The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 14, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1892
Page 4
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CMROSliQLlS, OCTOBER' H, 1893. ..... V -- -'•• - '' ' - ...... ' iiV i '"' T. - ' ...... ' ......... - TheU., J.& M. railroad will special excursion train to Toledo Saturday, Oct. 15, M which titnWiJS Cotlrett, the chanlpion of the world, appear in a gfeM ffi&rring matehv•; train will leave' Th"Jig"8laltbnst 7:80 J-. ._. The fare for th« round trip will be $ 1.60. s • returning train.leaves Toledo nt C -B. MtSE, : % Atertt. tt"8 i»t If if Rii»n-,e from Merrill'*. " " v 'VV •'' • - . part |wUli your dar ...•w ...—-ruling bab;ie8/;i»- sickneSs, oi- call on yout; drusKi9t;ior 1lL u -O U«.-«<k'fJi'*^i«T4i I A«f £kV\if UfJ 'I llll limTIL' I* used to' ? The Una '-'deiicat* press a physical condition in which powers of .nature appear to be partially ex )iau8ted/and-the 'systemi i* p"-^"^* ---• all morbid influences. * . SUJ&.I* which would produce no Jl^tarbanc* what? ever in the bqdy or mipd of a robust individual, prostrate tberstreagth a&d depress the spirits of. persona in delicate health. Resource should be had under these oircam- stancfes to^'Roy*! Buby" port wine. If there i* a,n| *rese f m o! vitality in the enfeebled organization, this nnequaled eshil Div&i |cao t V* wcii* • VH /"a-- •> JZf*" ~ i Dr. Sharpste«n T 8 Lavender,! Oirt ii»en1^ "and AsUiffiatic Bala'ani, nieAicm* that aftte lives *ychen doctora fail In «reno "branous Croup, Inflammation ft tw abunks. j^nnK Ffvet and TV phoi P&eo, I monia, also quickly feHeV^s a r cares J ' Croup, Scarlet Fever, W Orvprntt Cough, Sore Th-rtwt, BrtrnavJgii'lds a».d sjniilkrl afflictions^ ftftd Wcenta o/ by mail? DRiH., SffARrsTftKN "«>"—- •tor, Marshall, Michigan ' : iarant and tonic will rouse and deVelope if. Quart bottle*, $1; pints, Woents. ' Sold and guaranteed by M. B, Powell. Bottled by Boyal Win* Co. Chicago. Wa. carry a full Hn« of Pinaree & Smith's, A. 0. MeQraw & Co.'s ami Kennard & Son's tine shoes. WRACK o^dutaide arc lamps, 2,000 eaftdlfe pOwer eac'h, iii use until 10 p. «h. standard time. ^-Where ona lamp only ift used, $5 per uiontb, $SO per anniftn. Where more tfian .one lamp is used!by theaame person in the sain* locality the additional lamps' will be charged for at $4, { er month (ft $40 per aft- fEhesVlamps »will he placed, in position •< f^e^bf charge Jo tlie user pj.her tbftn above. ' All .night lanlps or other special service at special rates. • ^ ' * - r -.' I v * All damage to $ie lamp or Wiring; by the ',. qser must be paid for by him. f > \ ,Th9 User will iii'uO yase'bellowed to meddle with or; remove either lamp o'r wir- -—-ing^HjJfc-if-any-flhange in positioaof replac* . __*^ iA .i.. M '_H.l t... 41*.% «inmatl*i>iAt. \t. mil \)^ We want every (neither to know that croup can be preventedy True croup never ap- 'pears without a warning. The first symptom is-tioarseness; then the child appears to have takfen cold or'a cold may have accompanied the hoarseness from the start. After that a leculiar rough cou^h w developed, which is followed by the croup. The tirfie'to act is whenihe ''child first becotrea .hoarse? a few doses.-of Chomberlam'ftCowgh Bemedy. will prevent thft attack/-" $ren after a fough cotfRh7hBa r apBear«d the disease may be.pre vented by using thia remedy a* directed, F*6>*sale -at G'reene,'s, drug store. * Have your cistern cleaned an,<l th6 purified and doodorlaetioby the 4186 6f Overton cistern cleaning. new poocess The w^tef in the <jla - *~^ . *n This long eiperjencs and *• careful *tudj of i bo feast methods enables uk to cure evaty _ Curable i!a«e. We keep awconrof *t*rj cAw treated and ttu» rasalt obtalne&JUid oAa w- ftryon to people whd'h*Y8 to»on Titled bjuwr fast bod of treatment ' * ~; ' t.onaultatlott fre* mfid Re*M»«**4* " r*:mm -mur m »w«*»M"«f»".i»» ,_ * . W« htfve tlalted th* «aW« offldea atery ft-t-eksfoi tltf past twenty-n?»