The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 12, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1893
Page 1
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XlY-tfO 255, MARSHALL, 1100*, MONDAY, JUNE12, 1892; PRICE TWO CES) S ohti Jfrsolrfely Pure A. cream of tartar baking powder HiRhestof all"in leavening strength Latesf U. S 1 Government Food Re port • ROYAt BAKING: PONDER CO '• lOdWttllStreetjN. Y triumph of .Scientific ^edicine. '"-"". Nothing has ever been produced tc equal or compare withit as a CURATIVE and HEAUNO APPLICATION. It has been ;., used 40 years and,al ways affords relief ^and always gives satisfaction. Cures PiMts or HEMO^UHorDS-Extornal or Internali Blind or filceding^Itchipg and Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Ano Worms of the Rectum. 7 hc JeUef ls diate—the ,cure.c»tain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulccration and Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant. , Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS ar^ Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. Price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 3g Ceite_ Sold bj DrutgUU, or »cnt ponl-i'.id on receipt of |,rlofc , 111* 1U WIIDw»SU,!SitWtORK. SulUyari's Cork Saved His Life. Leg PEATH OF AEtEL H. FILLMOBB, lot tne Mystic «nrine, or i>etrott. He * will be biiriod'yith Templar honqrs. 'ProHiInciit Meft Fishing. • ; BENZONIA, June >12.^—^Ex-Qovetnor Ashley, with ex-Secretary ^osteti Senator poward arid other distinguished inen fro'm Ohio as his guests, is spend' ing several days here, enjoying the fishing and boating. They Occupy-Manager Ashley's private car, which is sidetracked here. So far the party has had excellent success in its catch or fish. Detroit Man Mangled by a Be»r—Wonder- ful Freak of Natnro at Coldwntcr—Ac- clclont to a Fireman—Retires from Business on Account of Sickness. ° .',, . GRAND RAPIDS, JnUe 12.—John Sullivan, the only survivor of the lumbermen in liOuia Sands' camp, near Lake City, -who were eat off by the forest fire recently,-was in town for a short time on his way to Cincinnati, and told a drilling story of his escape, When the ire became too fierce he, with his nine companidiis, took refuse in an old. well. As thfe fire 6ame nearer the/w.eli became suffooatingly hot, and at last he and a man "named Campbell .determined^ to, make a break for life through Died Suddenly. DECATtm, June 12.— George W. Pol- nrd, for many years p. respected resi- .ent of this village, dropped tlead from leart disease. The deceased was prom- nent in Masonic circles, and was a eading member in the local Odd Fel- OWB' cirpjes, . . ._/ of Nature* ; '_ ' >-• Cou> WATER, June 12.— B. B. Shoe- craftis showing, a wonderful freak of nature in the shape of an egg. ' It is « ;urkey egg and contains a perfect white and yolk, besides -another perfectly lormed egg, with a hard shell. This [liner egg jsibout- the size of a small thicken egg. „ . „ ' . '' / •'- . '- ' •'.•;. Homes for thc'World's Fait' is the title of a neat little book, fiontftln- ing ttie address'of about 0,000 families, who v\\\ accommodate 'visitors, also a list of hotoK iUustraU'.d with large scale iy»np, sold at M. C. ticket- ofiico. Price BO ?en'K. Bongliton will sell you and ha-jg it for you. paper THE PILE OINTMENT An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful Sullivan has a cork leg and. this proved his salvation* although his com rade thought he would be terribly handicapped in the race. Sullivan and ''Campbell were helped out of the well by the others ind each took a different direction. Sullivan ran through the dense-smoke along a path- until he stumbled witb—hja cork and fell. In falling his ^face struck the ground and before rising he discovered that near !i th& earth the air was comparatively pure. He remained a moment, and then with his hands over his mouth he ran as much further as he could, and again dropped to earth. He con tinned, this way until he reached a roadway and he« followed this to safety, but was so exhausted he laid down in the road until a man happened to .pass in a carriage and took him to a farmhouse. His clothing was all burned off, and his hands and body were terrible scarred, but his life'was saved. Campbell fell, m the woods and, perished and the eight men who remained in the well were burned to death. Their heads and all above water „ being reduced to cinders. GIRLS FIND AMOVING MAN. He Said Ue Hart Been [Drugged and Diet! .'-••{-• , . June 12.-^-puring*" a thunderstorm which passed just north of the city, Peter Blume was struck, and instantly killed by lightning while working in a field. x He was a poor boy who came to this country from Holland but a feW months ago. . Pitcher's Castorla. Children Cry for ' •' ,' Thntnui. « . When anything you want to buy; Jusl call at CJhesher's mill ntid iry. His cash prices will Mirely suit yDti, When any food jbn do wnin ground, Call nt Cbesber's mill, he in always around, '. ' And. he will try to please you. We Buy fo.r cash and sell for cash,' And tflat's tfhlat keeps us/ in our hash. $100 for a case ofCotarr'h, Dyspepsia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Caro wiUnot-cure. ' . " . . •Vegetable Curo will break up Colds -and nnd Cough8,"LuOJripi)e and its nfUJretfects, Tremulous Weakness of the NorveB, Erysip- elaa and Constipation. 12 ,x>z.-V$1.00. DR. SHAftSTEEN. .Get your tin war« mended Schelly' tin shop. •' - > Accident to Fireman. GRA.ND RAPIDS, June 12.— Joseph Aldricn, a lineman in the fire department, fell from a 80-foot pole and f ractured-hte skull.- He is in, a very dangerous condition and -will probably die. He is 28 years old and unmarried. Annual Reunion-.