The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 15, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1893
Page 1
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>'t "ft <• \ PLXIV-N0258 MARSHALL; MICH., WURSDAY; 1 JUNE 15? 1893. Pure A cretwn «f tartiy ttitlci n # powder High68t6i iall in-limvonriig stresnctli latest (/. 5 1 Government Food Report ? ROYAL BAKJNG POW.DER CO - .'„.;. 106 'Wall 8treet/ : &4Y HUMPHR "Br,,Hnniphrevi»' Bpecinc«nroRcIonttflcnllyaml carefully prepared Jiemedies, iised for yearn in private practfoo and for over'thirty years by the- people with entire BUCCOBS, Every single Spoclflo .»ipeolal euro for ttie dlnenae named. They cure without- UrugKlnK, nursing or reducing the BVBteBvan*nw>4nf«et«na deed tho Hovcreisn Bemedie* of tho World. • ii. «o». cvtacn rues*. 1—FeVer»> Congestions, Inflammatloiw.. ,25 {&->Wbrm« • -Worm Fove>, Worm Collo. .. . • .25 3—TeetblUBi Oollc, Cry toff, Wakofulness .35 4-Dlarrbf)a, 6f Children or Adults .25 7-Conirb*, Colds, Bronchitis, .25 S-Venralffla, Toothache, Faceacho. .25 9-Headacfaea, Sick Beadaojio. Vertigo.. .35 10—Dyspepsia, Blllouflncss, Constipation. .25 Xl-Boppreaaed or Painful Periods).,. .25 A2—Whitest Too Profuse Periods .25 13—Cronp, liaryngltia, Hoanteneaa....^ .25 •14—Salt Rheum, Erysliwlag, Eruptions,. .25 15—KhenmatUm, Rheumatic Palna ..... .25 16—Blalarla., Chlllni Fever and Ague...... .25 1ft—Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In tho Hwul. .25 90-WhooplnK Coqgh ^ .25 ar-Kldner Pisen»e» .25 28-Nervou» l.eblllty l.UO SO—Urinary Weaknoan, Wetting Bed.. .25 HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL Oil,, ."The Pile Olntment."-Trlal Slzc.^SC'U. Bold'fey DrH{Klit*, or lent poit]iulil on receipt of prtco. 8«. BwrBRKTi' M>MUiL (144 pagc*,1 HJtiLiu race. jriaU > nUBT8'»8D.CO M lH>ll8WUll.m8t.,SEWTOBIt. SPECIFICS. An Indian Outbreak is a dreadfu.1 thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating ejects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally are ..;*,: never possible among people who are M addicted to the use or AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions— . the promoter of health and good- feeling,... Cleans everything—injures nothingf-Hlon't be afraid to use KIR&'S • Soap on the most delicate fabrics, JAJS. S. KIRlt & CO., I A Su Eulalia Makes a Flying Trip Through Michignn. HAtES MUEDEB TEIAL OOMMENOED Toiing Miiti Arrested nt Landing For Obtaining Mriiiny Uniler 1'ivlse Pretenses. AxsiuiHcil Ilia rnn(llt\<ly — t'oul WUtttr tlio Cause of Ty jilioltl at Ironwootl. DETROIT, June 15. — Michigan entertained royalty for six hours Wednesday afternoon. The Princess Eulalia concluded that she had had enough of the world's fair and hegan her journey eastward over the Michigan Central rail- toad. During most of tier trip through Michigan she sat in a Pullman, observation car at the end of her social train and perused a Spanish novel/ The train made the trip |rp.m -Chicago to Detroit in tli£ usual time of six and pnd-quarter "' - '''' '' '" ' ' ' ' -' '•" ' . . .. . ' '' The route to be taken by the princess had not b6en heralded; and the fact that. 1 she ivv'iis coming through the state at all was not' generally known. At rua,ny of the stations, however, email crowds gathered to see a real live princess, but their curiosity was. not gratified except-in a few instances. Tjho princess was accompanied by her husband. Prince Antoino of Bourbon- Orleans,«and by Commander Davis. When the party reached Detroit President Ledyard of the Michigan Central railroad entered the car of the princess and tendered the use of the steam yacht Wayward to take the party across the river. The offer was accented and thy princess and her party left the" train and walked down to the. dock, a distartce of several hundred feet. ' • , A crowd had . gathered to catch a glimpse of royalty, and a faint cheer •was given as the princess stepped upon the yucht. Sho acknowledged it with a smile. On the way across the' river the princess chatted with President Ledvard about the weather and other similarly interesting topics. Then she re-entered her observation car and 'waa whisked away toward Niagara Falls. The princess obtains her distinction from the "fact that she is the aunt of the little boy who is King of Spain, In addition to plain EulalH she is entitled to. eall herself Princess Maria, Franceses. d' Asissi, Margarita, Roberta, Isabella, Franceses, de Pula, Maria de la Piedad, and the infanta of Spain. HAYES- MURDER TRIAL. The Jury Finally Sccur.ed and -Some Testl- ••s'lmoiiy Introduced, -- DETROIT, June 15.