The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 14, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1892
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VPL Xlt-NO 53 * * ' * MARSHALL, HICHJ, FRIDAY OCTOBER 14,1892 WE MAN AT 0PHIBL What He ts "niere,*ForHl?e Sub,«. ject of Speculation; /*, i The TI*lt Merely a Social Cull, S»y*W»lte- faw Held— PrWifclnent MataagW of in* Republican Campaign on Hand— A Po«'•Ible Tri ttt Washington— The BtAliie Mtalthful, Agreeable, Cleansing '" * > ,Qwnm -. , . B«Q<*», Wound*, Bum*, m** Prevents Dandruff. FAMILY SUP. ffest for General Household Use, HUMPHREYS' VETERlHARYSPECinCS • Tor Eorwa, Cattle, Sfeeep, Dogs, Hogs, AND POULTHlf, Trip ttt Washington—The of Appeals beolarfiu the Ixiglslatlve Apportionment Valid—Division entile*** litleal Line, Five" to Two—Field HTote*. WHITE- PiiAtss, N, Y., 'Oct. 14.- MX Blaine passed yesterday quietly at £>pbi* farm, resting after 'his trip from Mains* He saw-no callers,durlng the day and although a distinguished delegation came up jfroni N*w-york 'in' the afternoon, he •"•* not ftieet them until h& came down h ' for dinner Kt : 7 o*c10"V fo tbe-evening. _ gentlemen; whom Reid had' invited^o.lnett Blainft-were'Jas. S, Cbwkaon, CorneHus If; Bliss, Chairman Carter, of thV Republican 1 national, committee* _and S^ejetary Me- C6flW To-* reprelienta,ttve >- of fa United Press, ^Wld stated last evening |bat the visHKj?' • Blatne and- th^ 'meeting ^th the directors of the Republican campaign had nc^poiitical'i significance -Whatever, It was a jkrejy social affair, an£ not a gathering for the holding olan important ^ouferenceras td the progress' of the campaign, • ' * . \ — • ' Movement*' 1» a fight for United State* Senator. Delect a tfodted States senator in this ' requires -eighty-one votes on joint of the £wo branches of the legislate Democrats" will have seventeen In the senat* next winter when the | Unit come* for^lectlng a successor to * TjTvb/vnrrrrrb I Frank Hisco^k, assuming that the majority J A KEFUttTEB* [ Ja t t, 4t jjody holds together till that time. J Republics^ Will have thirteen votes that of Edwards, of the Thirty- r Jatftct, may not be east for either regular pftrty-candidate. To elect,, the sen- -- - - - --haw < votes in the assembly, while the Republicans will neeti jtv hav« sixty-seven in that body; There, w^re stxty-seyefa Democrats and sixty -one Republicans in the^-assembly . losing No Time. , J, 0., Qct. 14.—Governor Mc- r ,_ er »y arrived here fct 6 o f clock last evening from Cambridge;- where he addressed $,$00"peopl« in the afternqon, ~Jrte*was es- cortertironi Cambridge by the McKinley GtMclub/ot'Zanesville, After supper at itt>e''tlfttejrnlon hot^l he' was escorttd to thft Mejftorlal hall by marcbiUK clubd, where he afldressed an audience pf;6^000 people. ' '•' Democrat* Indorse Audrews. ' • "'ijilti Oct 14.—The business which Xftmdcratld state, Committee to* House Wedne»d>y Judge, Chas.' «•.* w.«>w. of. appeals^ who hiMr"been'"nominatW. by the Republicans the day liefore, was accepted by the DemO" crats,' ,, Char»es E. NEW YoflK,,Oc the Tenth, cot Absolutely A <ream of tartar baking Hl«b^stof,aU in jettvcning LataM U. S^'Gwernrndnt fiboil qort. ^ f ;- ' ROYAL*BAKING l^ Wail Street, N. _, jra,Consre*tLen*, Inflammation Iplaal MenToglfi*, BIHk Fever, train*, I«fiin«n«n.;Rkenm«(Uai> Ittempjerr Na*al Dlsclimrge*. ta«r Ornb*, Worm*V .—vwJ«l*» HeaTe*, Pnenmonla* „ V<-»C*)ir» or Oirtpe*. Bellyache.. t.—B!l*carriKKe. Heift^rrhage*. ~ -• .nd Kidney Disease*. 