The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 22, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1892
Page 1
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."•r I. MARSHALL, $CH., SATURDAY OCTOBER 22,1892 POWDER Absolutely Pure. yf tartii-bakhig powder all ife leavening stre'trcth , latest U. & Government ?W R«- forf. , , f ^ RO.YAI, BAKING ^OWDEft OC/ ". . IOC Wall Street,\N. Y/ — r-; - •" ~'-£>~r-r«?~^- $600REWAB0r r , UT«C Complain [>rm«r «a.i<t o piipi, »io« aaadaAiba, I a , or C'OMlreAcu w« rait* _-, «mr« with w«at'» Tacaubia Urar FlIU *t** tfc»4J»owoMjir« v iUrB«y oompjied with. , MtuboUoa. Sijtar «o«t«il, Largo buzuk e Utalng SO pllU, » auati. Bew»re ofoowotor iutloft* Ttte rxalni- ra»a«lao;uriU Hira WKT^MPAXT, Oulc FonalebjA O Uj-dt, Mur.balt, Mleh •• •-,i!,:t AilLv..;. ft .:• u*-- A Uuwiatatd Ouro for J'ilt** of yb'at kind or dMTaa.-'-ll.rWrnal, Internal, Blintt or BUeittn;:, rmadr «u poidnrtly aer>r been knawu to. fail. 31,00 a box, 4 bozai tor JJr.OO; seaf*ft.wall pn.-. paid on recalpt of priu«, A vrritleu Uuaraut«>j IiofltlTeiy riTea ta a%eh i>tucha8er uf ti boxeri, when uufeliajad at j>h£ lima, to tb« *5.P9 paid if not £mted. - .lUdarsrium i«uttU by A. <>, At«Je, /MftMhuU. Hich, C»ULf»t, »»4»p.le. Health is Woaltk t)a,S. C. ft guaranteed a lflo fo*,try« Dial/. w *, , WarYoui Prodtratloa caused by' alcohol or tpbtwcp, VTakef illness, MeotaJ X>«- Bottenlnjf. pt*l»e Brain roiultlng- iu ' to ' r', decay, aud ,de»tU, a§, i.t>ga 6f power !• LoB»e.i aud Speraxator- by or«oexartion of tha brain, self •bn«o OTarjuduJgence. Bacb box coutalnl UD^J ?°*.V<& t ' re *J-? 9 ""-.,* J - tw * box.^or alx hoiw fpr $5.00, aent by ttall prepaid oa rMelpt of prioo 1 W£ GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To care any CMS. With each order reocired by at (or aix boxes, Accounted with $5.00, we.wll •ana the part-baser oar written guarantee to re (and th6 «xoo*y U tha treatment cloei not attec a cura. . (juaranr eea -taaued .oaly^ & y A . U. Uvrto .DmggUt attd gols Ajjeut Man-tall. J^ich. \ DH. VWLA CREAM ., Fraoldae, Pitaj Uvar-Mol.,, BiaflWi; _... ^Wiburn »Bd Tin, «ud re- 4<n^i lie akin to its original fraliness, producing a ^MIT and btsaltby (Minx- legion: Superior to all fuce ' *n3 J*rf£«*l/•' '* 6«nd (or Ciroulw M * . BITTNER GORGEOUS FINA^p: A F"iery OfoVfn Cf»ps Chicago's World's^Fafr- Fete, v * t.* GRAflD DISPLAY OF PYftOTECHNJCS The Three Great Parks Made <* -tftnwusly SriHiatit With, Bombs and Set Pieces, five Tliotigand Rockets &t B *"llght— "Old Glory" Glows in Trl-Colorod Fire {8,000 Feet In the Air— World's Fair IJulldlngs, ColuuibuH* Departure from l*alo» and I^udliiB at Sail Salvador Lfmnod In I4ne« of I.u»tre— Hotnbs Five Feet In Circumference— Meeting of the AVorld's • Congress Auxiliary — ArchbUliu^i Ireland'* Addressi-^Celebrations Elsewherfi, tliededl- cawry ex^reises closed with the mo^t brilt- ittni'and gorgeous Ulspjay of flrewrirksevcr giveu'iuthe world, "fa 'avoid the'couc^n- tmtloa pf a mass of peojJe this display Vras divided {n|K)-threii paH^aud given ,in«H many par^ of the'World's fairdty. A dls.- p^ay was gUven at \VfelMBgtou park on the south, !<inco In park onthe north, and Garfield park on the w,est 'side The largest FllJKWQltKS AT-^IXCOI.X I'ARK. crowd congregated iit \Vnshiugton p:irk, which wus the most -accessible' ffpm the heart of the city but it is estimated that n'.. le*4t.h«ji s(W,(X)0 people siiw^ach -of th. -i- distylny,*, At 'a o'clticjc the heavens eoni- menced?y to ussuuit, tb« fiery cunppy that ' IIOTII theutrtalLassemblies Ltpon these the bunt pjratecbnlcal arti^fs in the world Itavf f>c-eti Workiiiw for six months, and their efforts wait' awarded in tbemagnifl- Bent--dh»iJlftj- the-, inatie. v _ ' ^ Sonic RCIIJ ukablu <J«t I'l€»«-M. Thefii^tof tfo >se occupied ^,(1011 squard feet of «prtce and bore the itisnriptfon Jh flC«" "Chitttgo \V>Jtqine? the- Nations of the Karth—WMfj^ ^tipprtWpd by frwo A)iu>i(ran t»rt£l<»s,above which Were brought oiit the^ontline^ of tTio various \V<»t'MV fair buildings 'J 4 lie*i *t -»>t {>}#«•»> wiih* an aten i;f 2.SOO Mfual 1 * tWf if-i)i«-s(Hilecl1f)( (lie the vul- ing of Cdhimbiiolrom Palos, atid jllustra-t- ed his tli'et, t»i«' 1'nita Suutu Maria and Nm<t E\ i-ry few minutes the colars of the fire changed alirl as it burned the« enth»««i- aMn of tin- dlrtooki'rs vvas^ almost wild. Tin* \MI^ the largest set pieie js\er Jmriied in tiie (jistoiy of fituuorkx A 1 * a wtuipan- ion PIPIC thp Umrtfn«of tlie j<rene discoverer ,piV,Sau Halvitdoi' ^vaS given. N'uigara falls was nlco gi\eu iti Hit'. presL-Dtihg a cataract tfiifti-t in U-n^h of (£«id«n ,,>i|)ray and fi ( )lt)un«un cflcct ,11^61' before equated. There weiv al« u many other devices and dwMgflq, nnn when JO o'clock had paused, tht 5 most* ulHbotatti' Hi^jvork*. display that binned closwl wjth the great Co* boivjtift-uf ir>,ll<Kf WORLD'S" CONGRESS y that the world ever.suw. display opened with a, &<\\ut^jf-~l<o51il^ icieh wriel inaroous which'exploded at ™. altitude .of 800 fees, J^IK! .sent->a bhow'er of Jh'i f tt«»-n Thuutfun,^ ICoclitilii at a Time.- .,AsthU4i«d J*way,«i5)li, par,k 'suddenly forth iiiVmagifaljlhuninationfroni prismatic lightf)' Ijryil by felegtritiitjC li«ift^coloiin live tit|ie* and, thrqwiuiC ,o^itr-the; trwk 'the tints*/6f the national -QOtura «nd-'the ne'w.U-, ad,t>T>ted' muncipul t«frr?i co,tta, »9nhen 5tw "flvifyouml rocjcetsi rushed into- the sikie&from from eitch <jf ait* ttiree parks, blending with-their various t,int« in (jig heavens. F|;oni time to time.* th«! parks-were .brilliantly iiluruinatej, with «" io ?*'4 ^ftr*** i" generou* quantities,One of the crowning featuigs," of the uuiftrvelous displa^va's the raagniflcant •'Columbian bo'uquee* made by thpfiigmv of 15,00)? roqkets-5,000 at the same moment fremieach of the three parlts. This i^ the/ largest fl^ht of rockets known in the history .of the world and Its beauty cannot is? fully described in words. KverytIiiji K ~WM£i»p«rlativ«~. Kor two minutes the effect was seen in every part of the t-ity and for miles'around it. Tht heavens w'ere turned into a, sea of flns in-eyery color of the rainbow and:form-. Jng tb* moat gorgtsoij^ canopy that evil- clothed any city on either continent. Jn^eacb of ^e parka- ffafe bombt»hella, sixty indhes" in .cirejanftjreuce and weighing Impounds were thrown from mortars to an altitude of TOQ feet where they 'expjtodfed, fqrming a picture . pf marvelous gyandwir. c4EUese were'the largest bombshell* ever madebt this kind. One of the most novel and new of- thft-,many featured on the pxctgraimpe was the star spangled ban,ner in- fireworks' noanng in the sky at ap altitude'of 3,00f> A Pyrptechuic . The£ag Ayaa SOO feet in length and presented a design never before attempt? d in' aerial work. They were attached to balloons under the direction of Baldwin, of Quinqy, HI, the famous aeronaut, who took one of then»iflto the 'heavens himself When at thffproper altitude" the fla^h fuse was ignited feqn» the baUoon.