The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 19, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1893
Page 3
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THE i&irr Visitors,to the world's fair will find the CHRONICLS on sale at Geo. F. War- tea's news and cigar stand in the Michigan building. ,' BREVITIES. Judge Ingersoll continues to improve. The Foropaiigh show ia to be in Jackson July 4th. •/.•• '" ' Hon. Marvin Ferguson has returned from his eastern trip. Mrs. Libbie Blakeslee, of Colorado Springs, is visiting in this city. At 8iSb o'clock this morning 5$ loads of woalwere waiting to unload atF. W. Dickey's Stand. One man who-.arrived at six o'clock, did not get unloaded until nine. At five this afteraoon a dozen were still waiting. ,ln the stations along the C. J, & M. railway electrte^bells have been put in. Their office is. to call the operator to his post should he happen to be too far away/to hear the click of his instrument. Battle Creek has a justice of the peace' that doqs not wait to have the 'supreme court let on the laws. He recently declared a law unconstitutional and do- mandodsocurity for costs in a case where 'the law says distinctly that it shall not berequlred. ,' Jackson Patriot,;18lh: Eight hundred and; thirty boquets were received at the prison last eveuin* for distribution to djty. To each boquet is attacheid a card on which is a scriptural Quotation and a boquet is, to be placed in each cell. The play,,that- Edwin Gordon Lawrence is to star in the coming season is to be a refined Indian melodrama from the pen of Emerson Bennett, the well known author. The scenes are laid dyir- inj£ the revolutionary war. There were quite a number "of disappointed farmer? in 'this city today. They came in with wool expecting to get 20 cents:per pound and found that 18 cents was the .highest price paid. The majority of them sold for 18, but some took their wool back home. It has finally been decided to open Don't forget the social*Wednesday evening, June 21. - „ > Circuit court is still grinding, on the Livingston vs. Smith ejectment case. Mr, and Mrs.' W. J. Gfeg# and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brownell spent Sunday in Homer. ./ ' Miss Ida Stowell and Mrs, Thos. 8teel4, of, Boston, Mass., are visiting at Amos Wilson's, " v . •' J. R, Cummings,- as administrator, sold the Ira' farm in Convis to day to George Richardson iofrf $.500 cash. ' x The "ladies of Trinity church will serve ice cream,-cake and strawberries Wednesday evening, June 21, at the res idcnce of Mr. Hosley. Ail' arc cord i ally invited. , Marriage licenses -issued June 10; Henry A; French and, Enmva E. Case, both of Partello; Solomon Walker and Mawraloso, both of Athens; Henry Ppraptopo pnd Josepherie Pequopsin, TSotii'of Athens. • Thern was considerable drunkenness on the streets Saturday night-and Green street was given the usual beneiit. tt was »ft'er'l6no"b'clQckiJb.efore it became quiet. . -..• '" " . .-.'• ..;.' ... -'-'.:'•• . ' ." ' Mr i and MCS, Wni. Phelps and Miss Anna Phelps are the guests of Mrs. D. S. Beach during their stay ; in ; this ; city. Mr. Phelps' health Is.not as good as it has been since he went to Detroit, but is better tljan when he left here. .. In the*CimoNici<E Saturday we uuitv tentionally gave Mr. Obeuauer all the credit for the high school entertainment Friday ' afternoon. Supt. McKibbin, Miss Smith, and Mrs: Tharretl each had a baud in getting it up, and Mrs. Thar ret and Mies Smith arranged the- pro' gram. •• Yesterday a brilliant youth of this city banteringly inquired of a verdant (?) looking young man as to the exact time he intended to thresh his pumpkins! His Verdancy replied, "My crop at home haint ready yit, but there's one right here that I'm going to thresh right now." Meeting of St. Albatts lodge tonight. Frank C. Stuart, who p# been linger ng between lite and deaths for some time past, died about eight o'clock this morning; A post mortem examination revealed an nbccss in one of, .the lu'ng& The funeral willjbe held,at the house Wednesday nt 2 p.m. A new time card went into effect on the Michigan Central Sunday." No. 17 going west at°0;d5-a. m. now stops reg,' ularly at this station, as does also No.. "8 going east at ,8:00 'p. m'.. Tlie otiif r changes are slight. The corrected lift ie card appeal's elsewhere^ STATFjfEMS. E. K.'Teeple, the kake Odessa, ex-postmaster who is charj}ed with., ohtnining money under false pretenses, has been surrendered by his bondsmen and is in jail at Lansing. , •"."