The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 25, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1892
Page 1
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OCTOBER 15,1892; TIE END HAS COME; Supreme Bereavement Of , ..Nation's President.£ the GENTLE WtfE ASLEEP IN DEATH '•Gone Out With the' Tide'*; td Awake *>: ' - - - - * ~* » • _ _-. ^* in the ' Eternity. .of POWDER Absolutely Pure, ' A cream of tartaf ' Ht(fli'.'stt«f »H in "ifaC Latest U. 5' G«wrnp*f>l Food 69- aort o v " ' BA^NU POWDKR CO 100 W»U. Street, N. Y. ' , So tb 8l»k«t Into SlHttober Whlu> Hbu»« Swfferey find* , i»»ln- an<1 lW»' UoWn tb » BiUrd^A— B*e dr«l of th» Vigil ot the L»«t Cay— A •Weary W»tcli for t*» Sorrowlni, bauit-^the Scene at the End— Blo»rmpli CB! Sketch c/f the »«p«»s«d— ;rfo» a Co tage to the K^eoutlve M«n»lon. ' WASHINGTON, O<*. 26.— The struggle, the weary and anxious watching, the tfopes { and fears, that, b»*e been the daily inct- * dents' of the White House since the presi- jdent's wife was'bro^gibt -home from Loon wm »<. vuu vnt w., w^ 80,1838. TU* proa- [ r* over .half pect» in life fo> the couple wete not bright, •' In -curly - Mthe wx>rld"«o«. but tne youbg pedpltf- were tnA^t bope. .Their united fortunes ite love 4^« th«m'oontent«d t and witb happy bearti and wilHng hands its** crossed the threBtfttld of life's dutlerf-together. < t X ! <fttft K«»ovaT;to Xudlaiiaii&lU, , ^helr'hOneyitfttto'was'paiMd^iruder the' paternal roof at North Bend, below Cincinnat). ''the <wtat« impinged upon thfe boundary line of Indiana.- In the follow-, ing March the young roupTe dlanapolls, ibe wife to lay tbe foundation and uiakti.* ln>me r Hud the husband to build up » career. Iu ftddltloto ro the a century of life «nd floating WHve 1 * pver a «v*ll*«*hap# head, eo'dfng i~n ft ^rareful coil, hef regular fev tures and diwk. expressive eyes formed a- pictu re of ripened, womanhood, 'She had f j-oic* softened py «ie Insttncts'of^^eatjf,,, Kot *•«»<< of Ku»*»nd Ft»th«M.- ''' .. . HarrUon «aa not fond of the ftuw and feathers ot official iife.lnvt.oti'the' other, hand she never evaded the dittlejs imposed upon her t<y hw husJiandV ptwitfon, Snft a waf an excellent cot>k. and even while at the "Whit* Hrtttse v^r'M'iiallly sup*fv)*id,th« tf $$00 REWARD I »'will »»y 'Lake, ^ar Qarolln^e \ over. Tbe end bos come t and Scott-Harr'won-itevoted, wife; re*»rd for »nV •»«• , rt»rt»olr ffeadaok OoostlpMfoa or (Uostlvemss we •a; okre with west's wtuta U»e di fttiy ari pi*r»lr Y«gitabl» and »«T« •atwfsotloo.\ gagsr oo»ud, Hyfle. M»r»»»ll, Mich. . uald If not cured, (juafnuitfo A, V-. A»«i«,.M»Mhttnv«lcU. l*il««.<*f \yj»»t Wod J, Intarn*!. BHua ur Blwainif, B«CBJni or U«r«illviry. This tely uavr been knuwu tw f*U. *«» for«6.00; *e«t,t»y mall pw- A wrlitea ."" 1 * |>urcU»*er ul tuud tb« $5 ued Uy J-'all for HealtK is .0. WHSTVWjfBVB *«t> 4JHAIH imatuuteod Hpeciflo lor Hysteria, Opti- Jonvolsiooa, Vila, Nervous Neuralgia. K Nervpus Prpntralion cauwd by lhe'.u»ts or tobacco, \VakefuIUesn.Mental De•---•• ; pf fbe Brftiu resulting in into Minery, decay, and death. IMCI aiw. Barreoeae. l-oa* of pow?f » •i*iw-», InvoluntaryXoaseii and 8pera»tor- rkwso'anwd by.ijyw-esertMnof the brain, self abuM o*er,lntfuJgence. -Each box contains one moojtb'' treatment, f 1.00 a box, or sis bows for $5."', ?