The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 17, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1893
Page 1
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YOLX1V-N0.260. MARSHALL, MICH., SATURDAY,- JUKE It j$3. -^ ' ' ' -• PRICE TWO CENTS Mso/irfely Pure A cream of "tartar baking powder Highc'stof all in leavening strength Latest U. S\ Government food Report. BOY At BAKING JPOWDER • : v 10D Wall Street i; N. Y This .PRECIOUS :QiNTMiKT is tho* triumph of^entific Medicine. Nothing has ever been produced tc ; equatorcompare withitasacvRATivK and HEALING APPLICATION. Ithasbecn ^used 40 yeart and always affords relief a/ul always gives satisfaction. Cures PILES or HEMORRHOIDS—External or Internal, Blind or Bleeding-bitching and / Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Ano( Worms of the Rectum. The relief is kiwi*, diate—the curexertain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulccratton an* Contraction from Burns. The relief is tostent Cures BOILS, Hot Tiimors, Ulcers, Fls- tulas, Old "Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is b&Uible. Cures INFLAMEP or CAKED BREASTS aprf Sore Nipples, It is invaluable. Price, 50'Cents. Trial size, 25 Centav *«*» DragjUU, or Mot po.l-p.ld oa ranlpt al prio*. nrarauiB > nn,ca, in* in wun««su,HBw IOBK. THE PILE OINTMENT "The Pace That Kills" is ovetwork— makes no difference what kind. Using greasy and inferior soaps is one road to premature decay—sore hands- sore hearts—clothes never clean. Not so when S AMERICAN FAMILY Is used. CheerfuiFy proceeds the labor of wash-day with health °and long life assured. Hands all - right— and white JAS. S. KIRK & CO.. Chicago. tat? Diamond Tar Soap. Detective Baker ort the Stand That Long. LADIES SEEM TO ENJOY THE TB1AL, William Benson Get* a Now Trial at. Mason — Over Sff.OOO 1 Damage by Fire At West Branch—The. Silver* Holr» to Receive 93,000 Insurance. DETROIT, Juno 17.—The evidence that points to Frank L._Hayes' as tho murderer of Fred H;~ Kelly is piling up rapidjy in tho recorder's court. The trial is not yet anywhere near its conclusion, and only a vague,inkling has been given-as to what the defense in, the cape vt\ll he, yet the^videnco so far produced by the proBecutioh. seems almost cpnclusiveV and'the. defense .that clears Hayea'bf the charge ngainst^hjitt mjast DO no-ordinary one. • i .:>•, The defense IIUH admitted two things that the prosecution set out to p.rove. These are;,, that the coat found in the satchel taken from Hayes* boarding house is the coat of the murdered youth, also that Hayes lied in his statements to the police after his arrest. The admissions of the defense coincide, for at the station the prisoner maintained that the coat, satchel and contents were his own. It is noticeable that the defense, while in the admission business, did not admit the satchel to be that of Hayes' and in testimony concerning the satchel, given yeaterday afternoon by the cousin and roommate of the defendant, he could, not identify the satchel and he stated positively that he did not know the owner of the article. Nor has the prosecution as yet definitely shown that the satchel and contentts aside from what belonged to Kelly, is or was the property of Frank Hayes. There were several letters in the satchel addressed to Kelly, but this is all. It is possible that the defense will admit the defendant's connection with the robbery of CaldwelTs store and assert that the murder was committed by an accomplice. Even in this event the prisoner would have 1 a great array of convincing circumstances to explain away. "Only two witnesses were ou the stand yesterday. They were Detective'Baker, who was. on the stand more than four hours, and Charles Hayes, cousin of the defendant, whose examination Jby the prosecution was completed yesterday. Baker was subjected to a severe examination by Mr. Robison and at times both attorney