The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 10, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1893
Page 1
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VOL X1V-KO 251 MARSHALL^ MICH; >ATURDlY, JUNE 30, 1893, PRICE TWO CEN IS Pure ;, A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latest U. $' Government Food Report. .'.-•• tKI^G POWDER CO 106 %aWStreet, N. V HUMPHREYS 4 VETERINARY SPECIFICS Tor Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs, . .', AND >»brjrjjTBY; 500 PaBe Book on Treatment of Anlninls j Fever*. Caniicatinn8.Tnllaininati<Vn Collapse of the Ford THc&tc? alt Washington. OVER TWENTY PEESONS KILLED. The Building Had Been Condemned as Unsafe. . iiann8.naiina< A. A. j Spinal MeniiigitU, IVlllk Fever. B.B.—Htrnin*! I ( aincnt'H», Rheumatism* C>O«**Dlstempcr» fiacal l)i»charuuM> D.D.— Hot* or Grubs, Worm*. . E,B.~Conirbfli Heaves, Pneumonia*, F.F.«-Col(o or Gripe*, Bellyache. .«-IHIgcarriRgCi lleniorrhaa;e». . --Urinary nnd Kidney DUcaneg. - Eruptivei DinciiBca, Manc_e. .— Piaeaat-H of J}iBe»Uuii, Par Single Bottle (over 50 doses), -. - Htnble Case, with Specifics. Manua Veterinary Cftre Oil and MeUlcator. Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, « - IT WAS AN HISTORIC STRUCTURE. ,UO 87.00 l.OO •Sold by Drnfghlit or »ni prtpitld anywhere «nd In maj q«ft0U(7 OB receipt »f price. UUXPHRKYS' SHD. CO. , U 1 Jkl 1 J Wllll.m St. , Sew tori. ft ft .fiO HOMEOPATHIC ___ ISPECIFIC No. 'In uM 30 yean. Tho only successful remedy for Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, •nd Proitratlon, from oyer-vrork or other causes. •I per Vial, or 6 vials and larno vial powder, for $&. Bold by DrugclBla, or vonl puutpillil on rucutpt ul price. BDHPHIUtlS' JUKI). CO., 1 11 * 1 IS William St., Nuw Vork. "The Pace That Kills" - • , j0 overwork — makes no difference what kind, Using greisy and inferiof soaps is lone road to premature decay-^sore hand?-^ sore hearts— clothes never dean. so when ."? r The Sc.cno of ,1'resltlent Lincoln's ii- *• nation In April, ISflpr—Over Five Hundred Government Clerks In'tho Jluild- Ing When the CranH Caine—A CSr<'«it * 'Many Jumped From Third Story Win- dows—IJlHftHter Canned .by KxcuvatlonH Being MAdo fJnder the Walla For the Purpose of Putting In nin Klectrlc Light Plant—IJit of the Killed and Injured. • ' ,/ .-. -•" •'.'.. .WAsnisciTn^ June iQ.^The old Ford theater, which becajhe historic as the «cen$ of President Lincoln's assassination, is in ruins, and amid its falling timbers were sacrificed over 20* human lives'. Shortly before 10 o'clock yesterday morning the upper floor of the building,-gave way without. warning, carrying the other floors down with it and busying 'hundreds of men" in the ruins. Twenty-two bodies have been taken so far from the debris and every hospital in Washingtoil'' is filled with injured. The house in which Lincoln died on the other side of the street from the theater where he WHS shot and which is still sentimentally kept 'intact, WHS that fatal night,,looked down upon a scene of agony, excitement and grief which even the great crime of le*G"> • could not parallely And'the? horrors of .the scene were by^iio means lessened by the knowledge that a blunder, surely in this case almost *^tj(fse than a' erim.§," was the cause of : th;e.'tragedy., '• The evidence as found in official records appear conclusive that as long ago 4 s 1S ^5 i«ui# building, which the government.- purchased after the assassination aud used us an. army museum, was officially proclaimed by congress an {tost. •-.•/; -, •;•."•:•. •' . • •;.,-.. •.-:•••' I f '• Tho;|rhirtedi«te' cause of ;tho disaster soine'to have been tho-ex-; cavBtibns being carried on by the ytta&. department under the building for th6 purpose of putting in an electric plant, although if this is the case, Jt is'"' difficult: to explain the fact thai the top floor gave way first., / Building Ins'pector Entwisle says that last week application was made-to him 'for a permit to underpin the building, but he declined to permit it, as it Was a government building and came under the direct supervision of the federal officers. In fact, he had no jurisdfction of government buildings, and was prohibited by law from interfering. • The cause of the whole affair, he said,'was undoubtedly ' due to the underpinning,. The workmen du£ under.the heavy upright columns which support the building, and the collapse followed. . .