*ja*.by wafl prepaid on receipt of price y ll .. MJ?I. BEXJAMTN BARRtSOX. faithful mother—has gone- down into th dark v»ll«-y. The end cnrue this morning at 'l:4» «i'rt»H;k, For hours it had—bee a,w»ited. At midnight *bf wa* slowly • sinking, her respiration having fallen to 1'ij per minute and her awakenings Iroin lethargic sleep were^t greater interval* and; for briefer periods.The pr?si4«nt had at l hat time l>een seven arid' one-half hours in an itnurok«u stretch at hep \id«, At 12:45 l)r. (.tarfluer said h« did not think the sufferer .would live more than half an hour. ,At 1:80 a. in. the respiration'}»>d fa.llen to'8 per minute. Fmm I,#* \n. ii} fact:2yirs«, Harrison was t« all intent* % corptee. ;Jfer death was as peaceful as a ch'lld in sweet repose. Pnwident. ifarmon wfl.s a|; th» right'side t)f his wife in a reclining posi- tKMj from" J. oMock, whe|i Dr. Gattlitier •^••••i^ f*r »•»•»»•"— TT. n w« "^z^ _; --— ~ — bestowed upon b*r i-4uc«tl»n th* young wife wan trained iti hom^holil /iuties. The Oxford »em{tm*y Iwardlng. bouse, whbih Accommodated alx>ut,thirty youpg ladles, wa«* inanarfett br Mrs. ifeott, WTJO wasaS- slstcil by Iwa 1 <l«»Tghter. tfwnfo Scott. In tbo*e d4y* wa> » bright," vlvurious, .witty Slrl, Very pretty, vyllff «p«aWtiK «?y«« Jimd gortil flgurv, r' f , Heg*u ou a Small CftpUM. ' ^ She was greatly aduilred bx,tbe students, ,bjit not one eould stand -In the way of ••Ben," n» ihe always atfectlonately \-alled him:—The cash' capital at the command of Benjamin Harrisoa when he began mar* Tied ;tfe and ibe practice ot bis profewion was WOO. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison began their domwMe responsibilities in'roomsln an Indianapolis boarding bouse. la the summer::of .183* Mrs. Harrlaon paid a visit to her parents at the «ldhome at Oxford, and there, on Aug. W, ftussell Harrison, their oldest child, WM born After this event in the family cM*, the young mother having returned in the autumn to fndianapolis, th* proud. husj>and rented a «nall house and began life in earuiMt, bia faithful »fad Industrious wife doing her ow» bouseworX. i" ** cottage of three rooihx. • •,_'• .. ^ ' . • AUrauc* iU rawewirt Practice, The steady gains in fame, practic? aui! peouuiary rewards in two years found Mrs. Harrison presiding over a larger am more pretentious house. Here their aeconc and l*»t child, Mary Scott Harrison, was Ijorn. ft 1881 General Harrison enter* the senate of the United States, and Mrs Harrison became a member of, that dis- Unk>ii*herl circltf. the wives of the ^natore. hi her Washington residence of six years Mrs, Harrison extended her splwre of usefulness. He name wrs associated with noble charitle* and cuuwb wovk. Tbe (Jarfleld hospital owes its snctvs* in a large degree to t>ev activ«» interest tfs oiie of its first directors. - " At th* Pliinitcl« ! of Aiu»»:«,i«n. -• •• Mrs. Benjamin'Harrison possrssei! givat tact, aiul'it Is said that xhisiwliuiralile quality contributed liot a little to the elation of her husband tot lit- presidency in 1**8. WhaJ, a? marvelous trausitlnn '. Ma.rHi, 18S4, Mfi a«d Mis. IJenjaiiiiiv jlJftrrison^.set-, tle<l down at Indianapolis to R life of toil I and». Marcii, )««», PreHJ(le«t and Mrs. Beiijaiiim HHrrison"at WftBlang^ ton fiitcreVl upon theacjininistrntive-divtles and j-eivmoriSal,and ^oeial enjoywnts of Buprerne rank liy the voicw of the; people; TJuriiik tljiifs-'interveiiingj»rlf*.l of tlilrtyfjye; years (lie cniifvotPenjaiiiin Jtyrrison hud been oinv'.oT jji-ovvinK' hoitopK, and l»s estimat>l« wife • bail kf]>t.P'*i'-»- with him in the'Wbffi* Hrtttsp jieKdiiatly sup*tv)8«d,th« rtpnje.*tic arran^emejaL<*.goin£( to the length "freqnenflf» of '• f.5if4t ttie ^ ntatkeV C * *» «K .it « » t t. Jl~a,_ iti« Ji«r.if;lf t<Ui <' > h&d immediate rlixfge n^il(»r fer.1i •'• Iu Iren, tiie Mr*. Harrimm v^fc- ilir c\Cfllent i „ awl jwrforinefl ^ei> me?|ijly oil the piano. $lie al«o r*lttte<I ,wpll on 1 china jn»d pojrce- • ikin, and uiithy ,of her Trienok own .and * eberlsh ppeuiinens of, A the, hartdiwo**; dt > "-- ljl *-"-|«k« ( , theg*nf!n refitted, amiable^ 4 .,.^_ ...