The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 20, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1892
Page 1
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MARSHALLrMICIJL, THURSDAY OCTQBER 20,1892 t m i —— —»», X-Ji-. ,.._ PRICK TWO CUNTS POWDER Absolutely Pure* • •*. * » A create of tartar baking j owder [igbestpf all in leavening .sirengib Latest U. S* Government Food+Ro- Opening Scene of Columbus Week at Chicago. ' - -*'" ,. t ., ... , A SOUND OP REVELRY BY NIGNT. • ' o Fair, Women aad Men of National Fame Gathe r at *i Yerpsichtyean Festival i —A Vision of- ftadia-nce. POWDfift O'O 106 Wall Street, >»'. V, W« will-pay tke *fcoT« r*»r»rd for any oa*a o Llv«r GrtinpliUut, Dy»pepil», Blok Haaaaohe,- 1 & ' Ulgestton, OoDgtljbatloD t>r CosttTCne«8'ws can not care with' Weil'« T*Ketftb(« Liver, PHIs when tho ^Ireotidns ara ^trlotly compiled with. They are purtlr V»geta*il« apd never fall to glta . satiftfaetiOD. sugar Ooatud, Large boxsa con- t»1nlDg 30 pllla, » c«nt». Bew\i<.- of coaoteT- feltgand Jmltatlont. Tbo *f imln(Mn*nufacli»r»d i by THE JOHIf C. WEST C«MPAifT, A)tjl«Mto, lit Foi' saVe hy A U. Uyde. M •.A Un>r.o,qteedCuref6r l»H«».of wU4t kliud or Uegreo.-^Extoraal, ..Internal, - Ulind ot ble%<linjj, • Itching, ChroDlc. Uucaal "iir. Uoreditary. D -Thla i-oineily hits positively nev r bceu kn6wd to fail. $1,IW a box, tt boiea for iS.OOJ aent by-mail prepaid on repeipt of price. A writleo Uuarautoe poSltlTe'y fflvan to each purQUa8«ir uf ti bdzei>, when puroB«Ue4 at oua time, to rclund the $5.00 ! paid li po'i cured: Guarantee is*i«a by. A; O. Ar4e, Uanbal)..1Ulr.n. CM for sample.. Health . C. WTSOT'I tfgsni A«» *EST, a guaranteed spedflo lor yyeteria, DOSB, ConvulstQna, Fits, Hervou* Neuralgia, Jieadche, JferTOua Prostration caused ]yy the uua •I,o0bol or tobaocp,- Wakefulness, Mental De? presaioo. Sotteiitntc of the Brain resulting tit ia.- ^HuHv*nd'ldailinK to Mtecry, decay 1 , and death,'' PrenmtiueOtd A»d, B»rrene»i, Lt>»»'of power t« otthsr ses, Involnntftry Losses »nd Spermator rhoea tanged by oVer-eienlon of the brtitn, «eU ibwae a y&4aaiflfsnce, JEach.bBjLCpAtftiaiLojjB. month's tiefttment. fl.po a boi, of »ix boie» tor $5.00, lent, by mil prepatdxw racelpt of price WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To Cure aoy case,. With ewh orde»feoelTed by « us^bf sli bores, accounted with $6.00, wa wil send the purchaser oar written Kuaraatee ta t± fund the money if the teeatmeaf doea not eflec a cflre. Guarantees Issued only hy A. O. Hyde DrugKist and aolofttent Marehal), Mich.. i'h<- Splendid Hall tioulii Alive with liness and'liHght with CoIo(-^TlieJttiv> flers "Chane the (iuldeit Hours with Flying Feet" and 'Npon't Go Home Till 3rornltig"--itcc(jittl(in to the VI6e Pl-esl- '• d»nrt=Ifttiiies~'';nf spine of the Notables l're«ent—Great Parade of CUle Societies Through thfe Streets of the Garden City—i Ten* of : Thousands in Llii«—The Columbus Festival at Its Hol^M. v CHICAGO, OQt.20.-HCtiicago'$ Auditorium, tlie greatest Assembly hall of the continent discbverMby Christopher Columbus, was ablaze 'with light and r beauty last night; Lovely woroeu'werti there—Women whose presence woxild'cre-'_ ate a, furor at Ni Drawing Boom in Buckingham palace presided over by the ' venerable Victoria _ Regina; women in" toilers that wonlaSt r-i^, - \ ^r , *v ^i• - 'i ^ \^r ' .put- J«r shame the greatest creations of a Worth, And ( there were men' 7- men .'wh6 have made their impl'iiits ion. -thtV VICE pJiEST, .history 61 this and othei' natlpns; s men and diplomats, warriors that faced the du'sky" foe in the juqgle and tried conclusions with the ,'enemy on the briny deep; men of letters and of law, at science- and of art; mercllaut princes,. -whose early days -.t«U'',jj!toric«t of toil and poverty, and who stand toi|ay as gigantic monuments of opportunities pf|oul«d to "energy and inde^ pendence umler the flag of a free republk. Wus « Strictly 1'rlvate Affitlr. Patriotism was tb*?, motive of the occasion and the want; love 1 and fcxalfeitioii for native laud,-the tribute .tit the 4QOto ; u«. event that ban dignified the -present n\etrop- olis of t-lW3 \\eni, and future metropolis ef the republic. For the Hfthemblage d'honeur "of laltf night w:i« e&seutially a private