The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 8, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1893
Page 4
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}« ,V* ' x ' ' THE DAILY CHKONKJLE, 1893. When you want a whisky for medicinal nee you titcfct it pure, J'Royal Buby" Rye is guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.} ROYAL WINE GO., CaiOAoo. For sale by F. O Seaman & Co., druggists • • . • • Smith .is enamel photos. fora tiice picture. They just fill the bill Cnrea Ooniuttiptlon, Conghs, Crotipj Bore Throat. Sold by «11 Druggists on a Guarantee. TwaUffle^de, lack or CTicst Shiloh's Poroua /Platter will giVfc greiat.»ati^faction.-^a5 cents. \ SHILOH'S VITALIZER. Vn. T. 8. HfcwMns, (^a^noogn^tinn., aaya t •** 8MU)h 8 YwKvffT B-^r/MiP'-'-"*^* jjl&ibS 1 revenue*." For Dyspepsia, trouble it exoela. Pride 76 eta. ey [ILOtfsyikCATARRH ^^REMEPY. Jar* you Catarrh? Try thi8.Repiedy. It will Maturely relieve and Cure you. Price 50 cts. Tola Injector for its successful treatment is furnished free. Itememher, Shiioh's Homodlea are iowon a guarantee to give satisfaction. *o7 Sale by"ip.G. SEAMAN &CO. •a 0lf you ara lingering from fevers, lung, lagrippe, catnrrii, consumption, co.ugh or troubles, astlium, • heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia sick headache., paralysis, erysipia-ias or ftjicaly skin, constipation or piles oail.- ; pnV Dr. Sharpsteen for 1 his vegetable cure. Hon. \y. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of owa, eays: "if'have used Chamberlain'^ jougli Remedy iu my faintly and have nb leaitation in saying it i»an excellent retogdy. " believe all that is claimed for it. Persons afflicted by a, cough idte-«otd will .find it a rieritL" There is no danger from whooping ogh"When tliis remedy is freely jgHreii. 2 nnd 50 cent bottles for sale 'at'Greene's drug Btorc, • WANTED WIde-ftwiiko workers "VMywheje W "SHEPP'S PHOTOGRAPHS Of tBtf WORLD." tho greatest book unearth; costing '- .. Ifl eagu'or Installments; mammoth illustrated circulars prill terms frefc: daily dnt(jtit over 1,500 vol tinics. ARcnts wild with mioceag Mr. TBOMA» L» MA'UTIK, CenUovUlp. Toxo $T}1 9 ute»; ttev. J. HowAnn "MAriatw, Lyons, N. Y., SlOt in 7 hours;')* bonanf.ft; •, ^.^^t™i«w^ tliB-VOBIiD rtoid. Ad. Globe Blble ul "16 IfVllilll Publishing Ob., 753 Chestnut St., Phila.* Pa. or 858 OearbornStij Chicago, 111. • W ASTEO—Palthrurgodtlcnian or lady to ft» elst in office. Position peimwrrut Hallway fare advanced here If engaged. Endow ft-fcroflce and self iyldrepfed ttaniued envelope THE NATIONAL, 83 McVlcker'* Building. Ou- ago' 111. '. . * N. A/Sliermun, the old reliable uni Dorsal auctionepr', is prepared to attend sales of all kinds. He sells anything and everything, household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods o .fill kinds, and mjikes a specialty* o farm sales. If you have aiiythinc- to sell call and see hi,m. , , . - Doti't, gat oiccited over croup .0 quin8,y, when Laven'd^ Ointment will relievo : yon within ten minutes if^used as directed. 25 and GO cents. Stock, New Stales ShvderV w A L L WAKTS, FOUNft ETC. - • Twenty contB a week for each notice not ex cccdiog flvo line*. No charge less than twenty •cents. i ' I • Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant ind refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on tlfe Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system :<eflectually, dispels colds, head- ncbeinnd fevers and cures habitual coMtapation. 3yrup of Figs fa 'the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to' the stomach, prompt in ita action and truly beneficial in its jeflecta, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, iU , many excellent qualities commend \\ to all and have made it 'the molt ' popular remedy known. / Syrup of Figs is fpr sale/^ 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have .it on^hand will procure it promptly fof any one who wishes to try it, Bo cbt accept any substitute. / MLIFOMM Fl$ SYRUP CO. *»» FRANCISCO, CAL, uti.Kr. I J^OB SALE OIIEAP-Two desirable building ' lote.