3^BS^"wTetWdo8«*I"^ y - * - " .60 TJMPSBEY3' OKEOPATHlC f}H SPECIFIC No.60 Beid also said- that Blaiwwas |U>tln duc«bto come on ift order to' give th6Tnaa Hgersof the campaign an opportunity to "make a personaland united appeal to^blm to deliver one or more campaign, speeches. »I hav^been expecting Mr. Blajae to Visit me for -some time," said' Reid; "and he has not be^u able to come until now, He is' on his way to his Washington residence,- and while I would be TOost'-happy to b^ejjf 1 for some ^me I am*«f ctertai» u fur Coi>Kr«»i», , ,-'Tbe!Repub;ic»n8 of . al district nominated Charles K, j6oon for 'cbngtssaUst night. " Mr. -l5oou "was secretary of, the . - , treasury under IPresident Arthur'^ admin'" ' -' / - • ' *We will par tUa.altoya ruward for any qa«e o ttter d(>mplftlal, UjapcpiU,' Siok Utjadnuha, i it dlxostion r OdD«Upattoa or costUeai-M «•»•«,«;> not cure with West's TV -when tho dlreolwn» *re str»..^ -, ~ r . They are purely Vegetable »nd never fi eatiAftuition, aavsr ooftted, darge tx - •• Q ' »lil. . , talntng 30 pills, j& cents,,., Bew»re o< «ou&t«r- feit» »nd imttMlon bvTH&JOHNC. III. FArttlebyA T CGMPAN-Y, , Mwafiftll, •fmmm -~* -• .^fjyr-l " T»-"» jp™-V"~*1* «"• WC*1pt Ol pT^C** «7KnUttWWI>.C0. 4 tUflUWUMuirJU,K*«T«a. ' '"-JSL A NEW WUKUS CERTAIN CURE. „,._ ^_. BIVES IMSTAUT RELIEF AMD USTINfl CURE. HEVER RE- TURM5. TOPROVEITand to you that it will promptly cn.r. 01 jriic». External, juiqi^Mi, «><^vv*uv> Protruduifr or Uchinsr,%« wrU j6fc»«a TRUU. PACKAGE FRE|Tto o-py address. Send sUmps tq cove; postage & addrc&a aetoi fc tftfcibg nunks aoxa SABT. Sla, «8, Toledo ftspwss. *U wadf-diverging .. eratic candidate for ^the^ yicts' Oeneral Black, rienatorMills »I>d Congress. -Springer w^re the chief Speakera. , Kan., Oct. 14.^-Hon. John J, Ingafls will address a Republican .meeting to be held in ttte Auditorium at Chicago on Monday evening, Oct. 84. THE CONGREGATIONAL COUNCIL, . '— of.tlte Second Sewlwu at Alliance Without an C<>f t r.M»iA, w. C., Oct. if T J, A. Bowdeo has leased Th? Cotton Plant, the state- Al jUanc^tirgan. iJowden is the third 'party leailer'of the state, but the directors giye a Watemenf to the press that «>«y l ^" contract With him by which it is'„,,-.-,,„, w « . _.«^. — -~T- that tbe-paper shall be ruajwa Democrfttfc - , „-._... longer than the end of organ.- The paper was poTTii good 1 finan- rrcvft, Mrs. Blftine expects*to arrive In cialcouditiou, but.has consdderablt; politi v York on Monday, and will go to the cal influence. home of TieR4»ughter, Mr*. pamroW*, for B arb^u7at Wulncy. u visit, Mr, Elaine may go there also for a Y m" Oct W-Man£ HT«P and he mav then go on to Washirfr * QuiMty, ills.,, uct ^.-^ijiany tou aVd he may return htre. 0 His.plans are persons attended the D*mOcmtlc barbecue notJ^t settled. - , !«:«y^terday. General Stey/twon, ; Demo : I)ecllur» to Talk Folltlcs. 'N<ny, a,bont Mr. Blade's health, b* has been Uilwell all summer alia is noV im-. proving/rapidly. TS« w^ay'in which he, stoc<rtbe trip iroiu 'Bar Harbor,speaks volumes. He is looking and. feeling yeiar well today after bis twenty-four hours in. the cara. <He ! positiyely declines to see newspaper men and'ltb talk pities.* It is the'general opinion here, in spite of what ^ sid says, that, ft strong effort wUl be made LduceBlain^ to appear at least c—"* ^i'son Square Garden and deUver Rr^furfe aLeSff *iSS£i *u*p<*a. o^ ^-^ -—-—. •SSS^SS^ ^33S£5lgK tionalSSWteraayelectexlthefolloWi iUneaspfhis w"ife,has,.iti8said, led, niem : (ng officers: Secretary, Rev, A. Hazen, biers of tfa? national' R^pubifcan committee Massachusetts; register, Rev.' William to decide that soine sbprng .climax is Deeded I Mopre, Connecticut; treasurer S. B. Forbes, — _..•_._•—- .:.^..