„„. J'aj«l sterling woman who baa",, rone to*h^r ntial reward! « \'i •i , _ --—... x > <,.' Hqe Smith's. * i . ' Wl-o Baby was slok ( w«j«V»Wo»Aoria. KIRK —*- -. - - «t Wlth'«ach order received b we viou mm . he^ Dr notified the family that the end was, close at hand. -Ir( this position he remained until 1:40, when life w'ai thought, to .be ex : tinct. and Lieutenant Parker, who was at the. bedside, called in J>r. Gardner aud the experienced eye ««f the physician soon detected that - Mr*.- H*m»on - was uo more. The president gave way to an almost >udr in outburst of grief, hut soon suppressed Is, emotioa and endeavored to coptsolo ilrs. McKee, his daughter. . eVery>p"b,m nud .u'l ' Funeral at I ndUnapoltt. , the members of the family remained in the'room probably ten or fifteen-minutes after the death, ami then, overcome by ;rlef, they repaired to their respectir* ooms and were alone in their ({peat sorrow. 'he first intellienctt of Mm. Harrison's . tejitu WAS communicated to. (he oewspaner representatives^ groupa4 in a tpom a»- 6igi»ed to the, clerical force, of tb» executive nmnabn, by Mr. MoatgonjteFy, an employe. Mrs. jaarrison burled da morning in Crown fUU eeinetery, apolis. private **?rvi<as will b* held the. Wtite HpuaB.tomor.j'o his di»mo*l re and , *' ' gif «* <>f J«m<l, .purity ofht-aW, arniahUlty ot nmnip* «vpd- ' •-.-•.-.-.. • Ohapped Hiwxda, WptuadJi, ^ B««oTe» and Prevent* to STORY QF A'WELL-$P£NT UFE, A iirac-lous lUaay Who l?ill*d ,AU Poiritlons What changes ar« wrought in a ., , ntHryt In tibiAt time the boy may be born, grow into manhood, *uci become the president of the United State*. The highest station to wfci«k it i» poasible for. * woouui to attain in ppllSipo-soslaJ, jito «i tbi»covui- try is that of wile of the chief eiecu tiv» of the nation. But tw.enty-thr«i wdmrn havo enjoyed this proud distinction. The hist of ie Wlttf H«w««-. Mrs. Harriwm'ii iyigii as t-lw. .nijHtw** «! the \VhUe HOII-SI-was au.eminently w.jtis factory one. V 1 tne matter- of utter jriipartittlity wai» alwrty** lif r Political affiliationR cut no 8B»r«v Harrison niaintained—and' her views were cordially .sliuire.fl by th« presidertt-tlmt the White Hoiiae «ihouut -lie the acicial tenter of the oflicial world, not merely of the KP.- lUiblkau sphere. Kvery one.wa* with t'hesajne unvarying welfiiim- those who caiue iH'.fqre and, aftt-r. . eiti/ens found that' thw'e*-w,fm.'r<>uui..for them as well a» for politicians, ofncetifljifrr* and person,* of rank. Indoed the hospit^lii y_ of the executive uia«siojv,was extended to every one without' --„-, - , or belief, politjcal or private, • ', • Kot »n Ototrusfvn W^_.^_--. '•• Mrs. Harrison's. personality \T"a» in no sense obtrusive. Sbe'bad an jinnat? mo/les- ty-^ftbout' proclaiming her per£oiutUt.y • before «tran«ers whkh' might w.ell berwu- lat*d by m»»y P«>pl» holding far !«$>*• atted positions beforetbe; world and iu s>H ciety. Ske did aq* liVo to be copied or made tb« "gl«a» of f%sb,i<n»,".. and would change the style ojf her hair or costume a* soon as shfl noticed that other* wereuoiuj; abadidbwa'uaesbe did it, She never r«t*4*peeulisw-i*tj-te eitlm-of dress ttf Jgnni a«4 those who tried la copy were ilw* _„„_.-„ , . Best-for General Household Utt TIME TA^'-UE, JU«i;12, 1892, TTUIMt «»»T. In api these was 5farrtaoj», who w*y, ,8to wa» th« 4»«g^- of Mr. aod Mna, John .Witb*rapoaa Scott and w»» married to BciJW«int fctwrit " WAS a type she showed Mrs. H Miuty. In _ \,jnf Kvwvi.wu-i'^ of nature m 9* • —- - ~ —~- - -. form and in mind nature 1 * enual henefi- ce nc«, ezpaaded by tcwnipg in the acftaire- mJSi of * liberal education, drawn from m *»&* "agsrss.A'tSS

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