The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 13, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1893
Page 1
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ily ? ,'. f **. VOL. XlV-NO 256- ; MICH. f TUESDAY,'JUNE 13, 189? PRICE Mfo/ttfffy Pyre • V . - ' , ' A creaDi of tartar baking powder HigheStof all in leavening strength Latest U. S l Government F6od Be.' port .'..-• ROYAL BAKING POWD&Jft CO •106 Wall.St.reeVN. Y •• .. lUMPHREYS' 'VETERIHARYSPECIFICS .; ^orS^s, f CalUi:fee^i|6g^Hofip,':,; 300 Page Book on Treatment of Anlmnls A Prisoner Saicides at Po.lice Station. • ' the , or. a rnmiiy or r 1 i'.y.OH accouni threie children and thi ditipn of his wife, wliach circijmstaadll- probably had soine weight with the co'urt-in making:*a light sentence, He will be taken to Jackson " WESLEY BENTLBY GOES TO J.AGKSOH eH l oDKC8onH,iianniiin A.A.i Spinal Menlnaitl*, milk Foyor., B.B.—titratni, Lanienusa. Itfcenmati CiC«~I>J»terppor, Kit sal Discharge!** D.D.—Bots or Graba, Worms. K.E.—Coughs, Heaves, Pneumonia* F.F.~CoIfo or Gripes, Bellyache. cttrrlttgc. t.O.»-Mlacarriii.yi;. I.II.—Urinary nnrf I.I.—Eruptive Uincaaca. W\ J.K.—HUeaaeii of Diffentlf Single Bottle (over 50 doses), e. • on, i'aralyiHa. - - .60 Stable Coae, with, Speclflaj. ManniU, Veterinary Cure Oil and Medlcator, 87.00 Jar Teterinarr Cure Oil, . . l.OO 8*11 feT Dnnl>U; or mt prcp»M inyithero «•< In tmj ^miBlltr •« rwclpt of price. nCBPllREYS'BED.CO., til 4 IJtWIHUmSU, Sow York. flfj 60 HOMEOPATHIC SPEGIFIC No ^, „ _, _»r». ,Tho only successful tetnody (or Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, •nd Fnwtration, from over-work or other causos. •1 per vial, or 6 viala and large vial powder, for *i Sold by DruEjlaU, or »nt pu>t]»ia un receipt ol urlce. BED. CO.,111*U3 HlUUm SU, how Vtirk. IV 111 DUSKY Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing 'An Aigohnc Hotelfceepcr S'ojitcnCcd— ftnm x C<iniity Stir I MRS Ilunk Matter In • Conrt—'MrniJBlat* Ifmlcr _Hon<ls—-1'nrty <« Fishermen Sciirod l>y "Wo'ljWsa, DETROIT, June 18.—A prisoner at the Central police station committed suicide by hanging, himself in his coll. The man's name is Isaac Gastinov^h. He s waa. a in rags and old irtm and Hyed .at 109 Mullet street. For" some .months past the police have fjna- pecte$|iim -pf receiving stolen goods. For months the Telephone and ,T01e- .graph.Construction company lias been systematically robBec^ of copier wirer No less than 10,000 pounds of ;ihe ; wire have been stolen.: It was finally discovered tlja.t Gasanovitch was tfuyirig the •stolen property aud he was arreBied'by Detectives Crandeli and Greene x and locked up at .the: Central Ration. He^ confessed -Iris gujlt anditold the police' from whom he had purchased the wire; This, resxilted in the arrest of August Eggly, 18 years of 'Age, living at .5G& Alfred street. . Gasanovitch was 48 years" of ago and a Polish Jew. Twenty minutes before he was foundjbangihg in his cell Doorman Bartz had him out of his cell for a few minutes and -he then appeared under no excitement. A few minutes later as the doorman passed the cell lie discovered the man hanging in one corner of the cell. His feet w^re on the floor and his knees crooked. He had deliberately strangled himself? Bartz cut him down' at once and the' man "was not yet dead. Two physicians were called,, but he died before their arrival. To hang himself the man hail used a piece of stout cord which he must have had concealed, about his person when arrested. .Sitvliign Uank Mutter in Court. LANSINU, June 18.