The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 14, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1892
Page 2
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TDK TKRMS oV S«ft»ORII»TION, tmtty< d«llvered. 1O S«bi«fipUOi>* rafeltftd *t the 151 8t»10 *y«8t. "vTTif: «*•** •"' t>» One man, &L Cunningham, was bttfteata l 't deith> toe fire was caused by Cjronlng- I u 1.1^, • r. • . - j., «__-. „»**««..* tt«* *rt " e barn knocking oYer * Jfmfi, setting fl» to his clothe*. Hill tfty had no fire equipments and the residents TPif'SKljit Stand aroutrl] and ^ the fire Jjjirn itseH but. - ' -> ' _:,-....- -. _. : / '.-• ; •; Collision tit F*elBht». , Colo.,"0ct. 14,—By a oolUalon "between two freight trains during a Wtod* ing snow-stornvWednesday fbtit tnenwerti sikr »)' Vieh. I Injured, two of. whom will *•----- -;; ' • 'The injured are: CondactorKing, both broken, skull *—* '^« in *" . U i«.v^man King) bit,,.-,,, „-.._ ._ *s P. H. Varnet, brakemen, skull *»«» and badly ttriiised^-may die;, Engineer D«th Co^rfoSSyen.inJhe'l 11 "-'^'"* 1 ^ ' US SHOW tOU OTO^Ip OF , _-Ax.£o<— • BOY'S, YOUTH'S AGENT'S. Ate Sow Rrceitlrjg our Imttetaia fctae «f I fs. QTERCOAT^Si We made tf'bid on those "N. Earths Kwlte K»r»kteflrt»k of Kama*. , ,,lWrEU>, Kan., Oct. K-I*te last night dperatof Moser, «t the Santft Fe st*-.| w — — „."*'' i- .. I si it.-« THE i?lT G^ES LOOSE, | tion, waVavrokened Jrom ajmp Jj£*™| With Thre« Clothiug Manufactures in Roahester and reoep«j *lo«e^ ia« . Vila* *JlHB ***Trr™ «.——•" :-t* ^ T Other i, and imprisons Six Move Between Wail* ot DefcHa—3foHope/or Those In 5 tbe Mine* So* Ue*cuer« Worktffl* Bard to Save The*a«<-Ti»e Disaster Described —How the Fire Surepi the . SBAMOKft, Pa., Oct. 14^-An explosion Of gas, supposed, to have been caused by .a fellof coal breaking a miner's lamp, happened aUb>Stirlm£ colliery, a mile and a half from here, at U o'^** yesterday- inoming. One man was then broke . drawer and **• cwbu.Sevepa«sen«er« a- ing for a train were Searched, and one iftan relleTed of a valuable gold wafch^ ,^«4C«UTtl« - ^ ^^»s, Ala., Oct. 14,-Sour negro —William JaqkBpn, John Thomas, AJ>-.. " ~ Masonr-wer* arrefltedAnd em^er of " " *" v —*• and e were rescued afiOlo'olocklast a critical condition, buttheothejs ' are befieved to b«i 'doomed because^* 'the of great ntities 'of "black- * • ^ and July. IJulT we got; thero^at price's £«at win S '. ' * J - ' * money for our patron> this Jail. 6ttr line of'Merchant Tailoring surplus' 4 >«rehased in N«w Ifwfc are. ready and merits inspection. Our Style, F.ty ami ff«Msk ar« •**•>- sd b'utnevire*pell&d. • • * ' ' " J '"' " T.SHAN AH AN, ' 'T&ekeadnfe Clothier aUdTaaldr. >' rry a lull line bt staple V *_»_ * i ^_—..*• A.^^LJV H f. Wife oUtd^t It'ritm 8e. " Save money by baying toor ami shoe* at Grace; Btoi, ^ ' » RIGHT OF Mob Melu'Aw»y. SEDAtlA, M0,,Oct f Mr—At 13si5 o'clock a. m. yesterday-an -organized moftot W or 800 mten ftelted tfie Pettia, county jail in this* city and 'demanded ot Sheriff Smith that he turn over to them Bill Sims, *•*•• "Fannie Gniber Wednesday forenoon, sheriff and H& halt a dozen arnica g— 1£ with a sqnadtrom tbe»SedaMa riflel, whoi front yard of the jail,and the: sherifF-with drawn weapon.declined to comply with, tbjs request. . " *" '• ' Moved Tliat the Mediae Adjourn., ' The drawu weapons in the hands of the sheriff and otuevs had an awing effect. At 1:15 o'clock Major A. W.WebieJ»berg,one of the leading-iiermans of the city, a%d .who had beeji attracted to-the scene, by the will probably die,; Samuel Rogers, loader, cut and bruised; Holwea^BcHte, doorboy, * fearfully cut a,nd mangled; William Mack, driver, mangled