The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 18, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1892
Page 3
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Local tnettedroloaib'adDeport taken -- - . »— ^ Greene A * 1 .store. kt W* lowest, 60. By neutering k*» " " ttiermcitueter for the last84 hours. BREVITIES^ - . See, notice of fopial in the postoffice. "The AnircrjfcrtrEfcpress .Cort&p*ny -re.- ceived * new wagon tpday. They now ha?e a^otaplet^ »«w 'outfit, h'oiV, hfrr- nesa and wagon, k ,1* dfonk, of Battle 1 Creek, i» in this city today. , He vcontetu plate* starting a. dancints School here, Carriage - license? issued Oci. r 1&: B. Clenienee stud Libbie'Hol- Comb, Jboth of B»ttl6 ,<?ree!£; John C. Steiu, cf Allegah, and Helen H. tremble, oNtewimll. * j * <X C. Stout 'encountered a buzz a»w at the Trhiniph Windmill works this. morning wtth^the usual result, Two dO. H. Hitchcock will occupy B. G, Brewer's new house on Prospect street order set lor linger* were Injured an«Lh<? will be laid *p a while. r> rj \^ " ' , ' Mrs Eunice Smith, duvfizbter of Mrs .Enill/ Livingston, died Saturday night and v waa fWr^eU Monday/ afternoon. * The notice, stating that Mrs. was dead'was a mistake* , I).-Cunningham left this attend the grand lodge session of tho I, O., Gv T. at Detroit r The session pj»ens today 'He will begone until'Friday. \\. H *F,tstoii left_Momlft.y to attend the same.r. .H ^~~~"~ > y ~ <. • _ ^. hoard of SnperTlior<, / TtJESDAV. <i , Hoard met pursuant to adjournment. The chairman stated that the superiq,' Indents of tke poor Were present and would like iasubmft; their repo'M to the board before the special Tuesday morning ^ \ Mr. WhftneSi.Butniitted the report of the superintendents Stid,' the, keeper 3 of tbe pounty house, of.m^Ch woiglye a " "'','' r^ inmates have been received and cared for at the poor house during the year 'and there were 63 thete at the lime the report was ^ade June 30. ' The prodiles of the farm ^?ere 341 bushels of bushels oats, 1,800 bushels Corn, 719 potatoes, 15.bushela beets, 17$ bushels rutabagas, aObttshelsOd^onB, 12 bushels patahips 1,000 heads of cabbage/ 21 bufthelfl tomatoes, 40 tons hay. The stock on the farm-consists of 4 horses, 13 bead of cittte, 78 hog*» 225 chickens. is a good assortment of farm implements. There were two deaths "and four births 'in the" house last year. The receipts of the board of superintendents showed a balance on haiid June 3D, 1891, $13,063.81} receipts during the year, $14,377.81, making a total of-$5£,4«,62. - J? goodwill. «tock of goodwill: Will be sold toiler or *injlr *!th f«»»* of Mora M «Monmbl<vreat. Satltfaetorr rewowi for «elllnjf>« Addrtii box 1119, M»f»h»H. for 85 cents, two for 45 cent* and. one -t?OR SAr,B-stook of frcwrie*.. flttat«« »i»d Uf V*l^ f ' > —^^ ««Wut ^IIT «WM«lr A* MWUtVdMtf^ Hvtnr** 4ttA A ballot lot; salary of-deputy game and fish warden resulted-as follows: 21 ffS per day, three for $i, seven 'or 25 cents, two foe fl.50, one blank, v Adjourned until 3 b. in. There ire fourteen beautiful imported and-domes tic pattern hats and bonnets on exhibltioQ nt Mrs. Merrill's. B OR RENf-A p*rt t>t the houu known »• the H»rt property on Jelbnoa « trtetr goqatre nef.r .union icbool. ' '«irV f<Jr geo^ " W ANTEO— Soon k« ' etal How ewotfc wlthoW f«m.fy. 