The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 17, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1892
Page 4
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, Electric . Inside or ofcteide are fthifa, 3,000 c&ndte power each, intusetwtil 10 p, no. slan&ara time; ' - jjyhere^one lamp only is tsecl, $5 per month, $56 pet annum. 'Where more than trtje lamtr !i fisea~fcy the same person in the a&ffie locality 'the additional lamps will be etoartfbd fpr at $4 per month or $0>per at»- num, i. f Thete* lamps will, be placed iu i-osition ee of charge in the t$er other than 'abote. AH nigHt lamps or other special service at special ratesi • t f All damage' to the temp or wiring by. the user must be paid for by him. The use* will in no case be allowed to meddle with or remove either lamp or wiring and W auycliange in position or replao- meBt' is desired by ^the consumer it 'will b« done''by the city at cost. t Incandescent lighting, lights ready for use at all times during darkness. Meter tales 6-lO.of on« cent per houir per 16 candle power lamp, for either stores or residences. , { No meter placed in service where less than five lights are in use. For all ordinary service where meters are not used following ratet: Stores and business places 50 cents per month per 16 candle power lamp fo,r any number of lamps, whether one "or more*- ' , (idence» and offices, etc., 35 cents per 16 'canxftfr^BOwer lamp jper month, where .four or less l^nvfe^are used. Where more < than four lajjipa are"lsxjglaee for the same person m the same locaBty^ cents per month per lamp for'eac over four. " _^ , Reduction of ten per cent wjll be made where annual contracts for residence •light-, ing, without meters, we made. ** All lanjps" of additional candle power .at proportionate rates.- All special service uitiitf be specially conj tracted for. ' All bills payable on or before the JOth of each .month and a penalty of tecplr cent- will be added to bills not paid when due. ' No'wiring will be allowed to be done except nnder the direction of the city and where lighting contracts are made. AIL incandescent lamp renewal* must be made by the consumer at his own expense, •but the city will until further notice supply TaSpa at coat. Ordinary open cleat wiring will be done during the installation of- the plant at $1.25 per lamp,. not including lamps and socket?. A'l subsequent wiring will be done solely. .u.H!ierJ,fafi direction of, the. commissioners' at coat. All wiring will be done under the latest .rules of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. All applications for incandescent lighting wdl be accepted in the order of the application and to UJrperauns applying for the first 630 lamps to be placed4n position 'and used, the lamps and sockets, will be furnished free of charge, all other lain pa "Or .socials at cisjt. ; The above lighting. rates are baaed on nn estimate of the cost of operation of the£>lafti£ and while th'ey J ar.& now much lower th"an for the same quality and quantity ol light furnished in other- places, should it be found possible to make a reduction in price, the rates will be lowered and all contracts now made will be entitled to the* benefit of any reduction hereafter made, from and after the date of the. reduction. '' - ' . , . Application must be made to the recorder or either of the commissioners. • S ' - * .„ „ Kxcor«lpu to Toledo. TheC., J.