The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 22, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1892
Page 3
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THE DAILY oaKONICLE,,OOT€)l?ElV^^'189 •'• ' - • - • • - •* <•-..--. • .'. j, ..<... —..'. ...• ' .. - __»*•_.. .. <*• .-i. Local meteorological report takeli by/ 'i u s -rt«<:v>i.a tnriav fit l+rp.f>r>*»,V "rtnur store. ft»l, ?MMK .-.43* i W 56 M17U- WIND. SW SW f ,BUgh«at. 59, lowest, ?4. ~ , . By registering tnerraoiueter fpr the I«st84 hours. * BREVITIES. ' ',»Itving Udell has gone to Denver,. Cob orado. ( ,* ' . Miss Kate' Downs is a. guest at A.. 0. . • Cbarlw Harter, of Toledo* la visiting m this city, '' ' ' » Miss 'Julia Ho'gan is 'visiting friends Herbert McCourtie'is home from Ann Arbor for a slipi't " Nelion C. Day and wife, of Water_? " Tilte, N; Y* are risking at H. L. Day's. The 27th reunion of 20tji Michrgan 1m fantry'will be.held at Ann Arbor Oct. • WL ' " Mrs. H. I. Peck and son, Robbie, returned last night from a weeks'visit in Toledo. : Mrs. J, M. Shaffer and daughter, Hat- tip. , ot^Pennsyfvanla, are visiting Mrs.' . A. Peterman$,U pre'pariiJfit to to Ashville, V. 0. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. InEeraoH have re- turped frota their western trip. * N k 's v Miss Stella^Hirth, living tasjf of the city, died fuesogsv 'The, fnjieral tool? pIace«Tnursday aftsrnoon& * 5 jtfkev. B. K. Taber tfnd wjfe> returned from' Benign Harbor vhiji 'afternooni Mr. Tab'er will pr«sch tomorrow ing and evening. ' Marriage licenses issbect v Oqt. 80i Fetei C. Chri«linj)son and Hausine Schmidt, of (fowm, Ja^ amHStmna V. Mcltee, of Marshall. •* . • 0 Services at Grace qnttroh,, tJntyersa- list, 'tomorrow as follows*. Morn nig, 10:30, sermon. 4 "Suggestions for Autumn;" evening at 7 o'clock, sermon, ''UneventfttMitves*!,' -'•Me. ktevensft'iju the candidate' for°vice president on "the democratic ticket, speaks at 'Jackson Mtfuday.^evening.' Tho Michigan Central will sell tickets "for ontriai'fj for thu round trip:—, • • • ;"•', 'The Johnson House jvas sold lodivy/ •to A. D, MUhen, of Oofdwater, the con-' • is Mrs. Abel 'Goodwin.died Thursday night.' Her remains were taken to Parma for interment today.' ' , ,,,s; VVliere were the school- house ilags yesterday. Tho start and stripes tloat- ,, e'd from S&i. MaryJs academy, but not from'tbe public schools. • 'Mrs. Charles Pringle had a stroke of paralysis Tuesday and has been Iqrt ever .since. Her death .has •Ihourly expected all day-, as she' cannot a practical hotel man and will no doubt run a 'first class house. He wjjl ir.t. lake possession foortew ditys * ' The sale of the" Jolnispo Ik'nlse was eflecied by J. E, Nichols/ of, ,Tekonsba. Mr. Nichols ascertitmed'thtU Mr. ^llUfin was. looking for|a hq\6li brought liimj v over .here and inti^ouple 'of weeks bad matters satisfactorily arranged'iMw^eni' the two men so/ that' the -sale wrts",ef- iected Hoday. ,Mr. Kichola does not work for glory, but lie is a-hustler and if any person wauts, 'any' property bought or sold.lie is the man to^lo it. inventions, par have the agency for the sale of CLOAKS made from these popular g-oods, land" we w^. sell 5 them at very low prices to get>thein introduced here. — Every garment war* ranted 8. V. R. LEPPER, «"'« iii 4 -v *s «• ' i ' '* The Statesman, demoted nearly twice as much apace tp M^Jftlis' speech hs it did v to Mr. 