The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 18, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1892
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v VUL X1T-NO 5G 18,1892 TWO CB Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, " ' ' STAfE.ISSUP ' "'•'«' y *" '• '"" *•* When it Opnies to* fylfigthpds of .-row jt v t into tnc House. ~ • Republican stic'cesft Sti both Connecticut » and West Virginia if they, lojMTNew York • ''will come to nrtuaht if Nevada and Color .Choosing DECISION IN TKE MIOHKIAN OASfi, the ftllnei 1 l^w* Statwla as 1'asscd by tlt« A* to the Important Happen OoveHior Flower Doclincw to -Pardon tot CBiiiiiulRn" Pift'jjos^s'— Mcetlpg of the Wisconsin I.eglAlature — the Mlmlcsotft Fusion »«inrket Ca»se , Hands, Wounds, Burns, . Boa&Tes and Prevents Dftndmff , Etc* MIERIOAM FWIL Best for General SOW. ix, Oct. 18,-H-The United States supreme" co^rt/ bjjlChief " Justices Fuller, yesterday: antrJffe<l L the judgm'ent'of the Michigan supreme court> upholding the constitutionality of the famous Miner Jaw. providing for the .election of presidential electors, by Congressional districts instead, of by the state affal&lwle. The court holds, ,. come to nrtught If Nevada and Color rethrow they: seven, votes for ^Weaver. The^lcctoral colle^p will then statidt JT«r- tisoft, 319; Cleveland, 318* >Veaver, j?, and ^ketewbuljEl be 'no election by' the people. Tlie house^wouicl elect Cleveland on a vpte by stated and the^enhte wdulrt choose Reid* for vice president. "^ • , ^ __» -WITHER RtMAftK-BY BLOWER.' Doesn't (irant J'uvdonn on "DcumtnV Nor ' , for CRM AI.1UXY, Oct. -IS. Unjihes ot the GnrmetiK Workers' as- sefnbly at Rochester, N. Y^» .iV jail at that city Pen-ing out a sentencexfor alleged extortion—hitving uawlw hi?' position to bleed the clothing" makers o£-r$4acheit<»r,' was asserted and proved to the safcls- ' fact Ion of A jury, wHch&int hlnvto. i 1 ji- it.. Absolutely Pure. r, DUtreaa do,&o. While thelrmort » bcenjghown iQCu Tenting thisannoylf fcS^aUto^wsc,. Hw a«l regulate «w$ ttOT* ~~ that the fourteenth % amendnient>'dld J}ti)i$'tti'e right of a state to 'flx'a cfco^Qstng electors.' The'conceded. „., ,."the decision is to give a" part «i least of the Michigan electoral Vote to Cleveland. " • * • * Will'File mi Opinion iaiter. < Chief Justice, fuller, in announcing' ihe decision of the court in the case, said that the. Court made the announcement "attain, time because 'of, tin exigency suggested by counseVTequiring early action. Hereafter ..the court would file an opinion^setting forth' more fillly. the grounds on which it I hod decided thqcase. Jn the brief ^ani- I houncement of the declsten, the court ^feaid that in tire case of Mc'Pherson vs. Blacker the secretary oflf' state ' of Michigan, in wlricb ' Was' dtawn , in question the public laws t ,.of .the* state of Itfiahigan (the "Miner law providing for the election of presidential electors-by congressional districts and 'for the election -of electors-at-large by dividing the whole state In two parts) °tjie supreaie court of Michigan had Titled adversely to the plaintiff in error upon the validity of the locetl law. In so deciding the federal question was necessary to be passed upon and the 1 meaning of the tonstitujfon and laws of the | United Suites had be/u drawn' into the I matter because of thtsfederal question. „ ' . WuBU't a Lmtal Issue, — The chief justice saiil that this court for th»' «in»e. The K>of JU assemblies of viuio«ft«eUi<?» have taken 'action' In * the mfttttjr, dpwandtyig'Jfy-resolution tb,e, re^ le,ase of :H«guts: /I'he goveijner baa BO far TJHMI firm.iu W» refusal to,grant tj-pardon, *'' ** .''(^FliviHitfftilo "Application.*'' '-, ' ' ruled that 'Application, ,. 