'MBit, b* good cook. WM«« erweekj Apply With MferenuM to Mr«. FliBer, S18 Weit Xttn street, Jaektoii, Kleb. *> , _! -, I. ., /... . , . , . We liave the ageripy for the sale ft of 03UJAKS from these A couple' of sharps 'are reported to be victimizing Branch c,bunty people. They get them tp sign articles of agreement to act as agents "for ,» piano firm. The document turns out to b« « promissory note. ^ Although ihesecainl ruonth with an r in it hits over half expired tud oyster trade has scarely commenced to make itself felt in the cliy.' Tfte fact, i» tbe W«ath^r is altogether too w»rin to make oysterji rwlish witb the: j^seroggi man; . * ' • - ' '..„.•"••!( •;••••;•••'•" . ' '-• •. i •• .... In a letter received yesterday from R. J. ^lcl)owell, ; forn}erly»of liiis city, he writes:' "About 80 luil'e.a, west of Denver we Were" iltlayet! twelve linnrsow- ing Ip a .heavy fail of anow which in some places had drifted higher timo the top of ibe car windows." v Postmaster General Wadauiaker has dok-itled to issue what will be known as . the Columbian aerie* of postage stanips. The new itamp wiil be otr the same height as tbe present series, but twice as long, tbe kfereased size being thouaht necessary In order to promptly. , display the illustrations; The gain in point of Attendance pt tbe Michigan ^nive,raity for the past four years'has been as follows; -, 188889, 319; 1889-90^ 274', 189091, 981; lf$l-92, 379 Since 1884*5 the 'attendance has more than doubled. There were during the year 1890-91. 445 women m attendance; during tbe year 1881-92. 581. The Battle CreeFJournal says it "la rumored that the democrats nave en* dpraed the peoples' party candidates for .senator and alsp for representative in A L,—f ^«.M.A*«kl «l*a»vNA^ ^kvtrl Alt A *KAS%riftAat tr\4*\£ The diflburaeinetta in tbe, cities and ships for ^temporary > relief va& .as follows: Albion city, $605^7; Albion township, $208,19; Athens, faC.98; Battlefc«ek city, $2,S4L- 94; Battle Creek township, ^7.24." Bedford, fl^j-Burlinttton, $18d^9; Clatcndon,' $72.59; Clarence, $30.25; ft Cotma, $124.9-->; Eckford, f 160.13; Emm^t, $169.02, J?redonia, $161.68; Homer, $^85.^;Lee, $302.<>f; Leroy, $78.17; Marengo, $9.60; Marshall .-dity,} Marehall township, $58.37; New- [ lar goods, and we will sell them at very 4ow prices x to get ^th^m m- tr0duc6d here. i.-ij .v » ' ' *• ranted • i* LlPPEft. ton; |18.26; Pennfleld, $114,24$ Sheridan, $87.09; Tekonsha, $274.14; making a total of $6,857.18. The. miscellaneous expenses^ footed up $15,855.69. The balance on hand June 30, 1392 was $4.728.75. The superintendents asked tor $10,000 for support ef the poor and $4,000 tor insane. The reffort was accepted and adopted, Mr. Hyde invited the l>oard to visit the county house and the iuV tiuioii was accep^red lor Wednesday., Oct. 19, ut oii e ' The the after'noon.., board the* proceeded With the special order, the' first being the election of a superintendent of the .poor to succeed A. O. Hyde. Messrs. Wulkin- shaw, Wartmau aud d»,x w«Fte apjjoi,nt- CiKtelleTS. A ballot w-;w luken, resulting as follows: A.U. il. R. A. Wilson J, W,, Jager I know that I am a. little fat 1 to the East eud bit as our ^y is grpw- ihg We must spreadx>ut, we aiyean- ^* ^ * "* y ' * not dt> business in-the center ' K but it will pay you if in want, of aijty to gfrre ine a call. I Hyde. , were tf*»t, 29 for |l,ltO, * the' second district, and the ty has endorsed tbe democratic candi- ,4atea for representative in the first dla trict and prosecuting attorney, Tbe Journal hopea the ri^jnor is unfounded. Blank ........... ...........V. ..... v *2 Mr. Hyde was declared elected A ballot was then taken to ft* ibe salary of the county clerk for the ensfling term. Thirty-four votei beinKfpr fl.OOO.pforf U and 1 fpr.