The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 20, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1892
Page 3
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THE DAILY CURQNICLB, OCTOBER ao. MhThORaLOQtCAL . Local tae|eotbl<bgioal report takefc by GL Hi Rrpfitvft today at Greene'* drag store, ... .« HAROMKTK'R." ft? 55 WIND. ~5W, SW" 8ft j- j Highest, 59,}Jow#st, 34. By registering tnemiometer for the last 24 hourst; s ' _- Chrlstmas'.aad Net* Years x come on Sunday this year* > -~ k . V ' • Mrs. DaYid,jCunmn£hatn is visiting .relative* m Detroit. — The- eclipse wa* visibie in tji'ia -city ibis morniDg^ajpd>a,a "viewed by a great ' '~:"."."'..-, " BBEVITJES. ....,:..•,•:. Mr. 'and Mfe.* ..F: • W.- bickey arei in • Chicago7y -^ ,.;.:•''.:-.' : V1 ",4 v if v/''" ; .': ; ' : '"'.^ A iie'W fmftl .is boinjj placed in ,the. .ToniiorroW-^Cbln mbua Day 1 ^ general holiday, no paper wfll be, issued is joSic of tlie few clUes stale i tiiiU; does not. pelfejt)rhi& (0plumb.tfs, ' ' " ' '' " ''' ' . ,.., 'flirty-six ttekfils: for; ChiCag|>. : ,Wete; sold at the Michi£«n Central ticket office yesterday r Miad Ella M. Flood loft for Toledo, Ohio, today, whei'e site will spend Sun' day with, frjends. * Mr. and Mrs. J, U. Bentley, Airs. 0. • R.-^ientley and M-rs. H. K. Hohon went to Buttle Creek today. . .> Myrtie QuacfeenbossJefl for JJirtlato, *"" ' the winter with {let W'roo anil daughter, Miss AUiu, i«i Medina, Wisconsin n art to spend 'aunt, Miss Mr* 1 . W.. H. tht^^uest-MJlMrs UUbieEarl. Miss fcate Seavjjf Downs will ''' reading .in the Baptist church Friday, Oat. 28. Every one has heard her" and. all will be glud to again have the opportunity.' .' .The high school pupils will give the ' first rhetpriial exercise of tlie term in the high school room Fridfty afternoon tended-tp ail. : V •'.•; ' ':'•':•? The jjroclumutioiiy ot I'cesident Har'"-• •* g;ov\ \Vlinaifi6'recoiumend that i) observed tis a general, and .that buslne^i sjeneraUy be . suspended on thtft (luy t .C5»BSiequenUy np f roiii l-htji ofiice to'•" v ' .» ; - • * : ' We hoar that the electric commission' , of; cutting out. the light .OD^Jtato street In lli« cu-bterpf the block between Hugh; upd Jett'i-rsuii slrewt?, k wuulX s *^ | i |i ft 1 - it" thtvlight wan {juite nec«as;.iry ; \o anil the coniiujsfiioinirg v 'rfhoulcl'eo|t>utj(;r Hie lyftttur well before deciding .- v N - \\\ Kuluniuzou am ClmrJe* H VV liitijiau\nii)t here j eater duy e« route to the foa^th district to. nmku speeches. Mr. Fletcher spoke ui Buchanan liist night^od Mr. Wiiitman at Lawreiaee. Mr^FJetcher nhike4,6Tp ,speechea in jl> The eugagem,(i]j|l uf.tiio edian, Mr. John Dillon, in his new play "A Model Hut-band," Oct., 23d,, will «» - doubjedly prpve ou^ of the best bookings at thii^yera ho.u>u this beaaon, ua Mr. Ddjou is au actor of uatiou'al repu- tatioq itwd sterling qualities an^ be is surrounded this season by ttu unusually . strong V>uijpaii> of players, including such well knovj'u a^lisi^ at> Aijna M- Hatlie Folej, W J, laming, Leeroix, Veroou Somers, F. E.- Barry May Noble aud I(|a May Blake. •Battle Creek Moon; Last night the Union men, w^. were looking about the city work, discovered tiat the steel supports to be used for the Maim street- bridge boie the stamp off Carnegie as njaniifacturer. . Thjs excited the crowd to a high pitch, iua^much aa tiie»cpuaeil not tp use .any, few min- 1 m liad passed of their iron or steel. Fot utes the exciteuient ran high •junctiou to, restrain t&e eity cee-iiog. with tfcfe, w^prk, was seriously talked* of.. This- Joaairniiig \.h& mayoc was intervfewedjj^rvkcoaiinitteea^'fee \took theM. €/traiujft>r Marshall, but salisfa^li&fi=ii%^ideuded could ubt &dV We are iaformed by AlcU that a m'sunderetaodiudt -occupies tlie niiuds of the men. He bays that there, are 66 pieces, 36 of wtich, were purchased from ibe Sooth Clucago Iron- company io compliance wiib the resolution, the other 30 pieces paying •bsett, purchased of the Carnegie coiapa W PJfenool i to their strike. TJie work pa tbe^bridges appears tp b» progress- &g Just the stam, an|L it is believe4 9fi J Meeting , of Lafayette chapter tnia many f h^; -aher-iflhf toiU^ boardiniE.^,nd lockage of prisoners; at the: jail daring -»Ros* tended the reunion of the First Michi '^* "--^ gan ioti today. and Mechanics i"' d; Qtst-sti^et itaifway mail car in tne Unitied atefii rbadeufts fli-st trip'at ; Mo , Twsdaj' * morning. ij,.8pcclally cpnafrtictedi ha* • S 0i S. Mafr" painted ( on its Vides a x nd qarnes a messenger who does the Dnal assorting of the mail on the^car. 