The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 15, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1893
Page 4
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THfi XJAILY CHRONICLE, -;f i' *«-*U "* ^ 4* --' \,« Both the niellipd and results Syrup of Figa is taken; it is pleasant, jura refreshing to the tastei and acts" gently yet promptly en the Kidneys, Liver and. Bowels, cleanses the sysi- tem..effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of Its kind eye* produced, pleasing to the taste and ab- ceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its. effects, prepared only from the nioal healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. . • Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 hottlea by all leading drug- giflte. Any reliable driiggist who may toot have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one Tfrho wishes to try it I)o riot accept any substitute.' ' -. , s . - CAilFOWiA FIG SYRUP CO. S4fl FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE. KY. NEW WRK.N.Y. AXTED— Faithful gentleman OT lady tyo fta . slst In office. Position peinmnpnt Railway fare advanced bora If engaged. Encloau reference and scK addrgmd stumped envelope THE NATIONAL, -S3 McVioVer's BuIMfitfr, Cb' " ' Wide'-awakc workers "vefywliere for "SHEPP'S PHOTOGRAPHS, of the WOEIiD.'HJio greatest book ou earth.; costing - K , ' ca *fl of'lnstnlinients; mammoth, lUiif>tratod circuit*™ and terms • free; daily -output over 1,500vol. uiiips. Agents wil* with .su-erpsfl. Mr. ' cleared $711 In RIWK ADAMS.* »»»»»»*« itu.*. XAW^D - ^ ii te*; Rev. J. HOWARD M AMBON, Lyons. N.' 8101 In 7 bonrs; ft bopan/.a;.. magnificent outfit o'nly 81.<il>«P 11. A- nTATiT fl Boohs on credit. YratRhl'fll IflP. W H i piild. Art. Globe Bible"* Ulu H UIlUIJ Pxiblishingf Co., 723 Chestnut St., Fhittt.' Pa. or 358 ilenrborti St., Cttlengo, 111. When you want n whisky fbr luodiotuni use *ou want it pure, "Royal Ruby" Rye is gunrnntcGd.. y>iiro in cverji., pftrtioular, tmd, reconhnended for tlio invTilid and the con* vnlcBcent. (Bottled at distillery.) ROYAL WINK, CO., CHICAGO* For sale by F. G SeaimuY it Co., druggists, Hon. \V. V. Luous, es-v'taU' Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have .used Chamberlain's Cottgti Rerhe'dy iu my family nnd hnfc no hesitation in.enying it is nn excellent remedy. I believe all that is claimed for it. Persona afllicted by n cough or cold will find it a •friend." There is no danger from whooping c'ough when' this-remedy is freely given. 2 and 50 cent bottles for sale at Greece's drug (#019, .:'...' FOUND, BTC. w A L L FRESH, UNIQUE, TASTY DESIGNS, UTwcnty cents a week tor each notce not ex cccdlng flro llnus. Noreharge less thud twenty: 'cents/. '••' • • ,. '•• '-' :•• , • ".-' • ' . • ••.'•' •'. SALE CUEAP-;Tw6 <k>»lriil>lt> btiildtng. lotl<; Wuet Uauovor etreot. For termo apply to Ooo. II. White. . •» '"• MHS. A. i. TALMADQE. SHILOHS CURE. Cares Conmmptlon, Coughs, Croup, Sore Throat. Sold by all Druggists on a. Guarantee.. Fora Lame Side, Back or Chest Shilqh's Porous' Platter will give great satisfaction.— a 5 cents* . SHILOH'S VITALIZER. Mrs. 'T. B. Hawkins, Chattanpogft, Tepn., says : eontldertlthebeftremedvfaradelraitatedsustem I eoenutd." For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney troubleTfcexCelfl. Price 75 cia. ILOH'SACATARRH JT^REMEDY. Have you Catarrh? Try this Kennedy. It will positively relieve and Cure you. Price 50 cte. This Injector for its successful treatment is furnished free. Remember, Shiloh's Kennedies are solU on a guarantee to give satisfaction. Sal e by P. O. SE ABfljA N & GO. "Royal Ruby" Kye Whisky is "a Bye aa is a Rye," naturally ripened and free from all foreign flavor and adulterants,'guaranteed pure and over eleven years of age, recommended to the connois aeur as a rcentorious article worthy of the confidence .of invalids, convalesscfnta. and the aged. Sold only by,?.. G. St-auiap & Co, Efruggistg. New potatoes at CuQuiu}{haui's. CARTERS iBK* Bfi*d»oh« and relieve alj . •4t-nt *o a, bilioua state of the s/gteai auch Bl»rineM, Nftuiea,' Drowaiiwai. • Diattowj tTtef fating. Fain la th» flidft &a. WhUe their Bjoet ^mirt»m» snrnj^i t$j) begnahowii in outuig SICK Uoho, yot @»teV« I4^e WTW yot fto ually TaltfaMft In •venting til is anno ftr» cuxi&cr aAd pve^ t, -while theyaj^l JlTerafldwaulateUiebowela. Evan if they only -.