/«4f». We are prepared td*)MWauccei«ftil r*sult» ra treating 4l8eaBt*i>f th* liter, heart, Unrfa, atom- nch, Kldneye, brain, nerres rocromaUMD, a»tttM' Kl», debility catarrh flts, yotnhAtiliulItcretloA, . ancert, old sores^luittorft; dl»B*U«, * '*' A^^fCam, f>W«n*v4j« AtA-H^ttvAJL d^kirmm* \ftrn -U ^ddrdfts f)rs Brewer a^na^M Chicago AT».| Kvanatcn, IlllnolH.' Will l*u at the Uejfadon House On Wednesday, oct iftm . „ Of. Biewer's surtf Heart Wega»tpr gtya» la- media 1 • relief. Dr, Brewer's $ujre Depuro for Diseaaea «f »fc» •Ktoroeoh, liver, kldneTS and blood, $t bet bottle Dr. Brewer"* Sure S torn a eh Plll« Tor dysiMpttcs \25cenisabos. \ ' . J . The largest stopk • the lowest prices HYDE'8 Drugstore cks meat id desired" b* the oonsu<|)«r it will done by the City aC\coat, .. o ' • N Incandescent ligni«*e,° lights ready fo use at all times during dajliinysjf. v Meter,"rates 0-10 of ono de'n<%er hour lUckntlle poWpr-lamp for eitter Ko-nxeter placed ia,»efvi«& where less than live li^Bta are in, us*. For alt : otdmary ser•'•vice where nie ; ters are not nsed followipg r»*e«; Scores and business places, 50 cents tern removed, Xlet).T. Feals will - •I- month per 10. oanfllfr; ^number of lamj ,^ pp*er. Jamp one or Residence* and offices, etc., H5 cents' VO candj* iwwer lamp per month,' wt fourorjess lamps are used. WKere than Wur lamj,s.are \fi place for .the aer , office, The right to usa thU process In Marahall towjtaMp> for sale. , The most wonderful medicine that 1 have ever met with is Chamberlain's Colic t , Cholera 'and Piarrhusa Remedy. In cases of colic/It gives speedy reltef. On: hunting trips I have found it indispensable. Put in., alkali water it imparts a pleasant taste and prevents th> painful dlarrhcua f hich 'alkali water proflucas. I could npt feel safe with- put it in my house. J,! 1 . Smith,Fort Ab«r- croinbie, N. 1>. For sale at Greene's drug" store. person in the aam* locality 25 cents, per I b*v« all the iea8an'.s JOB bill* made month p0rlainp fur each additional lamp! oat and would be pleased to UJCVB thase "oTeiffour. . 4 owing me call and settle. Reduction of tt-n^er ctjut will be made,} . "J, F, where animal cpntracU for r*3ide.ace lighting,, without meters^, are made. Al! lamps of additioBsl candle power at ' • -• - N«w York Orga>iz«d or th« purpose of, obtain ing and djsUibajtine; Infornia.Uai» qif ev ery <kin.d: to the mercantile world aad general public, 5nforo)at)pn relatinff to crediw, pfteesj vjducf "'tit -'teaV estiite! am merchandise in different localities, ad and a ihonsanfjl, and one pthet |roi4 4H jpart,3 ^tlhe United territories;|jiii re! table awl alriotly TO OONSUMBgLS OF GAS pOK|PUBL. e Gas cbrnpany anounces theffollowing r- in prices of Gas for UGHTlNG~wher6v0r lis usel ALSO for COOKING or HEATING to effect on and afbor , . — SEJPTBMBgB. 1st For all Gas consumed where M3AS For sll gas aonsmmed where 'COOKiNQ or HiEATINQtSTQV!E8»r« contumptlon in not les* than 10QO cable feet " ' B »t s far Ofts used for LIGHTING Q^LY. renwin »nch*ngel *ni>ro M pubic Ft, tk» «o»tWy _ . All-Special service uf us* be; speciaUy con'•'' ' •All bills'payable"^ou or before .the 1,0th of «icti'mbnth.=:and ia'penalty ; .ol I^c.y-p6r jjt>nt will Be added, to bills not paWtf ten due. No wiriBB wi)l be allowed to be doiae es- capt under the Uirection «of'the city'and ^ wherejighting contacts aie m4de. ^ •". ..AjtmsandescfJit lamp renewala^rnust be made by the The CnniuaierA Ce^im l'ou»p»»y of bujt the city wift Upttl farmer -notice simply Less titan 1QQO cubic ft. in one month, -*2 OU per • seeer-eubie ft: aiulless Vtian 1 0,000 cubic ft 1 .month $1 S9 . 