The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 27, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1892
Page 1
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MARSffitL,MICH M .^H0RS{>AY.OCTOBER 2J.I892 ' PRICE TWO CtfST* ' 'Absolutely Pure,. -, . ' . ^^ 'A creau^ yf tarta^bating "jesUif R)l in }jpavr>ninjf _ „„,. [test & 5* Government footf Ra- La ttrft BOUND, Mr$. Harrison's Remains the Tomb, ~, En DEPASftnti; TfcE OAEItAL '< BAltiNG' POW'DEB co'- ^\ 100 WairSfraet, : N-. V. A Simple funeral Service Said la the East 4toom lit the Prenfence of Pertonal Friends—Loving "llatida Make the Scene Ucautlfiil Hltir IWlglit Flower*'— The Canknt lit Temlt-rly Borne to the Funeral Train and Hie Jrotuferta'rrt JouHity r* Hegun— S<iine of the Floral Tribute* Jti— »crtl»e«l'— Mnnnagei or Sympathy,, WAfemvoloy, Oct. S7.— It'W^aleffthat by th.e president's exprpsaJdeSire noorder will be issued by any of "the <&eeutivV officers closing the departments today, although it fa Uighty probable that "public buslijess ;vv ill be entirely .suspended. • Iti the tTpilXMl 8|at«a suprjmq coujt Chief Justice Fuller aunouticfcd that as a mark of respect "to the t of^thf United Stftte« ; and to the We *JU pajt tktt aboTa rewferd /or »»r WTMT Complaint. Dr»j>8psia, 41ok Hvadaulu, 1 u 6UMU0B, OoMdjkattoB «r Uotttreueau w» c»rt ivt oafa with "*•«'• TegetAbla Liver PlIU *1M« t*t» dlRottfB* ar« iti fatly compiled wiUj. T»»7 wr* par*!? T«fet» 1 )]» afld movar fall to give •auafeoUOD. iJigftr •tmud, L»rg« box«a COB- Mialnf W #UU. 85 oe»ti Beware o( counterfeit! ant limttatioM. Tu« &>aula« uaaafoeturad . 111. r*r aalo by A. U, Hjrdc, Mick • ^ t I'll. *> • .:; I it ,».",. A WiiaraatoAtH'iiro for l*il«.i of what kind or degrtte—Kit»riml. lutemkl, BllRd or Blwdlm;. .Itcftlng, CUronlc, RM*ot or Uaredlf-iry.. TQ!« romsdr BiWIioalnTelyneTfr beeu kuawn to fall. SI.00 a box, S boxe» f or fS.OO; seoc by mall pre- fNOd aa r»«*lptaf\prlae. & written Uuar»at«o ^Mittre'y gitea toNtaaa pareliiser of ti lt«x«n, Hb«o purobaMd at onjrtime. to rclaad the 8S.W yaUlfaotCUtM. •Quw»m*olfi«dd by . 4, i4.-AT«V*Ur«b*lUMIc,lj. Call for saHiple. Health is Wealth, . C. , a gaaranteed apedftc lor U^Bteria, l>i zzi MM, CoBjulstang, Fit?, Ne*T(W« JJauraJgla, HMdciw, Narrow Prostration fiauged by tbo use •ioohpl or tpbaooo, Wakefttlaegs^Mefttal 0e- praulpu, Softening pftUe Brain resulting b) ia- •wultT and leading to MIeory. decay, and death. PrenjutnreOld Afca. BarrenesarLosa of power la ' . ie*, Involuntary Losses, aod' Suermator- riiwa oattaed l«r over-exeriion of toe, tirain, e»lf , , abuat rtfarlndulgence. Each box contains one . • moot i 'reftttnent.. fl.OO «j?o»,. or § ix bo«« , for »5 - • , j«nt by mail prepaliTon, r«cel^^f . Wt GUARANTEE SIX BOXES *Tp"cnre it -y caaa. WUn each 'order reeelved 1 by ' at for sit .Vdsee, acoounted with |5 .00,-' we'' wll ••nd the i»urqbi«er odr written guarantee to re • tond the moirey if the treatment does not eflec acnre: Guarantees U»u<-4 oaly oy A, O. llyrta ^ l>rn£gtsrandBOle.AgeB.t Marshall. Mich, . tunburn aud' ilorea the aUn .^ nal fceghneas, prodo •dew «ad 4iealthy - lerion. BopetiortaaTlIaaj _ — — -...