The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 15, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1893
Page 2
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?i r-V 15, teas DAILY CHtlONlCKE-. TBRHS OF Dttily, OH* year thr«tigli B*. O...W ?tt D*<lr, delivered, 1O <sent» per week 'received at the offlte "* pnb manpra; Aft ft Sslust'hftcl* frotn fitirope that Tprayg freing take »tlon 15i State street. j. M. MOSES, P&bHsnaf, A FATAL HONK Serious Wreck oti afi Ice Train at; the World's Fair. . toibting about a> reconciliation between herself „ and husband. It will be recalled that theDrayton-Barrow dueling episode, in which Harry Vane Milbank mid the Marquis De Mores Were mixed tap, was the sensation, of last fall and resulted in the separation ot the Dray- tons. v . ' ' B is understood that Mrs. prayton's Bisters, Mrs, JlooseVelt and Mrs, Van- tterbilt Wilson, are extreniely anxious that the estranged couple, should become reconciled, Oji the other hand, .Mrs. AstorV'thgr mother of Mrs. Drayton, is so indignant .at her daughter^ conduct in bfitiging : ab9Ut the scaii^lal, .that she left ' 'fojr Newport -bef dire; tue daughter could .see liiir. • ' Robert Shelley htts opefleda tin* 'shop in the building forffiwltf ocoupjied as a meat market, opposite B. &. MuVphy's store. Give- him a call when in need of any tin work. W 'ANTKD—A girl for general Apply tb Mrs. A. A. Hoi meg, comer Matt' eion and 6rand etreels. , Nolle** to CyclUtu. llie practice of riding bicycles on the si.dft walks must be .stopped at once. Any pcrspns violating tiie lavir in this respect do so at tlioir dwij peril,. ,;Keep off thei walks and Save trouble. • PETER.HOWE, Marshal. THE OOtJPLtNQ HH GAVE WAT. Two Sled* l^avo' Their -Track aiid Ar» Dashed to the'Ground llelow-—One Dead, tiv« Terribly Ittjpred—Two of the letter tftkf Die. CHICAGO, June 15,—The first serious accident einca the opening of the fair Occurred -on 'Midway plaisance at 6:30 "Wednesday evening. One man mangled and dead and five men and women terribly injured tells the tale of the last trip of a coasting train on the ice rflil- '• Hwlfton- Succeeds Mftlfsh. ..CINCINNATI, June 15.—At the election of the Scottish Rito cftjihredal the jiyatic Shritfers of the imperial council- elected Thomas Hudson of I'ittsburg, illustrious imperial potentate of the order to succeed W. B. Melish. The vote Avns: (Colonel Thomas Hudson, 64; W. B. Melish, 58. Tlio result was a great surprise to many who thought Mr. Melish was certain to be re-elected. .' - Wngomvorks CANTON, O., June 15.— The Dexter wagon works were destroyed by a 'fire supposed t'o be of incendiary origin. Loss, SlS.OOOj insurance, §10,000. The plant had been on fire three times dur- jng the past month.' ,. .»I Oporfttldn. . For tho Cure of l*iles is always painful,, often dangerous and useless, arid invariabljf expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent euro and costs butattifle. It IB the teynunul Pile Cure. It is & moto. certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and. danger of an operation. Any druggist will got it for you. EAGLE Of ERA HOUSE itesilaj Kratat Jie * 14, 10 Sets of Speehl Lincoln Scenery, Plight &the, UIIbom Fast .Mail'. Niagara J Palls by 'How%fr-'^ witK- Ming; Mist, Carter's Practical Working Enen £a it Slight Cars, with Illuminated Caboose, The Dago Dive* Realistic River and" 'Steamboat .Explosion, and One Hundred other Startling Effects. •> Prices, 50 and 750 Seats on Sale at Green's Store: First 6 rows lower floor 75c. - yk - rr.odnotlon THE FAST MAIL Thedead: . t- • ..;•.' tf. b. RICHMOND, Dunlap, Illa.rface 'terribly'torn, three -ribs broken and in- cjnred internally. Di&l One hoiir after being removed to tho Columbian hospital. Seriously injured: ..