af? fair. .So' fa^as tlit offfcinl programme ot ^week wa« ,W>rUeme4 ft had »o the formal indorsement" of. the, cotttmjttee, *>n cei-einoin'ea of the World's Columbian exposition, an indpree- rrient that carried with it neither financial Jii^ility-nDr rusujunsibility, A thousand w mo«* q£ the.'leading citizens .of were the. hosts'; two thousand or itiginbotham, of the World fairdirectory, le appeared upon the floor of the ball-rooiftf Tire brilliant hue<5.of the 'buntiag seemed struggle fgfcracognition with the fay? che rfpctricUghts, The steel curtain pf ;he*stage had been ra^ed, and in ita place jalf fluttered the Spanish royal bannef, !Rjtheript and left, ftbove.and below, were banners upon which were embroidered * this initiate of Queen Isabella and her con- the rulers of Spain in the time of the great dl*overer. In the space between the boxes and the proscenium arch loomed up a ma*«?ive Cmted Spates shield. It \Tassur- moiTntedbya stand of colors, and supported on the right and left by the flags of Hll the American republics; «uy ,wMh- limiting attd Flowers. . To the soqth on flie 001 responding panel wa* the'shield of Spain, surrounded by the flags of all tli>* nation's of th? Old World t a ^ bouquet of national etnblems in which the colors of Spain atid Italy were conspicuous. Toitbe Ijef ore au4 bend, above t below, nuttering. in tbu air^frojn the balconies and hid- l lng,froirt viewtbfr mitlve"' nuked- e«8 of the marble w. NOBUC, 'and atrinpn ^*»»««^ »^ * ^^^•'AMH* r i~~* *•••»* ^Vk*J^*V{t in profusion almost beyond the arltheme-., tician's aft pf 'caltiilatton,».or guesswork. Queer! Flora 'also played no Insignificant part in the decoration. There were festoons of wild umilax running in front of all the boxes,'and running thence along the balcony and the gallery, proper, i Here and there the green of nature <va« relieved with artificial rosettes of red andjheUcrsir.' ( Tower- rvjj Iwihks of palms and ferns supported the to the riglit and left of the prosoen a mass of green foliage formed a lietofor the stage, and a rising 1,tropical plants bid f rota view band directed by Sousa, of .own, .that furnished the Beraoyef Freaklw, «<npls», jtores the elciu tt> iw original freehnefss. prodaclog » •dear Mid ' healthy com- . fiupertpjto%llfaca uni perfentjjr • VIO 80AP _ _ Send for Cinsulw InarapataVe «a,» Js ««k'i MORTON. The Function That Ojieried the Ciraad. Col. > uin-biiA Hall. It was not until after 9 ojclock.' that the door.-i of the Auditorium were opened arid tlie .M?oVe* uf ^4fehicles in waiting ^com- uioncti'd t« eiiftpty 'theif occupants into i fhe rotiiudiv that lay )>eyoml-the broad portals <rf the entrances. I7nfil the arrival of Tic.e President .Morton the guests were fain to occupy the ^eata adjpiniflg the floor. The appearance of Mr. Moyton "was lecfigni/fejl by a flutter of feminine ap- paiul, but deconuu militated ugaiiist any demontrationiof joy and gla»lness on the patt of the«.^tfxiler sex. 'i'he vixse presi-^ dent wa« escorted to * position jn the east- am corner of *th e ball; and the reception was at > once inaugurated. The guests passed ovet the flor»r in procession, being first introduced to the mguager*, then to the cdmmittee of arrangements, next to the pa|;ronesy3» and finally, after running £hjs gauntlet^" to the vice president and distin- guislted gue&ts, *' ' » In^vOre ot L, $>, JlorrJ«on at court SALE Bond *#*$&$?& Wagon No, W*»U Rob» wonienand nien pf~£le civilized uitfions of the earth tbeguests. ^ As a social Jfunetibn— as an effei-veseenca of patriotic fervor on the part of the ruling elenaeutof tue Garden City; it was perhaps tn*wo»t ttiJtob^B ,evcut, «ofer|B8 society was couc!tsru*4, |u Jber .eutW history, It waa«uJitfJi* itetsU tto fortunate pari4ct- o| It o|4be .Uw* y of indescribable ifc*wi|.to'thft vmm tie United States of H, pccuplea by the managers.