'Pjupjlev's, but , there -was more than that difl'ereuc« to! ween the * speeches \* ^Altion "people my tlmt, they had the largest crowc} in' the city yesterday that was ever seen there, The town was 'crjQiwdjpd-wjih' people all^on .account of the Ctifuinbu* day 'celebration ,' " '* *••'"' "*i Justice 'iillotsoQ intended to gut an injxinjttion preventing some of the uioiu- 8 of the building committee Iruni ^'ij^ On their orders, a,* Hoeker has decided that aup.t»'r- ;vuor" arc not eptitled to uoiupeuaation for -•TTice.s'perfprnied ttxceptiug at^tbe . regular sessions. Mr. Tillutnou was too late ,as tbe orders had bm*u casheit be- f . t SV* A * t» <k * J of tieularlj, the telephone, Wednesday, when thw mayors of Jfe.w Yqrk and Cliicritj" talked with each other ovfer the loujj distance telephone line 1 which Was opened yesterday between the two cities. P«jrs£fn* at th,e Chicago ertd yt' the MUM' ItMunod to a cornet' HO}U playt-d in* New A«rk..« A number of reiuarkablu t- wisre perfonwert^ The tick, held *up tu thi^U-aiisiuitter in N«w V-4>rk was distinctly hward in Chior'go iod '» whisper, tfwjphe thw "f.tct tliui it ,| Vo , (50 ,„,,„, ^ vv , n . . v ^. . M \ '•»-,. • ' ' I know that I>am a little far x to • , ? > , ;, , .• * > the East eitf .butas our cit\P i , „ * •< ? j s , A • i ' ' r iiig wte must ^ spread out, "vre all hot do 1?usm^ss f in the q^iiter, ttwill pay you if in want ^of __ ' '*"', - ' Hardware to give ine a call* ' ^^ «. »•> • » ' 1 "-» rit of • j, Tho.coiuuntiee ty settle, wjlh the i^pprtud that they found the t ruas- urej'S- aucoiyits jcoi'rect and books m fore'"h^idt started. 'These orders all read; payable February first- and the question arises bpw do the supervisors manage to .gel their: pay white wait. t j ' ,^e8,terday was field d^v'wijl^. the '" ril «of --supervisors, Everything" weut "mg tbe peqplt;*' tuonej. T^e probably thoughV^iat Cokniibqs (Jay should be celebrated iu^some way nnd buying a lot of dead horses would be :as gooil.a way as any. It-staritd «ritb a motion tp allow Mr. Wiusxir'^ "bill Jfor defending David Walkiubhaw i tbe three coruerVd. fight ihat-topk place between Messrs. Walkinshaw, Sanderson and Prent|oe regarding water at tbe i, jail t and court bouse^'This was . . . . two carloads of Acpra Cooking <& Heating Stoie^itapiclc : Over Ori^Miilion of these Wo in use^' B|^yy body is to GoXis at *m$ Sialesrobin and ia> » t • '*"' / • » -• . . * spect m^ )iiae of goods, I alfie The treasurer presented ^^Mr^Heniy, offered- a teso^utioa-j city and townfehip bu authorized U> a physician to caro-for; the itit<|igent poor, to be paid a price to'be Agreed' between 4he Supervisor .and phymuian, and-that all. bilhj qitiBt be cWtifiiid ^i by the gopei;Visora be^ foro, foing .^aW by luperiftteufiejit «ff'poor. - -The yesolutiou wlw lai<J-°on the table,- ?