The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 16, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1893
Page 2
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^' >^fHr'-Kf - 4 rv -i«( "* ' i M:» V n if T- -, "T r ,-» - „ * V* f ^ ? ' ^ -"" f "vy* ! \ ^ *• "** i 1 *"-**-^ t *• *-*•' - - <*"•*. V\ j £ * ^ *"W ^ o — ' J-J— -fci -^ i-tf fi *Tfr llf 4 ^a, - Ar -J -.- i—fci 1 J -rf....... » fc 'f&tf&lfy 1893 •a 1 , „••# " - ' i i " > * TBE DA1LT CHKON1CLE YBftkgO* Daily* 0*0 y<i*r tbroMffk P. 6...*j4 fa Dally, delivered. 1O cent* pei- w«ek SnbKTlptJon* received lit 1h* t.ffif 6 ^ ttlra. 151JSate^trieC"'"~-.~—r—-.-*-• < J. M. MO8E8,PnblliD * Tekonsha will celebrates 1 The'new cornet band, are progressing^finely. The instrumentation is first class arid gviea premise of excellent results. Our local horsemen are enjoying the use of the race track onco more. ^ Messrs. Child and .Aldrich. with their re- t .spective families, returned from n week's •visit at the world's fair Saturday. They were immensely pleased with the show. Matie Millar and Allie Johr.son are enjoying a vacation, having Closed their schoola for the Summer vacation. The premises of A. S. Swift have under„ gone marked im'provetnehts recently. H. N. Randall has placed a new engine in his packing house and added other improvements. He now has One of the most cdtn- pleU ware-rooms for general produce busi- .- ness in Southern Michigan.: 'Last season his shipments to eastern markets exceeded / 1110,000. r __, Children's Day was very appropriately observed by the Presbyterian and M, B. • churches Sunday morning and evening. The exercises and decorations wore of a yery high order*' '• ~ • , " Farmer's are deoidedjy^blue over the season's outlook. With wheat o|. 58 cents per, bushel and^f ool at 15 to 18 cents, the pros- p»ot for reducing indebtedness and ancreaa ing their bank accounts, is apythltJg but favorable, '• y- A spiritualist camp-meeting will be held in Butler, southeast of the village, commencing June 26th. ImpoTted-talCBrtt expected to-assist in the seances. The program promises to be genuine; no sleight of hand tricks and cabinet humbug. The Saints of God or "come-out-ers" set out to build a church on the county line early,this spring, but owing to some disaffection among the elect, the timber lies warping in the sun and the walls of the temple wait in vain for the architect of Israel. A large-annex to the Tekonsha mills has been raited and is rapidly undergoing completion. With the present improvements the mill will rank with the best in SoSfckern Michigan. L. Waft, of Eckford, visited Chas. Failing Monday. Mr. Wait is now in £he em ploy oi a Chicago Book Co., traveling. The third annual commencement of the Tekonsha high school will oocur next week. The exercises will be held at the Presbyter* ian church Tuesday evening, June 20th The following is the program; Invocation...iSifei. .'. EOT. J. A. Green* Mmilo.....i... Male Quartette BalnUry ...HendaO. Falling Oration—The Loweit Bob la the Turn of the Tide,... „-... Chai. O. Anderaon . . . ^ Teg from Utola mMy j jyrta Bmith i the Verge of the Unknown ' . , ' Maude 8. Cwr ?:.,.MaleQaarte«e Claw t rophecy .......r"" t Jaj 8hed< Bs*ay-,.»ature f s Reid'. .JI.' Delia Sebring Ksiay-Aftcr the Storm Watch for the breaking „ , ^ i- Win V AJdrioa Valedictory ; John Anderson Presentation of Diploma*.. Director O. T. Prat Music..... .; ..MaleQuartette Benediction ...Rev. Newell The baccalaureate sermon