The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 8, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1893
Page 2
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THEfDAIL¥t5HH01SflCLE, JUNE'S, 1893 . ; £ THE DAILY" *«KMS O* SUBHCMPfltJN. (tally, on* jr«Mrtbrotiffli p*»...»4 74 Dally, delivered. 1O centilfpnr Week . Snbictlptlrtc* received •», t'bi offlxe V.V pub •' .'X • '" ' . '' alien 15* StaU «tr»et. j. M. VOSES. Pnbltnoir, LIVES L0§t.' v ^ODJTIONAtJLOCAU. /. Mies Wfizie Parr returned from Jack ion Wednesday. _ Mrs. W J>,' r Stone nnd« Mra. W. S. Smith returned from Chicago todtij. . .Events show thai, so far as success of failure is concerned, it makes no difference whether banks are organized un der national or state laws, or .whether they are savings institutions'or banks of discount and deposit. Wha^ver'their name i.i nature; if badly managed they fail; if well managed they succeed. Private banks and'corporate banks are all subject to the same business law; Havings banks, well managed, are a public benefit. Earnings on the savings of labor arc aids to economy! thrift and comfort. In Detroit, where sayings . banks have been long established, the •mount of money deposited 'with them and drawing Interest la nearly double that in other institutions—over fifty million dollars, according to their last statements. Men entitled to confidence give to banks the came reputation. - A TV.Mt -Virginia tic o I Cause* Great ( agre to Property. Hn*TON, W. Va., June 8.— A, cloudburst in and"about this place caused datnage to property estimated at -fully $250,000, and the loss of" two" lives. The water rushed down ? the valleys of Jhe mountain streams witli a velocity Which carried everything before it,- flooding the greater portion of 'the town and obliging the inhabitants, to^ftee to the high ground for safetj'. . . ' Mrs. John BucWatul atidiier son were '- Specialist of Chronic Diseases Will be at the iYerndpn Saturday, June tOtb. Free consultation r in Gertnan and English. ' "„ •> jV. B.-~-Suek cases as have failed to receive "benefit elsewhere ar'e especially! desired ,-> fat Over fi MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SVRUP has been used for children teething. It Bootbes the child, l pain, cures wlwl colfc, and {g the beet National PrUon Association. CHICAGO, June 8.—At a meeting of the directors of the 'National Prison association held at the Art Institntenthe directory recommended that the present officers be re-elected and that the presidential vacancy of the association, occasioned by the death of ex-President Hayes, be filled, by the elevation of Roeliff Brinkerhoff, vice president, Mansfield, O. St. Paul -was selected as the place for the next annual convention. The standing committees and the executive committees 'remain substantially the same. The Enemies Jubilant. CINCINNATI, June 8,— The enemies of the whisky trust are jubilant over the announcement that W.--W. Johnson & Company, the distributors, have decided to withdraw from the organization and to wage bitter war agarast it. Mr. Johnson did not deny the truth,,pf the report when questioned, although he is ostensibly keeping quiet. It is known that he is leaking information Mr. Caught bjr" thp rtigiiint 1 water's- afld swept away. Neither body , has been recovered. The Chesapeafie and Ohio has lost half a dozeft bridges atul trestles and nearly three miles of track is either washed away*br covered many feet deep . with* landslides. Many highway bridges I are gone and whole farms are denuded of their soil. forming a Coniblno. iTEW YORK, June S.'^-The transatlantic steamship companies are forming a combination to control the routing of all immigrant travel west. The plan proposes a joint agent and the estatx lishjnent of a clearinghouse in this city for the routing of all westbound railroad .traffic. .tlndfer ^the agreement European agents will decline ocean •transportation .unless the passenger, if bound for an interior point, holds an order for final destination properly is- Bued on the line furnishing the ocean transportation. The idea is to 'do away 'with scalpers, and it is stated that western roads are heartily.entering into the "scheme. _ ." '•-r 1 1,1 fe Assoclntlo'h Sued. CHICAGO, June 8.