and cut. ,* The men entoml>ed are: Samuel Collins, Joseph Kelchie, Joseph Mififstock, Isaac Dqnney,, Michael Wetchock and Benjamin Thomas. O'GaTWwa* tharrled as are also Thomas Collins, Keichle, and 'Miln' stock. The rest of the imprisoned ijnen are single. Yesterday -was payday and alarge number of the workmen Were out <of mine' when the accident occurred. CoWery is one of the largest in theJha- mokin district, and is owned and c-per«ea by the Pennsylvania and Reading Coalanjl l*on cpnlp^wy. Searchers ar^i at. work trying to rescue the entombed men. • * Wbut Two Survivor* Saw. William Mack, sitting on the bumper_ol a mine w«BJn, savV his four mules killed, i w»u ^=" »•.«•«.^>». ~ --- r-— ^ -»,,:r tt wStetlPiwdv or-Wiomas O-Gara was noise and the crowd, moved, that ''the hurled past Mm liiU'a £sh. Twenty yards .meeting Adjourn," ana when t*Amotipn behind Daniel Reid^other driver, saw wasput ( ^™™&f^£J?*^ two mules brained by falling write the English language, 1 and baa w-l^x, Jected six a^pllcanto. On« of the applicants, H" a native ot the coUjilV "f Kent, Bflgland, is more'than 80 yearn of age, and baa betn a resident of ,thi» country for twenty-five years. In denying the application ot John Briggs for,, naturalization," the sixth **>• this term, Justice Stover flald: use to make such New styles of Storm tPerrets ,, . < cbicago and ftnd OHe tbtrd at I on Oct. 18 fylarahajl to rate of f «——— ».—-«— . Every'citiwsn should be able to rend and Writ*. An alien asking naturalUwtion inust have: these quajincations before I will grant Whim a certtflcattof ct^eenabip. Hi should be able to i?ead the conaUtution of the United States before he is aakedor allowed to tike the oatb.6L6l««nshlp, a?id i intend to adhert to \hl» rule whetber, as fe this case, the applicant speaks the English language as his uiother tongue-or whether he is a sijbjectjif pne of the Conti-. irfutal nations jgnorant of our language, our custom*, our constitution, t and our '' blS l*T¥W *»*t*»*K*» »^»^»««^w-» —j^ T- -• -T*.. While his body .was bring scorched by a volume of fire, lightingl^he gloom for .hundreds of fH-t. Another body of the lleadly. sulphur tore along the smoking^ gangway and meeting a baU'of tflame-in an alcove Ignited with ierriftp; jtoroe, causing great falls of top earth and Creating aw 1 " A •of the power of a cyclone. This caused ^ lamps to go oufcj, and closed the different passages. " , Wlier* tl»e Meu are. Impj-I««»nedF ^. The mfesing men a«i imprisoned between " two tails and the black damp which arose immediately after tb?e dcplosion has been so strong that the officials and experienced miners have faint hope of finding them alive. At great peril to their lives the iiien took turns in fomqjj- their wa y\W where the men are supposed; to' be« impW' oiied. At4o', yesterday the inside foreman was brought .o«t overcome brgas and taken borne <pn a special train. He sriys the men are certainly dead. When the second expWon took place the men, ' tiuch as OQuld, groped their way along dif,.. ferent rautes ^o get put of the place before thebl|ack;d^m.psetiu. • "piSTURBED A HORNETS' NEST/ w , aftei: which the mOb slowly began >o jli* perse VICTIM O W ANTED-8oon >• possible, ft era! nousewwlt,' without Fre»ldeptoriJH Soelety, 0. A. B. , t ,ct, |4.-Mrs. Carrie iff, the new aiational president^ tl dies'Aid, G, A. R., wasVesterday nopn the chai;a»iUK Center o£ a doubltf celebration of large proportilonb The pleaa- nreable affair was the result, cot a conspiracy between her husband and tbe Special circlet of which Mrs. Sheriff has been fa* years a member, , and has filled several ofUclal positions. Early iu the morning Mi's. S heriff went forth, intent upon hospital work- Her duties and,friaii<ls -detained, the innocent victim -until it Iwt4 hpur^; On reaching her •home she .