&.M. railroad will ran a special excursion train to Twledo oa Saturday, Oct. 15, at which; time Jamea Corbett. the chanjpiqn of *|bie wprW, wrilr appear fa a, eraddl sparring match; The traip will leave this elation at 7:50 a. Soi; The fare^for the round trip will befhSQ, The returning train Iftavea Toledo at •7:00 p. m. ¥ ;O. B. Mis?, Agent. MATilCDO Win ^^ nlu I ntliaiS you part your_elar . _ . . babied ii& sickness,; or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpateen'e Lavender Om ment and Asthmatic Balsam/ medicine that ftuve lives when 'doctors fail io Membranous Cr ; oup. .inflammation rf th'e juunga, LUUK Fpver aqd Typhoi Pneu monia^alBo "quickly relieves a c< cures Cfoup, Scarlet Fever, ^W onping Cough, Bore Throat. Borijs. 8'wldf it*3 similar affliction*, 25 and 60 cents or by mall?, Dig Ji. SHABPSTKJES, Propri- eM>g, MstabaU. Michigan. , brace groceries. carry a toil line All goods new and fresh. Save money by buying .your boot? d shoes at Grace Bros,. - /^ , . ffew styles of Serges atPerrets W« «afry & fait line ttt? fffngree & Imllh'gv A. C. Mc&raw & .Co.M and Kennard & Son's fine shoes. We want every mother to know that Group prevented. True ciroup never ap- ^ears,Withoa4awanrinB;. The flrstaymptdm is hoarseness; thea the child appears to hare taken cold or a cofd may have accompanied the Hoarseness ffoin the start. After that a peculiar rough dpugh is developed, which i* followed by the croup, The time fo act is when the childljrat becorrca hoarac; a few dWakf ChomBerlain'8 Cough-Remedy will prevent the attack. Even aftpr a rpiigb cough has appeared the.disease may fie pre vented by using this remedy' ns directed. For sale at Oreene's drug afore. In ordcr;to make room for new will se'U wpH-jjappr nU-ost. _ ' .BfUdMf ^OY& WANTtp. To distribute -circulars aird sell book, Salary<in(l (Commission. Mien. AUV,-AJ,D DIST. Ctr , ° OOice in Co6k A tnbrquise diamobd rinse. A reward of $25 will bo paid the UiuleV bringing ttA MRS.C, No questipfls asked. x CMt-pet Cteitnlu K . ,1 am- now open for fall' business, ve orders .for y"our"wor.k Monday Tfiursday. D*ttal price 2>^ ceftls $ard, Postal ordora proltuptly av - c " / GEO. S. PucW, - A ehoioa 1st'of medical S the be|t fnilhoritiee. Willbe sold cheap if ii i N. A. SIIKBMAN. The most wonderful mediulne that'l have ' me* with is Chamberlain's Colic, Choi- and Diarrhoea Remedy. «,Iu caaes .of lie 'it gives speedy relief. On" hunting ips I have found it indispensable. Put m kali water it imparts a pleasant taste and iventa "tha painful diarrhoea whioh alkali >ater produces. I could not feel safe with,out it m my,house. J. F. Smith, Fort Abercrombie, N. D. for sale at Greene's drug stpre. .. \ • . : ... • ' I have all the season's ice. bilU made oat awl would be pleased to havo tho»e owing me call and settle. \' '' 4 F. GACS X " The CoDiuinem romutdrolal «:oui|ina^ of * N«w York Organized or the purpose of obtain ing and diatrjbirting informalion oi. ev erjkin4 to the mercantile wqrjkl and general public, mforcuatioQ relating.t6 credits, prices, valuct of real estate and merchandise in 'different localities,* ^ dresse»*j&d a thonaanjtl -ajjd'oniB oilier matter* from all .parts of the Uni$ed §tates>nd territories, famished at riom- fnal 0o^t, reliable and strictly'private. Apply to ,D. CuH!