will be given by Rev. Prinhard, of Girord, Sunday even, ing, June 18th, at* the Presbyterian church. Uncle Lewis Merrifleld has been a residen of Michigan sixty years.' When he came here, there were but two resi'detats in the village, one in the township of Clarendon on* in Eckford and but two or throe in Horn er. He expects to live many years yet am witness many changes, but not so ujaryeipus • a change, in the country asM&b'een obaeWec iat their presence is earnestly desired mong us on'the grand occasion. The Williams Bros' Heading mill is fieri- >usly contemplating removing from the vil- age, owing to lack of timber". The. irtdus ry has been a vety appreciable benefit to lie 'place, and citizens much regret'the emergetjey'that takes it elsewhere: Wm. i)avi& if building a fine barn on his arm west of town. • >'. The village assumes quite a 'metropolitan Pijxjarancel of an evening, when bur ;4%si- ent wheelmen get-out for ..exercise. ' Mrs. Flora Olney, of Flag "Skiff, Arizonajt a spending several days with friends in, the Ulflge. . , -.••'! The pupils of the public echol have been mdergoing, examination for promotion luring theiweek and the public ard most mpEatically aware of it. • A band of Hope has been organized i;n the illage and will hold regular weekly moot- ngs. The meeting this week was at the resbyterian church Friday afternoon. Arthur May and family have moved. Onto ho C. Brown farm in Clarendon. His house and premises will be occupied by Jno. An- lerson. The Tekpnslia National Investment Com>any have been so pressed with business his week that several additional clerks have been employed to assist in the office. The.village-school board, at a meeting held Tuesday evening, elected O. 'M. Miles, of Mendon, as principal of schools 'for the i Alumni Association of the ,JMjjjfc school wii£ hold a baiwiuet at A. O. 11?« "tuJl Wfldflfsday evening^ June Program not at command,. ; fousejl bw M« neW">ouftB wqj it jggnyiagu to he aniong the Chamberlain% feye and Ointment A certoin cure for Chronic Sor^Eyob Better, Salt Rheuto, Scald Head, Ol I fchfonie Sores, lFet%r Sores t Eczema. ^fi. . »* • [•• J-ta. » . ». . •' •> ?A..i.i'• .j£_ •_ ItteH^Kraitie Scralchos, Sore Nipplea and files. Ills Pooling fend soothing. Hundreds of c;.ases have been £urcd by it.ftftcr all pther treatment h$!|faSlcd, %8 cents per box. X r You can always find the best Cigars at .' -, •'.--..' V- Greene's Drug store, Call and Try Them. ..-'•.- ' ' ''''.''' '• * If you want a house buill in 'short order call on Wm. Shipley as he t§ pro pared to put you up a house ready for plastering in ten days tinie. Shop. -on Eagle street over Lynn's. 151, Hatoover street, Robert Shelley haS'openetl a lu l the building.formcrJy. occupied ad _ tore. Give him a call when in need of ny tin work. 4tt«utlbn. Cess pools and privy vaults cleaned nd disinfected in good shap$ Oirab.le prices by ' Residence, ensuing year, Mr'. Miles comes very highly recomiriended and has hUd'soverol years' experience. • •'•_ : ••".'•;.•;••- '• ;..'..-. ...•'•'•*•'?'' Mrs. B. Howard entertained a largo com- jany of ladies at her home west of town Fri day.". '_ •• • .'. .. • -U - •' ' '"' • B*U Pl»yer Dend. ' „ PBOBIA, Dls.. June lO.-Darby O'Brien, ex-captftln and left fielder of the'Brook- Ivn base-ball club, died at bis borne in ibis city of consumption, He bad been, ill since the close of the season of 1892. AFRESH FROM THE GIVES NESS /CLEAR „,•" SKIN, .(ES CONSTIPATION .