and witness lost their tempera and had to be called to order by the court. Hayes, the second witness, seemed somewhat rattled. He grew red in the face and stuttered perceptibly under Mr. Frazer's questioning. He was the witness of the proser eution, but not much of what he said was favorable to the-case of the people. The crowd of-spectators was large as as usual and there was again a big attendance of women. They seemed to enjoy it, betvyeen chewing gum and watching the prisoner ana jjiss Han- nifio, who, since she testified, has been a constant figure in the courtroom- Jilany of Hayes' relatives from the country are' attending the trisir~ How the case will terminate cag hot be conjectured until Hayes shall ^iave taken the.stand, as he will do, to offer to-the jury, aa. explanation of the remarkably strcmg chain of circumstantial evidence that surrounds him. /, "FIRE,AT WEST PRANCH. QvevSU Tlumijwud DulfajV Wortb of Prop- WJfty JB-isU mc4^ $0 Attlic§« "\WB$T[ BK4NCH, JujaV 17,—Fire originated at 10:30 Thursday night in Mo Fadya Brothers livery bam "ajid spread rapidly. -3E&B t ollowingbuildings ; Were eppn in ushes: McFady* Brotliers' ^y«ary \&XK .w&, stock, ^» towii hill, jPy.. H, weHingtoja*^ f-story wugou and fshou, Frank Smith r a bjapk > aixd resideiicfij -and G,e< residence.,, The arew4i»Q«r J bl the tawu w^ssa' tur'e in"the tovro 'hAll • was saved. fotaJ lossfwflt be sma^ mMF * ijr used i:ai)*ideraMe md i:~- ,. wife. .$ome time aj'j;o he took her and •their three children* put in th« country mid compelled themt v tb live in a Btore .box on a wagon. T!ie threats of people induced hitti to ^etutiti ftnd behave for a time, but ho is a«ain neglecting his wife. Tar and,feathers are-talked of as the treatment for Harmon when he re-' turns. —^- - MOTHER AND DAUGHTER GONE. Hnttle Green Ahdnoted Vrom a Chlldre'n'g Homo at Hay City. BAY CITY, Juno 17.— Some days ago A child named TBattie Green was taken from her parents by order of the probate court on the ground that they were not proper persons to Have chaffe~dt her. Pending\tbe appointment of a guardian by the court, the child was placed in the children's home,- corner of Fourth and Monroe streets. She was abducted, and it is charged that the parents had a hand in it. Since the ab- ductioni.the police have -had no tracer .either of the child or/of her mother. , Buileta In Her Shocking. • GRAND RAPIDS, June l7.»rThose who BO far have doubted that'. , Dora -Velzy •shot William Gray and then committed suicide are now 'fully persuaded that that theory was the right one. In searching the girl's trunk 40- pairs of stockings were found. In one of them were 45 cartridges. They were identical 'with the ones used in the tragedy. That the girl had for a long time thought of the nlurder is shown by the fact that the bullet 'remaining in the revolver was dirty, while those found in the stocking were clean. DumageH. HABRISVILLK, June 17.— In the suit of S. J. McNally ngaipst George L. Colwell to recover the value of his lumber, destroyed by fire in 18^88 while piled up on defendant's docks, a jury has re- turiied n verdict for plaintiff fur $:M4$, whifh reprcHi-uta the full valu^ of the lumber .ii:il mti ;v,;t at 0 per cent from the d.Htc of t!u« tire. The verdict wao won on the ground that defendant did not take p roper precautions to fight fire. ._~._. The Casket Safe. ST. JOSEIH, June 17.— In May last it was reported that the residence of Mrs. Vanderveer had been entered and a Ciisket containing jewelry and money nnd notes to the amount of §12,000 had been taken. The woman employed detectives and officers to look for the missing valuables, but they could not be found. The ot^her day the proprietor of the'Hotel Whitcomb heard about the supposed robbery. ' He unlocked his safe and took out the identical casket. He eaid that about the time the robbery was reported to have taken place, Mrs. Vanderveer came to the hotel and asked to leave the casket in the safe until she called for it. T^e woman, who is at present in Indiana, has been notified. Shot Through . the Heart. Amu AS, June 17.