The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 27, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1892
Page 3
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THEbAiLY Lota^meteorologicitl teport. tak«n 6y * %?»* U 4 «. _. _. j. ^ i — jJjTl. wt.4. f JL*fc2*£mjk'M (in}!? 47, lowest, fiy^r»gi«teriug,,4nermuiiieter for last 84 hours, '•- the R,E.,Sha<v, who baa ibeen to Buffalo; ' ana magara jraii* for tbVpast'few lays,, returned hom>last nigiit. \ > j"^j \ t •- fhe fame- of the Fisk Jubilee, singers >JU».- world "_wida."-- There'-t9 a. -Strant^e witchery In the way- they render the 'plantation songs of the sunny south. They will fre-in Marshall «oon. ,fc?oe arf rertisemont-. '•$ Q. Doud's horse was left unhitched in front of E. E. Simmon's store this morn ing and it started to run away. Mr. -Simmons grabbed tho lines- and sue ceeded'in stopping the animal after be* ing dragged to the corner of 'Eagle street. He was-somewhat bruteed and his clothing suffered.some, but nothing serious happened. - ' * Last evening the I, O. G. T. elected the following officers, for ensuing qua'rter: C. Lr, Robert'BrHdburn;< JVo-L,, O. b. Dobbins; P.'C. T., %. Ki Dar- ,rin;Ch'ap: t 'Rer:-J. W. Kawiinson; it." 1 See,, Mlas Lathrop; F. S , Mr*, Andre; Treasr., Ida Dobbins; M., W>H, ftalphj ,G., W. Kawlmson; Sen , ffi W7- S. X-'f^Miss Dobbins. Daniel. A,,VYate:omn, of Deiro'it, for 0 I? ycar*atfditor of the Michigan Central railroad; will probably soon tender his official resignation to accept a high of- lice with the New York Central. The office, it is'understood, 'will command a - $10,000 yearly salary, and will be on? of a confidential nature in tile direction of the VaH^erbilttnanjmotb r»i)toad,inter'- eats. MrC Waterman is. one of the best known railroad men Iu the west. t K. W.BoUop, of this city, and,M,|ss Dora L, McKeCj ,of Albion township, were married last evening at the residence of Charles Ball In Albion town- 1 ship, Thtt^ceremony was performed by tjtie Rev. Mr. French.jOf rlomer, iu the presence \j|a~ large party of relatives and friendsTN Tfce^ were-the recipients of a jQuniberyof very handsome presents. The CHRONICLE; unites with their numerous friends,in extending congratulations.' •.„:.' . ; • ' '-, •$ $0010 time since a'young college graduate who is something of a sprinter • took a walk~mt& a party of young peo f . .pie a'nd he and his fair companion iiii- ishedthe last-few miles in a carriage. Yesterday -he (.robttbly thought to re deepi hiajaelf and' to invited a young clergy man'frieud of bi« to take a stroMr '•tVorigh tho country.' He r probably 'caught Another sprinter as in reporting his, ratable he sajstbai after tbey Walked about seven miles and he r thwking of • borne h' is companion sug ' -gested fhftt they run a.fewnules.-^ This about troke his heart' and they turned bpmewaiji. The sprinter is still in ttie ring and is stilt anxious for a chance to -show his powers and get revenge., N iua. couples had a game of hide and %eek 1 A?t .night. The young ladies were to hivi' 1 and if the ooys found them before t I* o'clock the 'ladfeg paid for" oysturt, otherwise the boys paid the bill, £) res and private houses were barred m biding places. * The young > had "in nloa. warm placn selected', Marriage, licenses issued