— Attorney General Moloney, suing for the people of. the state of Illinois, has filed in the circuit court 'information in the nature of ft quo warranto against the Total Abstinence .Life Association- of America. The object of the suit is to take away the charter of the defendant on the ground of fraud and*violation of the laws tinder which they were organized. , - NEWS IN BRIEF. A Condensation of lute res tin, ' appenlngB . Throughout the Country. Jones Hayes, an inmate of the old men's .home at London, Opt., full into- the river and was drowned. Louis G. G. Beliveau of Montreal has been sentenced to fly$ years in the penitentiary for embezzling $11,000 from the Beaudry estate, of wbjcb. he was manager. W. L. Bong has beeniJEurested at San Ai- tonio, Tex., oft' the charge of embezzlement committed at Brooklyn. .' Reports from Rio Grande Do Sul slate that the revolutionists are preparing to resume fighting and Brazilian troops are being hurried to the scene. \A cloudburst at Hidala, Mex., caused a renS*dy for dl«rrho»a. I'weniy-nvd c^nts A bot- tta. • Isold b) nil drupRistja (hroiigbont the world, Notice to Cyfeim*. ' -. ; The practice pftldine: bicycles on the sida walks rtius'C be stopped at once. Any persons violating the law in this respect do so nt thoir own peril. Keep off the walks and' save trouble. <$ • ;•• PETEK-HoVfc, Marshal. The best Perfumes always in stock at G. H. ° * '1 G^eie^s Drug; stoie- ' ' . • ' _ ' r'. Ladies are invitee! to -* ' >;.v - • ?-;. '••*"'' call and test them - • Flowering Plants. Look at the prices: Finest French and "German pansies, 50c pot dozen; Verbenas, GOe per; Geraniums, 5c and lOc each; Salvias, 5 and^lOc each; CrysanthemucQS, 5 and 10 C each; Ublox drummbndi, 15c per dozen; Victoria as- ter.s, lOc per doz ; Lobelia; blue, 25c per doz.; Monthly roses, 20c each; Hardy roses, 2 years old, 80c each; Tuberose .bulbs, Co each; Gladiolus,_5q each. Tomato, pepper and egg plants; cheap .C. B, RAwuNsdj}, , 59 £. Green Street. The largest >stock; the lowest prices HYDE'8 Drue Store 5,000 spring and summer samples have arrived. Call and select yom summer suit or pants'.^ Better choice than piece goods. Call and pxumlne before buying. Quality and 'price to suit at/ « . > TKD'S,, the tailor, v Over ^Fletcher's store. A full assonmeut ol sizes. Tlie belt kinds and at re^asonable rates Truses fitted with.qii(K charge lor fitting at j GREENE'S Dru^ Store 209 West State MARSHALL. MICH. California cherries at Cunningham's. New potatoes at Cunningham's. Don't fail to go to Hulett's and have your eyes tested. All tests positively free. Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which thp wearer s'ees to read or sew and with the same glass see at a distance. Remember we save you from SO to 75 per cent on traveling optician's prices. , You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Trv Them. against the trust at a lively rate. Johnson said: "You will hear thing drop within 24 hours." : . Fighting the Trusli. TOPEKA, June 8.— The fight on the trusts by Attorney General Little is being pushed with all vigor. He proposes to commence wholesale arrests of parties in combines; Several weeks ago he wrote various county attorneys in the state asking them to use. their t efforts to obtain facts which would show that certain mills and factories within .their respective counties bie*> : .longed to . the gigantic .trusts. From •everal of these countiea no reply has been ragiyed. > cafe, in which a man named Miraureo and {uBil oil which ia ft poi8on ; a nd Bhou l.i not ' '"Royal Ruby" Bye Whiskey ia free from all foreign flavor until adulterants, naturally ripened apd matured by eleven years storage in wood, it is a "Rye as is a Ry«," and coats no tnor« than inferior,.braada. Try it and you wtTl never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky ia always. free from GOOD SUMMER WOOD, $1.75 Oat I MIXED H. J.COLEMAN. his wife and child had sought refuge, to rapidly fi^l with water and att three were drowned. \ At a meeting of the members of the actors' fund nVNew York city, it was •hown that tlie fubd now has 1230,325 aa- I - — m •• * . • *. i be taketfinto the ayptem. Age eliminateait ^ -^_ from ^he spirit by oxidatipjtj, and it ia <g>u- ~g sets and 883 members ^ \ in x fcea epubllcani In Convention. COLUMBCS, 1&, 'Jane 8.