—The directors of the Inghum County Savings Bank, which closed its door six weeks ago, having thus far failed in their efforts to increase their capitalstockjfrom §50,000 to SlOOjOOO, - Bank Commissioner Sherwoojl applied to the circuit court for thej;'$ppointment of a receiver, and arterdeiHtt) show cause returnable June 2* was made. _The commissioner is- satisfied that the bank is entirely solvent, .and the directors are hopeful : !that the tfecessary stock wiij. be subscribed "her fare the return day, in which event the •application- will be denied arid the bank will be reopened. •>•' It is uuderstpod that Deputy Auditor general Ain«*r, who was to have taken stock and become general manager of the bank, has with* orawn his offer. ICllleeVIn a*MJhc./ , , Jiine 13.— Antoihe IBesslo, * tiiriberman, was killed at the 28 level in No. 6 8liaft,Gahnnetand Hecla mine. Besslo was assiAting in taking some timber from the skip and had climbed abdve the skip .to loosen the blocks, when by some mistake tlio skip was. Btartei^ up. The man caught hold of tho roi)e and was carried" up ICO fee't. when his. hold loosened and ho dropped back to the level below, killing him : instantly. Now I) ml or .Bonds. ' PAW PAW, June 12.-— For neglecting to file the statutory bond with the "bounty treasurer. Henry Rodenbaugh bf Breedsville, Euistace Halliday and 'William Harrison of plooniingdaloi All druggists, were arraigned before Justice -Mason for violation of the Ideal op^ tion law,'- They ^^ all|y.Aiyed examination iwid were ; held to .the circuit court. Other druggisti. ar"o In- the\ same v boat. . Hoteikc«'iier. Artewteil. _.:'':., PORT HUROK, June >:• 13.^-Mason YGfiJr a prominent hotelkeeper of=:AK gonac, was arrested here on the charge of attempted felonious assault, the "mplainant being Mary Bond}*, a g woman . of. that village. Mr, protests his innocence, and of the prosecuting at- d ot» his personal recognizance. KelHt-y Dlitn't Want It. LANSING, Jun'fes.IJi— The governor has appointed Nathan B. Hayes, of Muir, ^member of the board of managers of the .state house of correction, to succeed A. J. Kelsey, of Ionia, who declined; to serve. The .latter is a candidate for United States marshal for the western district of Michigan, and did not care to impair his chances of success in any way, Investigations Doing Made. „' IUONWOOD, June 12, —Investigations looking to the discovery qf the source of the epidemic of typhoid fever now raging in this city and Hurley are sure- Jy pointing toward the city water supply, notwithstanding that the report of analysis received from Professor Vaughn of Ann Arbor showed the water to be free from typhoid contamination. Scared byWolres, NEUAUNEE, June 13.— A party left for the Baldwin 'Kiln streams to, go fishing. \VTiem-they were within- a Bhort distance of the kilns, a pack of •wolves confronted the,m. $he fishers struck out and; made forhoifce as quickly as possible; They had started well prepared for fishing, but were not prepared for wolves. til* titletbf a neat little boiak. contain' ing the adMress of about 9,<Jp0 famUieS. also a la.rgj! office ' who vill nccouifnodnte mt t .of-_%ilelV' illustratfld scale map, soltl. at M..C. ticket 00 will sell anil h.a.ig it for you. yoii'' vv:iM, papet Poxes. Obappad Handf, Wounds, Buma, Etc. Bemovea and PreyJ»itB Dandruff. AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP. Bert for General Household Use Two Uuuarod Vpurs Old. PALMVRA, .June 13,— A legal .docn- meiit drawn up in England in 1699. x)n parchment, was recently found among a Jot of old papfers assorted *t the paper- mill. TC^ opening clause of tjie lease reafts as fellows: "This in,de»tore made the ftth day of May in the eleventh year of the reigne of onr eovereJgne, Lord "VViUiapi the third, by {he grace of'Gtod/ of England, Scotland,, Fjrance jaaid Ireland King, Defender of. the faith, anno Domini 101)9, between Thomas Ashmau,. of Burrow, in < the coun,ty of Snflolk, ;> ghepfeerd, of,our part, and Eobert Ashman, of Woodifcton, ' ia the" cdp«ty t ,of' Cambridge, yeoman, pf. the other part, wittnesseth that' the B^id Thomaig Ashman, for and in consideration of $ve of carreat money of Englaijd*" Axjchlei)t at Alpeiia. June ^S.