The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 15, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1892
Page 4
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THJL DAILY GfiftONiObti, OCTOBER IS, 1892. !ttake* JEMnuelf " Disagreeable." YORR, Oct. 15 —John I. Davenport has flatly refused to attend the meeting of the special committed of the house of representatives appointed to investigate htm < and his methods. He has sent a Tetter to Corigreasman, Pitch, chairman of thejcpm- hiittee, announcing hk intention" todfsre- gard : ttje sijninjons.'.Q&fthe cojjnfliitftee and • giving.his reasonsj cotipled with sotne dis^ agreeable "remarks ^"^ "^ —««•"•" men, • '; •' . about the cotnffirittlee-. ' Populist 'iBAndldate» Might j- Orisartln. . itA^ioH; ps. 0;,' • Oct. i5v4lC A. jCdbb^ Bopiifist nbimriie^ 'tot lieuttnaiit" "Jtojal Ratty" Pori WW*. - ' Thetetm '.'delicate heal th" t is"uied to «*press a physical condition in which the nature appear to^be partially exhausted and the system ij^pe&uliarly ^ Ute to all morbid'influenceij; Blight cause*, 'fthioh would produce no disturbance what- eter in the" tfody or mind of a 1 ' robust indi- , haying Bhowh h) niself . bcrat, 'hfe-i^a'A^tfii(ira'j^^vTh'l(.v . tlbft. Was 'K. JPigford^but he ' declined. TW6 Other l*bpullstcat)ididates-r ,JV. A. Guthrfe,tbr)tg8oc(« ju'stiee q.f the 7auppeiine-cburt/h:ria' ty'iliiain "H. Malorie, for •superior court Jridge-^have alsoi. declined* dgeliirihg themselvea^for.Cleveland;. * \ '\ Weaver at Sloun^i'eriionj , . • '''. MQUJtt VEltttoS, IlHj -Oct. lb.~*The Weaver iriwting drew ycrowd of about !),000 people-to ' — prostrate the strength and depress th'e pirifr Of.; persona in deWcate' health, fteaource should be had Under these circumstances to "Royal Ruby" jwrV wine, If there is any ,r68er>e ot yitaliyr in the en* fe»bled organization, this unequaledeshil- iarant tod tonic.: wiH s roift6 and devel$pe tt. Quart bottleR,|lj pints, (BO cents. Sold and. Drs, Brewer and Son guaranteed. f ftoyal ft, Polfell.. Cbj.ChJeaRO, Bottled -by delegations came from neighboring towns. General Weaver spoke nearly two hours. He. indorsed <the sub-treasury schelne, advocated government: oW nershlp of railways- and telegraph lines and' predicted success in the southern and Western states for the PeopleVprtHy. , * _ . , t • • Senator Villas on the Stntnp. s> ' Pont AGE, Wis., 'OcU 15,-Senatot WilF iam R Vilas nddr«,ssetl;on«j' 1 of, v t;he largest We carry _tf full lineTof 1'ingree cGraw & Co^s nnr political eve'r hejd irtthis part of & Son'sline abbes. •. ' \ (rSACE BKOS ' . X . ., a We'want every mother foSVnow that croup tfti be prevented. True croup^ never appear! without a warning. The first symptom is hoarseness; then the child appears tojiav& taken cold or a cold may hare accompanied the hoarseness from the start. After that a peculiar rough cough is developed! vhich is followed by the croup. The time ( to apt IB when the child first becorrea hoarse; ti few doses of ChoinbcrlalnVCough Remedy thla long experience and % careful Btudy of thejeat mbthodg erfnbleg utf|o*cu re every Viirnblfc Case, we keep a record of every case treated and tbe reaalt obtained and can-refer jrou to people Who have been oared by our rnnthod of treatment • V ' '•' • -. ... «.oM»umn|6n tree and ~ ' - Xernttrror Treatment. We bare visited the SUMS office* every eight iveeks to* the past twenty-fire year*. We are prepnredto «kew rtece»«fnl MSttlU m tfeatliitf ifiiieM«rorTh|HYer, heart* tongs. sto% »ch. ktdueyi), bralu,.nerr^« rheumatism, neuralgia,,debility catarrh flt», N yottlht'ul Indiscretion, eaucerg, old>orpi, iiirhorB,.<llftl5eXIS, a dropsy, chronic diarrhoea, eezeiaMoga tronohltla, Asthma, * - the Stuat tho opera house here last night. His addrew* 'vas well deceived. The senator wna' conducted ftfoin the hotel tjo the opera •house by th^ ClevelHnd anU Stevenson cluhi headed by a bras* .bunil 'andjfolloweil fas; a long ' • •^ ^ - Now Wr'iK'lLeasfc. Mow Itt This? .RAtEKSn, H- C.^Oct, 1S.