The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 13, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1893
Page 2
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THEfDAILY JUNE i3,4893 LE ItAlLY CHRONICLE *ERMS OF Datly, otie year ttirttiigti P.O...94 74 l>«U)r,.delivered. 10 cent* p«r week Stifatcrlpt loot-received at tb»,cfflce nt B«b •tfon Id 8f*t« Btr#eU, . „ J. M. ACCORDING to the reasoning and con -elusion of Judges Wood and Jenkins -' congress could have closed the world's fair on Wednesday or any other^day. of ;the week; for .any month, or for the en tire period from, the first'of May until the first of November, Lawyers when they get ont6*a 'bench are sometimes awfully logical, as in the Dred Scott decision in favor of slavery, the Chinese banisUmeut decision, and the wjorld's fair case. It is no no wondeAhat con tempt of courts grows among the peo plf. —Jackson Patriot. STATE ITEMS. < ' -Senty Blauw was killed by "lightning Hear Kalamazoo. A big gold cure institute will be opened at Pontiac this week." Henry YanJPatteBLof Caro, aged 14, was drowned in the Cass river while bathing. Fetmyille Methodists an* building a new church.'' The cofft{&Bton&- was laid last .'Week. ' ; •• .' ;•:••- .••• • . • The ShiawaSse Agricultural society will hold its annual fair at Owdsso Sept! 28,27, 88 and 29. Fruit trees are'in splendid condition, iu Grand Traverse county, and gdod results are expected. ~~" '• ; •-'/ There Were a*few heavy sales of ore in the Marquette range- last week. Prices Beemed to be) established at 80 to 50 per cent less thatt a year ago*. y • ' Traverse CJitiy peopl^ will have & regular old-time Fourth of. July celebration. Ex- cnrsiona will be ruffi^frbttj a • number of *\&lr»'KV\/\V»Infy -fr-Arnmo . " '* ' : ' . •" • Dr. Specialist, of Chronic Disease? will De at thje Herndon Satnrday, June lOtb, Ftee consultation^ tn 'German and , N. B.-^Such cases as have failed to receive benefit eFsewhere are • especially de sired Notice to Cyclist*. The praeticc of riding bicycles en the j walks must be .stepped ,»t once. Any persons violating the, law in this respect do so at tlwir own peri). Keep ,0ffthc;walks add save trouble. '* PETER H6wte, Marshal. EAGLE OPERA HOUSE fstesiay Eraii JIM .14, * 10Se tl Sp rl* 1 Lincoln Scenery, Flight of the Fast Mail. Niagara Falls by Moonlight with Boiling Mist, Practical Working Engine and }4 Freight Cars, with Illuminated neighboring towns. The secretary of war has directed that Common Connell. In counoil Monday, J.une 12, 1893, Mayor Foley presiding. ABwFnt Aids. Phelps and Beck with.' Minutes' of last meeting read and approved. ' •" • Communication ofT. F. O'Leary.ih relation" to sidewialkB-^n EwV Sohuylor street. was received and referred to nidewalk committee. .•]• ;•• ; : '~' • ;•'"•'•'\... ..' ,.;."": Aid. Davis moved that the city marshal be ins'ttucted fox placo.seats im'tlie city parks. 'Carried,/' " :.'•":'•;, .'-'••-. •', .., ,;\ /• ,< r ", By ; the recorder: . 1 WHBBKAs^OnJpec. 22^882, lot 1 and the W,K of lots 2, 3 and 4 of bloCfclG of the city of Marshall were sold for taxes and bought by the city, and ' . WHBBKAB, On Dec. 26,1882, said taxes and interest were paid iu full to the city by the then owner of said land, but the deed thereof, if any were issued, has been lost and said ;tax deed is a cloud upon the title of said . land; therefrom . RBSOLVID, That the proper bfflcers of the city be and are hereby instructed to execute a quit claim deed of said lands from the city of Marshall to C. F. .Vogel, the present owner thereof. - . Adopted. . i The city attorney reported favorably on of C. E. Shu m way and recommended Private Marion C. Thomas, of Company C, Nineteenth Infantry* no\v" at Mackinac, be discharged from service. .A recent decision of the supreme court in a Case from Van Buren holds that cider in any stage of fermentation cannot bo sold in local option counties. ' , A young son of Frank J. Cox of Vergennes was thrown out of a. wagon when the houses- suddenly started. He fell on a wheel and" otoke his neck, dying Instantly. Professors M. C. Helsing and Clarence King and a party, of 10. students from the Colorado school of .mining are traveling through the upper peninsula Investigating Michigan mines. ... While Lynian WhUtier was carrying a package of'vitriol, at Lapeer one,bottle was broken. He held: the package 1 above,hia head.' The .vitriol ran..down his ears, frightfully burning him. '" t Miss Kate M. Ailing, principal of the .Michigan. Female seminary 1 at. Kalnmazoo, has resigned. She will wed a Colorado banker. Miss Louisa P. Sampson of Brooklyn will be her successor. Horace Mellow of Menominee is' the first boy to be received at the industrial school for boys at Lansing under the law which reduced the age to 10 years. His offense was putting sand in u baby's mouth and then trying to force it'down the child's throat. Fire In Cleveland. CLEVELAND, June IS.