The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 19, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1892
Page 4
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• r<. , ^ -o * ^t *v -^ if > ^~4 * "^-iV-i ^ !• ^ \ -5 'WasT 1 ^ ^, f^v- 1 ; V *" *V-" r ' ' '" '''H,'rJAkY-OS»ONlCfLB ! ''" i£:OJ ' Inside or outwear* lamps," 2,000 "Tittsdle -power efccit, in use until 10 p. tn. standard, time. , 4 - ' J . Where one lamp only is tsed, $5.per mcfoth, $£0 pec anntfin. Where more than one lamp- ia used by the aaaie person in the same looftljts 'the additional laraps will be charged for at $4 per ^onth or Wrer an- Theao lamps Will be placed in position free of charge fcn the u^er other than above All night lamps or other special service a special rates. . Alfclaniage to the lamp ot wiring by th ' uaer must be paj.d for by him* " ^ The uaer «ill in no case be allowell t mrfddVe with or remove either lamp-a^-wir We carrj •» •«•• - j .-—* --- 1 --—«• --\ Smith's, A. <3. McGraw & Go.'s and terinafd A Soft's fine shoes. . ', ' ttiU.CS BROS •-^i* ^—-—r We want every mqlther i<oknow that croup an be prevented. True, croup never appears without a warning.* 1 .Th^ first fcytuptotn a hoarseness, then the child appears Jto have taken $old.or a cold may have accompanied the hoarsenesaifram the start. After that a peculiar )rough cough is developed, which is followed by the croup, The time to act is when the child* first beconjea hoarse} a fefr doaea of Chomberlain'a Cough Remedy will prevent the attack, Even "after -a roiigh cough has appeared thf disease may be pro vented by using this remedy as directed. i , I the lowest prices, !' ' CHEAPE in'g and if Any change in position tir replat Fof g& i e at o re ene'fl drug stdre .A » _S_K:I_-.JI t.« 4-t*f4 rtfS*ioiiri.iA** if. Will Vifi I t ^— -*- mentis desired by the consumer it will bej done by the city at coe^. Incandescent lighting, lights ready for use at all times during darkness. Meter ratHa 0-10 of one cent t>er hour per*|_ 16 candle power lamp for'either stores or roaidencea. s . v \ No nieter placed in service where less than ' fiye lights are in use. For all ordinary service where.meters are not used! following rates: Stores and business "places 50 cents ^ per month per 1G candle- "power Jafrnp ^fot any number f>\ lamps, whether one or 'more* „ _ j^,^ ' • Reaideacea and offices,, etc., 35 cerjts per 1C candle power lamp 5 pfer month, where "« four or less lamps are used. Where nrore " thari'fout lamps «re in place for the* same v person in the plftae locality, 2& cents, per "month per lamp (or, each! <• over fo\iT» J j ' , - In order to make rootn for new stock will, s? 11 wVll paper at cost, PCWBM, BRIGHT BOYS ; VVANT?D. To distribute circulars ami sell book. Salary and comniissioft, MiOH. AD\% AND^DIST. Co i in Cook Block. „ TO rpViQ GrdiS OODdl38«liy qmv/«*«*wi>* *rtf,*~f**t~-~ w.