—Before the Ohio Republican ptate convention adjourns the first candidate for the preai- 'dency will be fairly in the field. His name is Williaui\McKinley. That is the outlook, barring an earthquake or something equally unexpected,' for it sedms weS^understood that McKinley'a renominatiqn, which promises to be by acclamation, is only the%tart of a campaign for the highest honor ia the gift • of the nation. . A All I>rowned. •*» ., SPBINQ VALLEY, Minn.,, June 8,— . While picnicking at Kuinmer's Springs, vix miles from here, Luther,'JU^ner, Otto Stevens and daughter and Mrs,. ' Mprrow got intot-Torneir'B carriage an<f "wient'to the 8.prin!g for wAter- Theteaui became friguxened and jumped on* the yk bank into the water, drowning all lading the horses... Tfhe bodies .of >en» and daughter were recovered. A violent electric storn\struck New York city, and Henry Dpenner^ a painter, was "hurled from a high f scaffold "tq the etreet, killing him instantly., x v ' % •'. People of southwestern Kansas have (airly gone wild rain produ bombarded with' some apparfimK was : TSim YOMC, June 9.—Tha sheriff has, taken charge of the place of business of th« B, Go&jUnan ntanufaotpring oqm- pianjr, (puspendws • and webbing,-on an. tttackoj^Qt til fa. vor of 1m»o Neuberpr, aes are wpprtea'to W aboaij the heavenaare the dry sectio results. / " ; Thomas ^elspii Page, the author, married at Chicago .to Mrs. 33enry widow pt the late wealthy capitalist. Mr. and Mrs. Page will reside at Washington. . The 4-Usjtriau archduke, heir apparent, who. is now on a tour of the worjd, will be in New York city soon. He ia traveling incognito. . Direct liabilities of Thomas M. Barr& Company, N>w. York coffee merchant)*, as scheduled are f948,680; contingent' liabilities, iO»,a»>: nominal' assets, $905,835; actiiaj as»e.ta, S308,«397. The Columbus, Hocking Valley and To^; ledo railroad will pay on July 1 a dividend of 2>£ per cfcyt oil the' preferred stock of .the comoanv for the. half, year ending tFi^ne SO.' Terted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky, Spld, only by F. G, Seaman & Co.. Druggist. Wben Baby n-MBlck, we gave her Cast^rtt*. When ghe was a Child, &• cried (or Castoria. When aha becune Miss, BM) clung to CastorU*. Wlwa ihe had Children, §he gave them CMtoric Recommended tor Cuzn- fi>rt, Support and Fluo Korm, and combines the beet features of Corset The JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0, WAIST la much worn by wornon and misses unable to bearartgorouagiirment Bsua JTiTTiNO, beautl- mode, Warranted. Equal to any ttJS waist. COLORS— White, Drub, GolJ. Fast Black. Gen- ulna marked C@C1. 7,000 deolera «cll it. Sample gent, poet paid, tor tlJX>. «- r «««. r^ Coronet Horset lOi/ », The NiasoraFallt Route." TIMETABLE, MAY. 28, 1893. at C. T. Grant's. at $1.75 per cord STATIOW. Day 'Kxft gramaw«re Stab from were 8.— j ooantrv. .1 g'*^'^ n m j r Jfe-t the jo *s*.*»^ a deatit EAGLE OPERA HO USE WeteJaj. teffl^ Jie 10 ,Mitf^W 8oem *W «f % Fast Mail. Nisgara P^Ug >7 tffjM ^ 8eOteg''-)M- Prwtioal Worfeing Ea" HUMPHREYS Dr. Humphrey*' gpectflc* aresclentlflcaUy and carefully 'prepared Eemedles, uied for yeaif in N prtvato practfce and f or oveis.Uilrty -yearg by the people with «aUro guocaaa. E ^ «. special pure 'fpr the disease They cu the i cure Without drugging,] act an orld. nnd.lufr in fact and d . ofl£*%o j or reducing Chicago, Lv tfaltle Creek — Mar«hall,Pp .. , 4 30 « 45 KM Ext 7 48 8 17 888 940 12-01 TnflftTntnnHftiiH JtS Steamboat ^•^ ml Prices, 50 and 750 I Children or AdnlM...... CtMf, Bronchiaa. dd —-^t&m TfiothiH*^^, y<iwat*T)ft i > n ^^5 0-rHea4aclie«f Blck Headache, Vertigo^ £tA lO-PTMyeiMilii»» PffVffwyws f""** 1 !^* 10 ^- .95 ll-|appreaM>4 orPaIn|rtPerlod«... .35 *&^u^l^*rttlm.&ot^^~Z .25 14-SaltBkei o.m.ip.m. . t 55 7 4J At'c Bx.»; p.m. 7 30 11 88 12 10 1233 \t 58 225 520 a.m'. eoo B'ff 8pl* P OL 840 1282 10 4-15 Mail am. ' 1 45 3 07 8 10 6 00 p.m N«'t . 10 10 215 800 a 23 348 am. EheumattoPaljui..... , Cold wtiae Head. .98 * m. W 00 rhifcaJoTAr p.m. THU.IH8 wear. "KfiTChio" » r y, t Ohjc B£> Ex.* 10 oa 10 a 1045 use 410 p.m Ex.+|Sp'l* a. m. 680 p.m. 115 80? 838 p.m. 500 8 IS 838 503 j) OU p.m. Pac fix.' p.m. is sc «10 1800 a.m. | IS & 10 6 88' W 86 108 145 Ez.t 1045 U-21 . 1140 18 W Qco. ' Billiard ball pleo hole/tabl?, 173 room and 15 opposite the' Berodon iiotel. J T&U^a «O)Ol« U»X. tor the JB we fa .esypw W38i». #*•*: •*ik ««»,P|yii,A^.

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