The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 13, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1893
Page 3
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DAILY A 'Visitors to the world's fatt wilMJfld the CHRONICLE on sale at Gco\ i*. War ten's news'and cltfar stand in the Mich* igan building. Mrs. 0. B.Moses returned' tgdayfrom J.M'/'ParB'onshadw bnd day, but is b(6%( nof . .5 •'.., 'Mrs. p. Dfcrwin llnghea returned' to Jrarid Rapids Monday. ; • Misa £S.utii'L&cey<W<?nt to Chidftgo Monday for a two weeks' absence. , Mr. and MriL'fra: King arrits tomor row for a :.$tof£w'«i their eon. P. M. ' '" > : , -. . • At the close of his engagement in Chi cago Denman Thompson will retire Ifora the stage for a yeur. , r k S. Marr, of Muskegon, is making a a visit In V$nBuren county. OMrs. V. A. Stuart went to Albion to5 day. It S<? expected the M. C. ^Railroad" will run excursions to Chicago for certain trains. They have been popular with no special attraction at the great city and Will be more so this season. -''' |ye are in receipt of an invitation to attend the graduating exercises of the Michigan Mftitaiy. Academy, which takes fyaea Thursday afternoon, Jan- 15, at: music hall oh ,tte world's fair -grounds. ' F. W. Dickey Went to tfnion City Monday and[bought Mr, Lincoln's three year old, colt, Medio, for the s'nug little sum of 14,000. He. is a very premising colt and we shall be surprised if Mr. Chicago I/lve»to*k. CATTLE— Steady, ^ HoGS-^-fieavy, 16 W@t 05; mixed medium, *6 6Q@7 00; light, |tt 50@8 95 SHEEP— Steady. and New York. July, l5K@?5%crSepfember. BAT?5 fcember, "August, De. , steady; western. 58<geOc. CORN— No. 2, firmer, dull;- July, 47 47 15-lCc; August, 4HK@ 4 8Mcf Septem ISKc; No, 2,- 47><<eMS.%. , CATS— No. 2, quiet, easier; ...Jnly, Beptember, 8y<ftt'3i!<i; state, 39@46c;Westr '• - • " ••' *"• - Vigorous attempt for the appointmentl jockey does not double his_money on June, 38Kb. t)ATS-rQttlet, Corn and wheat grits for little chick, alao compound food, greatest fpod oil earth, at C, A. Chesher's rejill. ' i finlo of KdR-. Satui-day, and all next week, all new patterns' just 0 off the looms at rock bottom prices. ^ J. S. WHITE & Co . " ' Bargain Store, Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castorla. All persons are notilicd-n.ot to dump any more garbage in the streets. PETER HOWE, MarshaL of state food and dairy .commisbiouer. The first of the series of piano recitals by pupils of Miss Margaret Whiie will take place Friday evening at hor rest- idence on Mansion street. . ' One of the laws passed by the recent legislature, and given immediate effect, him inside of a year. Tomorrow evening, Wednesday, the 14th, at Grand Army hall, the installation of officers will bo held by the Woman's. Relief Core. Prior to the sere' monies supper will be * served by the corps to the members of C. Colegrove makes it an.on*ense to spear fish in any of th£ inland, lakes and rivers of the state. •: OUB hundred , and forty one, tickets '. have been sold HO Chicago since the world's fair opened, fifteen of which were sold iodiy. - ; ^k* 1 ^^ 0 Jicenaes issued; Charles 'Bright and finnice Pennlugton, both of Marshall; Jay HunUngton Scott and Dora EiStricklaud, obth of Albion. People who visit the world's fair at Chicago,, will gain valuable time and money by making their purchase of dry goods,' clothing, etc., before going. One lady who visited the fair recontly purchased $3 60 worth of,goods in Chi Cago, and as'it took her half a day to make the purchase- and her expenses avejffcgeu $5.00 per day while there, she - was $2.50 out on the transaction. The Detroit Homing club has altered its. plan of dates for flying and the following is tbe-,new schedule: Jackson, 73 miles, ship and fly June 13; first club f race, Marshall, 98 miles; ship June 17 and fly'the next day; Kalamazoo, 122 miles, ship June 34 anoVfly th« next day;second club race, from Dowagiac, 