'Speaking' of this matter,7cstenlay the governor'said: "I do not care'^to ^isctitt themattbr. ,1 Tion*t lr gFan1T'p1lrd^n^'tiwrr demands, but usually upon evidence.? The governor referred, to *he application of ettj' 'zetteof -Buffalo for 'Hughes' pardon, which' read; -"\Vederaandofyou as governor M. the state o? New York, as the, one havlft'g the full power of pardoning, ; to/pardon'at once James Hughes, national masterworX- roan of the GitAnen,t Workers of North America, who is now in jail at Rochester, 18. \**."...lVJsbeUevea that all. of-the evi. dehoin the Hltghes case is being reviewed •toy the governor and that he mft# reconsider 'hi&i'efusal,. but the matter was delayed Uy the neremptftry demand of the Buffalo people, the governor being indignant that they bhouKV add^vss him in.that way. C'ou.dnH Be.l^ulldo7.cil. But the governor did'talk-*a. Mttle moje —about the matter He said: "I aw not Jn tlie habit of granting parflons 'upon the demand or threat of any citizen or anybody of citizens, • Applications for executive clemency are considered on their merits^ Nor do 1 conceive it my duty to grant pardons for campaign purposes. On account of the political .aspect whidh 'Ifughey ' fcicnds have giveii the application in his be? .halM lutye refu'ned to consider it Until titter election. It timj' -|W well be understood now as hiter that th.egovetnjop-pf this btut* is not to be bulldozed just before^lec- f A creanq of lartar-baking' Hiffhestof all itt leavening strength Latest y. & GtWftftient Foot qbrt.- , , i •', .„'• ' • ' ROYAL BAKING-^ ' - '*' 100 $500 EBWAKD k W« will pay tW«.»Uove rew^ra for »»y o»«« o * wr OompItlDT, Dyq>«p*U,'Siok B«aa»oUt,'I a 'dtgaitton. Oon»lip»ttoa or Oo«t»eBe«« w« c»u not ««re ffttU Wait'g < T«f«Ubl«, Lirer Pill* when the dfreotteMk^re itiToHy oomplldtl witU." They »re pur»)f Jt«jM*W» And never Ml to.glTe- ia'tmfaoUon. 'smrar 4oated, Lwya boxtsi 1 colB' talalng SttpHli.» (Mbtt. Beware pi counterfeits and Imitation*'. TbeefaalaA ra«usfaotar«J br THE JOHN c; WESTT3OMPASX. <!nlc«^ . III. For *,ble by A. 0. Hyd«, M»r«h«H, MloU. . *»< rf" ,*-„'- : it has jurisdiction qf the case 11ion or at any other time in the discharge under swtion "70U revised statutes {the of his official obligationx 1 ". ' A Uuaran'te'ed Cure tot Pil«s of. what kind' or egree—Eiterual, Internal, s HcUIog, ChroQlc. Raceni -Or »*reilllsry. remedy J»M positively aerer bpon ^natra to fall. • SI.00 a box, 6 boxes for $5.00r««trt byinmJlptH- paid on roceipt of price. A wrltieu Uuarama* positlfe'y given to each purc¥«»er ~»f ts box**, wnen put«hased at one Uma. l$ reUnd thtffS.Oa paid if not cured. Guarantee lUEfd b/ A. O. Avtle, MiMlwll. JIlcU. '\Sil| for sample. r,',ei; Pills ara -verf wnafl «n4. use v Un .•» fcydrofc. OAK; .-Buaj . , or sea*J>y maait « New Yi Democrats having raised the poinfcthut the Tjuestion \yas one of local lif*v in which the decision ol the'state court was final]. Hav-' ipg esta,tiHshe|;l its 5urisdi9tion ~|n the mat~ t^vthe ce^t tht^ dashed to, pieces the hope^rf tbos* who had,appealed the cas^i from Mie XllhSgan supreme court, by, af- 1 firming the d^ision of the Michigan court which.hadrulfed*>h«e.tlie Min'er' law —" ^TheyPieuso. constitutional. • i 'States Can[»o The, chief justice paM that -the court ruled that; in view of' the\ language •ot tha clause of fhe constitution giving, 'to the '~. legislatures tfee right "to determine f metho4 of choosiijg^presidential- electors and "of the contemporaneous instruc- - ' •• iuvijlid.for The Tima table taking effect SepJ. Tr»ina pass MarshaJH as tollowe: - nuufa tiou& UASI'. "O"?*^^*^ ^__ ,COUfcT. Mliinei-ota Fusion ~*lciet ftl^ttei-lZ n>d Without l>ecislo«. ' I ' Minn.tQct, ls.