-found '"it -turned into awilder- ness ot nags and nHed with on .doing'feer honor. During ,.— ^T~ — -.^- T and eVenijxg pver 500; friends t paid their re' tlw new prehid«int of the Ladies' sition"ls verym.mch mixed in tola state r and *U attempts at combination have-so far failed.- The fusion candidates forcon- . pa tbe stump. The straight wf- ,«u nominees a/e' talking to wepeo- ujfi.- The Democratic leaders are hard at work.. In Wiae districts, .the negroes hav* - - ielr own congressional nominees, and ,^,,Jiooping things up, and in oQu teicts the People's party ha* split off the fusionist* and is ruoniiig its o pendent candidates, OntheotherL DHfiocraery is, thoroughly organized. b, the situation, y i'ift" HAVE FOR"-if po, land them (R?S T» Solved Tiia? WMlpt r Oct, j^-r- I - r ^ ~~—^"*e»^- U^oro'ugfe reltiiblc wi'd progreMive ItttlUtlva. Hundred* of yetiag in»n and .women reeeltea I their stirjt In+lite *«'U» K.' B. C. To *•**»?•. -1 coucw-of pr*cttc*l uw)Ur««j seem to have Words of Wonderful Kecbvery ^»f -» To He Dead> " ' " NOKWALK, Conn., Oct. U,-WiUiamG. I^ass, gardener for C. D. Matthews, ofNevR York," was working, in the barn of M». Matthews.' country place here whenhe disturbed a neat, of hornet*. The insects a# ticked him "by the hundreds and stung him about th« head and hands. He ran for the house, where he dropped to the floor appar- 1 ently dead. His heart stopped beatingjaixd hiseW* 1 *^^' 6 * 001 * 1 - Poy^fe** 118 """ summoned. They applied all the W • tives known, injecting brandy i£ —•--, auantities, but at bet working ove» him fo« two hours they decided that he was *~«* ' and retired. __ i LUu> rehiiniscencw "When Hallam of his mother, how his father felt, i probable that the form which they'devlsW will" be adopted by ^Commissioners of the other counaes in the K qbairmiB)i«eed«r"of tbe BepubU- fflff>"' atate cpinmittee, and ' Chairman it, of the^iadcratic state«pmmit- iye already jgiyeu their and information received from indicates that the state you t .. , College w»d t*Jk over! tt» matter, JM catalottue KBCJB'8 BUSING B*'Ue Cr«ek. Hie* J. S. SANPEBS - f UMJI. t Offiiea over Miff >usly at the page of "CymbeMne* K the words: '•Jiang there, life tree dfe." He had repartee xmconscio containing fruit, my spul,.tiU the Without the stub.^ . 4»*r ^"toche. * CO1 Sw»»tor. «.• ttreeb Qood b*m* oi of tbettou*etft>r*»l«. ? or -* W.Bu»h. bott n,e Was » „.. Oct. M . . in uorthem and western Kan- »c*ions Wednesday ni&ht and the the fighJb for JU8TICE OF THE PEAQE AN» CONVEYAHOER. ^w.!**,^ later, or three .and one-feaU' hours after hewaw stung, he revived and abowed-tagnaoflife. Renewedeffiortsw«i« recovered cooseimjat , An examination showed tliat on W« .left wrist were several stings over^nerwtf had a direct action on the heart. Phi " ' ' **• ~ —;uliar and womdet" Around was baked ao bard they cpujdnps! nut in wheat Reports aU say that tib* effect of this tMnelyjcain willhe ihafraew wW be »largely increased acwage of wheat 1 gown over previous eatimatea. »h* Report JFrp.n» tte» WWI« Complaint and Mich._, Oct. m—Daniel J. najft. chairman of the.BenaflcrAas stftJ t^l (^mmittwrf Michigan, has formally nude oowpWsnt to_«o«, .Theodore _B«pse- to Mrs. Harrifioa't the ^feSef«^|fitai«p*4.Gopa8aU u*»9c, ZOc. i5c, 3Siffl^S^^^^sS»'nSsS^^^SS>&\''' ' -»«»"«• »»llmaud heissuffej-iag frtan »er- f 4^T» nsual. hat it i« w*> s*tur*l «ftd JilM^W****** 1 ?*^?^ "T i^«a^«". njitwai «A« m tii nrefienfc 001 W^ vT'WpsS** THT.^

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