— Friday afternoon a boy named White was shooting sparrows with a Flobert rifle, several lads being present trying to fiu£ one that had crawled under the sidewalk. Afterwards the rifle had to be looked at, and the White boy, aged 13, waa showing that it would not go off at half-cock, but while pulling on the trigger the rifle was discharged, the ball passing through the hesirt of Mei- iuyrt sartot, a hid of 7, and only child of- Paul Sartor, killing him instantly. The prosecuting attorney investigated* and found no occasion to ^prosecute, there •ha.ving been no quarrel or^tiia- pute. • MASON, -June 17.— William Benson of ^Lansing was eejmctec|of the abduction jrf Frances,. Dujja earl^ia "the p/esent; tem of e<3brt pd^mieaceiitb t$ at^e priwoo for thjfee yestra. Sin.ce-thafc,1fep» Aftomly JasQii ,^JTfchefe"has discovered firoof t6at|hj\g^^ft8jfy^aw i^d, aM Tftcetwd^arfiy jnoved f,or a asw ^L - which, w^fflfe«»^ aad 8h«rif m,cBwen diap^tehejdlcj.Jaeksonfor Benson, wfaof w^ ietsyrssfft «i5,lo%ed .^ jail." .- He eaBL again briaathe fope, iar m«r wJi u^ I A ,new remedy has created a sensation ' among physicians by its Wonderful effects in speedily curing every ^form of Piles. It ia called the Pyramid PileCure. It is cheap and siniple to use, but nothinK r». moves the disease ao quickly, 8af«iy and surely. • Any druggist.will get it for you Homes for visitors to tho World's Fph is the title of a neat little book, containing the address of about 9,000 families, who will accommodate vlsitois, al«o & list of hotels, illustrated With large scale map, sold at M: C ticket office Price 50 sent*. _ ) Boughtop will sell .yoi/ wall paper and ha.ig it for you. The Mill. . ,"•• . Wheii nnythinK you want to buy, Jtist call at Cbesher's mill and" try, ' His cash" prices wiJlmrtflyault ypu, When any feed you do want ground, Call at Che8ber'« mill, he is. always ' around,.. . . v And he will try to please you. Wo buyifpr cash aud sell for cash, . And that'fl what keeps in* in i our hash. If you, want the beat refrigerator ou earth fpr the least mouey «•» io U HO i «i-v " , Quickl p ^ j^ •*-*w«« I | , » return to 'tjansing. prepare tot pha« o/ the new ' opinkin given, out «, diy or tw " , ftttfi liuy the genuine Philadeipbm lawu mower tit Bosley's. , Lawn mowers sharpened and repaired at Bosley's. |t«iuoved, - , I have removed my office io Eagle block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. ' _ KLIAS HEWITT. Get your tin warn mended at Schelly's tin shop. Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at K. Sheley'd. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Chafes ou babies, sore nipples and io nammntton of the breast instantly relieved with La vend ar Ointment N. A. Slierman, the old reliable uni- rsiU auctioneer, ia prepared to attend sales of all kiuds. He sells anything and everything, household gootls farms, city property, Blocks of jjooda of all Ujnds, and makes a specialty of faruj sales. If you have auvtluue to sell call and see him. ' Pon't get ejccited over croup or quius> wneb Lavender Ointment will relieve you. jyithin ten minutes, if used as directed. 25 #nd 50 cents. STOCK WANTED TO EASTORE Terms cheap, see or addresi, A. B. ^ING, M«r8hall r Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure vill promptly and ef- factually remove every trace of them. An/ drugjifiet w'll get-it for you. " ." Children Cry for Pitcher'sCastorla- rfor a case of.eaterrb, Dyspepsia, Net- - youaness and Sloeplessn.ess'that Vegotable Cure will not cure. / « • Vegetable Cure will break up. CoJuds and- and Coughs, LaGrippe and its after e Sects the Nturve8,.$ryaip- *nd pogi room and # ' f-, _i,tuadi ,'S,1st

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