The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 16, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1893
Page 1
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1 . „• * *t \ of the Daily VOL. XIV-NO 259 MARSHALL, MICEU FRIDAY, JUNE 16. 1893 the Are Interested In trial bt Hayes. UP ITS'^EAD, i wagOi was -totaiiy 1 aestroyod Ivy tire,*- A 'neighbor's little giri was staying; in the house .and whssn tho family .reached' a place of safety seven childreji .w;ere Counted, being the number in Pettitt's family, and all were jrapposed to be safe. Later it was discovered that -his 7-year-old daughter was lefVijisidetoibe burned to death. Nothing. was 1'efVpf her remains but two or three pounds' of burned^flef^^^^titt^waa-badly burned in his efforts to save his family.-. Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Htehestof all in leavening strength Lato?t V. & Government Food fle- * i/A* a, ROYAL BAKING POWDER GQ \106WailStrJBet, UMPHREYS juii.. .-, Worm OoUc.... .25 .95 , .35 Cold*, Bronchitis. .35 Toothache, Faceacha. .35 Blck Headache, Vertigo. .25 or Painful Periods... r- ____ _ _ _ * * 15-RheomatUm, Rheumatic iPalna. 16-MaUrla, Ohflls. Perer and Ague...... Iftlcatarrh, | Jnflnen^, Cold In theHoad. 90>W1iooplnK Cough ....... • ----- — •— • ** ' BUMPHRBY8* WITCH HAZKI* Oil.. **The Pile plntment."-Trlal 81ae. » CU._ ™BoM by DraggtiW, or lent on »«lpt of price. A«n»i, H« p»ge«.) HU »«»«• *••• t PECIFICS Mf»« Ed Cnrry Commits Salcld« nt Mason —Ttie Husband Attempts to Join Her In tho Spirit •vVortdr-Excltement *t ttttskcgon C»u»o«t by Diphtheria. DETROOT. June 18.—The Hayes taut- der trial is becoming more excitiBg and interesting as ,it progresses. Only about on&-half of the witnesses fdr; the prosecution have testified, and a great deal of strong testimony has been heard in the case. • • ' •- - ••• , The courtroom was well filled with spectators during tike forenoon Tl day, and a mueh larger crowd attended iluring the afternoon. .There-has been a continual increase in the attendance of women at the trial, and in, the afternoon/they filled alHuyst^the entire space inside the railing. There were not less than 50 of them present. and,ittook aU ttio time of one of the Court officera, to supply constant arrivals with suats. Am<>ng the witnesses for the pbople who testified yeas Mis» Hannah Hannifin, who froni the fact of her being with the prisoner on the night the murder was cammitted has bec&me one of the central figures in the case. She did not prove a particularly good-witness for the prosecution. Her memory was very poor on almost everything the "prosecution wanted to know. She was very positive, however, that on the night of the murder durirg the time that Hayes was,with her, he wore a dark overcoat. She was also pretty certain that hejiad the-knife which it is claimed belonged to the murdered man ono week before the crime was committed. She admitted during her examination that she was engaged t6 be married to Hayes, although sho denied it at the time of the murder. It also developed that she baa been sending him flowers at the jail. When Hayes was tak.n from the court to the.jail after the ad-, journment yesterday afternoon a group j of women were waiting in the corridor , below and many of them mingled with the; crowd of men on the outside and followed him to the jail door. MRS. CURRY SUICIDES. Her Husband Attempts td^ollpw, But I» Tlestralued. MASON, June 16.—Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Ed Curry died with symptoms of morphine poisoning. She had been taking morphine for grip and was believed to have taken an overdose with suicidal intent. Her husband appeared- to,be distracted over his wife's death and at 0 o'clock-he wa& found in an unconscious condition. Doctors and neighbors worked with him all night and .all the morning, at times almost despairing of restoring him to his senses. , He finally became conscious, however, and admitted that be had attempted to follow Mra. Curry's example by taking two grains of morphine. ' Mrs. Curry's, suicide is supposed to have been caused by douiestic. troubles. Last fall Curry and Mrs, McBride were arrested on complaint of the batter s 1 husband* charging them" with adultery. The complainant failed to appear pij the day set for the trial and the defendants were discharged. It isi believed that continued jealoasy led^ttya. Curry to Jake' her-own life. Curry will »t list Show Cuuso. June 10.— Judge <Reill'y on application -of City Counsellor Speed, ordered tljd Citizens' Street Railway company to show cause why a tnah- damuSi should not issue compelling them to lay grooved rails oh the tracks they are rebuilding. , A new reniecJv haft created a aensatfon among physicians^by its wondeiful- effects in speedily curing every f onn »of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the du&afte so quickly, safety and euroly. Any druggist will get it for ybu. f Homes-for visitors to the World's Fair is the title of a neat little book, contain ing the adjdress of about 9,000 families, who vill accommodate visitors, also a list of hoteK illuHiratiul with large scale map, sold at'M. C. ticket office Price 50 scute. Bough-ton will sell I and ha.ig it for"you. you wall paper A Driveling Idiot. LANSING, June 10.