163 miles, snip July 1 and fly the next day; • New Buffalo, 197 miles, ship July 8 and 'fly the next day; Chicago, SSjd, ship July 17 and fly the day 'following Of all the fool acts passed by the las legislature the one which declares that* a register of deedu cannot record any deed, laud contract or plat without a certificate from 'the auditor general or the county treasurer that all tuxea have been paid for tile five years precc-tUng the date ef the instrument, seeius to take the cake. The law went into eflinjt , Monday and bids fair to mak'e a vast »' amount of trouble before the supreme court Knock§ it out. Tn.u county treaa urer cannot possjoly know whether all the city taxes have be*w paid, and conu-QuentljaCannot issue a BosiuesS' U at a standstill at if>q ter's office As ail instunou of iho in convenience to people buy-iug prop c rl.jr, we note the case e'f a m;iu from Alb.ion, -who brought in u deed, to un rce »rdud- He had expected to g«t }?w dcc'd ou rev? jttfd so that-he could ;ib^ract:»ud the)? borrow souse ui"H»jy to put up liesiiid he 'bad made Post and their wives-and4o members of the^eorps from (f:SO to 7:30 p. ra. : " Mem bers of the corps will meat at the hall at 5:80 An enjoyable time is Anticipated. ' Circuit Courjhi ''•>'"'..'•'' . ...' TUESDAY. Roy Fuller' pleaded guilty to the lar rf'Wcyclo and was finejd $10. C. Arnold pleadcdxaiiilty 'to letting a house for immoral purposes and was flaed f 100, which" bVpaid,*: Albert King, charged with burglary, changed his plea of not guilty to guilty. When the cape of Louise Mundspn Lindsey, charged with bigamy, 'was called Mr. Clawson, the attorney focthe defense, asked to have the case dis missed on the ground that a former bus- band or wife could not make a com- plafnt in a case of'bigamy. He cited &' case that had been decided by the supreme court of this state, and as the complaint was made by Mr. Lindsey, Judge Smith granted the motion and :the' case, was dismissed. Frank Cross, who was convicted of forgery at the -last term of court, was sentenced to one year at Sackson People vs James W. Farrant, charged with sellingliquor to a minor, is no*<m trial a "'. • ' , . . . T- cash, 53c, nominal. ; - CLOVEnsEEDr^Steftdy, prime cash, $7 60. If you want a house built in short, order calton Wm. Shipley fts. He is pro pared to put you up a housj6 ready for plastering in ten days fiiue? Shop oh street over. Lynn's. Residence, 151, Hanover street. World's Columbian Kxpnnltloh. The Michigan Central will sell tickets from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of sevea dollars and thirty cents fr • the round trip, limited, to Nov. 5tfu Ciiildren under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good on 1, 4, 19 or 20.> Don't fail to go to .Hulett's and have your eyes ^t&sted. All tests positively fre. . Ask to sec the new perfection bifocals with which the wearer sees, to; read or sew aiid with the same. glass see at a distance. Remeniber we save you from 00 to 75 per cent on traveling optician^ prices. •Sulis" irt'r '.pluntiii—Now -U ill' •.' ' Tliiie tii Huy.- '_ a '' 'f;' To citJBe out iiiy etock of plants I now offer tho entire lot, ht oKotit ihc cost of grfaw ing them. 60C pauBies at<25 cci^ts per dozen; 500 Eng- glish daisitja, 26' cents per dozen; 100 verbenas, 38 cents per dozen; 100 geraniums, 75 cents per dozen. ' The above are in bud and bloom and ready to produce an imrflediate effect in tho.,gar- den. 100 asters, 10 cents per dozen; 100 -petu- .10 cents per do.zen; 200 phlox 10 cents per dozen; 200 celery, 10 Cent's per dozen; 100 dggplantsi 20 cents per do'zen; 100 pep- : pers, 15 cents. Miscellaneous .potted plants, a.largo aft-; ortment including roses, fuchsias, ''be go s nias, etc, 25 per cent .off. Call at Gco. Coleman^ stora on State street or a*'B9 E. Green'street. '.,..••., ^ CLIFTON B.RAWLINSON. Tin roofiiig and ail kin r ds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. "The following item, clipped fro«n tho Ft.