-** "ijm Hiijr^lpr ^nany w^yetUatUicy will not be wit,«o without them. . ^inaoy Urea that hweta whM* make o^ i ;•«* ttoaat. - • <->»o (y'-tw-apiUa w|»iJa.'4Qiw, 'ittaswSfe.'ido »o> grii* « i Children Cry for Pitcher's poetorla,: djU VOUNO MAN wants work. WrtttDR or nny light work. Salary no object. Address,' . P. U. box li>60, dtarahall, Mich. W ANTED TO KENT—Two or more furtttelied rooms or house near cycle factory Tor llgh.fc '-- Addree* locK.'box 101, Marshal], Mich. F Oft SALE—Al)0ul,,80,tqo reeoud band briclt. of Hoots it -Miiun. ITASTfiD—Ladloe to solicit for a popular f work. 40 per ceut, special inducements ii exuluttlre territory und purtlculuta cau now l)o eccurud by adplylog fti cW Qrantl strem. ; eciul iigtiil for a Uulruit Publlatung tluuau, T7OR SALE—A Klmball orj;an. JL other particulars urs. For te and W ANTED—CienLs iiuiuudlutuly. Au opportu- uity. Will uppoiut you uxoiuslvo agctit ill an assigned torrilor>% luducuuiuutij un-J panic uiars t>> uppiyiiig attfSS. Urnud street, bmall itM'urity ruquireii. special ageut of a Detroit \\ T> 'ANTED JMMEDlATELY-Uirl H> do llghl bouseworii, J1H8. hOBEUT II. WAUD, Kh Muiisiou Hlreut. OST—Tuesday, May :JO, 6t'tween the resl- deucu ol lieury Walkiasbaw iu Couvia aud i'uruhal! city, A new poukui A eultable reward will be paid for its return to thu Chronicle office. I7»OH SALE CUB VP—All sizes of hogsheads, A good for cisterns and water tauka. In- at JOB. Qramer's Eagle Brewery. l?t OU SALE—Secpna Uuud three burner gaso- r line atova and oven. MBS. H. M. MBKBILL. W 'IIY. pay rent when you can buy, a lot 09 , i. Martin and Hatch's addition and nave a house built to auit you, »iii pay for, it in suial ingiithly paymunts, For information call at of ficu of J. M. Hatch, over Wm. Jiartiu's store. A'JJtl TO aBNT-After May 1st. For into oiution enquire of J. E. ' SALXcUEAP~New top-buggy. L OS>T—Sunday, iu front of Mra. C, K. .Bent ley's on North Marshall ave., a child'a'cape, Fi'i't'sr pleoau leavpat this ottico or Mrs. Beufc ley " • Gel your wall paper and paints a .Geo Boughton's new store. Wall Paim Pie largest stock ime lowest pricey HYDE'S t-j T*. ' I . ~ A ftjU sizes. —.i •)—-i at 03 fitted ai 252 Wegt StatP MARSHJ^I.^ MIQH eanje for I* E B Lowest : Prices. Call and Be Convinced; M, B. POWELL CHEAPER CAS FOR LIGHT. TO CONSUMERS t)F GAS FOR]FUEK The Gas Company anounces th^following-reduc tion in prices of Gas\for LIGHTING wherever Gas s used ALSO for COOKING or HEATING to take effect on and after SEPTEMBER 1st 1892. GAS STOVB RATES, $1.60 per lOOQ.cubio Ft. For all Gas consumed where a GAS RANGE need. For all gaa consumed where COOKING or HEATING'STOVES are nsod and the moutbl) consumption is not leas than 1000 cubic feet. B at s for Gaa used for LIGHTING ONLY remaiu unchanged and^aro as follows: Less than 1000 cubic ft. in one mon h, $2 0.0 per 1000'cubio ft. 5000 cubic ft. and less than 10,000 cubic'ft 1 month $1 90 per 1000 10,000 or over, I month $1 bO per 10QO cubic ft. (cubio ft. All the above rates are subject to a discount of 10 ots per 1000 cubic ft when tha month* bill ia paid in or before the 10th of the month next following, , • Tha above special rates are made to induce consumers to ose gas for oookinj and heating as well as lighting. '•'"". Experience Prooves The ADV A.NTAiGfE of Gas For - Ooodng Over Every Other Fuel iu Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, Quickness, Convenience. 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL^ SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A d ia court of 10 per. cent will, be made frpjo regular prices oa all bills for GAS Fixture* or inside piping ordered and competed from ^ " -^\ 1st 1892, to'April 1st 1893, The MARSHALiI. LIGHT Co. <& Happy and content is a home \vith '»The Ra- chesUr; a lamp vith the light of the morning. Catalogues,write Rochester LaimpCo..NewYorfc. Bocpmmonded torCiim- lort, Support aud ffluo , ima cambliaee the feuturtm of Corstt i JACKSON FAVORITE c.q.o, WAIST istanchwornbywowon "to beautl- 1 It. 6<»t, m k-H. Qreeue's Drug store- : work, Bbop oppos (GIVES 'FRESH- /CLEAR ciu-""''. SKIN, *p.$"..-. C O N S T1 PAT i O N Sf Nt> I G -6. S T ION, D I Z 7. I N E <=.'-, SUPT.ONS ON 1 HE SK JN ^'UTiflES ^C OM P L E X i :. ;• j • v •.I •' _;' ., r i '* . , I When aha tosaroe ¥'«. «h» ciung to Caftoria. k'

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