• " ,. . One of the \vojrkmen, a colored mltn, whq •- was employed in excavating the cellar, and who escaped with only slight cuts, says: "I told them yesterday that the archway would full, for every time anyone walked over. the floor it would bend,": . . :. •: ' .•'.„ •. '••.-.•'• '"•'' '••„• '• AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. Cheerfully prdceeds the labor of tyasinJaty with health and longlife assured Hands all right-hearts lights-clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrp. . JAS.S. KIRK & CO., Chicago. funbura juid l>n, Aprei ibe ikiu'to its ongl-. depository for even the inanimate skeletons, mummies tiud books of 'the. urwy medical museum,, for which a safer place of storage .wag. provided by act of 'congress, But, notwithstanding the fact that in, the public' press, and in congretss also, continued attention was called to the bulging walls of .the building and its darkness and general un- BtabiJLity and unsafely, it contihiied to be used for the daily employment of'i nearly '500 government tlerks ol the pension record division of the war office, Wi|h a refinement of discriminatioii, hpweS'ef, between what oould be replaced and what n could not be s& easily supplied, while the clerks were trusted in the unsafe Tjjiilding . the" original record^ were retained, in the substantial; fireproof war 4epartm^nt bailAing- "i5o the comforting^, assurance is givpn while 30 .clerks may b,ave tieeia pensjos-fecordja ffte all /^slWuT-sna ,, „ , , CO..TotePO.O alwi Try Th^m. t |1,7§ per cowl there is any, the fact that there arS-;lQjo\vii to°bfl;,at least two more eovexnment , each containing tfoui , were in more/.euiployea ford's^ of the oiaiiLster was'shortly after Ok* departments' had' settled d«w» for tibe.'-day'f ^work, -The workmen •whose operations jind'er the building Were th6>jmm.ediate. cause of the c^taa- trjophe had been tinkerittg - upon it .for two hoto ox more." Half an hour earlier ^.nd few lives would" wave been '•" * •ftotues for visitors to the World's Fair .is the title of a neat-little bodfc. contain.^ ing the address of about 0,000 families', Who will accommodate visitor^, alfo a list of hotoK iUuHtratniV with JJirgc scale map, sold at M. U. ticket office; Price 50 rent)'. ' _ „ ' Rou.EJXtoh will sell you' U-alf paper and-hiiVg it for ftiti. ' '• '•• ' Pitcher's CastoTla. Children Cry for The MIH, When unythiog you xvtint to buy, Just cull :it.{Jh'osher's niilJ and iry, His cash prices will mrely suit yau, When any feed jou il'o wntit ground, Call- at Ohe&bcr> mill, ho is always iiround, t And he will try to pleuscyou. \Vo buyf of cash; and sell for cash, , '...' And ttiat> what keeps us in our hash. |J(X) for a case of Gatarrli,. Dyspepsia, Ner- jUBneBB and Slcoplesmess that Vegetable Curo will not cure. .:. -• ;,;."',• ••' , '-..-. AWFUL GRAVE. . Bearchlng tho UuiiiH For the Vnfortunatv •••VlntlntN. .WASHINGTON, June 10.—The 1 " news that the building-'.had fallen spread wjthlightning like 'rapidity, and soon ihe adjacent' thoroughfares woro crowded with people. Within an hour :he news was known all over Washing-" ton and hundreds ,of- anxious relatives and friends swarmed to the vicinity of the old theater. • . Women appealed anxiously to. every bystander for information about some' particular .person,-while men came with tears in their eyes and imploringly be- lought the policemen to let them through the police lines that they might obtain 8(>im< knowledge of their friends and relatives. A general fir.e alarm was turned in a few minutes itfte.r the crash and then all the ambulances in the city were summoned. As quickly as possible the police and iremen • formed a rescue party and •eady hands assisted them to