—The committee Appointed to examine Mrs. - Minnie Herre, the Okeinos child miirderess, have completed their work and report that the woman 48 ; a driveling idiot, She will bo sent to the Ionia-asylum for criminal insane. .t Munltcgon.-/•' __..„ , J«rie : 10.^There is considerable exciteiiient over the death of Mrs. Charles W. Blackinaun of black diphtheria. The case was not reported until 150 persons had been... exposed/, to contagion, the attending'' physician claiming that it was a case of qulnzy. One of the woman's children was taken out of school sick and all pupils were exposed to the disease.' Two Reported Killed. - HASTINGS, June 10.—A heavy electrical storm passed through this section accompanied by hail, wind and the heaviest rain known for years. It is reported that lightning struck the house of a man by the name of- Richardson, living about four miles southeast of the city, killing one of the members of his family and a lady neighbor, who happened to be in the Jiouse at the time. The house is reported to have been burned to the ground. Spanish Caravels In Detroit. DETROIT, June 10.—The Spanish caravels will remain at the Michigan Yacht club, Belle Isle, for three days,, and public receptions will be .held every i afternoon and evening during their I stay. The Caravals rind the Michigan Yacht Club House will be free for the inspection of everybody. •„ ; From the present outlook the caravels will arrive July 1, but in any case the club will receive 48 hours' notice or their coming. ' Died After ani Operation, , June 16.—Calvin McMillan, eon of the late John McMillan, died at the Bliss hospital, where he has been confined-for some time, suffering with a cancer. An operation performed by Dr. Ostrom was of a most critical .nature, and the patient had not strength to rally from the shock. Deceased was about $7 vears, of pge, and leaves a widow and three children. He was a native pf Oakland county and had tives in various parts'of Michigan. The Mill. When anything you want to buy, Just cail nt Cbesher's mill and try, ..His cash prices will surely suit you. When any feed you ilo want ground, Call at Cbesber's mill, he Is always . around,; • •••. ••'' : , ; .- , , '•"•.'•;7 : ' •'- '" •' Anil he will try to please you.' VVefbuy i(or caa^h and scjl'fpr ca Auij that's what,keeps UH in.oup^bash . • ." •.••" ••"." ,. \ * ' * '•" "•"' •• s_ . . <• • ', you want the bestt refrigerator jr;H J earUi'fbt the least money KP to Bosiley's., Buy the genuine Pbilndaipuiu lawn mower »t Bosley'a. ' '•'-••-,'•_. Lawn mowers I paired at Boaley'a. sharpened and- re- tteiuoveil, I have removed my oflice to Eagle i block ; in the rooms f«rm«rly.o»3cufpiuil by Dr. Houston. KLIAS HEWITT. Get your tin war« mended at Schelly's tin shop. Gasoline sloven cleaned and repaired I at R. Sheley'o. Children Cry for Pitcher's Qastorla. A Brute In Jail. ADRIAN, June 15— John,. Jackson, a coal black African, is in-#a» charged with a criminal assault on Icla, Platt, wh0Hfl^4-yeara old; ' She lives with her father. William Platt. The assault la alleged' to h$y£ occurred during the absence of the woman's father at work. Jackson wew iibont to leave the premise§ upon Platt's return, on babies, -sore nipples, and jn ilamniatioti of the bream instantly re heved with Lavendar Ointment. N. A. Sherman, the old reliable uni /ersal auctioneer, is prepared to attend of all kinds.,, lie sells anything everything, household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds, and makes* a specialty of farm sales. If you have anything to sell call and see him. < • , - . — r— ; — r- Pon't get expited over .croup or quinsy wneii Lavender Ointment w]ll relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. ^25 and pO cents. STOCKIANTED TO PASTHHE Terms cheap, see or address, A- B. KING, Marshall,' Mich M? to»»£4a»«wt» •, ««*£»> £&* wwja&SFft ** waA*? »f* 8oU Hailstorm at Anu Arbor. „ IBOB, June storm passed" over, Ann Arbor day aJCjtento 01 * ^atpn* 4:30 o'clock. T«>-Tei*t the Twx Law, RAMJ^ June l^— Judge Eeu- ben Hatch* hias tak^n .prelimmary step? "to-tiaetttie validity pf the law reqiruig tax histories to be filed with deeds. He tax deed Suflorere from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and «*•" fectually remove every trace of them. Any druggist w'tt get it for you. Children Cry foV Pltcher'sCastorla- ' $100 for a pase ef Gjatarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner r yousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Curo w|U not cure. _ > ' " ~" ' • • • break up Colds Cou^ie^Qrippe a»d its with looked as if tiiey had .. „ i bullete. jjany^^dowa . over $xe eteam pipe? in waj burned o^it, Ate* wa| Mown ' Mill Burned. r JuaeHfi,—Seeley's hoop and mil^af-B'eaverton, « -"this village, b«rm Mr. . yipSs^FJi.J^P" 16 '^ 116 the state, nori»ajL school, res(^u4on8^t» t %rrecei^,i- I , sls ,« J ^Prosuaiwl Sjiyf^y^cofld^eni rs^.hFwiii. , ^!slwWy^ »»^i«^%j»a chjl4ye»'« iioiWi? f£ tixe bj^f, -. _. -"vy if " i, ^ 5 1,1 """""~ i~*~ *" ~*~ ' I---.*,,- •% x " tt ' ;-,c?"- % *"'. ' --..-•5-.S". •" ' . ~ ~-*r? . .. ,-. _n, > . - . '. - i^Va Bye .Mi?,a »|^ t " natuiallyTipped f ree,fr.oin all '"''*' ft ineritoripue article worthy < f th#

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