^_. o _ ___^._ ti1& in pHces omas for UQH^ING wherever 0** ia^sed^LSO&tOOOSiNaor HEATItfa to take effect on and afixtf „ . r 1st 1892. A marquise diamond ring. A reward of $85 will bo'paklthe Under bringing it to > A MRS. 0. T. GoiuUM. Cni-p^t Cleaning. \ , tk am now open , for fal\ bnaloess. "' OASBTbVB BATBS,$l.eQ par 1000 cubic Ft for aJJ G*a conanmed where a, G*8 RANGE 1* osed. , » tor all gaa combed where COOKING or HEATIN(V$TOV£? «« «» * I"* *t»* «sdnsumpUoni» not leas than 1000 cubto Wet * ^ Bat »* for Ga. used lor WOHTlSO ONLY retain twobangel W^AW M folkftra: ESsjs than 100$ cubic ft. Sn one month, *2 00 per ft. | 6000 cubic, ft. and less.thdn 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 9Q p0r 10,000 or'over, t month ,*1 bQ per t00n cubio ft. • (cubic ft* All the abovj r»t«aS»rt anl'Joct t3 ft- diaoomit « 10 eta per 1000 oubio ft when th* m»ttth« bill is paid in o/bofor* the fetkof the month next follb>i&j< , '" TbB:»boTOpecialrat M arenfade to induceconatttnera to uaegt» for oooktn. and K«" v orders foF«.^our work. Monday ... tfas AD?ANTAGE of Gas For ; booking Over Ev^ry Other in Clte^ivStave ^Keaper •'ing, withouUiieters; are made. "• Aillampa of additional candl^ power at. proportionate rates, AH special service.utnftt be specially con-1 S. .' O. box $92.. All bills payable on'or before the 10th of each riionth and a penalty of ten per cent J will be added to bills not paid when due," No wiring will be allowed to be dpue es- cept under the direction of the city arid where lighting contracts are made* ' AU inaandescept. lamp ( renewals must be made by the consumer a't hi« own expense, i. but the City will until-further notice supply lamps at cost, , ' °* . Ordinary open clpat wiring will be dgnd ~durin6 the installatStm of the pfcntat JW^5. *"?* A choica let of' •medical workg from the best authorities, WMbe sold very N. A. SHBRMAN. -,- Quickiiess* 175 &AS 8T0VES How., In ukeJn SPECIAL REDUCTION IH HAS FIXTURES. A dititou -t pf 10 per cent will b'etnade from r«g»Ur prio?* on aU .toaide piping oidered and contpltted from Fix mfM 'of per lamp, ffot inctudiTig lam£s and socket*; A'l 9ub9e«u§int wiring, will be filomj 8Qlely|« tore riuder the direction 1 of''the. coHiinissioneb at CDSt. " ' " ' - A'll wiring"will«be dono under the latest lea of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. Alt applieatioria fyr lacandespcnt lighting The^noat.wopderfulmedicinetnaVj. have| ever,niet witn ia Chamberlain's Colic, era and Dlarrhooa Rjmedy, In -cases 3ro)lo_ it gi»6j_«Be6dy relief. On hunting trips I ha*e found it indispenaable. Put in alkali water it imparts a pleasant taate and prevent* the-peJnfqV diarrK«a which alkali water produce*. I could not 'feel aafe within my hou8«. J, ?> $mith,Fort Aber- '5f. P. t!o> We at Qreene's drug ,1'" '' ' ' v '- '•."•'.•->-•. .:. ' pn oi StoL l lstiB92rtb April 1st 1893. The MARSHALL LIGHT Co. UkVQU.WMTi COLD agl Opera House ^ • . _ ^, -t ._ __ .. _ fc. .wt^U- .<,•«*»* t*- 1^ A I " III|J "* * ( . 1 have all : the season's ice" bill* made oat and wpuld be pleased to have .those owing inecallxtind settle. . J, P. Crioole Creek' is not a health retort. It i wealth re*ort. Qnita ft difference t I near Pike'a'Peak in Colorado, Gold- -. .._—.. iyjllo^ld litound at grftai roou and i»" th«> ^tittMneSwrt»<>i«»*?i tw« i» Mdvifift^iMi caflip ton. KDH n»T«i FUM «•• u« BW —» »r-i»™—• 5,- r "rv^» drod people a day are now rushing to Fiempnt, W.H.ROWLAND, Manage/ • One S ight.o Oomedy - OCT. C Tl to chSn°c" b or^tima i, worth looking] Tb.'C. M i«»»>0\»»?«IM to'»P»^ -^^^^^^^S^JwSt^' ' * v - ' chapga oi care trom Chicago, K»n»M City- nod other-principal citiw to Ploriagant, nearert rall- ^Blatlon..^^ daily atages to «•-—> Address (or rats and »erTic«, will be accented in the ofdfr of the application and to'the persons applying for the first sss^^^fSssiSii ow^ .