-*The manda- ,tee case of the J)«xnocrafic state (joaimit- sion again&t the. fcecret^iry of sBfcate caine up before Judge Brill yesterday. -'The Secretary iileQ an answer jn, whtch heiets up, the defbnse/4hat i he b«jd"c.omplied with the" temisof tlie statute in arranging the electoral tifkets in the order in which they >wre eertifled io him. Attorney General Clapp'uppearwl for the seci-etary and took the position ' tfcat .the cotfit had Health iih. nqjurisdictiou and that a manda.mns<3ould *^™*ff^ > . . . « -._ iie U Freight...... . ana . AU trains dally aecept'suudfty." Direct connection* cure mad a at Toledo Clnclnatiwlfch all roads diverging Trains'Sl and 38 make go od oonoeetion at Mon ' teftb/wltb the Q B. <wL, and at 'Allegwi with tnc '+' C. * W^tt f^f-^i«njl ftaplds, ttyskegoa aod C. B. COHF, Ten Ceuta per can—Three for 26 ceaU. QUALITY GUARANTEED. ' j, CUUWNOHAM "iweeailMulbeiry «treejt. Box 41* BBNT—Two faouee? on W^e«t -^—-- — flood b«a» on *ots pUwej. <>»« joreole. For partloaJars eoaiil» doip want of poweij in stat* legislatures , such*law. "Wd"are clear that the clause of Jhe first WBC^OA of-article 2 of tfee con- Stitufloa has'not been changed by the fo.ur* ',,-". J teenth amfindment, and that the Jaw is not ~... 6 27 ,« } obno'xious_to th$6 amendment." ~. .....Sllimt ^ Colonel PuttieWs Argumeut. ' ,. Ctolonel Duffield, of Detroit, in arg^ing- the case f6r the Republicans, had insisted • that the fourteenth amendment established 'the citizenship of the' United States when ibe state citizenship had heretofore been supreme, and that itp language forbidding .the abridgement of tKe ^privileg«s of cjti- zens had the effect of preventing the bfcates from changing the" meWiod of choOSing electors then ^u vogue. The decbion obliterates'the last'-,|iiupe thwfc the Miner law mfght-be. invalidated in court, and that the" ejection in-the coming presidential contest migbt,be decided on the old plan of giving the whole vote of the et^te, to the party caving » plurality in the state £t targe. The opinion was unanimous. 6om0 Speculative figures. The effect ottbe decision and toe division of the electoral vote may be striking if New. York and Indiana vote for Cleveland and the Bepubiicans succeed in wresting Connecticut or West Virginia from the Democratic column. II the solid south, New- York^Indiana and Hew tfersey voted for Cleveland and Connecticut for Harrison 1 , Cleveland' would iose by & tie vote. Mk'higffl would then tbjcow the decisive votes in Ms tavor, even a ttere wej» <jnly them. The, same situatian would _,.,.., Pevejand carried Connej8tkaj.t and tost West Virginia. He could not lose bo*U:'^fcate8 $ad 'fee etec*e4 by t^e peonle agaiobt an executive"officet. Thjs feature of the cas^i alone was°argued- Judge FLuidreau for th< jf the coUrt then the sec- entirerDem- be safe DB. B,"O. , a Kuaranteea sPj«D»o for fytttrja, , Micb Must be 3. P. M mitteu took the ground decided it had no jurisdic retapy of state mfght omit' ocratic ticket froiu the ba... from .proceedings b?vve that , ment. There would be- no rMjsfes for candidate or Ji party th&s injured. court took n day to tninjc it over. WISCONSIN LEGISUATUR& lit Will Oiu-U! Move'Try t« Uedlstr^Jt • ~ State. MAPiso>% Wis., Octr^S.—Th,e legisbitare met HI' special session last evening- in ~8e-' spofthe to »caill bv tke governor for the par"pose of gassing a law apportiouiag t^fr state into legislative districts. Quorums were present in bath houjses.> The assem- ^ly ^re-elected J. J. Hogan, of laCros&e, fepeakerj George W. Porth, of Milwaukee, Bfaifcf clerk; Patridk Whalen,.of gaukauna, jergeant-at-arws. After the organization and usual formalities the. assembly- ~ J journed u»ti! «j4» morning. >V»nts a Fair Deul. President Jonas "was in the chair and called the senate to order. -'An adjourn*' mentu»tii this morning was taken with-, out delay, The epeakeic pf *ne house in ao- oepting the position fer tiie third ,Jtin*e htated thftt ho desired a fair conscientious apportjowweut, fully in accord opinioo of, the supreme court what constitutes a consiitoitiona- ^^_ tJouaieut, twd by this declaration elicited rounft " .„.„,* O, KU«*IB>a«*HU^ tfWWVkMW Jt^F*- ^— »^*TT« * . 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Priota C. BITTHiB «. C . ;,TouiPe,O tPiOS^^B-^-W *&k « JP bearin«s thronghout r tlon, Muatlbe sold at OB«e. Beat xtfter o»« MorrUou at

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