$80D,/ Tt»& salary was fixed at f L.QOO per per- year. 'the treasu"rer'» salary was fixed at $1,090 per year, 36 vptes- Being .foe ^hat sum 7 for f 1,200 am* one for $800. I 'The salary of the prosecutjns; attorney was also put at $1,000, there being 38 votes for $^080, 4 for $1,300, t for$l,500 and pne for $800. tyr- Henq plea tor a higher salary for t One of tbe'superYisprj wbp wanted to have two jparlpads of Aoorn Cooking ^Seating Stoves to pick from. Over One MSUipn of these steles ' -4 • ' • • "••••; • " '" ' now in use. Everj body i& invited td call at,my Salesroom and inspect my new Hnfe of foods. I also make $, wonderfulCoffer in plated gO^df^Ss week. / s , . JOHN WJHALEN, East. State,Street, BLOCK. " -.' made a e prose eutor, but without effect -It took three ballots, to fix the pay the probate clerk- as follows: ' ' of It for:' give tbfr probate clerk a larger aalary really assisted in reducing the salary $100 per year. He voted for $800 while if he had oast his vote for '$500 on the first ballot it would have had tbe effect of fixing the pay at that *nm, as .only one vote was needed to give a majority for tSQO. in. our opinion the present •Alary, of |500 i? little enough, . . While John Dillon is, beyond ail cavil, the magnet and center of attrac. tion which attracts the "attractee" to cola a wpr4, aJ»~Mark twain, the play and supporting spmpany is a matter of vital importance. Oiw favorite com* dian has too. often been handicapped by 9, ba,d quality—of both. This^ieasoo. ho.wsver; tbe Wojrld's Fair aea«dtt "when only the fittest can survive brh< i*»e 3 for. $500 , 450 , 300 SECOMU BAXIOT. 17. tot, . ™-,;:. . .", ...... . .. ,.. ....... $500 ..... ....... , ..... ., ...... 400 ..,..'. ........... . 800 16 for. l|or ; WWW, ISMOWY OIOTO I.INEOF BOY'S, YdUTH'jS A OEMT'8. We Are Now BeceMvg oar liameMB Llns of . with t>ri4e to both pJiay and ne f ef has been aw will he eier to ieen to belter a4vantage than j^- 'WMW*- IPw^p' ^WWWj. ff£ iftP™ ' THIBI> BALLOT-. ie for ..... ...,.,...,! .........:;..'soo The salary wa^ declared fi*ed at $400 per annum. , . « ; , The elecUo^ ofja janitoi for the oouit bouse was (be next in order, Tbe clerk read applications from Martin Bailey, Mr. Ruddock, of Convis, Win, Alexinr der, and also announced lh»t Chan. £. Sbumwsy waa a candidate, .A ballot gave Mr. Sbumway $0 volei and Mr- Alexander 14, and the salary was plftcesjl at $500 per year, 25 votes beiog lor tb#t j for f4Q9, onjifoir $450, ojw tor one tor $300, ihsRf waf daj for boarding prisotters, the vpie be- %f 38 for 40-centg, six ^or 30 cewy, three ' ' Ife OTE V*. 'We nj&def bid ti% . ~ t - t ^ f(F _ ^Hr ^if 5pPlW*T -^rr :!T- ^P**^'W*^^ "i^Pi ^ <w^wp|^*B»^^r'P*^p^ H^^P -^ -Three Clothing Manufactories in itoobester tad reoeotlj eloped .tke Contract. We are late in receiving these bec*u»e w« did ipt >ujr of Agenl; in Junt ajad July. But we got them ft pricef tli»t money for our patrons this fall. ; ', Ntw »av.* aud Otjr Fit, »nd ar* excelled.

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