The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 24, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1892
Page 3
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y^r";* x ^ ' ''*** " -"'^ ^,f"?'?t :^ ti<l if^r''T "X"" * ' , , * , •" •>'' ' ii'' > ' |J ~ »*,;•!- f !< X 4 4 • 1 ^ -•' ','/'•', *\ - ^nnrtif-w*/»-* A *;*• ** 'AILY - , ,. » „. ,> iafe»l,ito6t«btologSc»ttepott taken* by cK rt. rtn^Tu»*to»lajf,JitWrftBA« t * drug store, , * ''if, .- '*,•««* -» N It igheat la«t$4 hours. . . . tnotmi^ueter Vat tfie" •• A. B. 'WagnW went to $fand Rapids today. , ' , / , / ; ^ rf - ^ 1 1 / ^ » • /\ • David CWrtnlngban} was -in Bat d;' it ^ r 5 f ; ;,.. BatUfl ,_ ,.. . -; Levi Barbouf. of Detroit,' was in l1»i* l Webstipr 'weiit to Kalama- city today. . J.' Orbniu made a tiusine^S trip to R. Winaor ktoday. Her. Mr. tt&nkjta tyeut to' Kalaiui\7.6o today. H<<1. J»eck left Saturday "fbt 111. visit-her moHier, *' i»ver> Miss Griswitfd, who has bden Visiting Mias Amelia -Frinfe, •returned. ,to -lie'r Hpme in Grand* JJapids today , .- - ( Mrs. Atarafetl>olAb ,a mis. iuaiy;ugi,^umu, ,a loriuer, iiesi dsnt of thU^jgity^ died'Sunday at Lafay utte, InUrJj^ewains-wJll bo brought. Geore Prtngk, 6m; Lobs, ii la this being called hero by the death of Charles Pflngle arrived from the afternoon, about 10 trtes if ter 6.1s wile died. -*- "-"'* .T.hVaimual meeting of'th* Calbotra* cojiaty teaebers^aasociatio'tt will be Held at toe bigii school room in this urday, . Marriage license* iisfled Oct. 34: 1$. in 4. Carpenter and Maggie A. E, Me Intoy, both of MarabaJI; Fred L. Wick- ban), of Eonaett* and Almlrat iJaokett, of Battle Creek; James S, Spooner, .of Newton, and Ida M, Boboock, of Fre-- •We: littve for the sale'df V ^ Mra.j&hatleB 'tfrtegle died Saturday afterupotrafcoul^four o'clock/f he fuber- at, will- behold' at the jliouso- on Sy cam-ore street Tuesday afternoon at two " 0'cloek. , For, some ' rumor afluato ntral 1 room ,. » ast the'rc haa been a. e cfl'ect that th t Mich* ining hall tfnd lunch would be opened* again 'wuenTne company lakes aion of the otbttf dining halls on tbe Una ne*X mouth. ' for tt i* not >mncn wonder .that thcr,e it always plenty of candidates for the nomination for sherifl. The bills al- fow*d by the board pf supervisors for the sheriff and deputies amount to fMp0 of which the sheriff'got fft t 544. Am to this the fees in civil cases and it, makes i very nice thtag, The Chicago News of Saturday cpa- tained a history of Col, W.ood's museum frhich run iltt'hlcagoa number of year* Ago. We cliff t^e JpUo&lng which will ap&reciajted by all who saw M>. Dillon Saturday uight,. "John Dillon, the Irish comedian who ever lar . seU them at .itreiy prices to gft^them ttoduced Every garment warranted - $. V.R. LEPPER. walked- the stage, Wa* a member of Wood's stoqk company; ""As: was only natural he was a well known 'figure at U'Nell's bar and like most of the crowd season for d&r will, be, better than has been knov/ti through i jfeouie Unie._ All o season det?r ifaVe in larger numbers than for sows year* vBB«HbViiurv«*t this season U Jopked forward to b$> hunter* with* ' pleasure',,,. Mr. Wtosor an injunction all ready tosurveoniho county treasurer reilrAiuiog him from Maying the orders huld Oy the buildjng committee for services'outside of the regular sea- slo.h r out.tow couimiuee heaid of the scUcnie a»d got lUeordara cashed before the iujtmctiou papers wer«, served, Mcfdel Husband; a^ inrodubed My Dillon aud compaSy at the opera 4«ouMJ Saturday uajtht, was 'by far the best performance that bus been given 111 tins city; for many, months, Mr. Dillon was simply "out of sight" and- hi& support was excellent. -It is a pleasure . to see a play that was 'carried'puf as welljvs was a Mo^el Husband. o The"nu'njber of Harper's Young Peo- pl« issued Oct. 25th will close the thirteenth yearly volume of that unrivaled • publication for bojts, and girls.. • Amo,ug ^»y PtnaJf ifeatures .of interest it will C4ntaioa description of the Children's b* ran /' -little account there Wgbt playjng, r forget what, before a crowded* house; the heroine had tb impart a |Jtre»t secret to John Dillon. She seemed a littlo susptciotis of him, though, and, as her lines road, she said k 'but can you be trusted?' Quick aa a flash Dillon improvised his lines and replied, 'could I be trusted? Ask Pat t^at I am a- little far to sit.lue Celct ration,- writtep , , Spet,d. and accoinpapicd by three p ' Qilmer TI-. Marshall Kcading jprcle, pom std wf' aonbiwMrf ladies of .jSt, oarisb.