The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 19, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1892
Page 3
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<» $ ft . • ^ OHkOMCLEj QGtQBER Local S.H. 9T.ore. . 58 55 , wto 2BJQO K91SO w ftigfcest, 59, lowest, 43. ' By registering tnerrniMueter, for tae last BREVITIES. Door is being 1 laid ih <Fry» ofMfttne, speak's sthat* ight. Miss Anna'Alexander returned Iroln her eastern vHH taday. C. fi. Shun why r wH|"be;e<>niG jamtor for the court house put Into (iramer's brewery* Marriage licenses' issued OcC Louis B. Cramton and Ella /. Look for the edip$e of the afcri tompt'* row between 10:86 and Ham. the Brush Co.'s engineer iff in the City laying out the circuUs^fot Ore elec trTff light plaat, "' , • • •. Mrs. Wm. Richards left Jast night for Chicago, where she will Visit several weeks with relatives and frienda. , J. S. Cox left thla moffeing for Springport with hfs horse^ Bayard Gift, where he has him Entered in the 2.40 pace. ' " Louis H. Oramtoti and MisaElla J. Roberto Were married this niorniog al the resi,doncp of the bride's mother, Rev. E. 'W. \Rankin "officiating.. Mr. ^and Mrs, Cramtoa left on day express for a trip to'Chicago and. St. Louis. Phillip Joy, Clarence Rowley, Dwight Gqrham, Misa^Grhwold, of Grand Rap Robot Judge Morse will apeak at the -opera house Friday afternoon, Nov. 8, and in the evening Hon. Joh'n J4it>er, of Deli ojt, awl Daniel Strange will speafc, V MjsB-Satie Greaibead r who ha* begn " the* sum'tner, 5n this 64ty» , rrf- , lo Chicago this morning: She ids, and Marie Spicer /*•' , jvbp, will speilU iv few we"iik« ill that- 'v V ' «'''-' ' ' ' , Henry Fisher, lht> matt whom Sheriff Prentice arrested for stealing dentaV tools and goods from Dr.,8peer» olllce at Battlri Creek a few months ago, was sent to Juekson'for two years from Pon* tiac this Week, '. —— 1 The renowned Kisku Jubilee*Singers, whose slave songs t f the south have been heard with delight iti nearly, every great city in the world, ar# billed the, Marshall opera house""--" , evening, Nov 9 ' ' r< . . B. V, Tabor n«>d wife jcavo to- for Benton Harbor to attend the ugnn Baptist atnty canvantioa^ ' Mr. Tftbor will return Saturday aiid seryicua Will be held'.'as -usual, in th« Baptist clnir^jirnQXtSunday- . • . Statistics sn<|w\!^tt^American women are'2TOV/ing;|^lji6r«|ftid lh§ menjate get . ting smaller* While AniMcan bus bands.are beading oyer desks and. work benche*. American wives are stretgbiiig their weeks to see what. U ojn L\\I& Ubar gain counters. ^. • ' s . Among those who went to Chicago to*' day W'P noticed: Fred iCauwoyer; |ly , ron Ry'der, Mrs. 4. J. Fahey and, son, • Mrs. McClure, Mi's,'Lewis Parrm from. thiscUy- S. R. Robinson 'aud Aaron tJEekfor.d, and Mr. and Mrs.' P, is*most of 'onvdid. The walker of tfi^e crowd and his fair companion wele compelled to take a wlagon^.over the last three' mlles^ It is aurnused tbevlu^st tooNmucb • breath on the first halHp stay b^he crowd* A quifctweddinj^took place las.t v eyen ing at thesTesidence oi Mrs. |)v. ¥ tj" Beach, the contracting parties being Jobta 0. Stem|Nif AiSga,n,_j»n.d_Mis» ^alen 'Iremble. T^be ce perfoVmeil by''Prof. f\L. lJ v anieis", OH vet..-The newly niar at 10 o^clock for a.trip ,enst return will take up their Allegan. /' • We have~the~ttgehcy for the aale of CLOAKS inade team tHe&e popular 1 gdods, and we will sell, theift at yery : low prices to* get them in- troMioed here. Every garment warranted ^ t'outtoll. In council Monday, Oct. IT, 1692, Major Dobbins presiding. Full -board* present* Minutes of last'hieetipg read and approved. By Aid. D$Bn, chairman of.sidewalk committee: 1 „ RESOLVED, That sidewalk &n south aide of Hanover street between Kalaih;a^ob avenue and. Linden street be. surveyed, grade raised and walk straightened. Adopted. '.."•• .,;-, . ; ,./' •..' .. '. By ^.Id. Egeier} -. " ; : Y '•." '• '•-"••''.""„.' BSSOLVKD, . That new walk be ordered built* on east side of Madison street from south line of Methodist church property to Hanover street, said walk to be 4 feA wide of IK 9* ?ioch pine plank: laid cpoaswiafe on three stringers, such to be nt>t less than2x4 pine or Bx4 oak. •>•• " ' ' • I.know th&t lam a Uttte 1 ^ ta 4heEa;^t end but as ow city is grow- irrg ^re must spread out, we hot. do business center, but By Aid. Ferrin, chairman fire department cornmittqe: • ~V "*• • ^!? ' ' RESOLVSU, That glass b&put in east front door^of engine house necessary for lighting a.aid room under the-super vision of thtcbirf. of flre department, cost not-to exceed f.H.60.1 ' •By Aid., ^Goleinan, chairman street <.'oii) ••' -. * .