The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 25, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1892
Page 4
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i VI- t 1 * CHRONjyCLB. OOTOBEB 25. 1892 tamps, 2,000 candle power each, In' use until 10 p. ta. standard time. ' , „ Where oife lamp only, ia t,$*a, $5 per roontb,, $|6 pejc *iaiautn. Where mot* -*hi • same liKsaiity theJaddJtlonal^atnpa wilt be ' ebarg»a for at $4 per month or $40'per annum.-. .. •-., •>.'. !•-. :-•••'.' •. • ' . Vat- A olioica let of mfdksrtl work! from h<* test 6mtotit»fs.tMtibe sold very Select X, A, SIIERSIAH. ;• _•„_ .„.., . •< i '• jstrs ftt*€un . groceries Bfos.jcarry & j pi staple I fresh.. 1 •>Hf boots 1 T-T -^ ' ,; special rates. ... . firing by 'the; ''"71"^ ••-•-;•—:-;•'-,.. Stles Oil; ' ti«r - , : allowed to . >trw-at tttl . j 1 ^iin^-ttuw ; <*pi-n for lull 6*«6ettt P** ^"ti i' 6 ^' ^ Uvt- T.vt!^ lor vour vmrli 16 candle pow>r residences. '..:..". . .••../ .'" -. .. , ,,, . 1 Ne meter pUeed lit aervuie where leas than. fits lighte ar* in use., ForSIl on'" , aVe. not Used UK THE FLAG. I^'^'^^^IL^^J-^-' ''*' ' ;' i: ^; % -<-^ '•'• £'7..•••''v''"''' •*'•• ' ., : V.' '' ^.^.--^A- • ,,-i-••'--•:-(!'•••. : .'-', --'.' : ..^ : ^^-y-i.-;,^^|^jj^,V^..---t. : ^i/jg-:..t .'-V ".. • ••- ,;^,- — , v -..>„-•- -'|k|k- - : -T; < '.-'-'^ E'lai W3 —k i*- • j2^:'*> i^3i*l".S'-.j*Mf-*3«*'rf*»,, 77 '/ .'•• |ier ii»0nthpet" l*J ;c«mU* power wortb*r 'pi ia»p?, whethV or CiKO 8 l"..*',. " • (iJHinoin.l H O .:: Resliiencts and offlaes, etc., 85 cents ..( 4U,candle power lamp p«r month, wlu ' k lamps ate xst-d. Whtre i»it month per )amp for "each additional -lamp •*er four. ' .* ! , ' < where^annual o»ntra6t» for residence lighting, without metere, are made. '•.,-..' All lamps of addi^onal oandle poWer at If itr,( -, % A r«- WrtTrf Castorla. ' Hi ! II- ! jEd. It, lViodc8,»the well known pliijn ney swteppr, no*' lives- lu/th^s .city oa Green SfWer Uetwotin the Unlpi^ ?ctiopl "and M. K, (Sluirtsh and viill )ys nt hotae next weiek prepaped lo'llll nijl'order? for Children Cry for Pitchers Ca$toria. Fresli oysters at CniiUiiigliaiu'*. ••_-. ^ - — . — —' In'-ofttor to make room for new sUwk wallpaper at ebat. f* applet *hfen jt i* ^ >»v»« much, butto see "The ^ ,._ impress the' truth, ntorefoi«ibly. 'All mfetal, to^ghand searnles$>^dmadem tf^e pie^|onj it "if'is ahsolittetyiafeaa$ untnrenta^le, T,ike AJaddu . ° ofofd, it is iibdeed a " ^oidfttfti.i'.1*wp^" : -fot its niar Velbus : Hght is puter and brighter^han gas light, softer tfan eleitnc lieht ahd.ih6re" cheerful than Cither,; stfttep-THaRocHSSTEB. te amp o*te^ .-aa the «tyliy6u want, «en4 to us for our d wt w»Vs<nd you a Tlattp safeiy toy. e*pffes*~your choice r«rieli«, front the fMrgtst Lamp Stoft w /Af *£«*«„ ' LAnP CO., 42 <««rk Place, New* * «** ta LAnP CO., 42 <««rk Place, New* * «** CUi 1 . ^' the i Rochester;" Attend the cloak open- ,ropbrttaiat«*ates. '. ' next week prepaml lollll n'jl-order? for AJllspecial aetfice must be specially con. I wor k in bis hue; chimney sweeping, traaedlor. - . • jstove blftCkinj?, stove scttHig. «tc. All billa payable on: or .before tbeiOihoij L e aye orders al the house, • eatth month and a penalty x>f tec, per cent; .v,. . .'.,1,—,•,.-,.,.•..„, *Ulb« added to bill* nob paid when. dueV: SO wiring will, be allowed to be done ex- eept under the 'direction of the city and where lighting contract*are made. , •' Allineandespewt lamp renewals mustbo wade by the consumer at bis own expense, bu1i|h» altywfil until further notice supply, 'ia'm.paaioost.'"- .'' '..'. Ordinary opea cleat wtfiing will be done during tit installatiOB of the plant at *1.25 JUg at* . per lamp, not Including lamps and sockets. _ J^j* A!l subsequent wiring will be done- solely Tuesday.