• ". Miss MAt AYRES, Cbicagb, both 'arms broken, Jaw crushed In. and Internal itijur- les. ' ' "" '"-- '"' CARLFRitTv. member of the German Capital band in the German village on tho plaisance, right arm broken, nose broken and back and legs hurt. JOHN JACOBS, Algerian village, Jaw broken, crushed about head. .p. 3. SLATER, Chicago, right leg cut and bruised. HENRY H. McRora,- Austin, Illsr, legs out, finger broken and back hurt. The ice railway was"" completed in the afternoon and was not open for business at the time of the accident. The ice railway resembles a roller coaster except that the track is covered with artificial ice. The contrivance was tested by the builders in the afternoon and many trial trips were successfully made with the workmen as passengers. The public became interested in the experiment and as nobodv prevented people took advantage of the opportunity to g*et a free ride. The;train which met with disaster was made of three sleds coupled together. As it was rounding a curve at a terrific rate of speed the pin connecting the. first and second sleds broke. The second and third sleds jumped the track, crashed through the frail railing v and their helpless occupants were hurled through the air to the ground below with tremendous force, \ A cry of horror went up from the spectators. Guards rushed to the scene, and in an incredibly short space of time v the injured were removed in ambulances to the Columbian hospital near by, where everything: waa done to relieve, their Bufferings.. i Richmond never regained consciousness after the .accident and the physicians saw at once that there was no hope of saving his life. The other vie? tims were made as cornfdr table as possible and afterward some were removed in ambulances to the city hospitals'and others were taken to^ their homes. Miss Ayers and John Jacobs sustained the most serious injuries and their ^recovery ia doubtful. The others while dangerously hurt are likely to survive. The accident is likely to put a serious check on the business of the ice railway • and similar enterprises for the time being at least. .'Those iiif charge of the of the railway are severely blamed for permitting people to risk their lives fore 'the contrivance hatd been more thoroughly testM.' '• . BARON FAVA PRESENTED. t indications. ' 'For lo\ver Michluafi— Incretising cloudiness and showers In the afternoon or even: Jng: AVitrmer , in .northern, and extrema south westwn : portions; cooler Fridixyj eftstr criy <iyl«ds. . Jng .cjoudihess.anil showura. Just as sure as hot weather comes there bo more or leas bowel complaint in,this vicinity. Every porso^ and especially families* ought to have some reliaolo medicine at hand for instant uso'in case it is needed. A 26 Or 50 cent bottle'; of Chamberlain's Colic* Cholera and Dtarrheea^Remedy is juslt what you ought to liave 'and all that you iTElvra. Becelves Medal JFroju the Sultnu of Turkey, WASHINGTON, June 14.— Baron Fava was presented to the president by Seer.e- '^tary Greptam under his ne^; tjtle^ai from ^ Italy. The usua .speeches were exchanged. Alter that 'ceremony Mayroyeni Bey . minister, in behalf of the. Electric streetcars'are.said to have nearly ruined the Sunday livery business hi Manistee. • > The citizens of Frankeninuth, Saginaw county, will ^build a ndw 18,000 bridge across the Cass river. The salt and lumber industries of Manistee aro said to p;iy out about $75,000 monthly in wages. Canker worms are working havoc in some of Clinton county's orchards and trees look asif scorched by fire. The number of fruit trees planted hi Fresque Isle county this spring is estimated at. not less than 5,000. Dudley K. Cotton, an early pioneer of Leroy, died'of blood poisoning, the result of the bite of« cut. Benton Harbor's city council has ordered the laying of lo blacks of cedar pavement, and the work is to be commenced at once. Jimmy Cain of Lapeer claims to own a tobacco pipe that was formerly the property of Dauitil O'Conntll, the great Irish agitator. t The 20th annual pieuic of the Cass County Pioneer society will bo held at Cassapolis June 21t Governor Rich Will he one of ths peakers. The International Storage Battery company of Detroit^ with a capital stock of 100,000, has filed articles of association With the secretary of state. ' •The largest black bass taken this season at Grand Haven was captured by I, H. •ianford,''a^local sportsmen. It weighed !ou$ pounds. t The work of dredging the entrance to kluskegon harbor is neariug completion. completed there will be IS fept of clear water thrpugh the entire .channel. LIZZIE BORDERS TRIAL. Sensational Evidence Given by the Folico Mati'uu. ilass,., June. 15.