Oct. 27: fieb. W. Munaon and Philena Manning, both of Marshnlji Miss Inez Scott will hereafter ran the boarding house west of the park hereto fore run byTUr* Manning. "* Mrs \V.' W. \ Whltdomb, of Hushldg, formerly a resident ,of this city, is the guest of Mfs. John Houston, ^ A special meeting of the Daughters of Kebekah is called for Friday.eveoing of this week, A ftill attendance is desired. The ladies of the Marshall reading circle have a social in their rooms over Oraca' Bros', stora * this evening,- to which aU"are4nsited» - '.,.,- - -'- +The Anditorilim at' Battle.Creek, built by the German Workmgmen'd Benevolent as'spciation at a cost of $15,000, was dedicated Tuesday'evening.' \ Tfie iist of premiums awarded' at the county fair will be published in the Ex poundef tomorrow. 'Copies can be -ob' tainedatthis office' o a'fier four oVlotjk tomorrow afternoon, 0 '*< *» s ' From achoql notes in the Homer Ln , dex: Miss Minnie Hastings is teaching in the 1st intermediate department'OB account of the illness of Miss Gilbert, at her home iu Marshall witB Inflammatory rheumatism. , r " The Junior jTetuple will'reorganize Friday'afternoon at t.,0, G. T.,halland nly' ohildi'en -tMHjee-Hwelvo - will ,be •aHen. \Ve hope all our children will o and tt\ko the pledeti against strong rink{ tobacco, profanity awl gambling. ^The sheriff of Tu'scolo county wa$> in Ais-ctty today and' got tho iman' ca]> nred by Sh^rifl' Prentice Tueoday. He* was wanted fo^^grand^larceny, burg- afy, 0 robbing a p^stofflce and assault with intent to kiiran omcer^Tbe sheriff was very glad to 1 get his man. \ Business was nevec better on ,th« Vlic(|iigan CentraJ road jn the freight me thai) during the past, mouth, anil he-crews nev«r tlrew such bigj,piiy be- ore:, A ^ojuber 'ofifepuductors on the west end ifiad§ ,|roni li'OiJ' to |l?0 and he braKemen drew pay 'in proportion. Some of our ,'ceadelrs object to uur ru- erring to .ah the republicans who spea^ here as being tifth rate speakers AH that would inciuilfe-J..^Barrows, who. nd- Iressed a nteetiag iqj'tbis city some' ime since. As ..the CHBOISIOLK gave dr. Burrows the crfidit'of ibL.iuij the bes.t nittu the pnrty had iff the when ho was here, he wus Dot, n the list referred tu- .-. but tho bo^D hired * young boy to-shad' ow them- mid they had to abandon it ' look «l»ftw here. 1'hey nnaHy set- own IB Mr»^ WestUll's hen flhitered until ten o'clock* nearly frozen to death and were elegantly entertained by the boys, who had been ieajcbing in every •" conoeivaWe Vlaq»bine city. They went through the barna at thi'^oas 1 farm and F. W. Dickey's and .other places, but*' -were obliged to jjive wp the hunt., it is sai-1 th»t tke young JadJes looked like a lor of chickeuB bo a cold day as they_apj peared^U^the. hen yard stapdtog^etTo foot? trying to k?ep .warjj^Tbey had .oB4 Jlitoe, faflt i$ warlota of fun . Hoard fcf the 4»y or.week—Ou board at »I.W per freek or 15 oents per E»qaJire>t the Chrooicle office * dog? . ' to rent om John BuUer's shoe j .,We have tne agency for the .sate oftOLOAKS njade frotii these .jgtfip lar. goodly, ; an<i' we will. s<ell tiem at very )pw prices, to get them introduced here. Every garment warranted $. V, R. UPPER, By Miss Kate Seaver DowuV- at lU»p- T»t-'ch'arch-*'FTrdity eveurng. MuXf, T