-Wost Uauovor street. For terms apply ^o Oeoi H. White. A. J. TA J A E E FRESH, UNIQUE, TASTY DESIGNS, Call and Be Cortviiiced. M, B. POWELL. dju YOUNG MAN wants work. Writing or ai light work. Salary no object. Addresi), P. O. box Iu60, Marshall, Aiicb. T OST—A narrow black silk bert.wita pin in It. JLt binder please leave at £j. V. H, Lepper's store. W ANTEp TO KENT—Two or more furnished rooms or house near cycle factory for light housekeeping. Addreav louu box 1U1, Marshall, Mich. JD *VXXv: QjC\ i J "j • F OK BALE— About 30,100 second hand brick. Enquire of Beals & Mann. W >ANTED— Ladies to solicit for a popular work. 4D pur cent, special induceoieuts aud ozclUHive territory and particulars can now be eccared by adplylng at tJ2 Grand street. Special agent for a Oclroit Publishing House, "L?Ott SALE—A Eimball organ. For terms and J? other particulars address postofflce box 1175, ' W ANTED-—Gents immediately. An opportu- uiiy. Will appoint you exclusive agent in an assiencd territory, inducements aud particulars by applylug at tig b. Grand street, btuall sor.Ljnty required, ijpucial agent of a Detroit jtlouse. > i - •" W ANTED IfilMKDIATELY-Glrl to do light houBcwort, MRS. KOBEBT H. WAKD, btf Mansion street. W ANTED-* A boy to learu the barber's'lrade. Apply to Walter VV. Ulark. W ANTED-A girl for *euerftl housewprfc. VO N. MaoisoQ street. MHS. GEO. MAoEK. VIOLA CREAM JUunoverTrtekfM Umr - Mol*i. BI teafciani »nd Tan; uuil re- *orea the iklp to iu origi- nai fmuneaa, producing, a * -^ieer «ud healttiy cony- lexion 'Superior to all face and perfectly L OST—Tuesday, Muy «), betyften tfto reai- dencu ol tiefjry WtUfeiashaw in C'onvis and ilarahtttl city, a neurpootvut boolc contaluingglO. A suitable reward will be paid foe its return to the Cnron.icle oUiee,' W ANTED—{aitlics to do.writing at hoflje. Will pay »itf to $:» per week, ^end diitf udureiised siainpod envelope for reply. Address MME, VVK1UUT, Miehawaka, |nd* |>OK SALE CH^iP—All ''sjteet of hogsheads, JL gDod for-cisturtjB and''" witter tanks., la- quire at «)&*. Qr|a\uer'ii Eagle Brewery,, '" of Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ONE HALF CARLOAD of tin ware, consisting: of tea and cpffee pots, kettles, milk pans, pails, dust pans, wash boilers, everything in tin,, copper, {porcelain, german steel goods and anti rusting tin ware. ONE HALF CAR LOAD of steel_good8, hoes, rakes, shovels, spades, bay, dung an4 weeding forks. and &11 kinds of tools used for 'farms and gardens. FIVE TONS of steel nails both wire and cut. TEN TONS o barb and plain .wire. . ( • ' . ' FIFTY DOZEN locks, pnd door knobs of eyery k,ind anil a full line of hardware of everj description. I know I «ni a little to the east end of Main streeti We cannot all do busines^jqin the ibenter, but it will pa" you to .fijive me.. ' call. • ' Dealpr, Jlartirj Blqjck, East Main Street. harmJeea. , Sto^d. IOT Ciroulw WKIN $OAP *» tlmnlf inqiinipwtfile tt> * •p, ODKiurted Kf th» tbUcjjc'MA wiltout & taj. Attwliilelr jmre ud ddidU«I Mod. A»*(OMi«», Pric«.25 Cent*. •^ C. 11TTNEB& CO,, TOLEDO, - " * * ' . ! f> OB SALE—Se'coiid hand three tyoruer C line atove aud oven. - MW$. H. M. MEKWLL. Sf-^A gold mounted silk umbrella in so place ol buslneBis Finder please leate tnis oilice. at N OTICJS— Jlrs. W. L. Bock is pgent for the Christy koi-ves and Wi U Iurnish.aU who wish 'P^WO gOodfiouiCB to rent on. ooruer of ___., X uaJlauaion bt^eets. to iicet class jotter with iwo-gogd wclis drilled iutu Uie ipck, aud *wp good Ciaterafl. - So* i» the time jo |>uy your CHEAPER CAS J FUR , TO CONSUIVEERS OF GAS FORJFIJEL. ; Tb& Gas OoiBpany anounces th^following reciuc tipn in.Mce&ol'Gas^fQi iiGHTING wherov^r Gas is use41ttSU for COC^IirG or HEA/TING to take effect on anfl after , % 1st 1892. > J'M OU , tll i* 1 - 1!6 V**«if «*d ficoia All *luda ot team uroMflone -to order •'\-'l i '. J.W. uoosp EOftSiisT. w. jsu BATB^ J $1.0bperlQbo 'ciibiq Ft, For all Qan congomed whBre > »\QAS RANfifE nsed. . For all gaaoonsamed where CQOKINQ or HEATINQ;STOVES are nsed wad the mpnthlj conNwnption to not leas than 1000 oubio feet. V> B at» tor GM uaed for LiaHTINQ ONLjlT Jremsiu mnehanged aud^ro at fojlovra: ° . > Leaa ^han'lQOO cubip ft. in one njondi^ $2 0U perUOOQ^cubio ft, 5000 cubi« ft, »nd less than 10,000" cubie, ft 1 m,onth $1 90~"pr 1000 J0,000 or over, I montfe $1 hO per 100^ cubip ft, ' ' s (cubic f^,. ja Mtbleot to a djjaQQuat of 10 ota per 1000 onbio it when thj q^oajlh*'«, «.hova rat bill ia ptld in or bef ort the 10th of the month. ue»t following. Th? »bore epeoi»l r»tee »re made to i^doof ofjnBBJnerji to, u*a gt# for cooking. »nd 'h ' " " Quickness, f Convenience ^ d«»u P t «rWpw oe^-^ tfe madflfro^^ffu^ fora« Kitur^i or riajAt «ln»n» nnii<it»d'«.n<l jummtefaia fconi . 4 \ J ^," V. 1 , -£ T- j ' - '- , ' -' EW.* WF •JPwF**?W'- ^Pw» .iwKfwl^ 1 • _,•--•»»••. ' •-yS»4l ""•' H » ?r J-,1

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