take out ;he dead and wounded. In less tha'n 'an hour., about 25 persons Had been taken out. and wvery few minutes thereafter some tttill form would lie borne on a stretcher from the; building. • '" Police wagons,, ambulances-, icarria'ges apd vehicles of every description were S ressed into service f dr'taking'away tti^ ead and injured. '." > All the hospitals in the cjty .wer^f utilized iq caring for ,the injured and scores of physicians,'^iejliuhteered their servic'es for this worlf^l- ,* . The work of clearing away the'debris, continued until '5:03 before^ another body was found. The work was being done in the cellar in the extreme frtftSi of thie building when one of the,, labor-, ers announced that he saw a hand. Shovels. aiid .picks were immediately dropped arid the debris^was removed by hand. The body of the unfortunate man, who from his dress igas evidently a clerk, wa's lying face down with one arm doubled under Ijim and the pthet extended. The back '.of his head%#& badly c~rushe'd and his . face was cut in: several placesi. The body was removed with all possible care and sent to the. morgue to .await indenjjifieation. fThe total casual ties as near as can be ascef- tained" at this writing are as fSlleiws: Twenty-one dead bodies are at the morgue and the Emergency liaspjtal.. Four uxdre persons are reported. dead, whose names", are, .probably confused ^Fith those of victim? or th^ir indentity confused, with s0me of the bodies through, "physical resemblance, Two persons whose names were ^included in the |i$t of victims were taien "from the ruins and escaped tlninjnred.. • '"<• **" nxunb^r 1 g£ injured reported is 60, but many .others who ^?e*e _, ^ pjo^eed toj^feejr homes were hurt more or less-hadly. Tfea following iJst. of the dead is as corr«Jtj« can be made at;thj» tiinfl. %>veraj 6t fee dead .ajmo&t , T -»* -.-• on . tlxe official list .oft per- i- ejpqdoyed in the buUding, list is obtained ,,J?y. Qb^pariaQn Q£ the containing, '-fcb^-names of. a]J '" paxtpf'1.... , located lit file 3 .jjtlie siorfue. aad • ^ in the employ of the 'k trrmient, with the probable "" ur whose wuaaee are $iyfv aa do 4ot apjjear in toe < ^ bteak' up.Coia» and nd Cough8,' ; LaGrippe nnd its aft^r eifects, remulous \Ycnknc38 of the Xerxes, ErysVp- 1ns uud Con».tipntiuin. 12 o/. Sl.OO. , DR. SHARPSTEEN. Get your tin ware mended in shop. Schelly' "GasolinQ stoves cleaned and repaired it U. SheleyV ... Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. oa babies, soru nipples unti in llanjojation of the breust instantly re- with Lavcndar Ointment A new remedy haa created a Bensaticm among physioians by its wonderful elfecta n speedily curing every form of Piles. it is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but uotiimg re- novea the disease so quickly, safely and iurely. Any druggist wilj for you. • tiring. Your Thi; cnrpet cleuning werk-n 'on --Ex- chunge sinxt will bu ouen on un«l ittter Mouuuy, Marc!i '^ili^ The Pyramid Pile (hire ' s tt >- u ' w discovery for th.^pfoinpt, .permanent cdVe of Piles ip every fprnj, EJvery druggist has it. tjj.e old ruliablu v^\i auctioueef J is prepared to attend, ot all Uludf.''He sella anything ami everything, household goods i, city proper^, stocks of tcoods of all kinds, and maki^a spitcinlty of; Tai-ni sjiles. If you iVaye : Auyth;ii)g to ! call aod see him, * JUon't get excited over croup or : M> wjien -Lavender Qiutmont "writ uve you within ten tuinuics if u; as tlirectedf,. 25 and 50 cents. PASTURE Terms cheap. iSee or at . '"-'' ; - • A; H. Sufferers'from Piles should linow that the Kyratui4 Pile Cure will promptly and el , " fectuaily retopve every trace of them. a vr'U get it for yo,u. * _ t t An especiaily Qofi line .of ladie^ 1 ani cbtldren'ts - •'' you waul t,Uw t| i o&ins latest x& ' " - " ref0geratp r r Buy t^ft genuine J nowers - ai «. . * • ; • :." l abput H'.^ears of age 'child. Uaj|-.|jet*^ft T , J une ^ - Apply |Q I have rjejoios-ed my oflice to £aji block in **" '~ *^ —»-»-- -' =by "»! ' " ?. X......

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