-JSlplGElSTION.DlZZINCSS. •fUjpJlONS ON THE SKIN. BEAUTIFIES ^COMPLEXION. It Is an agreeable Laxatftre for thollowols; can bo made into a Tea for Use in one minute. Prico 25o., 60o. and $1.00 per package. ~ ~~ An Elegant TOIUBT POWDBH forihcTecth and Breath -860. Pr1coiao.,60o.t KONO Items of Interest Condensed for the Knrrlnd Reader. George-Gould and Eussell Sage are said to be after the Grand Trunk road. War between the forces of Mataafa and Malietoa in Samoa Is declared to be Inevitable. Frank Adams, a convict in Sing Sing prison, serving a second term, mode his escape from that institution. Judge Ricks of the United States circuit has fixed Sept. 18 as the date for the trial of the suit brought against Chief P. M, Arthur of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers for $200,000 damages for alleged encouragement of the recent strike on the Ann Arbor.road at Toledo. The cost to the city of New York tot en/ tertaining the Infanta of Spain will approximate about 112,000. During an ascension at Gait, Ont, the balloon burned when up about 1,000 feet. The aeronaut descended safely by means of a parachute. • ' Edwin Howe, a lovesick young man from Stratford, Out, took parts green and -succeeded in making himself very sick. The Mexican government has stopped, the construction of jetties d& the Kio Grande at Matamora on account of the protest made by the United States authorities against the work as the jetties were turning]the course of the river, which threatened to wash away the United States not- ervation upon which Fort Brown stands. ; Mjlss Charlotte Clapp, an elderly maiden lady living near Hartford, labors under the. hallucination that she is a "lost soul and that she can only enter heaven by being buried-" Twice she has-been rescued from a grave dug by herself in which she was endeavoring to bury herself alive> . Chinch bugs have practically ruined a great share of the Kansas wheat crop. Corn is also suffering badly. It is ezpected-that the arguments before the Behring .sea court at Paris will be coiv eluded within the next 10 day a. '; * '• : The wife of General Wesley Merritt, commanding the department^ of'Dakota, U. 8. A., .d.ied Monday 'evening at -Aberdeen. "" •'•» , fi , Ugbtning kiMed Lewi^ Yetu^ble and familz and fatally injured Jamefl Bell an4 Martin O'Neal at Aurora, J4<£ -- Dr. P. j PhiUlpson, a Jewish rabbi, of CJjaciunafl.-ia at war with, the oldest meio- bers of bis congregation on the Sha World'*' Colombian I^zposltlo^i. The Michigan Central will soil tickets frotq Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of sevoa dollars and thirty cents, for the round tripriitaited to Nov. 5th Children under 12 years of age, hall fa/e.' Tickets not good on 1, 4,10 or 20: If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma', heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick. headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for bis vegetable cure. Smith, the Photographer, lias some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on hand. t Mew stock Boughton's. of wail paper at Geo The largest} the lowest prices HYDE'S Drugstore A ftjll ^Issor tmeivt oi •,-. ,.' . -ff sizes. T lie best kinds ~ r Tek,on»aa haa more 'doffs to the square rod than an^c the* town, of like a!' * in Southern H^tgaoC ?hey are UM«siAbiattaa at *f ^ ^"^^™^^B^^7^P ^S rttjOwsant sftsISi' "*WW W4*p ncea on. well as Saturday, aad he has the solid i^upport o< the younger element of the churcb, - ',. A mpb of 200 masked inen took from and at reasonable rates V ' .... Truses fitted without charge for fitting at GREENE'S Drug Store 2R2 West State MARSHALL. MICH For Over I'lfty Team. •Miia. wfNSLow's SooTaiisfo' SfRCE.'Jias been sod for children teething,. It soothe* We cblfd, illnyi«-all jisiii, curei wtod callcf and i* the best ein'edy for dlarrKqcii; 'J>dnty-0?