•'•' Edwin F. Conely and City Counselor Sppeed, prominent ' Detroit attorneys, think the law granting municipal suffrage to women is invalid. v Henry T. Thurbor, private secretary to President Cleveland, is spending a brief vacation at bis home in Detroit. • Mrs. David Ebhard of ^Long Lake, was seriously injured] recently by ,t>eing. trampled by a colt. Forty tents ar6 .pitched on the Free Metbodist campmeoting grounds two nu cs east of EIsl<\ Jerome VVIggin*, 1 an old resident of Jackson'county, and for many years Concord's undertaker, died of paralvsis. Deputy Sheriff Charles Walker of Bron- sOn lost a valuable hors>e through the, antenal impaling itself on a sharp stake In a.pasture field. , * George Argall, aged 13, swam across ft pond in the southern portion of Ish pemjng, but was seized with cramps while returning an<l_ was drowned;' •;..*•• - , >Vn» Tired of Life. KAjLAJtAfcoo, June 10.—An unknown man, apparently about 25 years old, comtnitted suicide by throwing himself in front of a Grand Rapids and Indiana passenger train near Martin. He has a smooth face and grey eyes, and wore n dark coat and vest, black shirt and light pants. He had a cross tattooed on his arm, and the letters "E. C." worked '.r. his coat linirtr. ' Kedn«<.| an of Pl«nt».— Now Time to Hoy. ih he world's fair seven days in the week. Tin the language of the day, he do:«e so We trust this question is settled now for I Sunday Inter Ocean-, fhe marriage good and will not be agitated any more, ol Miss Stella Hahn, daughter of Dr. If half as much of a» effort, had been Good summer wood at $1 75 per i C. T. Grant's. : cord as much of made to close the saloons in Chicago on Sunday as has been to close the fair, success might have crowned their efforts and some real good been accomplished. A meeting of the passenger department of the Michigan Railway association was held Thursday, at which rou tine business was transacted. It was 'decided to grant a rate of two cents per mile each way to those attending the camp meeting of the German Metho dials at Lansing J uly 25 to 31. The rates will be effective at all point? within 150 miles of Lansing. The rate to the annual -meeting of the Knights of the Mac- cabees at Grand Rapids in September was fixed at one fare lor fc^e round trip. Nothing was said about any change in the world's fair rates. ., \ People who are fortunate enough to own their own horse and conveyance, and are thus,, privileged to when _aud when} they like, say that the coun- "try never persented so beautiful and cap tivatiite an appearance as now. Tbe numerous rains have cleansed the foli age, making everything fresh and beau tiful, while tbe roads were : never in more excellent condition. This is the season of the year when the resident of Cftli take iua visitor from the paj|fj?o3n anywjwre, and show ;$crea ojf country that cannot be excelled in |Uf extensive universe, »nd ta&witb pride concerning th«very "best country t,hat lies out doors/ and Mrs. H. S. Hahn, of No. 35 Seeley avenue, and W. George Wormley, of Grand Rapids, Mich., will take plaei- Wednesday evening at eight o'clock The wedding will be a quiet one, and only relatives and intimate friends will be present. 4 i. Harper's Bazar for June 24th will contain a bright summer story by Martha McCulloch Williams, called "A Vagrant Rosa;" a timely and practical arti olo "On the Veranda," by Christine Terbuue lierrick; and a new department, "En Passant," in which a, society man will gyie every week society and ashiou notes for men. The carrier pigeons were lot out promptly at seven o'clock Sunday morn ins, at the Michigan Central depot. There were 23 males and 22 females. As BOOJQ as they were •liberated they, circled around the depot for about half a minute when most of them started in a northeasterly direction, pne leaving the others and gping directly east. Eight kept together and flew around two or three minutes before they got away- They 1 also went .east. We have •been unable to learn when they' arrived in Detroit. The remains ot Miss Ida Phelps, ac oomp .uied" by Mr.7and Mrs., W. M, Phelps and daughter, Miss Anna, ar At tb,e last meeting of the corder Lockton rived in-\bisw3Hy from Detrpit ing. Quite' « number of friends met them at the depot and accompanied the funeral party to Oakridge • cemetery il Re- 1 w&ierf brief services, were conducted by tb§ annual fppjcoprjation t>ill came up or" c^«ideraj|o»-he^wpji|4 move to,. t ^&/4fiM$ <w,%|4wl Iffa object of jMnaovs is to J Rev. Dr, Van&atwerp. The immediate JJiles UMMje just tuch a <»niraci amdfcada f J,uft like .., ,- ... - ^- >.'