-,-., uatiotis aud .perfectly, Harmless. At all ^ists.qr mailed for SOi-te. Send faxr CimiiUa ' VIOLA SKIN SOAP i* -"<li»t>i/ iaciqi«u*t>t« M * Ce.,U. , BITT|I|B 4 CO., O BWSINESS UN1VER- , 4Wsjlw:B'9 »n Uti«n»M;( '''aneirin y«iif WJ ^ mem6fy y of Mrs^Hftrrisoa the court would 4djouru ' yesierdrty^until Friday motn- K. At abont noon President Harrison sent tor Private Secretary Salford and said that if there Were anjr-linportant papers waiting iu the office to which , his signa- was necessary he Tvould examine them. Kspecially Jf there were tuff recQnuHend tlonsfor pardon U Waiting l»is( action wanted them brought to his desk. Two' were brought to Tiiru with TecommenuV tlpns for pardon aud he sigued them bottt, Service* In the Kaiit Itooib. The funeral services', at the ^Vbite.'Housfr today were severely^ aimple and quite brief. They. bjBgatt'-ptaj^ilEfy ;f tlOo'ciflek and 0901* tinned not' longer titan" twenty mbmtea. Kev. ' Dr. Hanilin. opened with the recit«- JdtOu of *tf fe^w Bel^ctions frbnii the Sctipturesi «»dopte4 to the occasion, closing with » short iovocation. Rev. -Dr. Burtlettthen read the Scripture lesson, following which « boys' ditiir of St. John's Episcopal chiircb, reoe.twed in the adjolQirJig parlur, sang: "I Heard .the Voice of .fesurt 3ay, Come Unto Me and Hest." Dr.'Hamiin offered a closing prAyer, audits thflae.pJHffle were leaving the room the eh'oir rendered Cardinal Newman's hyrn. "Lead Kindly I4gbt.'.' '- .\ o Taken' to the Funeral Train. A^: the attendants left the room the caaketwas lifted by White Hous^ejjvatch- meniand messengers and tenderjy bornf ta the uedrie a\v'aiting at the door 'In a lew minutes »H was i-eody and the funeral cortege started for the railway station. There was quite a long liae of carriages, although the attendance \\-ap not MI great as It would have been had no0t ln?en well known that it was- tbe dewre of tfae family that only tbo»e who felt <hemselv&$ personal f nendi. of rhe dead lady should. attend. Xo in\ ita- tion<vvertus-su,pd, at beiSp l^fl to fafh pet- sou to determine fur himself 6v hei«4C whethei or not their iMation» to tbe family brought them wHWn tie designation, of « parMina I, friend Started on Ifer I,a»t Journey. •a-Vnlvingat the tram the casket was car- neil| ti) Mb place, arid at 1K3D. a. m, too stait for Indianapolis was ulade The pai- ty on the tiain wa<s composed as, follows. Vre&ideut Ham*on, Mr and Mrs Russell, tnent. MrX Admiral, Porter sent a some wreath of roses'and lilies, ffront Wi Daniel Ixithr'op, of Boston, came a larjijei crosm of froiid? of the «agb palm, faced with ^iganHc white chrysanthemum^ and'bearing a card reading: "For her wnojtt-tlie nation tooflnSS" ftn^TTvntraflr loved.*' Mrs. Noble, wife of. the secretary of llie interior, sent a wreath coinpoiie<f<6f chrysanthemums, llliei of^ the valley, stfgo Pftlni and black ostrich tips*giving a most striking effe-ot. c * Tbi» tndy Wtlihliigton Shield. One of the most striking floral pieces was designed by J. H. Small and presented by • the ladles of the Mary Washington chapter 4 of Daughters of the Revolution, of ivhlch '" r "" ** "mon wasa'iaemher. It is— ~~~ of wltltc cbrysantnemums, seven <Wi high, upon which js-worked the hi*igniflp of the chapter—a blue wheel with