% -1 ^^.' ' ", • - 1 i .• . " mitteo: • RKSOLVKU. That N itew-'atone crfldaings be ordered built q& aoutfr-ajde of State street across Liberty.street. r ... if flarWare to give me a have two carloads of Acorn Oook- iiig & Heafeing Stoves tS'pick frocci* r - Over Oi^e Million of tbese stoves ixowtouse, J^erylbody is itovited to call at my Salesrooin and * Grand Rapi4s Democrat; Without inquiring very deeply; into tb$ legal of the case our people who flnrt another quarter of a dollar added t > the price of cpal will not s^ed'any tears over the report tbi* raorumg ol the probable appointment of receivers for the Readiirg combine. * . Ttfe matter of a sewer near,, Mr. ferred to street and ordinauge comnn' The rules were suspended *«9 '.following allowed- Insurance on Perrinville en- Ispect my new line of goods. J also Tmake a wonderful offter in. |>lated goods this week. IWHlLEN; .East State Street. UARTIK gine house and contents, $5; T. 0. Stevenson, printing, $S2il7*; Wna. Cams, straw, §2.50; Fletcher, Catnpbeil, cobbl^ stone, f1,60; John Mains, oak lujnber, *4.:i3;Geo. Watson, stouts crossings, $6.75;-Kearney & Barrett, medina stone, $204.86; freight on stone, {Trt-aaarehal's time roll, two weeks, The celebrated comedian, Mr. John UJJlosu^will appear at the opera house Qct. 22U m hi^ new-eotuedy-fcom the pan of G. T. Uazy, -entitled "A Model tlusbandJ' Tm'-4- engagement will unj dbubtedly prove the eo^ftdy ev-em of & M fc ^ gW ^ anMlU Cft8ti n gr 33 cents; w tbeSscaeor, as Mr. Dillon is ptte-of tbfi H. Alexander, cenient, $45.73; Bodine Roof- greatest coniedians ever?on the stage h ng £0., $78.90i freigh.t far sittne,^. $2;ifiv and. thia seaso«4s appearing to better [Marshall Furnace Co,, jpeiaent,, $|K>46; Kichard H. Hall, bricit, ^7.35; freight for , _ The bills dr Richard Butler and M. S. O'Seefe referred tb finance committee, 'The following were allowed for electric light plant: Cbps. Preyer, pump and. drill , advantage than ever as Benjamin Bascum in "A Model Husband." His sup porting company is an unusually strong bn&. Priees'wiU not be raised for this engagement, * W.^E. 4 Foster, weather propiiet, siys:' t bulletin gave jforeeasts of the waves to cross the continent from lth to, IGtb. and 1&h to 'Sad^and tae next will reach the .Pacittc coasJ, about LET US SHOW YOUOTOiJ|EOP OE1LDIEN I 8OTJTS POY'8, YOUTH'S We Are Now Befce\iag pur iwrnenw LiajB qt the 33d, cross the western x by tfee close of the x S4tii,, the great central valleys from 85th ttt27ta, and. the - * era stales a"bout the an.ce will inaugurate a warm period, thai will e^ljend tor into November and tbeiweather will dVerage much wajinw usual! *,Tbe cool wave will cross mountains abo.ut the 26th, t|ie great certtraTvalteys abput ther 88tb and the eastern'states tfboai the. 30th. ,ve much winter weatber , . _ , sj»te» before the middle of Noyembe?aod no real'winter unt.l wheels, $38; O. A. Briegel, % of work done, $800; John A. Hunter, wqrk-aud expense*, $60; tupe roll of plant, $215.42. On_iiiotioa council adjourned for one wqek. ^' . R. R. EISHEB, Recorder. V E RC O We made a bid ( ft those when No good thing should be outlawed because here and there a graceless person treats it basely. It is just as necessary to administer JgO*«nt8 ta the aged and feeble as it is to strengthen a dwelling-that is beginning to Hot only may 'Ufa be greatly pro by artificial support, but the declin- -iBg years of those near and dear to us be rendered more comfortable, and age relieved of many of "iw usual pains and penalties ba a iwdicioua uae of "Royal Ruby" fort Wine; each bottle ja guaranteed byth§jm- darsigned to be absolutely pUreand over bottling or With Three Clothing- Manutaetaries^ifl.Boclaester «od closed Contract. -We are late in receiving $,aes6,JieoauBe we did *«*t !>uy of Agent in June and July, money for «ur patrons this fall. But we got them lit prictb tfc*t .wUl _ _ .ur line of Merchant Tailoring surplus preb**pd ^ now readyaod ineritsmspection.TOur Style, *Fit, «n4 Fiqish' are yorlp,*r« ofites copied but never excelled , ; T.SHAN AH AN, rtwe 4*>yJ<*li*ftttaie. t for it will be .refunded, Quart hottfcs flj te, 60 cents; never sold in bulk* See that you get " Hue the f « fitted MONTH COMJHSS10S, „.. 0«od, Uve, feu ' va *nd covmtyiw w» Do , oJWore »t reMoniforj»eUli»g.

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