«NGHAJ(,-Sole Agt, lail to see the Dress Goods at Perretts. A Vh>w »t (tie World'* V*lt Bulldlog*,' in the form pf a large sized JjJho- grjiph,-in eighVCqlor*. with key to same, can be' Bid by sending your address with twenty cent* in postage stajjjps fo Geo. IJ., Hea.«3fd, G. f. A., Chicago, Milwaukee & St. jPaul B'y, Ghicago. DL As thje supply ;y limited, application must be made early. Should the supply become exhausted the postage stamps wjll be returned to applicant. When Batty ww liek, we gavaber CMtoria. ^cried£o ! rga8tori4 t ' to cJung to OaitorU. <, Select aod standard oysters atJ niogbam'i. ' • D*d)«»t<>r)r tin* WurJd'* e Micbigan i(^»traA ^iU QB Oct. 19 to 33 iMcluJfiveaeU tickets .Marsuall to »t thtr-rate of one The best Perfumes always in Btoc£/at Gh, H* areeiie'sPrug store. Ladies are invited to call and test them - THOS.i, &M V method of 25 YEARS i. Thti long 6xperfence and a carftful study at tt« bast tnethoUsienHblcg us to curff every Curable t'Me. We keep a rword^ot ew*t can* treated and the malt obtained and can r6- wuo have -bee jierma ror rreatraent^ V«e h«ve visited the tame offldei ev<ty elcbt - Vsrics tot \\u> past twenty nva year*, 7. ' ' t Ji?i* te J? r * Mred . t ?^ h ?. w *«£«»•<*» wsaulta IB. treating diiepmg of the Ur0r, heart,. Ittttgi, a toil' r acb, Btdueyt, bralii, hervca rheuuaUiiD. tiearal- Kin. dabilliv catarrh flu, youthful indl»cretioO. pore*, minor*, dlal>«tla, dr«p«p«la, „, _—^njodtarrhraa, eozems, lom»f volott. L^?J u l'»*!J!??>.?» e ^ on ^«» 1 '«*j«ptto»/ blotoboa i Wednesday, ^'.M' 6 ^'* ??/' °«P»5» *°r Dlwaaea of tte . nm.nh, ll.=. fcw ne _ 8 ^ JjJ^,^. j t «„ - -stomach Pll|« for ayi .IThe largest stock ; lowest prices HYDE'S Drugstore; FOR LIGHT. TO CON^f IVtERS OF GAS FQK1PUEI,. The Gas Company anounqes thrffoUowing redue- in.-prices of Gas for E^GHTINGr wherever Gtos t^CALSOfor COOKING or HE3ATING to talS effect ouaud afbor SEFTBMBBB 1st 1892. , , »fs srova KAf^$1^0 P »f 1000 cubic Ft. F6r»ll CUs. cdnaumed where'a GAS RANGE h UBodT^^-. ~ ^"" ~ For all gas conaumed where COOKING or HE ATlNQ'SJO^ES^re Ui v -d anJ oonaumption in not less than 1000 cubic feet * *^*- < ^=\^ Bat s for Gas uaed for LIGHTING ONLY retnsUn uaebange'J and;* r o s . ,„„ ^ess than lTJOflT'iSi6Ic ft. in one month, *2 Ou pe'r 1000 pu_._ 5000 cubie ft..and1ess than*10,00'0 mibic ft 1 month $1 90 per^t; 10,000 or over, I month *1 60 per 1000 ciibio ft, . ( ou bl c f t y AH the above rates aw subject ta a discount of 10 et» per 1000 oubi<i ft vrhea iU 9 bill is paid in or bftfora the 10th of the month next following Experience Proper % AB?^Nf A® of Gas Tor . ^. : « ' ' ; : Oooking Over Every ill Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, V STOVES; now SPECIAL REDUCTION HN i, Convenienee. in ineldef iping ordered"and compl6te4 from lst.1892, to April 1st 1893. The KARSHAI*!. Z.1GH7 Co. TA ' kg, JUNE 12< 1892, lit worth .SJ, U 'IS ge i °*ere quickly wad comfortably By •Jjdnic tbe Saata Fe route. OaJy line *i& no change of care.trom Chicaao, "•---— ~~- " f\tltt** *^^"nlfttt.1 Ali-l«r. t -- PM1 J?_l CEO. E. OILMAN, ]HiCb.ldUl S* 0 ^ "***«"""• * ~»* £7 -»- va _ -^K . . ^ TRUSSES A- Ml assortment o rates Truseai £tte4 without chare foJllafi at 2P2W»»t State MABSHALU, MIQH. 9«) ?~«~<~w 305 .tie Creek g 45 8 U & 45 Jackaon.,.! Uatroft .„..'-;,. « 45 auiwo.. .....?:;?: .o 388 sir £45 11 65 Mm. .€..: 8«7 426 606 580 825 a-m. HOP .m. 800 »*» 1049 a.m. a.m. 705 1200 105 Itt 117 100 1 w eat 41* aa».

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