- &TLQ. under the direction of the commissioners at . .._ eust. day, Get 25 and All'-wijing will btfdoni* under the latest rul*-of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. | , QJ oa |£ ppfcnmg and ,. tioa ineTic^th ? gersuns apiilying for the first I »d«ie j*\> IP • 600 lanips V>be placed inpositioti and used, I rpijoerjaxr ftnd the lampa and socket* will be furnis^d free •»• **IWOVM* . ' «f charge, all other lamp* or sockets at cost, r Th« abota- liahtina-, rates are 'based on 00 YOU WAN I GOLD Cfippl* Creulc Is not a, Aealth feiort. It is-'a wealth .reBort, -tiolte * dHterence!LtocatioB near'Pike's Peak Jn pulorado. Qold-'-brlgnt. ysllow gold !• fomnd .at graw roots ana la tne olOT» till* drod people a day »ru BOW rnU ObfeftOWB of the . TUe ch»no« of a llfBtlm* ip worth * you c*n-f »t there quickly and comfortably by tsklnn the Santa fv n>ate. pnly line wtth no chan|eof cars toom^ CUt«go, .R-p.M.^?^ 'WANTED. change of cars lrdrof CUlcsfeo, Ran other principal cltle* to VlorUsaut, 'road etattOD, with dally sue** ta I-1 Address for rate and lerrlce, ". , . CEO, E. OILMAN, ^^^M^^taF 9Ko ^, , Good Pay. ,,° Steady Work. First Come.; First Served. Buffaro ^ , N. Y. HUMPHREYS \'-m'.m Oct.' 25 BJl^L 26. » • -*«** Lfl» 09 rapicirAi. *«»-, cowf. *• 1—Bev«n. Congeittooa. Inflammations.. Worm Ferer, Worm OoUe.... I ColtaC»yliw,WaltefaJjiiei«' of Children or Adoltt . mad whiUi they ata now mwdv lower than e to make a reduction i^ricei tl»e \ 'belowered and allcontraejis npw ifit of any ^ H^« •*^-^^«.— ~r ^'f.-' \ ;•'••. ' • : fcareafter ;^ade,~-frcfm and after tha date of the redoctipn. Application must bo made or elthjer of the con>mta8ionew f ; ..--'• - .•'"•£.;..••• —-— : —'-••' ' - ~^~* "• cloak manufaetut ' ' No good thing sbould-b^eut law,ed becauae here and thW a, gracel«« p»raoa treats it It, »9.just aaneocsaeary tjc. aidmiuiater and feebly as it ia to P .,«, SB a dwelling that ft beginning to &*v*i[r Not only niay : M«_ ,N> K r <- atl y _»"»: longed by arJtiflciaTaupport, but the dgctn- ing years of those near and dear to us rendered mow, comfortabUsi and ag« re- Ua»Bd *1 many of JlW uauaJlBflins and penal- "tlea bs a-iudiciousuae of^'Boyal Rubr" Port Wine;eVjh botti* i» guaranteed by the undersigned ab^tttoly ;pure aad t^ver five years old at boti&tog or money paid for it' -will be -mefun$ed. Quart bottles $1; p , ., you get "Jtoyal »uby." For ««le by M, B r "Bottled by Royal Wine Co., Qh^ca. of tfc* bout known and iSta^&? ? Wwd»^«W»*» S»«*^ Ii *^i2*^ r ire. ftftU >oa part -wWJpaf d ¥ e lAklug eltaat M*r*tift)l M follow*: «A«T. •' 44. Bxprc-M • •. ,,..,.., All tr»Jb».ait!ly except ttuuday. " * * i oi«o.w *»a l-Wbitea. nc,n»,w •Trains gi and *i moke go od oonnwitliin ai M on telth With t.Ut O R, ' oints north .. '•' . g. OlUKfe, Uen, fvr C ii|i>pOrt^ rm, ftfiajpow ist features of 4V»i8t, The JACKSOH mmWr^'ifi »•••»•»• f w» ""i™ j"^™r-» - vi- • .-• ^^^— . rffcWW"- 1 »Ki>.c».. ntaminnu-at, and see You can aiways J UST4CiM>F T JH E R . dealers sell it. aent, poet paid, ^ JACKSON, You - wip chance to see the finest in the i j-jjt-tes ai MRS, AtLBN'ft PARI8IAW A H£W PAISLEE8 CEBTA!K CURL 1HSIA8T EB B _ _ , ......... BEUFF AHO U8T1HQ fiBBL; S«(EB BE- UIRUS, f 0 fl2?V5 IT f-n4 ,1.1 r;,.jiA3»^ ou t .if. t itvjll vr '-•!?"<•« " ' " r -" < , \ MurpWe , O(St>25 of File'a, Kxlcifl-J. Julerasil, '.in^or Ui'ljing.i^e will PACKAGE FREE to a-/ -j, u,l st i v .-, to CO\<T po- .agefc aii ~ » tlie ra>j All wort do, •, order r and expenses. Per The Bofrd of Kegisttatlan of the City of Max• ahall will be In ne«eloo #t the common ccuncu ppom on Friday and S»ti4,r4*y, JJev.4 ftad 5,185W, from 8 ». m. iihtll 8*. m,$I each day, for t&e parpose ol completing tbe Uk oj (jujftMed; yote«. aunne which sessioa it staJJ be the right 01 afw4x penon then actuaUr r«aWng in Mia-city, —• who « the uppreacWnjs election aw be a '"- J 7oter, and whotji aw»ei»not aotutUy „„ at aueh"iOf tte -wardjlg w*J«hfte»- tg ii»T« his name regUtered pttJS»u*nt to the siftHitg in Ajtch ewe jaftdo u4 provided. By «a«r w ^ pa-gjjg^ ^, ^^ HAVE you CHILDREN >TO FOE A tborbttjh, tftllatoU? and of young J«aa »»* wo «is W th» K- B- ft thta cour ^ i, . if.i'...

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