-«ad upon reaching the suspended flag, "bid Glory 1 ' wd forth 'in »U ita radiance, awonder pyrotechnics without' a precedent. The lag bwnad for flve miuutes, and ii is-safe to say that the American flag -feever- appeared before in a poaitjon of such exalted " Her that brought outawe]a|th-p| The 'Ii)t('Ilci't)i:il ifniiu'h ol Hie <<r«at 'iliiiw-* OI>J«*t'fsi <tf th« Congr«M< ^ * By no'mwtiH the least mteietting or im« S pqrtrtiit of the iimuginlit Cfjenioiiies eou- .nectetl with the great C'olumbfiju exposition wt-ie- those of thf Woild'sLonferesa aux-, 'iliary at the. AuUitoi iiini, last e\ i^i)ing The dedication7n \\m .iftem-ooil of that putt of the exposition to bedi>><nedto"thecomme£ clal and mti:hanicuLj)m>gre<fe of the world was followed'in the e\ening' t>y the inauguration t f aiiQthei — the intellectual hi.indi-i-vtiiosc ut.hif\emeiits aie expected to be 1 ' grand aflil lasting. Tli.e 1 «nterprise has fnlistMt : in its suppijrt tbfe brilliant. in*i)«i'* in the intellectual world; has been ivroyiity.ed by rHe natiiiniU goyerti-' ijiciit nsthw proper Ui5*-'|icy to cuiiduct grcii international con vent ioiis.tut be helddnrih,J theAV'dflii's fair; tu provide places -where 'the leaders of thonglit muj cons living nutations of tUihjr various , ijivnt-,; for |«)|JU.lAiMneetiilgs and tu .securi} the |jul»IKatJnn of tli^^yroceei.ungs of suc,b CDiixivsMts ils a Viilitalilt- and enduring luetmirial oT tl)e fftir. Mr*. I'.ilniei'h Model \Veli-ouii-. • The grwjt bull was iiuidetjiiate (•oinnic,d;ition of thustt who desired to tu^e I>art j/i t J-ip •|)roiM-i-dingK, j>i)ijiilj4 - iiii.erest .in LbeofciLsiiiti being •Ireiglitent 1 il^ s l)y -the ttn.- St.yPaul, 'would deliver the principal atl* ijf the evonin^. Tiie 'ohenint; iirvot-a* t ion wtfa delivewd by the Hev. Dr. J. .11. Uunows, chairman uf thegeneml commit- U-e of th« auxiliary on ivligirnjs c-oitgi-esses. After the'wejcoiije oii behalf ^f thu world's (- - r '• SS}U| - X y '>" was CA-u-mlwl by Mrs. K.tUr Palmer, president, rts friflows; "The Vwpinqu,!j*JjiBaiifih of u umrvelous pm-iri-ss of" womuh ,ljie last" Inn r centiirit >, unitt-s. iu<i.-,t coi- fliallyin 1hi^ i^ivi-tijiy, itlid .s^iuiN vi • latiuuVto flu- k««ler.s uf thirt pn>(uv>s fn all ' ' f?l>oke lu iloiioi' <>| y Mrs. <'ims. Jlenroiin, tm p *hf woman's an xfliarj^ folio VM-f\^vith a salutation in "IwioVpf Qitt-eft [wj,l)p]iu, jn the coin-be of wlnt-h .she said; •*'n 1 e a.ssisfs «wt- \\ hirh ColniyJjus^cj-ixAi frrau Queen Jsaheljiteiuibkd hlni to rliWpvrt- and reveal the American continents. . The aid which pnlighteuwd womanhood, (hecmmj of this new age, now off«,'r.s ta^lUueii, will i-uablo tlmn, -eNpecjally .the '{piling millions, to lindin their; own couuf ricvs Jtew worlds of iiite-llect uallmtl m materjul prospoiit x tion.s HUI] tbe rifl> fruiiaieol peace. ' . Introducing thf orator of tbe evening, Arch.Wij.hop Jrejuud, President l^Uyuiy said: ••2 dediciuitjn crivmonies of the" Wood's ii e\]ioM'ii(4i).vt'buia ht- jnt-ompli'Le i imijM-f .pff. serial ion of the plans aud purpow^ of the'World's CQUKIVSS auxiliary, the' pn> n»«de amf nuceiWds 5 siu-ed. The auxiliary th«Tfnri',srmxlit for jMwlrp.reM'UtHtion an \vator"einiaf to the oc^tusion 4nd wliobc name woold command 'attention in the old world as • well as in tha ue\v. Such jiiLAfrator it found in the Most J^%.John Ixelitud, archbishop of 'St. Paijl, whq will u,ow deliver the oration on the Warld's cougres? of 1893," , We carry a full Jiufe'uf fiinoree & Sniith'Si A. L\ McGra-wnt €o/i aud K-enuard & Son's fine shoes. I have all the peasim'd ice bills .out antl woul«j4« plea«ecl to Jinve those iwwg we cwll and settle. -"-"--/ v ,. ,j CURE , Htlws*. SICK yet CarUr". X4ttt» *|: nabla in Co&aUyatt« •»nQojlngc»a«l|tt ifcotdow WIIUMOJJI '«< MlA r»gUlftt<l tiM taWMfc, fad Md «Ht MMftttte ^ JIM ?* V. Healthful, Agreeable, " ~ ", Ourw HamtU,.yrowUU ( Bay***. AMERIGIN FAMILY $€tet for General MICHIGAN Q .TIME T,A '.LE, JUNE 12, STATl.OKa, Unl] ».ra.<a.». ia ogj e ae r ..... ip.m. p.m. 7 4(J i anl « u 40 Uetwll, Lv » 30 Jaolcson. ..11 3U 4JHoa..,.IU 10 'k 1 U5 05 Clilcat'o,Ar r p-ro. ood will. oJ .lore ..t

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