10,000 or over,1r month $1 bQ per iOQncubi«l% («Mbi» Vt*. All tlie abo,ve rates are aal'ject t3 a discount of 10 ets'.per tOOjJ eabla ft wh«A -tkt atatk* bill is p&id in or before the 10th of the mpnth next fplIo«rSn$. '' ' . Tha abatd special are made to induce oonsumers to use ga* fo*«ooki«< kail as weil *s ' " ' ' Experience Prooves The €hcai>ci« Stove , "Other Fndl, 175 GAS ITOV.IS now ° irv usei Iri Apply to '^ D. . Sole inside piping ordered and jcoppl6t«id f roja ' M Fi* rts ,«t: Dress Goods at Peryetts. •in'the form of * large sized Utlip lamps a« VM»J;J. , .... w .. Ordinary opfjQj jjlfiaJLswing -will oe 3tyne during the installation of; the $J-2§ per lamPi H? 4 in^uding Jlampa auft^apekets, A'l BUbsequerit wiVing will fce dose .solely under the direction of ibe.cQininissioners at -•' " - X" ' ^ 'I •' AU wiring will Jbe done. under the- iatesV rules of the Michigan Insurance Bureau. All applications for iQcandesceiat lighttng will be accepted in the ordep.of ttie application and to the persons applying, for ty^rst §q01ainpstob e plac e dinposiUaaa n du8ed^ As . ~ ^ the^amps and sockete will .be furnished free r^s tne supply ia irmuea,. oicharg«faii^heflampsor8^te^atco*^^ ...... . , The^ fbove lieWing rates ara ,b.a|ea on anfbecpK[p *^ft«9ted the pMtage stanape estimate of the cost of operatipirof theiplaBti and while they are now much "lower than J[pr the aarne quality and quantity of light furnished in other places, should it be .found possible to make, a reduction in price, the rates will be lowered and till contracts now w.\de will be entitled to^he benefit-of any. reduction' hereafter made, from and after the date of the reduction. -— Application must be made to j&ff £scorder ,' or eitbar of the commibsionece. Sept. Isrl892, to ipi§ 1st The MARSH AI.I. U&H r Co. DO YOU WAN I COLD Ipple Creek in not a health^ resprt. It Ith retorti Quite a diljCerence! Loci • Plkn'a Peak lu Colorado.' QoIU—br tipple Creek in not a rv ~—. .--— nw jUth retort. Quite a dlQsrence! near Pike's Peak iu Colorado.' Qol .. _._•_.„ ,^._ .^.^ |ras* roots wad can be bad by stsndinjg, •with tw^nty-42enta)ih postage stamps ^o/H r Heafford, G. P. A.. Chicago, 1KblttoFiiiitl(>il •Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y, Chicago, Dl. I BeU»We experts claim this is today.the richest •^* • •• ' ..,*! s.,, .. I c*mp In Colorado. Asaaya average 8100 per lit Ait ft Yim t/>A rlfiTi f .r~"^"".~ _ *•« ._ . : '«_i —\--~ ' «e e\nnT - «S U ^. WH.. eturned to applicant. When Baby ww alek,^ f»ve her Caatoria. Wbensh* becaia* JOss, she cjung t >z»v»tt . It is a Localion "Jtloago, tv. .... 9 CO 111 . I 111 ! ™WW."!T» ™" T." ' 1 3' Albion.. ....... 9 Jackaon 4 90 I Detroit "I: 4i45n» p.m. am ubw open, for fali fr MF,*—— —• ---- T-,----, --.- ^ _ J^etive orders for your work jMLo,ndayJ §nd TJbprsday. U*ual price 2% cental " at- taaded to.- Festal orders . v \ GEO. S. H . if. O. bo* C/y Ar Pitcher's j_f i U1W . yv»* of the district. . The cbanoe'of a lifetime U worth looking after! • "lott can get there quipkly and comfortably by vrtr — r .,.. taking the Santa Fe route. Only line with no I u^ttlei Creek.•/.. 345 chSge of c«,rs Irbm Chicago, Kansas C»ty nw» ' «W»».V/»" . *? other principal cities to¥tori«ant,Qettrest railroad station, with daily stages to Fremont. • Address for,rate and service, . CEO. E. OILMAN,I" ff Michigan i^g^-^j-gg;»*«•. TRUSSES Ml assortmerit o slm, "?lie best_^kai^ The Iwt Pertumss^lh ^^ ^ reasonable rates ways in stock at tf. .H» Jm^ nottea wtfeout dreen^ Prog stpre. charge for ttting at Ladies are i»yit»«t-tp 03^1^11^1^ gtoy^ 3&^mtfo*m l^w.atS^^RSKAtUM.QH. w . —IT t Bx.» Sjf 1» AI'C 'f'io p.m. D 10 7 56 823 84T 045 887 480 8 96 10 a.m. 9.4» . 1009 1« KK.» p.m. «00 5 it a vs. Select »ud standard oysters busineiss.Ji^ghfui'ii. 1 ' , '" -.

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