The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 9, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1893
Page 1
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VOLOT-NO 253 FRIDAY, JUNE 9, PRICE TWO ___ to national hati, 0, J. Post. encampment' at Uln- » jit..tile Soldiers' Home. A, Band of Counterfeiters Are Broken Up. '-*$-•• ...__ r ,_._,_, 9.—The board of the soldiers' home, accepted the resignation of Dr* D, (X:Spaulding as frame surgeon and selected" J)^t/. ft. T?<V><I nf Sanilac county as hia Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Hi^hestof all in leavening strength ' Latest U. ,$* Government Food Ro- port, '•*;•"..,'• ROYAL BAKING POWDEft CO 106 Wall Street, N. Y An Indian Outbreak , . is a dreadfttl thing— . undoubtedly jcaused by the irritating effects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are liever possible among people who "are addicted to the use of AMERICAN FAMILY The great soother of angry passions— the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everything— injures nothing— don't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAB. S. KJRK & CO.. Chicago. tasky DiiHond TarSoap A Sn C\S»T Ux " "The Pace That Kills" makes ritfdifference what kind. Using ' greasy and'inferior soaps is t& premature decay— sore -sork ;,tiafc«lQs nev one road never clean, S AMERICAN FAMILY SEVERAL DP THE &AUG ARBESTED, Uogus Coin, Molil^, Ktc., Captured by the Oifrtcerg—FraitlcM Search For a lid^ly »t fanning—Ploneero Kleot Ofllcers—JMtloli^ Igfttt National O ward to Hold Their Encampment at Chicago 1 . -' DETROIT, June 0—^For several months past the police have been daily receiving complaints of the wide circulation of counterfeit silver dollars^ The imitation-coin was a'.fairly good one, al- thongh considerably lighter than-the genuine dollar, and, the swindlers had many victims. Some weeks ago Tom Curtis and "Kid" Sini|h were Arrested in the act of passing. the. spurious, .money. They are held for trial by the United States authorities. ,The authorities became convinced that there was a well organized g'ttng of counterfeiters, with headquarters iri this city. Detectives McDonnell and Lally and Captain Edward AJbbott of. the United States secret service have been working quietly to get evidence against the ringleaders, and, accompanied by United. States Marshal Van Buren, they arrested Henry Jackson at his residence, 108 Dane street. The three officers, accompanied by Detective Downey, arrived at the house and found Jackson and his son, Henry P., in bed, and placed them both under arrest, together with Henry Noll, Jackson's son- in-law. A search of the bouse revealed 50 bogus silver dollars and the plaster paris tnolda and apparatus with which they were maufactivred, The detectives at first located the headquarters of the counterfeiters at Gratiot avenue, near the railroad crossing, vyhere they are Baid to have operated all winter, but they moved from there before the raid. FAILED TO FIND THE BODY. A Fruitless Search For the. Drowned dent ut Lansing. LAKSISQ, June 9.—The body of Fred Bone, the Agricultural college freshman who was drowned wj^ile bathing in Cedar'river, has not yet been recovered,, although the students have labored faithfully dragging the river. A wire 1 netting has been sunk across the river where it enters the college and it is hoped that the body will be found as soon as the,, water, which is unusually high, refcedes. Bone went swimming with a fellow student who was on the bank wb^n the unfortunate boy was seized with oramps and sank before assistance could reach him. It is believed that the body is lodged among the underbrush and logs on the bottom. "' . .;.. O Trouble Over a County Seat. June 9.—At the April elee- jpn- Montmbrency county apparently r oted to remove the county seat from Jfllman to Atlanta. .Three township inperyisprs, however, refused- to take action was taken in the matter of building a home for the widows and mothers of soldiers. The board will aak the attorney general whether' the (£13,000 ap-. propriation for ft* new building can be .used in repairing an old structure. In More Trouble. BED JXostfiT, June & i—The shortage of .Postmaster Silvola. will, it is said, reach §3,000. He is also charged with swindling his countrymen, for ,whbm he acted as banker ana steamship agent, James Malvey has had him-arrested on the charge that Silvola had kept §1.200, Which was to be sent to Ireland for Mal- mother. »••. Found a Snake In Bed. - ' : ? , _„ BAPIGS,; June O.^Mr^ Amelia Chick, who lives about 12 .miles northwest of this place, awoke a few m,orh- ings ago and found a small snake coiled around her ankle. How the reptile got into her bed, or in to the house, even, is ft'mystery,. .' ;'' . -._ .'•-, '-;•'/'-' • Going to Chicago. . LANSING, June S.-r-The state' military board held a meeting here and it was decided to hold the annual encampment of the Michigan national gx&rdat Chicago, from Aug. 8. to 13; inclusive, provided satisfactory rates of transportation and lodging can be secured. Getting Rich on Potatoes. TRAVERSE CITY, June 9.