— The trial of Frank L. Hayes, charged with the innrder of Fred H. Kelly, Is .now fairly under way in the recorder's tsonrt. A jury was secured' the first thing Wednesday morning and a considerable quantity of testimony was introduced <Juriag. the day. Notwithstanding the fact that ±he trial is for one of the most startling murders ever committed in Detroit, and that an unusual amount .of interest ia manifested iu $16 case, the proceedings partake of a certain tedionsnass and lack of sensational features. The greatest interest is manifested in what the defense will lie. ' J?roui the day of Hayesj arrest, tfee morning, f pi- lowing the murder, it has been kribwu that a cumber of articles belonging to the "murdered youth were found in the possession of Hayes, who was about to leave the city. Some ol thes^ articles are traced dir,£ctly to .the possession of Kelly on^he very pight jrfecJ»3Ung the snorder, land from the cross-questioning of tae defense-.|t is hardly" probable that $Q ownership pf &e articles will be .disputed. * - .,._,..-,., ^_ " fneEe,waa*>ne bit of fividfen.ce: trhieh was referred to by Mr. Hani in bis' opening tb tlfe jnry, whidbt -i»£$ escaped publicity up to tnia time, Vffcta'win tefereng&toa visit, of Hayes to CMd- drag *fco*e:a couple of nights » murder, wfcen }M> had * JUed wMeJk he had canned tr fojp ts^inon^a Jt * i . T Wiieh itfres'MHi. ana trio ttiint'. one I B missing. ./..-•' • - • , These cirdumstancearfthe prosecution Will argue tend to show that Haves simply used .the prescriptions for the purpose of'getting into gfald weirs druir niglit, and that on the night of the 10th, when he was there, somethinr' prevented hitn^frpm carrying' 1 out tho design of'robbery or revenge, which* ever it inay have heen. , The prosecq- tion give no,sighs of shbSvi% any definite motive for the crime "beyond robbery.. Alleged Fulse I'roten«icH. LANSI,NO, June, 1ft—E. R. Teople, a rather; sleifdei young man, about ,33 S iars - bf age, claiming to represent the anhattah Loan company of Chicago, and offering to loan money at the as- toiuishingly low rate of 2 per cent, was arrested here by Deputy Sheriff Wright on a warrant charging him with obtain* ing money under false pretenses. Tho complaint was maile by a man named Jasper M. Oliver, who' alleges /that Teeple procured 319 from hiin as a bonus for a loan and then failed to produce the money for whicHUthe bontis was paid,' ; '.; ' -. -. -.;..'. : ;,/;.. • ••..'' ' '••; " . Slny Have. Ueim ,,;.. LANfiiNa, June 15.—Referring :toth« canse.of the aerious outbreak, o'f typhoid fever at Ironwood, Secretary Baker of the state board Qf health, \v;ho has lust returned frpjn that city, .said that a large amount of foul water between May 10 and 10 was pumped into the reservoir of the city waterworks which may have contained the germs of the disease. AHsaulted His Landlady. GKAND RAPIDS, "June ' 15.—Charles Paul, a carver was arrested for being drunk, but the charge may. be made more' serious. He has been hoarding with the family of O. H. Shaver, a liveryman, and he went home intoxicated and -attempted to asajiAilt Mrs. Shaver. A fierce scuffle ensued, arid a little girl who lodked through the window brought the husband to the scene, and he broke a chair over the fellow's head, but allowed him to escape. Paul ia well kn wn in labor circles. An Unknown Brute. .UTHBP, June 15.—While Hattie and Lizzie Lachine, aged 7.and 11 respectively,, were fishing in the millpoud an unknown man approached them. He seized the elder and attempted to assault her. Hattie, however, belabored the fiend's head so terribly that he ran away and took to the woods. . Drowned While Bathing. ..BENTON HARBOR,' June 15.