—Fire was discovered in the coopershop of the Meriam & Morgan Parafine company. The • A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles- IB always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure* perfectly painless, "gives instant relief • and portn'anont cure and coats but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain curd than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain* expense and danger of an operation; Any druggist will get it for you. ICabooEO, The ] Dive- Realistic River Scene and Steamboat Explosion, and One FAST Hundred other Start- ...„ Hug Effects. • : HI AIL : Prices, 5$ and 750 Seats on Sale at Green's Store. First 6 rows lower floor 75c. Carter's Grand Scenic Production that bills for making arrests be accompanied by a certificate frpm the justice/ before whom the person is tal^en, that the fee is a proper charge against th£ city. • City Attotrey also gave\hi8 opinion that the council have power to\harge a rental fpr the use of streets by telephone companies placing poles therein. \ ,, Fiaanco committee, by Aid. Hyde, chairman, reported the annual appropriation bill and action thereon was, by consent, ^postponed one week. 7*-. Recorder gave notice that he would n to strike from the ^appropriation bill the item of ?4,aOO fpr hydrant rental. Aid.pavis moved that the by-laws it ted by the electric commissioner be atnend- Just as sure as hot weather domes there will be more or leas bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, andespocially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at h'and for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, is just 'what, you ought"'to have and all that you would need, even-.for the most severe and dangerous cases.. It is. the beat, thti mostre- liablo and .most successful treatment known and ispleaeant to take. For sale at Greene's drugstore. •'• • ; '_.,''•"• '' '•^5. Robert Snelley has opened a tin shop in the build.inK formerly occupied as a .meat market, opposite E. L.. Murphy's store. - Give him a call when in need of any tin work. -• 5,000 spring and summer samples have' arrived.. Call and select join summer suit or pants. Better choice than, piece goods. Call and exum'ne before buying. Quality and price to suit at TED'S, the ta.ilpr, Uver Fletcher's store.'" shop was filled with inflammable material and before the engines could reach the place it was in a fierce blaze. From the coopershop the flames ex-, tended to the main building of the company and it was, soon consumed. -The only part that was saved was the candle factory. In addition to the parafine works the shops of the Ironclad Paint company were destroyed. The total Joss is about $250,000; partly covered by insurance. . A Mew Certain Care for Pile*. We dot intend to endorse any exbept articles of genuine merit; wo therefore, take pleasure in recommending to sufferers from Files in any form, a prompt and permanent cure, the following letter* speak fat 1 themselves: i. , Mrs, ;Mary C. tfyler,; of Heppner, Ore., writeitr One pkg^qf Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of Piles from which I liav* suffered for years, and 1 nape never had the slightest return of them since. ^ v^ >. Mr. E. O'Brien, Rook Bluffs, Neb".', jays' Thepkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely re-' moved every trace of • itching piles. I can- . not thank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure Is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It it safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will get itfor you if you ask him. New stock Boughton's. of wall paper at Geo. Everythina; Quiet. LAMONT, His., June 18.—There was quietness Monday along the Desplaines alley. Work was resumed on the irainage canal and was not interrupted by the; striking quayryraen. Nearly 800 men were'at work -"and-it was evi- ., ...,., . . dent jtha.t it .was only the restraining ed by adding section nine the words "and influence;. of - the militia on guard tha\ approved ^y Che couneitt'and on motion of "~*~^ " ™"».»»*-.