—The potato season is about closed. The shipments from here this spring exceeded 150,000 bushels, and the average price paid was 60 cents. This city is getting, ta be one of the finest potato markets in, the • Homes for victors tojthe WioVid's 'Fairis the title of a neat Ijtlle book, contain' ing the address of about 9,000 families, wlio.vill accommodate visitor;), nisei >"a list of hVrtefa. iliiwtratfid with large ' . map,.. sold lit M. C, ticket nfjice. Price 5Q -jents. Boiljjhlon will sell you wall paper' and ha.ig it for'"you; •.. .. v-\ •... •. v Pitcher's Gastoria. Children Cry for Tho Mill. ' '•' " '' • •-.*»'• When'nnytliing you want to biiv, Just call at Chushm-'s mill ami'try, r .His cash. prici'8' Will > tirely f-uit y'ju. Whet? uny feed jou <<o'wnnt ground', Call sit <Ji>t&b«rV mill, he is urouucl, , And he witl try to.plenso you. We buy for caslCftnil sell 'for cash, that's what' keeps us in our. liash. $ioO for a caso of Catarrh, by8pep8ia,Ker-- •ousncss nnd Sleeplessness tlint Vegetable' C«ro will notcur^.. • ' • ;' f." '" Vegetable Cure .will-brcolc • up'C'olds^andr /;.'. ind'Coughs, LftGrippe and its after r""-^ '"'''" I'remul-bua Weakness of tlie" Nerv'ee, 1 sltis and Conrtiimtion. 12 oz, $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. Got your tin wur«> mended in shop. • / Sc'hillj' is used. Cheerfully progeeds the latoor of wash-day wiHi health and long Ufe assured. Harids,aU righW bearts light-=elothes pure ajid w.hlte 3$ a Greenland snowdrift."" ., JAS. 8. K1RK& CO.. Chicago. "VWUCRP , , iny steps towards carrying it into ef- 'ect, and Thomas Double of Albert ;ownsbip, applied for a mandamus. The other three, in reply, charged that in. Double's township 80 negative, ballots were thrbWii <>ut and 23 affirmative jallots tfirown in. Double and the su- servi$or of Wheatneld, where the §anre jactJCg are said to have 'been piursued, mus'f give. * reason oit Jun§ 20 why the aegativa votes, if.any were thrown out, „ were not conntedl -' ° Pioneers Eiect Ottlcura. LAPSING, June 9.—The Michigan Pioneer and Historical society have elected the" following officers: dent, Alp>&us Felcfe, Ann tary, CK M. <£reen, I^nau^}, M. I*. 1 Coleman, .Lanejng; - The 3-year old child-of Lorenzo Smith of Alma had both feet cut off by a train at Bt. Louis. " Lieutenant Peabody, who waa stricken with heart failure at Pontiac on Decoration day, died at his home near ham. One day last wt k six horses were stolen in Berrien county. Sh'iawassee county Baptist pastors are in session at Owosso. Kalamazpo Catholics have subscribed |5,000 for a gymnasium. Petoskey-summer resorfa will open June 15^ Several cotliages are already open. " The annual meeting of the Richmond Driving; Park association will be held Julj 5 and 6, , An 8-year-old son of F, Gaborie o Owosao was instantly killed while attempting to catch on to. p. switch engine. MlsS Lena Eldrod of Benton Harbor, aged 33, was killed at Chicago by. a train. She was a teacher in that city. x ' ; ' James A,-^Edwards of Michigan has been made a bachelor of law by the National university of. Washington. "" - ; John KBJderbrajit was dangerously in-' jured 4t Owosso. A track ran off a tramway^n a factory and struck himu •Thomas'Kn#ebone, one of the two -convicts who .escaped from, the Marquette prison, has been recaptured at Escanaba. The residence of Andrew J. Hart of Chesterfield township, Macomb, county, was burned *yith' all contents; loss about $1,500. '•.'•'* The national grand lodge of the Swedish Benevolent society ia in session at Iron Mountain'. T-liere are 'about 50 delegates^ representing 30 Judges in,Michigan, Wis-' cdnsin and Minnesota, presenj. Wttlatd McKay of Algoaac has ta his possession, a hammer which is said to have been at one time the property of George Washington. McKay,, whilf down .fouta during the war, bought it from "an. old slave for 50 eeoits. Luther Newberry of Marcellus came near being 'MJled $ie other .day. There a circus in town and Luther was billet missed its 'inarkj 'went hisi overcoat and flattened, against Gasoline stoves cleaned and rupnin'd nt H. Sheley'd. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Chafes on babies, now nip plea and in tlaumiation of tjie breast instantly relieved with La vend ar OintnmnJ . A new remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia cheap and simple iq use, but nothing removes the disease so. quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist wi'.l get it for you. Itrlng Y'-ur t.'Hri*.-!.*. The carpet cleaujng works on Exchange street will be open on «u«l after T,he Pyramid Pile Cure is discovery for the prompt-,,i)eruianent cure of Piles ia every form. Every druggist, has it. . JS. A. Siiermaa, the old reliable.utii- .if-sal auctioneer, is pregared to attend; sales of all kinds. He sells anything aiid everything", household goods 'farms., pity property, stock.a of goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of fa,rm sales. If you have anything to sell call and see-him. Don't get 'excited over croup" or qujnsj yvtieo Lavender Uiutm.ent will relieve you within teuJiuuutes if used as directed... 25 and 50 cents. , PASTURE '•'Terms cheap, bee or address, ' A- B, KING, Marshall, Mich- A* jr Pitos shpuld know tha.t ths .Cure- will promptly ahi ef- leetually remove every trace of them. druggist w II get it for you. Aa especi'ally nn& line" ol Uditis' children's L hosiery ftt it&e bazar. '' ' If you want the best refrigerator' vu earth for tli§ least jaone^gp to Boslej^s. genuiue. nipwera sUarpeued and, pajred at JJasley's.j - •• f[ i f t "" t> -...- toffee care oi fihMi' '0allbe^«« ' JuneS. f>£- "\feter^da cersj Qoro.TP.Bnd.fF e;

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