-^X>ur- tng the progress of tlie trial of Lizzie Borden Wednesday .Jiatuiah Reagan matron at tlxe police station, Fall River,'•. testified. Defining her. duties witness' said ; the prisoner was in her charge at i>ne time. "She WH.S in my room," shy said, "ou theaith of Auguijt. Eiuma came to see .het^ta the morning. 1 was in the room cleiiuing up. Eluima canie at 8;40. She 'spoke"With her sister aud I wen.t into a toiletroj»ui aud bearing loud talk, Hooked out-* aa^d saw Lizzie lying on her side auct Tiuuna beudiug down o\;er her. Lizzie tiasjf.* 'You have .given me away, Eiuma.*- but I care, I won't give m one iwh,'" •"ilmiaa taid: 'Uh, Liizie, 1 djo't,' at the same time bitting. dowir. They «at there until U o'clock, when ,Mr, Jennings came -laaek. Lizzie, never opened tter niouQi to her. sister. iWbiSft. Iricreas-1 would need, even, for the most severe and I dangerous caaos. .-It is the best, tho most reliable and most successful trentment' known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene's drugstore. 5,000 spring and summer samples have arrived. Call and select youi summer suit or puntg. Better choice than piece goods-. Call and examine before, buying. Quality and price to suit at , TED'S, the tailor, Over Fletcher's etore. A New Certain Oar* for.^ll«a. We dot intend to endorse any except artt- clss of., genuine merit; «fr therefore, take pleasure jn recommending to sufferers from Piles in any form, a prompt and permanent cure. . The following letter* apeak far them*' selves: ' .'*"•" '•-.' i v ., • j Mrs. Mary 1 C. Tyler/of H«ppner, Ore., . writer, One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I hare suffered for years, and I hape never haj the •slightest'return of them since. '; ? 7 , Mr. E. O'Brien, ilockBluffj, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed every trace of itching, piles. V I cannot thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure ia a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It ii safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will get itfor you if you ask him. . - . I H,ew stock Boughton's. of wall paper at G«o. "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants,.naturally ripened and (matured by eleven years storage in wood, it is a "Rye as is a Rye," and costs no'more than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which ia a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant.-ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co 4 , Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on band. For O«r«r Fifty Mua, WiNsujw'a SooTRura SYBUP b»i be«» used for children teething. It soothe* the child, allays all pain, qut«* wind colic, and li the beat remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five centa a bot- tla. Bold bj all druggists throagnout the wor)4, , California cherries at Cunningham's. When SflJby waa sick, we gave her Castorta, When the waa a. Child, BT-> cried for Castoria. •When she became Miss, s^clung to Castoriu When the bad Children, the gave them QMtorit, So me of the Orand Army-boys may be in terested in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept Tenn. and Oa. He says: "We have hod an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has dpne any good," There is no danger from whooping cough' when this remedy ia freely given. It completely controls the disease. 60 cent ' bottles for sale al Greene's drug street. '- TIMETABLE, MAY, 28, 1893. Sultin.jof Turkey, presected to the — '-**- I Wet hear4*he noise of was abciut four feet aw^y* » Empna M t that Bipr»?»g' nDthijig said by medal com,- anujLyerBary of IOJBT Inches ptece w S' h engraved can>eo ery of America. base pr^uasic.acid^ as she saraj Chicago, LT • 00 Ealainassoo X 08 Battle Creek..... X 48 , Dp... 813 Aiolon.. ....... 588 Jackson « 30 Detroit 6 45 <V«» l^.'«»«^* 1 »f !.•>»» 1 >•'*•*» «?.tlJS^.» E*.+|3p'l» Uttfi^lo a.m. Detroit, LT 8 BO Jiokaon. .,11 io Battle Ci' if nl am a t CUciffliAr'tW mi forUs lair Ibs. session' oft the MW«H»M n'e Eyeand «BWI«V.'. ^ Ojn|aafipt, 4 certain <sure (py Chronic Soref^^j.. Chrowc Bores,;jpeyer,|>ore8, i^czpo ; ; itwoe«li^g aad'j it after all other "'*--~"%^Ju"£-«Si« •.;.fe ,-,;-,-/^ Tf * V jol> c * ~* l>*i J^y 7 «f»^

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