- -• COLOWATEU,. June ~T2.— Branch county soldiers and sailors hoM their annual reunion on flag day at the .Coldwater fair grounds, Wednesday, June 14. Addresses will be made by Hon. J. C. Burrows, J. J. Phelps, assistant adjutant general, department of Michigan Grand Army of the Republic,, and by C. L. Eaton, adjutant general, .department of Michigan national guards, and others. undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt, '. ti Outbreaks, and crime generally, are uever possible among people who are addicted to the use or Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at 11. Sheloy'd. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Chufeei ou babies, sore nipples and in tlammation of the breast- instantly re heved with Lavendar dintuierit A new remedy has created'" a sensation among i^hyaicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curiuy evary form of Files. It is called the Pyramid. Pilp Cure. U is cheap and eiiuplo to use, b.ut nothing removes the disease so quickly, sufely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. S •DETROIT, June 12.—An unknown man, evidently a resident of Chatham, Out., died in this city under peculiar M»y ITove Serlpujs. ADRIAN, June 12.— Rudolph -Wahl, I boy of 9, while helping his father te; \ down an old house, was struck by a I falling timber, striking him in the I breast. Ho bled,at the nose and mouth, and received internal Injuries, which may prove very serious. Hrlng Yiuir Curpelo. The carpet cleaniug works ou Ex- s ehange struct will be open ou uud -afte.r Londay, March 33th.' AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP tlK|lkt soother of angry passions-the prorrioter of health and good- filing. Qeans everything—injures nothing—dor^'t be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the ipost delicate fabrics. S. ^PORiC &, CO.. Chicaso. , A finperb CompJ**. and mysterious-circumstfucea. It may be4hath«wa« the .victim of fpul play or it may bo that he committed "suicide, \vhile it is ateo possible that .his death resulted J: from some illness. The circumstances in the case, couplesl with his ..own 'meager statements would indicate that he had been poisoned, though for w.hat purpose .caii not be conjectured as it is apparent that he. had .not, been robbed. . "•fhe ma^i died at the home of Frederick Kalsow at 31 Pj-eston street, and while it was evident that he had been dj inking considerably, the symptoms were those of morphine poisoning, He was found, according, to the storied of those living at - the house, at an early hour on^ Gratiot avenue by two girls wJUo were returning hoinej from a danc** He told them that be was sick and had been, drugged, and begged them to b»ke him to aqme place wwaehe ccpuld lie .down. Tb.ey took h|n> ,to their honie sA the place'etated, and some time after his arriyftl, during which, he gradually grew worse, Jhe be^ came unconscious. Physiciaijs wera 1 cajfled and worked ovej? the mail for two I hours, but without success. Muugled by a Be»r, DETROIT,' June 13.— A black bear escape^ from its cage at Belief's Garden oil Jefferson Avenue and badly maagledi ' Hordeaux Eioncratccl. iAHBOB, June 12.—The impeac.h- trial of Jamea S. Bordeaux, president of the University Iteniocraqc club, resulted in the exoneration of the president on all the charges, which, included appropriating the'club f tmdfttfnd swear-- ing at its members. • > *r , - Iron, Mine Shut 'IRON MOUNTAIN, June 12,^-The'Dunn mine, one of the Schlessinger syndicates properties, with an annual capacity of 160,000 tons, has shut down on account of-the dullness of the iron market,» About 300 men are thrown out of em*, ployment. ^ _ * Former Grand Haven Man Dead. HA-V-EN, June 12.—Word has just been received here frpn>-Leaveri- worth, Ksm., of the death of Joseph Hutty. The deceased waa a fpringr resident of this city and was a well known druggist in this section. t , It'eUred on Account of Sickaessur c EAST TAWAS, June 12.—The J.*L. Robinson general merchandise store, Pyramid Pile Cure is a new dis/u-overy for tms prompt, permanent cure,of Piles in every fbfui. Every druggist hoe it. , ' \ -H— . . ' ~—r- i . V N. /..'Jyhernian, th.e old reliable universal ^uetionuer, is prepared to attend .sales orallN^inds, Be. sells anything and everyillpg, household goods farms, city property, stpQks of goods of all, kiuds, and' niiketj a specially of < 1arm sales. If you have anything to sell pall aud see him. * Don't get excited over^ croup or quinsy wtten Lavender Uiptmciii will relieve you withiu tea minutes if used as directed. 25 and 60 cents. STOCKWAHTID TO PASTURE Terms v cbeap. aee'or address, A. B, KING, Marshall, Miph Stifferera from Piles should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and ef - ft»ctually remove every trace of them. druggist w'll get it for you. one o< the oldest here; has beaa closed | ^ a especially "nne line of, ladies' aul _-,....,». , , „_._. -^ a ^ iifyerg owing ] c hjlctren's hosiwty nt the bazar. • of Mr. B$hu»son, :^ . ..T...,",.,^..,. to^hffcriticalfllnesa M, Ala., June 12.— froift Auburn, Ala,, announces thedeath of Dr. N. L, fessor of If you want refrigerator on money/ e,o to "•"*" the-'^enuiue Philadelphia hiwn B^lle^s arm in itu teeth before it was shot. Beller is in a. critical condi- Beller. has hadv about given b»a, by te a pefe,sfter> as -" --- " The tv<ro yewa;. ,aiidl»8 14 years o| age care of chUi^.^^&ll between 7, . t while fonr sent" up signals of dieA fl| Brigb:^ dis Drug store ease.' He was a nephew of ^-^" " tentfetJte.feae^. » , oows to the waa.% . Arbor ;OwmwLndfiry No. ';

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