thlrteenspokea and stars to represent the original states. Vice President aud Mrs. Morton sent a i cro«ft of chrysanthemums, lilies of\the vul- ley and orchid* fhermembBWot tbe dlplo- maliccorpswuta wreath four teet indi- ameaer ef large chryaanthemums; mem- l.x»rs of the cabinet a cross of palms, chrys- ant)it*mums and lilies' of the valley. Tijrth'er Sr«*sages of Syiupuhty. Among further telegrams received ye-ster-i day were despatches ot Condolence from Mra. NaUle-ffrftnt drew H. Burke, of Minister Snowden at .Madrid. Govcrnof-An North Dakota, and The secre-' tepyof Mateflled with Secretary JHalford Official expreuslons of regret reoefved from the governments of Russia, Jupuu, Corea, Germany, Great Britain, Hawaii, Belgium »nd Guatemala, received through their representatives here. Besides the above there were hundreds of messages and reao- lutions front governors of stutes, political bodiesv church orgauliation.snnd prominent people, Tt't'-an be sjftid, In Jaot that those already received show that the sympathy of the whole nation hasi gone out to rhe president, in hi,saffliction. ' ^\-»''~ ^ 'LAU^HSTAf'"i3OGM^ ; x..''/' » Pretty HaidTlnie llcfur'e the lARTER'S <*V tteadkobe and roller* at' .oatroolhlM tOOt* t«ni o aoUloua e'ftott (be system vnoo W "• "•- '•«,'.i, • i. ».ylnesB, DittMM a>l«* J >"-, •:«, While thalnuott . f .-ouroliywaUiourlna yot ^rfa-.'s TJtUo JUwfr MI* IM finally valuable In (lonsUlUi.lou, eurlbg*ad|m tun ting tlilsanaoying«jmv>l»Jut.wW(etli«*atao .orrao.tsllillsordnrsKinliOiitcJm «w »nd regul*ttt thelw^tala.. ...... wbooucttU' ' ct( ii „.__ MI ,, if-, - f v^t tivoy Wttl npt b*jvtl» I •. «ve !-*«., 4 * *,) •#£>.(•*,». , i - «.t t M ' « . ' U> • • • ( i j* 'n -,. v v' a iuntc»«dMO, ••i / ,.iv u» , • w . I,) V • B. Harrison, Mr; 'arftd Mrs. J\ R. McKee, Dr. tacott, Mrs. Dimuiick,' lieutenant and Mrs.,. Parker; Mr. Kudjay, of Baltimore, cousin pf the' pi-esWent; Vice President Mprtpn, Secretary; of State and Mrs. 'Foi'-ter;-Mrs. - H! B. Elkins, Attoraty frederal and Mrs. Miller, Postmaster General Wan- ainaker, Mrs. Wilmerdjng, Secretary No- • ble. Secretary and Mrs. "Rusk, Private Sec- ratary Halfonl, .Colonel d H. Eriwty Mrs. R. C. Parkw; 'Mr. and airs. Geoi-ge Boyd, o^-PnUa^elpbia; Misg.Sanger. - W. ERAGRANT WITH FLOWERS. - • y - - 'J The Kas.t lluow Made Bestutif w l with " Ea-st: yooni y.»«tjerday wa-t » floral bu;wur vith. the taibiites sent by Mends. Sojnsof the.juost notable pieces are glyeu ajj'tollowsi ,l?iioni ^i'Mtelaw Reid,- ajnay- ivificeut wi-eath; Mrs. Wasblqgtcai McLean, tbr*e crossed Jialms tied with' « bunch oj. yialets; Mm Hasen, fail of ivy *mitye4 witli lilies of the valley; Mrs. Senator Dolph, cushion of chrysauthapiums; Richard Mansfield, a crbwn of, rofees and orcbidsVMr.s. u liicliJ»:dson Clover, a star of i-ose%;md val'" ley lilies; Theodore Boosevelt, a, wreatli; MX*. Hltt:,, « 'wreath; Hepublicaa state central committee of California, a four-loot cross of chrysanthemums witb a garland of yellow poppies, the Culi^rnia state nswer; Mrs,. Bugher. a bunch of chrysanthemums; MJM. WUmeroiug, a large cross of ivy witu wreath of Molets; . tribute 9f tlie Trea»Hry Girl*. A large handsome pillow formed of \-iolets and' ivy leaves came its tt»e .of ladies employed in The •Lorifyru.K, Oet. ST.,—.Miss Henrietta' Schmidt and Cha*. Kuehenbrod • were married last Saturday morning. The ctire- moay wan to have taken place last Thursday, hut the father of the groom" objected because Miss Schmidt, Who}* a Protestant whije the Kuchenbroda are Hi-man C'ntho- j .lies., would not be married., by a priest^ , Thur*Uiy evening "a supper was prepareS,i] t.he?gufStt.