----'„ ^-- - - tr J. - Jhjm nsygg- hgCTp fatyuied" wipo the aervice rendered by the water w<a*« eompany and If anxious to have the wotrftct aet aaidt. Incaaejt . tobflofnoviaiAOlU&city wili * ' * M ^9 " ~~ M *1 ** M £* I. *"•* "" ^ of the death of Miss was * (peration pei 'fofiti^&t " Abpat SJgfj? »$9 «b e had* fall fi-op/ whict she fiver fully recovered. Last of week .ahe 4eeide4 to undergi f|, and to 'Grfbe hotpital tyg thi^t PW* ^ J^g ¥»y» she Been^ltfrrally, «ew'og soon Ptielpa bad iu*nj fnenaa 'here who For Sale— Agency "Jews. Good thing •Inquire of Detroit Evening for right party* F. S. DKUEL. An Extraordinary Bargain—$3,OOO. A splendid two story dwelling and one \ l /i storyNdwelling, with one acre of iind, including\excellent fruit garden, centrally lqcated\ For terms apply to : \p, CUNNINGHAM California cherries at 'Cunning-haul's., Some of .the Grand Army boys may be tereated in the following from Alex/B. Pope, A, D. C., Couiniauder Dept.yl'euu. and Ga. He says: "We have liud/n epidemic of whooping cough here /Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's "Cough Remedy been the only medicine ttet has done any good." There is no 4,ancf& from whooping cough when this remedy is freely given. It completely controls the/diseased 60 ceut bottJea for Bale $} Greene's drug strcof. Smith is making 7 the uew porcelain enamel photos. /They just lill the bill or a nice pictu: , Tot dose out my stock of plants I now of- ^ fer f he entire lot &t aboutj.the cost of grow * inff'them. " "' < - '& JC pansiea at 25 cents per dozen; 600 Eng R 1 ' sh daisies, -26-cebts pipr dozen; 106'ver- b* niis, j^ cents per dozen; 100 geranium's, •'•>-'Cionta.per'<IojfiSnv .. The abbve are^i n b.ud and bloom and reftdy : to produce rarf^mtaediate effect itt'tfie garden. - ' - '/''. .•'•*>.' ^' ' • • •• ^ 100 asters,' 10 cents per dozen; 100 petunias, 10 cents per dozen; 200 phlox 10 cents per dozen; 200 celery, 10 cents per dozen; 100 egg plants, 20 cents per dozen; 100 pep/' . pcrs, 15 cents. ;'•'-. Miscellaneous potted plants, a large hs- ortment' including roses, fuchsias*! begs nias, etc, 25 per cent pfT. Call at Gee. Golem an's atora on State Street or at 59 E. Green street. CLIFTON B. RAWLINSON. Notice Jtnlntlve to Coww. Tho ordinance relative- to pasturing cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced.. No cattle will bo allowed w> be pastured in any street, whelber <hey are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in the'street, whellier tied or otherwise, will be taken caro of. No ex ception will be ma'de to this ruie for anyone.. ' PETER HOWE, City Marshal. Tho new Lavctte safety mailing envelopes aj. Smith's studio. , nnd the liquor Habit, Positively Cured by AilinlnJHtnrlng Dr. Itwlnea' Ooldnn Nppolflc, It is-maivufactnied as a ponder, which can. be, (jlven la a gU«* of beor, u cup of cort't-w ortitii,,',. or in food, without the knowludgv ef the paltui' * It Iff absolutely Imrmlese, and w|tlfllVct ap manout aud vpocdy cure, whether tire i utleut Boderatu drinker or tfn aloohoiic wreck/ If aas been given in tliousauds of cases,, and lu every Instance a perfect cure baa followed. 11 never YailN. The system once Impr/Knated with the Upocinc, it becomes an utter/inipoani- bllity for the liqiiof apputiio to exlet. Uur*s guaranteed. 4S page book of pw li Address, . OOLUKN SrKCIl'I'J CO., 18J4 Knee St., • .!lnolniiatl, O - / New potatoes ut CU'Huloghani's. Strawberries Michigan Berries Daily "' • ; / at J. Cunningham's Screen doors and windows all sizes at BosUiy's /We are desiius of clQs- ing out all Spiing Jackets and Capes for Ladies* Prices all cut to fit. S. V. R. LEPPER Notice to Cyclists. The praetieo of riding bicycles on the sidji walks must be stopped at once, Aoy persons violating the law in ihjs respect do so at tlmir own peril.. Keep off the walks and save trouble. PETEK HOWE, Marshal. We M^ant to Show our B WALL PAPER, j&6' Every Person in the County. W., : T.DRAKE, Druggist, " *_,., . ' 246 State Street.;.- . .:;•*.. v. * D 1* i !*_," •1 kx-. IPr^F fli r ^iR^ 9- ^R , * ^!^_!Si^ ™ ,~^P^

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