-haye rented tbe suite'of rooms on, tbe second floor »of Grace Bros.' UJvok and before furnishmg them will 076 a public sSp.ial* from seven to ten-o'clock Thursday oveuiug.-Oct. 3? charged, but all refreshmiiuu will be., The5pHblic_is oprdlillj Mfitedr The si'mple notice of a reading by Miss Kate Down» ahQnid be enough to ijll to oyerftowing *#$• hailj and we have no doubt but tbat on Friday-even log.the Bapt^t churcb-will be crowded, been several years «inee the citi. r The answer brought down tbe bouse. The habits Of the company were well known to many of the audi* ence and the .crowd stood up for live minut^j and cheered Dillou's happy reference to bis lii,tle ejil. while the tress tried hard to keep a straight Battle Creek;Moon: The oJd agita tlon concerning themofiDg'pf the conn tyseat to this cit? is again occupy ing the attention of influential citizens. Ht begins to Jbe apparent that the eastern part of the county wants to be under stood as arrayed against Battle Creek and every time the boaid of supervisors' meeulm same smart Aledks go in for basting Kittle Creek's eye by rain njr the yaluatiou, and all the townships lull into the Wake and vote the.thing. This" has b«oome a c.beatnut and Creek's patience is about .exhh,, It might as well stop, and the chief v .vr of the county might a * W «U raise A fund at once aud' use it i«-4hj endeavor i. bring the can deal not be theBasib end but as our If • A *, * " / ing we must spread but,^we jail ttbt do business in the centet, but ° * , . - • < »,.-,. it vtill pay you if. in want of any --.' . -" , , • . v , ' l •' • , , ^ ' • ^ ' f • Hardware to gi^ m.§ a call. I two carloads of Acorn ing & Heating .Stdve^ to stores minds of all in,the eastern portion of county. •. Let> inaugurate^ a move to .._ county 'seat to' {Jatile v/ru«K, th^superv^rs have just raised the assessment ton per C.MU, the only »i«,« Q .. .k« county lliittit was-done, » • la . <• •. * . ~, -v— -n-^«r"»r •.••.*».** wi and the only place thatViould „ „. .The above is the usual annunl kick , ro.m, the Moon, There is no more probability' of tbp county «eat being \move^i to Battle Creek than there & of ihe *taie capI^ol. being, moved to that city/ The:people~ol $h«| pity may be thankful 'that they had a friend from Marshall on the .equalization committee otherwise fifteen r-er cent would •"— added instead of ten; Ove^Qtie now^in use^ Eve^jr bodf ^ iiivitf 4 to call at iny Salesroom and in- specf my new i ine of foods. make a wonde^Futl oSBfer i goods this week. ^^ T fl * JOM WUALEN East ; Stat6 Strtet MAR-TIN, BLOCK. ; ' ' >' ' ; ' COME <»| Marshall save bad ol h woman an5 w her, Tbe Saij ,1. will be prepared to start a class jni ajr thtw dancing about Nov. i»t ther information call at $m W street. , J. 9 LET US SHOW YOU 61lR LDJBOF CHllJOBEN'S SUITS ' BOY'S, YOUTH'S & CENT'S. ' We Are Xow Receding our Immen»» Line of. o v KIM o We made a bid i n ttose when or the purpose of ery^ind Jo the mercjinUle ~" '" " ~'' "' >, information dresses *ad a and bejpioud of Downs at tie -Y r U C. A. liigbt liateijfid to a natural, earnest', cul- reader, "'' ' from all part* of the United c°j» *-* ierriterie*, f«raWud ai IMM^™^ With,l\hree,CIofhiiig^»!iufjictpfiesin BocbettM a^d recently ... ' '*" ".-?"•« - , v • - * '• But we |joi them at prices that this tbe tkew will sav« n never Fiuish are often laal e«it, reliable * T.SHANAHAN, fbe Ifadnfe Ofo'tbier an(i jafloi,! iioo ss^e^ffv^

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