—Henry Hall, an employs on the steamer Chicora, was drowned while bathing in/St." Joseph , river. The lifesaving cr^w dragged the river 1.8 hours withou$ Access. Ha|l was from Milan, and was,to have been married in two weeks to Mis'a Ida. Cole f •" , ; ; ' Accepted th« Proposition. EATON RAPIDS, June 15.—Eaton Ranids has accepted the proppsition of R. F. LaFever, whereby in considelrar tion of the purchase by the city of 87 acres of land for $5,000 he will give a bond to build a $10,000 furniture factory and employ 25 m$jn. Traveling BImi Fleeced. PONTIAC, June 15.—Solomon Harshfield, a traveling man from New Yorkj made thfc acquaintance of two stran-? ; gers, Joe KeatingandD. O'Mara,--to the' extent of $65 shaking dice. He 'made> otit 'a complaint before Justice Matthews and Sheriff Kellam brought them back frpnl Oxford. Unknown Blau Killed. ' \ TBAVERSE CITY, June 15.—A man unknown was killed on the < West Michigan.^ He tr|ft& to w^, tr«dn and fell under the .wheels; —• ,rr * -— : «nd f|r«n>au Injured, " Junfr 15,— Train No.^ on-tbe Ifoxthwflstern'' road was wrecked near Belle jBa^ajsarhr this orning.ldlltog, Engineer, wimpfitt L. kius and seriously wounding Fiie-- ' None of Qxepia Doors Cl«sud, : Bauking company has "closed i^s ^. The.iiause.«|;t^ea»apenBioj}b4^ -MJ yelfJ^o %$$£ public and po t*ate=~ ^. .... *.-*•- »..._ _:^— ^ w ^ jg ^gj^ y< ^ o| Havw^xejfl^S^. *«l|ie?Of^.tiedl. — ^~ i^ason <rf a staks~Qn Jp^isttt of > PRICE . • • v f °£ visitors to tho Worid*s:Fair: the titlo of s neat little book, coritftiri- ™/f th e address of about 4>,000. families. WI ' list, of hotel*, ... scale map, sold nt Price 50 ?e ; C. wiih oflitfe und it for you. you wall paper 1 the Mill. When artjtiling you want to buy Just call ut ChfHher's mill and try, • " His cash pricos will > u rely suit y3 U ,« AV-hen- any feed you do want "ground Call at ChesberV mil), | le a always' around, And ho will try to plc.-ise you. We buy for cash.and'sell for cash, And tdat;s what keeps us iu our ' hash ; $100 for a case, of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner- youane S8 ana Sleeplessness that Vegetable,*' Cure will not curp. - . v -- . i,;^ Vegetable Curd will break up Colda anij and Coughs, LaQrippe atod,it« aftereffects, Treinulpus Weakness of the Neryefi, Erysipelas ami Conelipalion. • 12. oa. SljOO. * " P^SHARPST'KEN. Get your tiu warp innidi-d Schelly' ,t •• ' . : Gasoline stoves cleaned and re'pjilred at li. Sheloy'd. • s - • .. 0 •> Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Chafes on babies, none nipples and iu llammation of the breast instantly re lieved with Lavendar Ointment ; A. new remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful etfect* m speedily curing wvery form of Piles. U is called the Pyramid P.le Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing ro~ moves the disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. KrUig Your (J|*r|>t>t». The carpet cleaning works on Ex change struct will be open on and aftt-r Monday, March 27th. The Pyramid Pile Cure is* a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles ip every form. Etery druggist has it. " N. / .- Sherman, the old reliable u*ni , »rtrsal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all kinds. He sells Anything: and everything, household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of farm sales. If you have anything to • ' sell eujl and see him. .. ' • Don't: get excited over croup or quius> wnen Lavender Ointment will , relieve you within tea minutes if used as directed. 25 and'50 cents. STOCK!!iTEBTpASTDRI Terms cheap. &ee or address, A, B. &ISG, Marshall, lyUeV b .Sufferers fcpm Piles should know that th „ 'yrawid Pila Cure will promptly and ef eetuaUy remove every trace of them, druggist wUl get it for you. An especially fine line of ladle*. 1 anl eaudrenVi hosiery at tbXbazar", •" thfc 6es.t rei^erator oa F#r tlie least money.go to Bosley"Sr Buy. th£ genuinj PnUatfelphia, power at 3o8ley'if.' ^ ' -'-.'" at \, by &r, Hoostoju.; ,. • ' - 4- '•• *" * v^ -y ' - , -^

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