- Madison (Iowa) -Deinocrat, contains information \iell worth ; remembering: ''Mr. John Roth, of this city, who met with at accident a fevJ 1 jiays ago, spraining and bruising his leg and arm quite.severely, was cured by one 50 centb&ttlo of Chamberlain's Pain Balm," This remedy is without an equal for sprains and bruises and should have a place in every household, drug store. For salo ot Greene's Heiiitlve to .Cown, . .- • The >brdinanco relative ? o pasturing cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be. allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, .and all cattle found at latge in the street, whether tied Or otherwise, will be taken cnre of. No ex ception will be made to this rule for anyoner PETER HOWE, City Marshal. •i 4 aouie buildings, »H" arrangement*, to o<Hunnrni;e work next wei^k, but as he could nut yef h s * •deed recorded he co^ld- not get 'aO ^b stract, ab<*wing that he had a title to the land, au,d. aaoordmKly ^ould not Intervening.Petition tiled. CHICAGO, June 13.—Willianj Mayor, tbe contractor who bad the contract for building the spectatorium, filed a sensational intervening petition in tbe circuit court in the 'suit of .Steele Mackay against the Columbian Celebration company. Mayor claims that tbe company owes him $130,000, and he .asks to have -all the stockholders de^ dreed to be partners and liable for all of the debts against the company, Mayor charges fraud and corrupt management Against the incorporators of the company,, Steele Mackay, General Ben Butterworth, Powell Grossley, Sidney White and Howard O. Edmonds. . duiiventiou of Orangemen, MINNEAPOLIS, June 13.—-Delegates 'Jo the general convention- of the Orange-, men are bere from all,partsof tba-coun- try, prominent among them being tbe representatives 'from'. Michigan, jTew York and Pennsylvania.. JChe supreme grand lodge of the IJmfea-^teft began business, all officer's being present. Matters discussed were of .an executive nature anil entirely in connection with the grand chapter.- Officers were ejept- ed for the eusuing year. Escaped MunU-i:er K«j,-iiptured. 3VIARLBOKO, Md.^Juue 18.—William. 'Pinkey, tbe Colored "murderer wlw caped froni-aaJl uot more than three •weeks ago, was recaptured, near here. We Want to Show oyr WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the County. W. T. DRAKE, Druggist, 240 State Street. Full Line of Summer Unjust Received, At » vtw»4 **«"» .. **" .^^^^-.-^ — — . —~j~ —_-, - ,, - •- .. • - I jje is under sentence along wiwuCarter, borrow hi* money in tjie way he bad in- ' ' ' tended. w w • •**> . the ,4t|i otjuly fpr the opening of the boat UouBfe ft^d Celd 'Spring park. It has been determined towajjitfthe oc caliph one of general inraro i? being ,. nouiioed later. " 4-t the ineeppg of the B«»t plubjftpt nightie .»uttee M ajrangementa V. A, I*PP*r t Ii P. SflUih, B. a » W. ft Aquatas ft ig 0 colored, to hang June' 80 for the ] murder of yrancis H. Howie: A. reward ol¥750 was offered f or Pinkey's capture.' <T ~ ------- - is ___-: CAR : of Cooking, Heating, aasbline jand OU Stctoes, <- "**_' U U • jM-'Mi* «nr *rn f*t A T^< r f 4^± -A- TV oRb We, co 5 8iBtiog-of tea and cqff^ pots, kittles, mUk pans, put* .dust pans, wasfbo^rs, everything in t W , Copper, ipuroeUm,, german steel right wortb LU.l>t£i, Aa., ilWUQ |,^r *«w »j*v/ .J.WW- jf,— —1 " —— y '. • • " ..... -"wearers of blue ribbons^who. | goods and anti-roatip^ tin ware. . JrpHxall^oygr the world to at- I , _ „, ; - .;,§ f>fOTn HATiP OAR LOAD i ftfi^Tl JllATmiH.! f fiftfifilOn Oxi tuELQ I "•* " < WF?!•''••* ^WB*>*^«W«W*"» ^"l*^j^"™ ^(i^^*)^**(F ! UW44 ***»»*»•*«**! siwwt**'** ^r» ^^J 1 _- ? " T «* V* 1 l_ '*L_ -J • • ' Sp? f^rms 6^,000 ounces of hundred thoua- barb , E.G. Way, door t^ ;< rIpti.on« I%now I - kind 1 little td the east of ;^~*~ j W* -u . »S V " ,-*' "- r^. S--1

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