Em Howdy, Tom, 4 music. M«n,music, St -iJasils; Philosophy, music,, Mars music, Cbristnt-^ Night,, tit Quarters. ^ , • u JJoblu »«ys of Miss Downs. ' To do jtifetice to rfny people ywij must live among them, you oiust atuiiy with pathy the surronndingH and till thut goes to make u« the characteriatics of tbu pec|.leyou are with. Miss D«jwua aaa lived for three yeaiti in one o/ Our southern states and with peculiar apti- tudp-haa studied soutnerp lift- iu 113'Va- rious phases: Her • interpretation of lividuul, the southt-rn »£- gro, is, the perfection of nature and art Low rat? special exemption to Battle Crebk via Michigan Central Friday, Oct. S8, offering those dusjdmr an opportunity of seeing and hearing Wil McKialey. Sp«cinl traja^wil leave as follows: Marshall, «:46LA. HI, far»v 4Q cents, ttetuining-leavii Uattle Creek Ht 5 p. m. •'J^jcket-S' g«y<t only on speci'aJ train. \ .C. K. OSBOBN, Ticket Agent. that I am a little far to 1 •• i • ,' '&, u ""~ i ^.^ 1 •' the East end-l?mtas our city is grow-; ing we must sprfea4 put, we aU*pan- • ^^ npt dp biosmess in th^-oenter, but it will pay you, if in want of any Hardware to give me a call. I ' *-* «*• . • two carloads of Acorn Cook- Bteating Stoves to picfc from. Over 0n^ Million of thes£ stovses \ . . . •'•.-•• • •' '-, •' ^, ' -. -. •.-....•*- _ _ • • use. f Every body is invited to call at my Siilesroom and in- ilpect my new )ine of gooda^ I also make a wonderful offer in plated good sTSus week. ?' . ^, East State Street W« the uudewlgucd hereby a^ree tb@ one n itb be othar net to deHver.mllfc to par customers pu.t once* d»y from and »tter Oct. 3u, J«92»p to &ndw,oludlag April 1,1891. Dated Ma Cast O«t.86, 1892 W. B. K MABY1NFJK MAKTIJSr BLOCK. COME IB LET US S.HQWYOU0IIR LINE OF CHUJ)HEJP8S BOY'S, YOUTH'S & CENT'S. M'e'Ar« ft pw Hcce > ing piir l,mraen»» kine of • ? • - T fiRiC O A TS. thos>a wnpn tbe the form of a large sized graph, in eight colors, s^hkey w can be ha4 by sendingy^ij; address, with twenty cents in postage ^taiupa to Geo. fl. Heafford, G. JP. >,., Cfaioago, Milwaukee & St. ?aul R'y, Chicago, 111 4s tbe supply ia limited, application must be made tarly. Should the supply become exhausted Hut postage Will be returned to applicant. WiH» Tlrree QJothing M»',jufticturjiesinl?oclj§bter a,nd,j£ceptly closed Jike ' Contract. We are late in receiving these because-Aye did not, buy ;the«| uf Agent in Jupe aqd July. But we ggt thom at prices that will savt , ^ ^ ,*—^- __. t _ T — inojiev for our |jatroos tbib full. . , » '. Qur line of Merchant Tailorin« surplus purcb'abed -fn" Nevr York *re BOW ready and merits uispectjoji; Our Style, Fit, and Finish are •i'te* byt never exceHed/V • • " ' ' •, \ •-*<'/ T. SHANAHAN, ' ^ .'; , T^he Leadnig Clothier . thp beat lo$ation iu Miuwball, lormorly ooou pied by Jobs BaUer. It baa recently baanflttea op »nd.U puiuted iu a very Aae cowblttfttlon of tjojorc. 1 "* CBIU&tfUSD toiro and ?r» tew, CtdDMM," apices "(Mid b c«fit «t,ftwpjor price list The best Perfumes always in stock at Q^W. Greene's Drug store. N Ladies are invited T^'*SP'V^* ^^B9pT^* Vff^?" J*^Wf l l!F flfcyflK'' ^ S45iSB t T'Sfiiir' V. -_' « / . !•- ''„ r -..--• ,_• •,_. •;» -. v r-- 4-,fi!**5.?,-v., t v r , _._»••'

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