*<»i»» *Jf uv4^o*»w Aid. llieler the byrlaws, as amended, wore adopted. ByAld.Pemn: UNSOLVED, That the committee appointed at the jeitizen'a meeting to go to Detroit be allowed their eipenses, and that the ithaaks of the council be attended them for their services. "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage in wood, it is a "Rye as is a Rye,'* and costs nO'moro than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the,spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F, Q. Seaman & Co., Druggist. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on hand. ,. . fotOvar fifty T«»r«. " MRS. WiNM.ow'8 SOOTHING STBDP baa bc«n used for children teething. It toothet the child, allays all p»in, cure* wind colic, and it the ben remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cent* ft bot- tU. bold bj all druggUta throughout the world, Smith is making the new* porcelain enamel photos. They Just 411 the bill for a nice picture. California cherries at Cunningham's. - The following bills were allowed: Davis and Bros., paving stone, $6.75, Wm. Carnes, straw, $2.50; 5 J. C. ^Egder & Co., repairs, $2.50; W, H. Etta, .cleaning manhole?, $43; Marshall Light Co., gas, $2.72; C. E. Shum. w.ay.^polioe service, $1; marshal's time roll, ' Adjourned (or one week,". *•* R. S.LOCKTO LOCKTON, Recorder. .• . ' , &tteuttun. ~^ -1i>' Cess poola and privy vaults cleaned and disinfected iu good, shape ut •onuble prices by y . & BAILET. . doors and windows ail sizes at Bosley'g prevented a repetition or Friday's scene^ A mass meeting of strikers was leld, but it resulted in nothing but the appointment of a committee to take jharge of the interests of the strikers. Hudson Blver Dam TROY, N. Y., June 13..-^About 60 fteet of the state dam across the. Hudson river at this city gave wsy,_-*p4 the timbers were,-carried 100 yards down stream. The water has fallep from two to three feet above the dam, and is still recedingl, The effect of the break will be to suspend for 10 days all navigation on the Chainplaiu canal, the sloop WIRE. for When Baby waa'slck, we gave her Caste*** -^ When she wa« a Child, d"> cried jtor Castorla. When the became Miss, &~» clung to Castorit Why •** *"^ nhiidren. the gave them CMtorir Some of tbe Grand Army hoys may be in t created in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept. Tenm and Oa. 'Hesaya: VWe have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has done any good." There is no danger from whooping cough when thui remedy is freely given. It .completely controls the disease. 50 cent .•botjtjjes.fpr sale'al Greene's drug street. : •'• • -' •'•••''- TIME TA6LE, MAY. ?8, 1A1T. 'FRESH FROM THE Items of Interest „ , .11 y6u are liiigecing from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, conaumptiou, cough or bronchial troubles, jiatbuia, heart sleeplessness , Dyspepsia, paralysis, erysipelas or tyjatip^&r piles c^ll for Cojxlenned U«-»iler. Harrison has l>een ipvited to deliver the Fourth of July oration at Philadelphia, • ' , William E. Miteheil, of Bo§J,on, made an- attenapt to kill his wif*! yfWv she was at church, ljufr only succeeded in shooting, foer la the wrist. He was arrested. Eleven graduates from tbe American college at; Rome will enter the priesthood *^B tiie UiJlted-States/ 'T-„- ,.- \ ' The Italian gdvernmenii it is stated, will grant a monopoly of, the Jife and fire iosur- «nc« business, instead oi petroleunj, asflrst proposed. -1$ is expected that the mcpop- jdy wiE la^yfee goverjnw»* $10,000,009, " COFFEE BTAT10B8. Day a.m. .., » 00 KjOauiazoo 108 Battle Creek.... M»rBbAll, Dp • .813 4ai>ion -,-•• $ 3* Jackson .... 4 30 Detroit | 45 Buffalo. At'c Ex.* 7 48 B ir 888 940 1801 IP.*. .m. 780 BIT Bpl» p m. 1138 V 1310 630 Mall 848 110 915 415 886 m. a.m. 70S 18 85 ISO 145 S07 810 B 00 f.m p.m. 10 10 9 ia 800 8 93 848 488 711 .:W*8*. ' » m. a. a. iy-OQ 6"80 15 ifs k S» 8 OT 10 »8 - 1023 10 45 CM?jij«V&r 7 «14 1C ~ —^ daffnJo ».». Detroit, Ly 8 SO Jaokeon. ..11 40 Aibion....l8SU tfBnball .-.12 43 BattteCr'k-1 80 208 *«.*- J.ICbtoi .'*lw P^*K *i 500 5 88 ,8 1» .*88 SQ3 $CO 8lb 51ft 5 IK e» 108 1 46 B 1141 7OO,OOO Uncle Saw hssidled^SOOjQpOjOOO * , F. Moojfe, ex-pres^e»|;! of the of Fay- ij just received. ccaitaiiiiag been un^Whed fxcayating ft* •ftt A forgotten yle's in ' pool- room awl We ing op an4 Capqs for Ladies, <pl old pi valuable has l>ean enriched Ths a^ ver oocs ow»e4''by use, l»w,|i.75 pw W fi *fl(^R j ^!S*ff*«fll* f^P ^JWiffSi^ gCJPPkJ**

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