« w'ere lit Miss Snhmifft'> house"| aadpll K'.as ready. . ' V / , ( ! Lookeit l*i>.b,v His lJuil. " 1 But tlte ^'ouuj{ man did iurt •appear. A messenger who was sent to-leftm tlj» trouble jeported that the groom »abunder lock apd key His> fftther had suspt-tted be-1 was about to Iw maifjed and pltued himj- in a room and locked hTm i" At ipidiugii T be escaped,"hlil alj jtlar I'ri(Ja,v, and «» frat- 1 urclay HIP manut^ ««<• pelfurtnwl bv Hev ) Mr. Wrtldiinwryi , •»hut Oown of 1 KIRKS d li on eiMnpunj 's work w,i^. IwKiHi ^e>tiijl<4\ .u o\ei- the MuliHiio-y p(im» ^imttiuivij It e£[>H» ill iJie miues are In ojwtatioft again >l hi* -onli i VMI>- issued so us tc> give the j^jili >ul |>wpli' u chance to luak the frvij^bi Itlor kt»de to , uud »hoit TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleans^g, ** Ovras ,^ ' Ohappei Hand?, Wou»<J«, Burna, Bt«« Bomov«9 and Prevents Dondrnfl. luyak winch is.ittributeii the it'ient betaiiae uaos>l of th<*tollieiu <p,nmstcr "coopc-rat Breuipr), JHN^uwe jwihm-* of hi* hi&rfjei heart, went \t> hc-r houu* and In^an lir|uj$ at her nuth <i revoh't-r. Two women w^o lived iii. tli£ j^ou^- tiiterfeivd^ aiid att'ciupted to protet-t tfieir «nhwtunau* cojjipiinion, whereupqu Lau»e >lu)t them also. AT^tbi-ce of ib« \fouieiiwere-killed and Jjfii.w thi'tA-oinmittgd suicido,- ' ^ ',i> at Oct. ar.-vVMltp poliwrul cam- paigu jU-uwa to a cloe-e it ge*s livelier li^re. Jjaat night two grea't'ftjeet iugs wt-rg hetd^ono addressed by iBX-fiovcrnor F6rafc|ir ajid the o|her by Jjy^dge Altgeld, Both ojuu»r» vwv ewthuslostically received. The down-town streets were quite brilliant about * p, M:. with various "uiarej)i()j.c t-lubs en route la ' ICer Qedared the WBVKO, - Pa., opt, ar.—JWi u\u Dauphin county <»wt y«*t#Tday Judge Si- moatoa decided iu iju»' ^IvAlner-Xer case thatW.'W. Kerwlhe jvyul:u' pesinocraUc! uoniineein the- TLjM cwu^i waskmal di&-. tirict of 'PhUftdelpWa. AJcAl^t-v Is tlws iu- dependent DemocmUc uouiiiicu aud been indorsed by ^UlaUc Gbol«jr» «t Jersey City Yo»K, Oct. ssr.~WUHa* «kt> 111 Fj-aiii;lui uirwt, Jersey City.diedia great agoay yt^terday morning. i'wo pbysiclftaa prowbuuce it a casefc. e£ Asiatic cholera. JUKRICM FAMILY SOW. Best for General Household Usa, MlGrtlGMfTENTOAL ^^^^rf^«3^^U.^^^^^^ ^"^ ^^ m *"*^*^****w"^i , The Niagara falls JRoute.'' •' TIMeTA'J.E, JUM&12,189?: ": *l»«kl<J a.m. uutrolt, L» « S» "--•--- ..n au Bfttti* Ci'k 1 US iT*Umae(Ki 8 OS Chicaj»o,(*r 7 W & 33 JO ? 40, 1 SO' U 40 8 }T. 10 08 3 45 40 2S 4 O>H 10 45, i »i 11 30; 6 05 sat »«« 4 W 7 15 7 W b 3D 8 47 a 45 ». m Jiii 4 tO 4 441 * w. 12 &1 •Wf* 186$ TS6 o-at (M *r S' o. ,_ _ ^ 4 oflHSON, Freight .</'. tt. OSBOUJI. TlcKM of teftio of store at K! ssteaa rest. t .

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