'Ijbrea' trips are m,ade each da^-. .*' • A number of the members cf Oole- grove post G. A, R. go tp Albion to'mor row morning at 8:38, haying accepted; an invitation from Hollingswdrth Post to participate in th^^'general celebration of the day. An interesting program will be given in the morning and a big parade in tne afUrnoon,., , - - l , ~ Mr. Ferguson, the 1 assistant' postmaster at Battle Cr«ek,«feUdown stairs last night land broke, his neck. He got up in th«, night and probably maHe a misstep as he started down tbe'stairs, <Mt- 'Ferguson had ' held .the portion -of assistant -postmaster for a' number of years and was a man • universally re- s pec ted. /• " John,yarvey isadfeaf convict at thfe stat^prison, who is partially demented. ^ is servip'gliis second term at the prU<- en from Calhouu county and has 'spent in, tlje asylum at lonitiJ A .night or so. «go,h«j 'imagined he 'heard calling -hhiu. That these voices might be stilled be slashed himself in the arm t'wo 6r; three times and is in the hospital now. We wpuld advise the 8, hull, .to visit the millinery ladies of ar «f »•»••• «<.•'*' * «o«v . %uo ijjiiiiuci-jr |^OOlI)d Ql Miss D.'Kelley. aohie time during the present" week.-'irtbej wish to »ec an el!e Kant display of head msur of every de ecriptiou. '1 be anini'y't'all opening W gan this niornina and in auticipation v,i tne eveut the rooms are most tasteful!) decorated with draperies, rugs and ».!/• tumu leaves, j|-»u brilWttot wjoivof iht- latter sUurtji»>j but little show vstini' compvred with the bBu.y.iifu| n<Mid% «.»u. 9al«. The openiutj eytiUu'iei dnriiijf he reummdtr of the week. » "Mr. FUut tnlorpis u* that the that" he wijw 'opposed to lUlowing the jugdcea' claims for preliiuiuary >•-. nation's. * .'j'jiij report of MP-, «?««•»'= , according to fhe <Hi wt,s »ts <oiluw>-; <r -' ^Your comni.ttee Jto whoiU wftti l« fe.rtvd thttH'' r&porc Jt Oct. ITth ID»I bay» had th tiou uud a majority Of said tne claims 'as •Said The chairman stated Ike allowance of originally reported by tbo.t whfle tlie charges of justices of the peace ^f or preliminary examinations bad Oeej^ allowed iu the post, uqder Sdyice t& t,he prosecuting attorney, he is unable to find any froyisions u^der tho statute authorizing auoh chargfi- . . v ' 'Our reporter understood Mr. Flioj, to, say thai he Was opposed .to paying these claims, but Jie-probabiy, said there w'ab tto,law;for allowiog on the The re- at 10 a. m. on sented itiwtejwrt, whicn was iai table until *Wdj|y mormug. port leaves the cpujoty as reported by cep ting as follows: Tep per added to BatUe -Creek City, two to dpnia aod three to Feuntield. Four per cent w«s duducted frOm Clarence »nd Newton The report of the 1 com wittets on claims •was read pud laid DJ» tbe f*bl« The CQUMtttttee on olaiuii ceiumetl claims of jusiictj corrected as instructed by the board." '. \< was read aad adopted. I.Tfee^Sjppjr* of the v cpftduded giturday .] We have th'e agency sal^ of CLONES these. popu- and j?7:e will them ajfc very iow prices to get^.them Introduced here. Every ' garment, warranted $. v. R. LEPPER. . I know that"! knTa little far to the'EastendbutasoUrcity is ' ' ' ' * * mtlst pread but, we all tfan- . .-'>,; , - . . ... i; not do business in the ^etiter, but ** *" ' ^ ' I * V* it, will pay you if in w^at of any Hardware to give me a . call. I b&ve two carload^ of Acoi*n C^ok- ing ^fc Hfeating Stoves to pick; fcom, Over One-Million ^of these stoves iiow: in use. E vefry bb<dy is dnvitpd to call at pay Salesroom ancj inspect my npw ;ine6f goods. I also make si, wonderM Qflfer in plated goods thia^week. . ; JOHN WHALEF. East 'State Stteei . ' ••'•*• , MABTIN BLOCK JiET FS SHOW YOTFOURLINEOP YOUTH'S &-GENT9. We Aru Ko v Hot c 11 « Linn <>i \Vith Three 6lothioaJ4au«iactu*ries in RouLeater aad reeoptly -eloped the ' ^" ' _ " Contract. WiJ-are late iu fvceivibg the^e because we did not ljuy them ofA^fttJxi «Iu"^ and July," But w*# gqt tfit-m ^t prices that will, save' ,raouey for qur patrons tbia tail , ~' . - , .t • Our line of Merchant Tdilori'ug aurpluh puitbaaecLJii New -York a«T >jow ready apd ojerits inspection. Our Style, ffit, and Pini'sh arc x oft«ij" never excelled . . T. SHA^AHAN, Clothier and, Ta^or. of gtoueriet ftstew wi* aooa lifiiL ilaejt of crodcwy, flxtww and good will, wm be sold togethee or lease 01 store at Bs«*» wot. S Uox im, store on State in Mar«ball. furmcrJy t baa jeaontly iieea flttcd X'i'—A uwt of thu hoiwa kww.n

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