• The'goliliei-s re^of coijimi-ssiou made itf, icepprt whidS wa's Jiceeyted and adopto«J. Th'e supervisors, wero^authprijspd to spread rolls' a tax of poifo^eiitt) of-oiie make a; wonderfiil Coffer in plateft ' : ' ' .. •' ^*'' ..'..' ' ' • gooffs this week, . East. -State BLOCK, V- upon \fai dplluc for the dyldi^rs* relief fund. Mesara. ^cNiiry, Flint, S. Allen, Murk- ham antl Underwood ^re appointed 't&'i^?^ n the-state and pounty taxes. •'"«'' The kijecial- conHiuttee "on electrjc repdrted in faw>r of r imply."a personal light iVaUtjto'gsbaw ii'^d tbe The formerwahted the tramps worked and the iheriff refused to do so, L the 'row; which brought on tbe law ; swU ; in tbe end. If it was a matter" <nr the oQunty to defend the 'prosecutor aboait^ttave doniB* St. Mr,, Sojutb worth .alto P^l;in at^lor services,'whicb'the imittee cUsaiiowed as it ^.d Mr. iV'e apd jail wilh electricity provided itr'coufd be done for 10 per cent lese than at .jireseut, , referred the question to the building . Tbe report waa,%c>ceptea. Waptuian, Simmons fin4 O'Hara were appointed'- cooiinitte'e oil cbuipensa- tiou. - ' . . ' " wake a motion to allow bis, so ho will b*ve toippk Ukioia client, as Mr. Winsor ^"4 bad njit the county shouldered Cbeei, '"Mf./ Ttiowpson resurrected aftarrow bifl an4 a post morten et- > .•" f ».i*._ t**_ »»a ii «. . t- ; _i_ re« f ulteil in b showing that It was still alive. It wa* HJke4 over lor some time aod allowed. If J. M. Hughea bad presented hla,old bUl lor expenses to iojji*' ox Ungene Wydkoff his witness fee bOji yiif tentey Ibey would bave Went claims, bees.uke provide for them, but eo«iunittee. CKKHEMN UBI tfS' SEQW Y0UQUE BOY'S, YCWTH:S & GENT' ', We Are yp.v B-eccVi_i_e oar Immunae MOB pf , < ' ' ", ' • "V •. •Hoard aiet at 10'a. tn. / ' report of tHe committee on aities apd adapted. The rcportpf the 'comuiittoe ob equalization pite t^iien frona tbe table. Mr." Freeman "presented a, minority report which Wi read by I^r.-Henry. , This report raised tbe , valuatioa'of Battle- Cr^ek city «* per cent instead 'of tea as-teporto<l by the uiajority. Tbe motipn' to ftdopt tbe minority rei¥>rt wasloat, - ] t * - The majority report was adopted by a vote ' Mr. Curtis offered a resoltttio.u that th.e aenatura and repreaentativeb in tuie be requested to u»e all proper efforts to pass. laws to abate the traiflP nuisance. Mr. Cox xnoved that $100 .be added to tbe ••alary of the probate cler,k, naaVini tbe gal- «ry |500 as heretofore, which motion prevailed. • M - . Tbe clerk, tteaaucer, proseocmUui,' attorney, and janitor w«re ftllowed 'to draw theii Mia- altprwy, was aUowed' to ' LI Three" QtatJjiu^JVijjjiufiictui'j^s in'Rosb.^^^.and,recently closed \Vc-ar8 11 late i-ii re.eeiv'ing tbesq Uecause we did' not l»uj:' a«,d July. .,liut wu g<jt .them at prices. tb*t /will •' &$• fia'trbub tU* full. "'.';'. . ">.' ' ' • • * " i" '-. "* " f "*- t .» *' •- Qpr lii}^ o|.MeflC"a'»t.Tailoripg surplus JLJujreua*$e'd iu Nesir .Ysr^ , an'd merits iaspec-iiuu. -, Our Stj^e, -Fit, and FiaisL are •ft<i» ' butuever txgelltfj ' -- t •- '".•', - tiftst loeattoa pied bf Joba Botlar. gjij price M*ly T|ie best Perfume* always in stock at (J. H. .e's Drug store- es iire inviteci

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