<B eehtf »Ji)ot- lnv Sold b) all druggists IhroughoiJt GrOOd aufpruer wood nt|1.75 per, Jcprdl at G t ?f t Grant's. '. . —- "'v : *•'' MICHIGAN fTENTRja Th* Megan T-A.-.LE, MAY. 28, 1893. Day Kx.i a,'m. too £alamfcr,oo. lattle.Creek.... 8 48 Marshal), Up... 3 13 Albion S8» Jackson.. 4 30 Dotrolt 0 45 ttrtttr Buffalo.. 55 laT Kif a. a. 7*66 7 48 8 17 8 98 9 40 1201 745 p. m, 780 11 38 13 TO 18 82 13 t>8 8 85 8-20 a.m. a 00 p.m. 16% 835 a.m. RATIONS. Mall UaC*lo a.m. Detroit, Lv 8 SO Jackson... 11 4() Albion ....1U A> Uanhall ..18 48 Battle Cr'k 1 20 falamacoo 3 08 Chicapo,Ar.7 85 • p.m. Ohio a*.* m M 00 15 88 1003 1023 1045 11 £0 4 10 p.m 6 80 p.m. 1 15 8 07 8 355 4 15 *;47 ff 10 p.m. Ohio p.m., .CCO 781 8.-15 838 903 950 a.m. 3 IS 6 10 S 55 613 045 1040 a.m. Ex.* •Hkv* >. ml 910 1900 6 88 13 81 108 146 285 756 p.m 746 1040 1121 11 40 law 1 10 *ta. v C. R. OSBOBK. Tlrkat Axeat. Cincinnati, Jactan 1 Mactoai Time, table taking effect June 4 1893. Trains pace Marahall M follow: TKA1M8 OOOIa BAST. *C .Vb.. 23, Toledo Express ., ........ ....... :« 27 a m S 8, Cincinnati Kxpreaa.i ..... . ........ 841 am " ^1, Mall and Kxpreee ......... , ...... 12 65 pa " »7. Local Freight ..... .. ....... . ...... Btynf,*' xiunra aopiti win. ' "' So. 22,Mall and Expresa, ............... 11 09 an " H, Olnolnnatl « B. O. Expreu ....... 8 81 p m " 84. Kxpreaa .......... ................ 1338am « 38, IxxjalFwight ..................... ««»» All trains dally except Sunday. HDlrect cooneotlonc are mad* at Toledo and «Cincinatl with all roadsdlverglng Trains 21 and Vt make go od connection at iton teith with the Q a. « 1., and at Alleean wUh the C. & W. 11 lor Grand fi!aplds. MnVkegoi TandiU points north. , F. B. OUA'KK. Ge C . ^Twen cecding C6Ht8. WATO, FOUND, cents a week for each notice ve lines. No charge leas than tw«ty •' " 7T— 1 ^——— •--'•tr-.,- i -v BALE CUBAP—Two' desirable'I , lots, Went Hanovpr street For terma _, i)iy to Oeo. H. White. - * MRS. A. J.*ALMADQE. A YOUW0 MAN wants work. Writing or any light work. Salary no object. ' * d J tf ., " ' f' O. bos 1050, ' ' W ANTED TO BBNT^Two or more ftiraiihed rooma or house near cycle factory for light housekeeping^. Addrean IOCK box Wl, JlarahiLll, -" W ANTKD-A slt Apply tp Jtffi, A. A. aion and bnind streets. tor general housework Ho" iolmeu, corner Mail F OJt SALB^-About 80,000 second Enquire of Uealu & Mann. W AMTJED—Ladies to solicit for a popular work, 40 per cent, special Inducements oucl exclusive territory a»d particulars can now be secured by udplylng at tU Grand streat. ajjont for « Ualtuit PubUe..tung Housti," for terms and poatofflc, byx other tresa W w» bjr , -*««»«*t.lj. An opportu- Will appoint you ejcoiu^lve ajieht in Inducenienta and parth> . *t}niili * Itea&Ar 999 «b*, ?re ffav* her Cafcw* When ah^wa»» caiUd,ftV-» cried for Caatoria. Wbw aha beo»£ae Ml«. k-j clmi to Castor*; Keamstown, W. V Shorter was tinder am&t assault a yoijing lady, • • • JJJB - - *"" wife, was a^ tfts^^^^Jpi^^V » -ft^% ^rf t S^fP 1 W 9 feS*^^ M%^ caU and test H|0 guilty of ttbootdng Pitched Castoria Mixed wood,

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