su^ffred far j-ea/a, tod I iu$pe ae«er b^ the Better choice lt£of VOU if ViUl ttsSr \\\m- -fqjrnifp £T*fyp y y^ff wagg" "y-wty r jc v ',V"-»i

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