«* *,* -,«.-, of charge, aU other lamps or sockets at cbst, ing and distnnuting information of ev The above lighting rates are baaed* on an ery kind to tbe x mercantile world and estimate of the cost of operation of the plant I greperftl public, information relating to add while they are now-oiuoR. lower than | cre di w , prices, valUet of real eatote and for tbe same quality *nd quantity of light I mercbandiae in diffeyept locab'tres, fqrrn'ahed in ° ther places.should it be foundT{| r§gse8 &n da thousana and n possible'to wake a reduction in.price, thej matterg ^ om a n part8 p| the United rates will be lowered and all contracts 4ow Stfttea » ao< j territories,^iirujshed at uomX •made will be entitled tolhebenefi^of any - reliable >nd strictly private, reduction hereafter made, from and after | \ uttl . vu ' .<*,,, <»the date of _tbe reduction. ' »*• Application Injist be m«de to tbe recorder or either .of £he commissioners. Comedian E. Apply to D. CUN«INGBAlI,-Sole ..'' . ... Ejcnrii«»M to Toledo. Tbet).,"J.& M. railroad will run a on „ l)oB't Jail to see the j Press Goods at Perretts. CEO. Michigan TRUSSES A ftiill as^prtmeitt oi sizes. "The best kinds at reasonable ^ates fitted • 4*40 fv.aut,»*vBf• -ww^.-•—— 7- JOHN DILLION A laugh p&ducerjdiedding new Wght upoa that intere«ting- problem IS MABBIAQE A A __ - „ ______ the* form of a letrge sized , i^^bt be had by fjf\ \ 1 ^ * 1J ** J •> ^ * V"* r* ^ : 7 • l J ',*\ 1 4 • i H kUt? AUl IH W* W ***T-piV »*«f(*»**» ".•• Pr*ir -' ' T tie f ar^ for the rounil trip"*^ faf^"^zj^tb^twenty^^ogQtgJ^_PO 8 t^feBtamp8^tp TJie. returning traia-leaves Toltrdu *»frjQ eo> fl; Jiisairprd, Jti/ .P. A., Cnica^o, 7,:QQp. m- _ - • "A een { I Milwaukee ^? St. ftiol R'y«CHcago, 111, at ^B^ElBl^S^PUg Store ttiaWest State MARSHALL, MICH. Admission;, . Reserved *«ats now on- •*!« atcwe. • • ' • ^ 50 Cents t JUteene'i MOTHERS uckneas^or call oti ]'" *-*--' i' 8 La Mimu^uu ^*»^a, medicw» htes when doctors fail in Mem Croup, Inflammation rf the ¥K andTyphot Pneu mom* ftlso quickly relieves a <* cures ..__, St. Paul . ^_ tbe, supply is limited; application ,W ill.' you part rousi be made early.":- Sbquld tbe supply """'*'' flour dam | become exb,ausie<l the postage 'stamps Will be returned to applicant, fa meat' men Baby w«s sick, we°g«va her Castorin, SEBSt "TheNiagara Fall* Route." TiMf TAiCE/yUNe 12, 1892. ^ Uroup Scarlet Fever, Throat, Burns, coping »'«<! fe , , as and 50 jsitt ABSS , faichigaa. , jsgi H- SHABSSTBBM, Eropn- When «hft hfMTftroff^P 1 ", ?ha olunjpto'eaatoria. 1 Wben sb» bad Childrep, *he g»v»Wro Oastoria, A lUotougb, reliable and . _ I Uuudreda of young wen and '.wonjen [ thehr start In .We ** U»e -K. B % C. • To farmera ; h^>y8 and glrla thi« course of praciloal 'Jpatt|»« I tip4"cMi»ot beoyer-c»amated. Wa shall be'pteaaed to have yo» ,o»tt •!;*• oUpge and takeover tue matter, <?t *dan»» *« catalogue KBUG'S BUSIHjBSS COIAJBO^.. tfroe. carry a groceries. All goods Save money by. buying J.H.8ANDBBS •JU8TIOI O T Select .aad standard ningbam'a, stylei of Storm . r wfiys in stock at 0. stow Ladies are invited bo^ue in good repair i at tUe fOBCUW not* «ltt , .CeotraJ will on Oct. IV return at the rate of MSSSIKyWfifc^

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