—Mrs. Lease, of Kanmxs, ^aft 1,-eceived an offer'of $5,000 , to ntake Hepub^icitnBpeecheis in New York and other sitatcs,' but muinly in New York, on "southern Outrages.' She received the otTty While heret and' is yet considering it-. • Some of her relrt&fves h1*ve advised her to accept it. . . ' i - » i ' • ~~ Speaker Crisp falka. BAY ClW, Mic^., Qct. 15.—I prevent the -attack, Eren after a rough cough has appeared the disease may be gro vented by using this* remedy an dircdted. I f Will beatthellerndon House on Wednesday, Ort 19th T* Dr. Biewer's 8urA-fleart Regn ator glVea Immediate relief. > Dr. Brewer's flure Oepuro fo? DlSeaw* of the utoniBoh, liver, kidneys and blood, it per bottle HrvBtewer'»S«re atximaoh HIM n.r cJy»pepttc» a5 cent* a box s •'•=S?P f « f Formate 's drug store. ,The' largest stock the lowest ,price& ,' HYDE'S DruglStore of tbe hous* 1 of representatives, delivered the first of his,.four Michigan speeches here . last bight, b*«fngj geeeted by S lafge gatV ering. His aridreaH was, on the 1 tariff. • • di<>e« to Indiana, , Oct. 45,—United States Treasurer Jfebeker left Washington- yesterday, afternoon for his home in'Indiana, to remain until after the presidential election. AN ORDER TO POSTMASTERS. They Are . Prohibited ' from Supplying 0 Lists'of Names and Addrega^a. WASHiSGTQjf, Oct. 15,— Postnias<«rV(Jen4i " e^BI^Vftttflnntker' ynstcrdfty issued the fol-', lowing order: ' , ,. • F ' appears from correspondence received; at this department that aome postmasters disregard the long-standing .^uiT: torn to,not furnwh tomquirers the^ names and addrebbe's "olTtlicfe who rfecTBive mail through their resi5ex:tive ofljces, it is hereby ordered: That pogtmaiiters and other postal officials and employes are strictly prdhib- ^i&d from waking public «atue6 and ad,* dresses or private information obtained by them, in the discharge of their offioufl duties. • ij , • ,, The Matter In Confidential. "The ajgetath of the postoffice departineflt are f urnishtd with the nanie$ ajid addresses - upon, letters aijd.^tber articleaflf mail Baat- \«r for the sole purpose of ermblijig them'to jnake d^lhf ry thereof to -the persons intended. v !3iici) names aud addresses arie to Vberegawl^l-iisconflrten'tial and this eoufi- ' deuce must be respected. Advertisers .ao,»{l others- b^vfe;iin- right to expect that their plans for canvassing- shall be aided by ~ toll)e'pb.ta'ined .through ..knowledge'" by poshnasirrs in the discharge of their tffflcrai obligatidus, aiui it is no -part of the business of- tLeljifticials of the postoffice department- to furnish t such mimes and addresses for pay or. favor.'. 1 One reason for the issuing of -the order is that "green goods" men may pot get the lists noted. "',' Exearilon to Toledo. ' Tbe G., J. & M. railroad •wilT rua a spe3ial excursion jraio to Toledo .on Saturday, Oct. 15. at which time Jauiea Cofbett, tbe cbampioiroHte, world, will 1 appear m a crand sparring match. -The train WitMeave jhia statiou at 7.i50 a. m. The fare for the round trip will be.4l-50. • Tbe returning train leaves JFofedo at 7:00 p. m. . * Ageot, it's right if itjaMCae frorn Have youf cistern cleaned an«f the water purified and deodorized by the use of Overton & Fdnght's new process cistern cleaning. The. water in the"els tern is not removed. Geo. F. Feals will be in tile city tbt» week prepared to tilt ail orders. Price $1. 'Satisfaction guaranteed. Leave orders at CHKUNI- GLE ofiice. Tbe right to use this process in Marshall towpship is for sale.. The must wOJiderful medicine that I have "ever met withjs Chamberlain's Colic, Choi" era and Ij>tarrt)cga Renlsdy. In cases of it gives speedy relief, Qri hunting have found it indispensable. Put in r it imparts a pleasant'taste.and prevents thV^ainful diarrhtea which ajkiali water out if in my hpuae ^- cr<»mbie, N, D. store. ' ' . 1 have all the season's ice bi* oat aniV would be pleased to have those owing: me^tdl and settle. ?