^-A-ndy . cpnductor, .on the log train for the past six years *'or_ more, was run over and fatally injured. His death occurred about one hour.; lafer. He was highly esteemed, a Maccabee, and left a widow. • • , IJlrtUs find Deaths, MONROE! June 1£—Returns from al] "the townships place the number oi births' in the cotmty during 1893 at 615. QChere were 305 deaths, leaving .an in- cie.ase of 310, w^ich is a falling off of 129 from the increase of-1891. bjrtit beeri fusing to child, tut, another of the m eing bpr 1 BAY CITY, June 18., potter, 1 agei"23,-wife oi''^' c%rpenter,' euicideed abojjt t 1 o'cjoclf Monday y cutting her taroat'with a razcqr.l Her husband, wag : sitting but ft " rt distance- from the room at the *; a»d but a few moments before had baea tailing to her. Thiewoswi "- ' "^d nwee£ BigoaftlL «Mee0iat time, re*~* — to do wifijt aer - Cut HlgrJUtye With a CUJfTOi?,- Ills., June IS.-^Miss Sue Webb was fatally wounded by George Nixon, a young farmer, 10 miles east of here. He was a mut&r and she repelled his advances. Nixon attacked her with a razor, and nearly severed the .jugular vein. Miss "Webb • fought desperately" and- rescuers- came,bu,t,|po late. Nixon is now la'jgjL. = June 18.— TJi0' tiQn of Appraiser poopter op hag not been accepted, the awaiting Secretary,; Carlisle's mep4»tM>tt. The latter "called WMt* House but ^fee , pjresiaent' was consultation witK tUe Attorney .general and' the ffifttteE wa» jaef erre^ .'- _ ; • ~^ol«t BaA Man. ^^HA, June-18.— Tfce was up by a masked ioa» at we ortli ^rossjwg 'within city liia -but the 'rol)l»ey ,was scared aw^y ^ Tim Mm. anything you \Vnnt to ust isall ut (Jhusher's mill and try, ' iis c:»sh priciss will f-urely suit you. Vhen .any fcetl you ilo waiit groti|»l,- ... all at Chesber's mill, he is Always around, nci lie will try to please you. Ve buy for cash and sell forcash,. \ii(i that's what keeps us in our- hashes $100 for a case of CatiCrrh; Dyspepsia, Ner- ousncss and Slgoplefi^aeBB that Vegetable Sure will not curj|.. * ' ,; ,.••.... . ",•"• * •'.,''. ' ' ' : • -'.«,"•'•''(Vegetable^ Curo will .break up Cplds nn<3 nd CoughSi'TJatirippe and its afttsr effects, 'reiniiiibiis Weakness of the 'Nerves, Erysiii- tna niid Copttipation. 12 pz. $1.00. •-•'''.•• DR. siUBFSTEEN. ' i't your tiu wnrc in shop. - ' : ' Si-he) ly' Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired t K. Shele,y'd. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Chafes ou babie.s, «t>c« nip pies and in ilanimatiou of the breast instantly re i«vcd with Lavcndar Ointment A new rcipedy has' created B O sensation auiong i^iysicians by its wonderful elloctS n speedily curing ^very form of Piles. It ia culled the. Pyraiiiid Pile CurQ. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing re- noves the disease so quickly, safely and iurely. Any druggidt will get it for you. Itrlng Yijur Cur|>utit. Tb^ earpet cleaning works on Ex- 1111^: afreet \S,'ill i>e open on utiil nftcr Monday, Murch 27th. • . • The Pyramid Pile Cure is a rit»w discovery for" the prompt, peruianent cure of i j iles in ev6ry foria. Jlvery druggist has it. N. / . Slverinun, th># old relinble uiii- v'tfsal auctiopecr, is prepared to attend sales of all" kinds. He seiia ftnyihin^ and everything, Irousehold, gopila farms, city property, slocka of goods of l kinds, and makes a specialty of fartu sales. If you Imye anythine to s«jll calt aud eep bior.^ Don't jge'i excited over croup ;*ir quins> wbvn Laveuder Uiulmeiu ftiil cdieve you within ten Luinutci if u«eU. as directed 25 and 50'ceuta. §TOCKTOTED TO PASTURE T«ruis cheap', bee or address, A. B. KING, Marshal], Mich Sufferers from Piles should iinuw th^t th yramifli Pile .Cure will'-promptly ajud ef fectually remove every trace of them. .Ai*y w' U get \\Soi you. Au especially one line of ladi cbiicLren'6 hqsiery at " If ypa W%nt ea.rth for

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