The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 19, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1893
Page 2
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"V r. *'#* » fv • J^ 1 -'—, g» J^J DAILY €HKQNIGLli)» .CHK(fitlCLB ^° *f ^ «ne fenrthroUgH P. O..'.»4 76 , lirlivrrrri/ IO cent* per wnek Tsfnfisorlpfloii* record at the tiffae i*> t)nb~ atiop 15i SUta Street. . ^_ _ __ . . ' " J. M. A5O8KS. PublisiKsr, .'./ "The Wdrld's Fair/t£ Be Open Every Sunday. CHIEF JUBTIO^TULLBR SO DECIDES. Be RevergtpAhe Decision of Judges J6n- hlni and Wood*—A Victory for the Local Directory—A Woman and Boy Have a N»rr0w Escape In Illinois fAiildlng. CHICAGO, Jane 19.—The Sunday opening question has been finally decided for All time. The gates ;pf the big fair are to swing open on the first day of the week hereafter, regardless of the efforts Which tiave been made to close them. Chief Justice Fuller, an ex-Cliica- goafi, Is the man who has come to the rescue of the local directory and given it a BVpeeping yibtory. The''chief, justice delivered a decision in the United States court of appeals Saturday morning re- Tbrflmg {he-decision made, by Judges Jenkins and Woods. „.'.. »• >. " ? vChief Justice 'Fuller holds that the fair is not in the possession of the United States government, but is wholly under the control of the state authorities, and that the conditions under which the ^Bouvenir coins, were issued have been sufficiently met without the closing of the gates on Sunday. An appeal can be taken from the decision to the United States' supreme court, but as the court does not sit until -O.tnher nn action can be taken which- will prevent the closing of the gates unless the local directory experiences a change of heart. A NARROW JSCAPE. Falling Glass Id the Illinois Building Slightly Injures a Boy. CHICAGO, June 10.—With the mercury in the thermometer sticking the 90-degree mark in the shade it was hardly reasonable to expect a great crowd of people at the exposition Sunday. Excepting on the wooded island, the White City was. hot, and in some of the glaSs- roofed buildings and pretty machinery hall the heat was felt more than in the open air. The plaisance is absolutely barren of shade trees, but that part of the park was a favorite resort for thousands of .people all day because of the inviting liquid and iced refreshments which could be obtained' in the villages and cafes. Even the fine arts was not crowded as much as usual, and.theVe was plenty of room in the,,aMes of every , building which was open to the public. It~was an amusement loving crowd which thronged the'plaisance and on which usually is bent on moral enjoy ment oh Sunday, fair or no fair. A woman and her little son had a, close shave from being seriously if not fatally injured by falling glass in the Illinois building. The mother was wheeling a chair in which the .boy -sat -along the main aisle of the east end when a whole pane of glass from a roof came crashing to the floor," 1 part of it striking the boy and woman. Both were badly frightened apd the boy's hand was slightly cut. Several pther visitors were—touched -by the f ailing glass but not hurt. The TOCertainty as to whether the gates would be open on Sunday kept the growd away as it gave the people no time to prig^are f or a visit There was no time to arrange for religious services as proposed by tb^e exposition directors, but the usual musical program was, carried out on the band stands. Toward evening the thermometer dropped, a few pegs and 'the peop 1 * .came out to swell the day's attendance as well as to see the Sunday illmnina- , tton of the buildings"---and grounds. Many people patronized the lake boats "jbut did.not enter the grounds, prefer?^ 1,(KH) financiers thninghtfttt; the Onitetf States, Canada and Europe^ ACQUltTAL Oft DISAGREEMENT. inch Are the Popular Predictions at Bedford. NEW BjRpFdM), Mass., Jane 19,—The nigHt before the legal battle Was, as usual/in moat conflicts, a particularly qmSt anST uneveritftil time. Ex-Gov-,, efnor Robinson realizes to the fullest extent of his ripe, keen," analytical mind ihat today's effort must and surely -will lie the greatest of his legal life. • He believes in the justice and truth of the catteChhe has undertaken and will devote energies to making an impression upon the 12 good men and true, such fts can not bo readily overcome arid entirely obliterated by the fierce invective and fetching eloquence of Hosea M. KnoXvlton, his opponent in this legal tilt. The conBenmis of opinion here ia that las Borden will be acquitted in short' order or that the jnry.wiH disagree. MONARCHY IS OVER. HIP Hawaiian National Flag Is Floating Ovor the Palace. HONOLULU, .Tung 19.