• //• .J. F. GA.US ^he CoatuiuerK Comioerclal i:ouapaBy of CHEAPER-CftS^FOR TO CONSTJIVLEKS OF GAS The (ste.3 Cpinpany anoime^s tk< „ _ tion in priceg 5 %f Gas fop-iaGHTING wherever is used ALSf for C0OKING or HEATING to take "^•ff^^V v%v% «-»v/l*<r.f»-^ji if T '^MBEB. 1st 1892. OASSTOVB 1M.TB8,$1.60 p»r 1000 cubic Ft. Orgaxized or the purpose ot obtaining and distribtftin^ information of every kind to the mercantile world and* general public, information relating to credit^, prices, valutf. of real estate and merchnnd,i8e in different localities, addresses. and a thousand and ^one- other mattai fjam_jiU_parts^oJ_lhe 'United States^and territories, furpislied at nominal cost, reliable and strictly private, Apply to ' D. CUNNINGHAM, Sole Agt. Oa» consumed whpre a con»umptiori IB not le»itlian 1000 cubip feet ; V . • •'•„'.." Bat Vtar'tito u»edJfoi|g^^TINO ONLY remain vUTchangeJ ftntl^fftM foU(»>f»; ; "Less than IQw^oubb ft. in bne .month, $2 OU per lOOOJeubia ft, SOOO cubic ft. and less than lOjOQO ciibic.ft 1 month $1 80 per 1«K)6 •1^,000 or over, I month *1 bO per 1000 cubio ft, ''". (oubie (t. .. ATI the' above rates >ra subject ta a discotuut of 10 cts pe¥ 1000 cubia ft wUea tk« mtitiUi* biflis paid in or bofora .the lOtllof the month next following. , Ths abovo special rftte,« axo, made to induce consuAdra to, use gas for oookin; »ad heKtiog •a wall as light ipg. "• <-5- • .':'--'.* ' The ADVANTAOB of 6a^ For ~* . , Cooktag Over Every OtftarFael, in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, * ' Safety. Cleaiilines8, '. "' Quickness, Be-Over 175 GA$ STOVES now in use in MARSHALL. ' SPECIAL REbUCTION IN GAS FIXTURE*, ,' A djscou-t of 10 per cent will be made from^regulw prices on all bills forftw Fix'«r«4 or iijajde piping ordered and competed from Don't lail to see the Dress Goods at Perretts, ' * ' * '*' ' '' A View »t lUe Worl^'* -ifalr i la tbe foria of a" large sized lilb-o- graph, in eight colprgv-willi key to can be. had/ by sending your address with twenty cents in postage stamps to Geo. H, Heafford, G. P. A., Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y, Chicago^Ill. As the supply is limited, application must be made early: Sbould thp supply become exhausted the postage stamps will be returned to applicant. " "Whan Baby was sick, we gave Uer v paatorta. When «be w«a a Child, «h» cried for Ca?txwia. Sept. 1st 1892, to MARSHALL L 1893. DO YOU WAN I COLD Cripple Creek In not a health reaort. "It is a wealth 'reiort. Quite q, difference 1 Location near Pika'a Peak \a Colorado. QoW—bright, y«llow gold la founti af grass roots and ia the. rock formation. .-..-, the S yiitt sou part with your dar dred people a day are nqw rushing to oMefWiiortbeidistrlofc . * The chance Of a lifetime i« >vorth looking after! . . Tou can gat there-quickly and comfortably by taking tta .Santa Fe route. Only line iritb no change of carulrom Chicago, fon«a« City and other principal cltle* to Ploriswuit, nearest railroad station, with daily stages to Fremont. Addrtaa for rate and aerVIce, CEO.JE. OILMAN, mcWSwrBBaenger Ag't Santa Fe Boute, ling babies ' • iu I 'siek|ieas, or call on yo^r drumfist lor Dr. Sharpsteen's LaTeoder uo.inent %ndjMthm»t» Balsam, medjcin* that •are Uyes when doctors Jail in Membranous Group. I#flawmation rf the JUUOKS, l4Wg Fever awl ypkoi • f , Select and standard oysie/s monia, -also quickly relieves aid cures Uroap, Scarlet - Fever, W wpiog " i«h, Bore Throat, Boras. S «ld,8 a*d wL - affliction*. ^5 and 50 cents o/ Da. fl, SHASPSTBES, " l»i of naeaical worki frooi Wlllbea^ld yery The J>est Perlumes always in stock nl 0-. Greene's call and test them ^T^SS^^^F ^^5^'^^^ ^ns^^^ ^ ^^^^"^ ^^*^^. ^ TRUSSES A full assortment ol ^The best kinds and at reasonable rates Tnjses fitted witfeout charge for fitting at aga Wwt State M ABSHAUt. MICH, Ib Niagara Fall* Boob," > TIM 6 T A J-l.E, JU NE 1 2 f 1892. ? . Chicago,LY..... 9 CO KalAniaeoa.. 806 Bxt Witt At'c 16s,* +~*x FoTonm "iJ» lattloouw <«il«»?t^i 10 M Bit Iz.t Detroit .6 45 11 86

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