} n arrangm'g tShe ' • floor for-the-opening quadrille, and it was after 11 o'clock when the sbntias of the, Cornet, violin, nnd° burp ^ui'hnnttrcfd 'ths'deVd^ ." teen of the fwiwiqhowmi arti to the v center of the'floor to n iijatigutafe a tripping of the }4gbt fantastic toV. The dajiejiigprogramme was Longj wad the sentiment of the gather^ ing Was evidently * T *"Let joy be uft-pnflned. • , • " Xo sleep till morn \Hurn j-outli and pleasure , , , mfee}." And it was \yell th,e "Wee sma* ' hours ayont the twa" before toe jtevejlew ftouuht thi'ir hotae^ aru} the rest necessary foru Continuance of the festival in other directions. An cfjUxtrnie supper was < a feature of the nlghi'*«ntertalniRttfttr•' * i Nome of tliu «i i dipi Preieiit, The list of dMl-i M . vd guests included the secrefnrj of ^t..t(*, -V<ai».fr«nf. jj^crefotry A, B. Nettk'ton, Av^tuut, Secretary Olf* verN*. Kpauiding, lie secretary of«war, Major General John Ai, ScKKneld, the *.y* retaryof th0 interior, Superintendent of v thi Census K, P. Porter, Attorney General- VTilliain H. til Miller, Chief Justice duller, Justices Fivlfl, Ha.rlan< Gray, Blatch- t ford, Lnmar And Urowrn; MtvLayley, attor- I ney general o/ Sow S?ci»tiai Arnold' Bcnei- * der, consular- agelit of Belgium; Jatjies H, -Ptew, director of thTrToTimro^Seh^tEtonjT JS> Awrey, M. IV, Hewy Wade, secretary ^World's Columbian, • exposition ' for '.Ontario; « M;r v , 'afld Mrs. Wiener, wifeimd utece of the commissioner from GajMio^fjbbd" Hope; JPuitid States Consul Kste?s CpmmisstifJnVr. Ward,' of Jamaica;, AlfexicaA .Ministbr Hornerpj-Senpr Don Miguel ,Sabarradias. secretary of the Mexican legation; Uon, Tsunejiro Multe- do, of Japan; Gewcal %*ltabhi, consul general of Turkey; Dt»u Afanael.Muntedo, secretary of th« Spanish legatlonlfHon, Arthur Leitch, Chelsea, Smith Wales; Baron Ytfi Budenfest, of Germany: Hon, ZeMor Wein- scheiik; and inany others of, national and international reputation. Kepsati'on' in the Uall Koom. One o£>the incident* of . the "ball that caused considerableexcitement earjy'inthe evening wiia a report .that: Senator John ShermHu had suffered u stroke of apoplexy^ and that he hadvheen fcurried "from the ball room in a dying condition.-- The report so farasiSJenatiiryhi'rmafl was concerned was- untrue, and *iE6*e frum ,'t'he fact that.Ho^t Sherman, brother of , the senator, from.Des Moines,»la.; d^d suffer;a ! alight attiic! if .Apoplexy while seated in t}j.P giillery of the ballroom. J It-almost Jell fropi his chair. Hfe was carried from the bull, room'to' v e rooni of one of-the guests on the lo.wergj, r and i nodical nifl:sriniini)n^d, and it was so a thattite u.ttaclv \va» wot 6f a serious v. .Tili:. Shtjriiiau recovered in bfllf an mid jtvinriiiid to the ball room". ' AtthecoheliUtionof the reception, and whicn ctHUtiuUed until nearly 11 o'clock, th&-vice prewdeui; was escorted to the Joge oa the. immediate right of the stage, and, ,tiie reuniiuder of the distinguished, guests ioH&wed in this] order: ^The meiubei-s> of Preiiaenf Harrison*? cabineti headed by Secretairy Kosteir and Postmaster General Oiarles F. Crisp and party, Chjeif Justices Melville E. Puller ai>d party, the as«x-iat^ justices <tf the supreme t-ourt. B'oxes H to At were occupied by Governors RejrjjojUJs, of Delaware, Patti- fion^ot^tosylvaniajvBulkeleyflf Cqnnecfci- pm, Bwssell of MasikchuBettsi and Browu of Mai^fand. The reception commltte* held the . fort 1 in box N" and bad as neigh- lioi-s Governors Flower, of New York, Holt of North Carolina, and Brown. dMthode JWand. Box S had be&& assigned to ex- l?resiklent KittherfSrd B. Hayes, but up to a .late hour this distinguished guest, bad failed to put in an appearance. lu the Lady Maa^nt 1 J&ix. •'. There were some dazzling toilets in the ad jolnJLug box which had been allot**} to the board of lady managers, and,, in which Mrs.-Potter Palme?, pjnjisident of thebqawJ, was -at ' limes conspicuous. ' The yigiting members of the ^plpmatocorns, toe JoeaJt director ai,id the members of the national fisipn wus near-by neighbors -of ttue and beyand tn*se, twenty-five eeft. s^y ntunbered boxes were occupied by the eMsutoes of atateepreviopsly^^in- provided for, o&oiiueucing with Page, of Ven*H$|^knd concluding Ckivexnor Mai-l^am, df-Califoroia. AM of tbechief by their fet*, or fipective families. -- - _ _ Oa 4*101 tke . . Afttr the r«ceptiod CQU&W«*bte tint^ was .Rl Rl% S DUSKY TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, ' Curea, . Ha^xda, Wounds, Bumo, Btc.- BandruJX. . *. UIERICIN F1MILY. SO»P. Best for General Household Use. •--J Ju,' BEUEF AND LAS TIMS mM8. 13 pj yott that it wil?

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