—Fo^ the first tknu» in the history of the, Hawaiian Islands the Hawaiian national flag wai Boated-over the palace on/June 1 ?, formaloccnpation of the/palace by the. provisional government/and tUe raising of the national embleii/ over "it are regarded by the. annexaftiqhists generally and'by many of the/natives as a final 1>16\V to. monarchy. ,. .; ,i 1 ' ' The building wfts .fdrnially <}edicated. to its-new uses oil June 5 wjithtlittle ceremony, in which, troops, government band and, officials participated. The provisional government June ft i paid to Glaus Spr^ckels §95,000' owed! to him and therejis a feeling of relief, among the officials that. the government is no longer under obligations to him. Safe If lowers. ', BENTON HARBOR, June id.— Safe blowers broke into 'John Schairer's bottling works,, blew the safe oppn and carried off' the cash box, containing over §9,000 in notes and mortgages, §100 ln_cash and a valuable account book. Part of the papers were found ,in the canal, but Mr. Shairer is still short over $5.000. No H<nv. ' • ] "Royal Rul?y" Ryo VVhiikey JH fr£o from all foreign Ijavor aud adulterants, ufltu rally ripened and matured by eleven ycara.storago in wood, it is a ''Rye as is a Rye," and costs no inoro. than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it froth 'the spirit by oxidation, and it {is converted into fragrant, ethers which g^ve the bouquet lo whisky. Sold only by F. Q. Seaman' & Co., Druggist. I Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment ' A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch* Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It is cool ing and soothing. Hundreds of cases havfi been cured by it after all other treatment had Vailed. V5 cents jjer b'ojt* », Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop the buildiDR formerly occupied as a nieat market, opposite E. L. Murphy's tore. Oiye him a call tvHen in need of ny tin work. r clfi always find • ••'•- "••'••*, < ". • '• the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. _i Call and Try Them. If you want a house built in short order call on Wm.^ Shipley, ns ho is. pro pared to put you up a house ready for plastering in ten days time. Shop on Eagle' street over Lynn's. Residence, 151, Hanover street. It is nn agreeable Laxative for the Dowels; can be mado into a Tea for use In one-minute. Prico S3o., 60e. und $1.00 per package. IT A M A An E'egunt ToiLiT PowDiH tor the Teeth and B«atU--aio. A SuKBlcal Ojieratiuii. I For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and inva^iably\ expensive; on the other hand there is ia new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and icosts but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical ppr oration, withou^any of the intense pain, expense and danger -of an operation. Any druggist will get it for -you. -' ' ''••' '-~' "~" ' \ J ust as sure as hot weather comes th?re will be more or less bowel complaint in t^is vicinity. Every* person, and especially fara,- ilies, ought to bave'.soxue reliaulc medicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 c'ent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the most severe ai dangerous cases. It is the best, the uioeire- most successful treatiaenytnoVn and ispleasaut to take. drug store. For sale at Greene's Tbrouifhout tli,e United State*, ., to-aB the-conotrigs of, the. Carter's Strictly Face White Lead, W»r- - ranted. < I JJo yoa know where to find jt? Lynn will show; you: Also the best star.dar4 lead iu white or in colors, sold at a mar velously low price to 'reduce stock ijn Saturday, thine" 17, J893, This day only. Come and aee. v JNo. Sg'gofttt Eag|e St. ; _ We , dot intend to endorse any except ftrti- of, genuine merit;. Jt^tacrjefoze, pleasure i» lecowmending ta suffer eie' from Pilee ia an y form , a prompt' and pemian,en] cure. " * , C, Ppesfep^ wJhj , mflhajjeoe^hija^a ^jj^test return of %|i fflflce.' '*' ""' "PUa »%iCSw»lt knswi paiuleaacur^for evwy r- •-**** Mc'»- —• ' j-^f- ^T r* *yE3K~-" v~*sr— J Sitt^'lwn. , ^ ; ; ' ,, . .World's Colombian Exposition. The Michigan Central will sell tickets froro Marshall to Chicago and return, at rate of Seven dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 13 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good on 1,4, 19 of 20. "Ityou are lingering from fevers, lung, aghppe, catjp-rh, consumption 1 , cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, qrysipelaa or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpstcen for his vegetable cure. Smith, the Photographer. " Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on blind. New stock of wall paper it Geo Boughton's. / Wall Panel The large^tf stock the lowest prices HYDE'S Drugstore TRUSSES . A full assortment ot sizes. TUe best kinds j' and at r&asbnable rates Truses fitted without i- * change for fittiDg at GREENE'S Drug Store 252 West State MARSHALL. MICH >\ r -i -t. ! v -. 4tt«utton Cess pools and privy vaults'cleaned .ml disinfected in good shape at rea* otiablc prices by - J GKAT For Over mty Years. WINSLOW'S SOOTWIIO STRUT, has been rsccrTpr orilUfren tccthlug. It soothes the child, ltnyB^lt- pftlii, elites wind cbllc| aud'ls tn^.beat cmcUy far iliarrlid-n. Twentr-flve cents'jRbdtr 11, Hold !>) all drugglsie thronetiout the worlds "The Niagara Fallt Koutt." TIME TA ',LE, JUNE 18, 1893* STATIONS. • TRAWS «ABT. Day Kftl At'cNT?; fit.t Ext Ex.* Ex. Mall Ez.t Chicago,Lr......9 00 jilatnazoo 808 lattle Creek.... 8 48 Harohftll,Dp... 813 LlUion S 38 ackson 4 30 Detroit 6 45 p.m. Buffalo.. , .;.. 2 68 a, a. 748 8 17 8 38 9 40 1901 p.m. "45 p.m. 730 11 38 13 10 1333 12 58 385 5 90 a. to. 6* TBAINB W. ,™, Mfln ggr f <** Buffalo ....... ."•... -'• a.m. Oetrolt;lir 8 15 Jaok*on.,.ll 40 Albion.... 12 20 lanshall ..W Battle Cr'k 1 'JO iZaUmazoo »• 08 ChtcapoiAr 7 56 p.m. a m. 1KQO f 15 928 1003 10JSI 10,45 11/ffli 4 10 p.m a.i a.m. ,705 1345 I'M 1 45 307 810 6 00 p.m run. 950 207 845 3 10 4 81 4 10 7 15 a.m. 118 /8-10 238 395 4 15 447 9 10 p.m. i Ohio Bp,'l* *5DO 7M 815 903 9 50 6 10 547 606 025 7 00 11 15 tt.m. P»c .m. iaoo WM 106 •1'46 885 766 a. ID Ex,t 1045 11 21 1140 1310 1 10 6-50 _ t«atuta»ysoxcept€d •O«lly tSundayg O. W. HVQQLSB, Qen. PMS. *tlolwt gt. . A JaHNsdM. Freight Agent. - C. fi. OMOKH^TIrkM IgOnt. MW8h*U -rr^.--.--_ ~~'-~^""i * " "* "* " '/i-'j n "••••' ' I in- '«" _ i n'ji — -i^. • Cinciiati, Jactson & .Hatti Time table taking effect Jane 4 1893. Train* pass Marahall i No. 33, Toledo^xpress 27 a •» 3, Cincinnati Kxpress... ..8 41 a in 1 <il,Mall andKxprees 1255 pm 1 27. Local VreiKht .BM)i>m 1RAIM8 OOINu WIST. o. 28, Mall and Express, 1109am 1 a, Cincinnati 4 B. C. Express ' 34, Express ....115 38 air ' 28, Local Freight , ,B«7aiL All trains dally except Sunday. , Direct connections are madtt at Toledo aud iCinolnatlwith all roada'dlverglng. Trains 21 and 82 make go od connaatlon at Wou telth with the OR.* I., and at AUeK»n with the 0. & \V. M for Grand Rapida, Motkegon and »il points north. F. B. DIIAKU, Oea, M'g'r. C. B. MIZE,' Agt FOUND, ETC. cepta a week fpr each notice not ex ccedtug (Ivy liuea. No charge less than twenty cents. ,. * J >OR SALE CUEAP^-Two desirable bnildinjc lots, West Hanovor street. For terms an- ply to<Jeo. U. White. Hj want* work. Writing or any light work. Salary no objept. Adores*, P.O, box 1060, kirshaU, Mien. |J>QK SALE—House and two lots »n eaet Green JL 1 street. Enquire of Mrs. OeUney. dj«6 L OST-famgle bridle; between Marshall aud Battle CTree* Kewtfd ot 80 cantiv please leave at billiard ball of J. fiauh ceivt» reward. W ANTEJD TO RENT-Twoormore flinBiiied rooms or house near cycle factory for light hoDsckeeulng. Addreag loon box 191, Marsiill, W ANTEJJ^A girl for general housework ^PPlJ to Mm, 4. A. Holmes, corner M» a aion andl*rand street^. f ^OB SALS—About 80.000 second hand hrlru- Enqulfe of Seals Sltann. '' W ANTED-Ladles to solicit bw.jk-paralM-. wor.k. 40 per cent, special Inducements and exclusive territory and particulars can now be eecarcd by adplylng at 82 GrSd ««et Bpscial agent tor a, Detroit Publishing flouseV- TjiQft SALE-A Kiinbalt organ. For terms and -P other pwtieulaw adores, postolflc* box »*>V« " " , ' "'"•• * , Mediately, An opportn Will appoint you exclusive agen *n aaaipcd territory. Inducements an?pT nlars at 83 a. Grand »trs«. > MES. l^SS^^AiSm^A - Be rlumes stock at Greene's Drug store-

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