^^>*J ««. ranks and call 1 Connecticut. Rey. C. BfBlsnchaTd, of Pli- nois, presented,a resolution, Which was referred, asking the appointment of a com*- mittee to report on the duty of the church respecting secret societies. Resolutions tQ bring about harmony between the American Mlssiouary society anft the American Home Missionary society were introduced, The World's Fajr Sunday.. , The Key, J. Fv Johason, of Illwois, -brought op the subject'of the World'afair. He said the committee on Columbian «xpo- tiition had its hands tied by the resolution, adopted last year declining to made an exhibit if titoCfair was open on Sunday. The matter'was refisrjBd, -and » resolution adopted that the fair should open on Buiiday, The ufteropon 'session was taken un with a roport op t^K relation of the •dfourches to'the American board. Referred. Ife, contest from Alabama; where'' tbe chiirclies have excluded colored people, was dAPANESl: PILE • • f sj00HHI of »» kmd or , , Itchlug, chroulip, li(j«eni or ufBiiary. * remedy tint po«ltl*o)jr neywr Ijtjeit Itujwn to fat I. , . *J .00''* b'«x, 0 boxef for 45.00; nuut b> wall pr^ paid on rijoelpi «f pri.o«>,' A wrii-tan' UiiHrAU,'oi! poaitiva'y et veil 'to' oact) purchintfr uf <i, buxun. when at time, paid If OKI cutx<l. tivi»rani«!>» wsu.ed l>.y ' A. O, A'iJf, JttSMhntl, MlcU. 0*11 for wawviltv is Wealth, , 'Whether ih« arguments of Clarkson,^ Manley, BUis and Reft, all of whom are strong pwsonaffriends of the ex-secretary of state, ,wfU induce him to TUB the risk attendant upon entering, A polit^eal campaign in Ms present physical condition is uncertain. T. he matter is evidently being seriously co^sidjered, and the v«dt o G. Blaine to "VVhitelaw Reid may marked effect? upon the carripajgfe. THE ALL RIGHT. DR. B. C.. W«|TV.N«HV* *»B_BKAiW ICBMT, a'guarftnteeil BUftoiao ness, ConVHlslona. ^1U, l n *..••«— -.-,--_„-_, Be&4cbe, Kenrous Prostration cW»« a by thejjstf kloohal OK tobacco ' Wakefalqe^nVUeatal Pe~ prMsion, Softenlns; of the Brftln resulting iu ia- ssnttT and leadjnjc to Misery, decay, w»4 ^eath, KematttrSOld ^ge, BarreQess, Lpaa- of power in bjata, self rha»<jftused by-o»w^xeirt*no « jaa, se »biuo oVer.toaulganca. Bach box pgotaina ou» mootli's weitwent. $1,00 a/Vox, W*lx boxes t of price . , (or JS.W, sent by mall prepai WE GUARANTEE SIX BQXR8 To cure any csae. W M-U e*eh ord^sr received by us for nix boxes, acoQUnted. with »5.00.-w« tril aandvvhe ptwohft»«*«t wrlttp? Maraute^ to re {and the ip.oney if the treatment noes not eflec acuw. Ouaranteaa Issued 9»ly,J)iA. O. Wydu Druggist and sol* Agent Mannail, Mien . f$o Say* tUe New Vwk Court of by A Pavty , Oct. 14-^-By wisat would be , . called in a legislature a "strict party vote" tfxftcourt ot appea'te yesterday decided that the appprtionnienC law passed, by ,the last . h wain opinion upholding ten by Ju,dge Peckham, , The law w writ- Justice Gray ^ i h O'Brien wwi May nard eoncwr, — J - 6UARWITIH), CUNNINGHAM %>«s« 811 Mulberry *lKjat. tpt.f — T '+ m --, f ^.rrtpn ROOK In Ma.r. U o new +»^»^~~ in brief bold*. tb*$ the itonmeatis'falr^aiid according to Jaw Th,e Dlssentlnf Q[|»lwlon. . Judge Andrews wrote a diaaenting opu- ion which- was concurrei in by Jttdge- FjnchL The'-court is uaanlmowi i^ponAU. the questions" involved 'except, those djft- cussed in Judge Andrews 1 ''opinion. The judges practically agree on. all q.u«stiofls tx>uching the constitutionalilby of the-appffl\ tioniaejat law except on the o.u«5tion o| th« discretion used by the legisl<.t\jjee i» •aonor- tio»iflKthe remaiujng member* of _:^«rw - . ^gjy^^ -——-' A. Abbott, who ha» lone I Percival and Hatton, Real _,.. woe Broken, Dea Mo iaea. » of the beat known ana business men in that oolda or sale at at«ene' Nfpi VIOLA CREA - fiele; Sunburn and .T*B. uud 8ffiL*.kiB Win original faesfeness. produciug a, ?,\ew wid heathy cran- l«doa- Superior to sUlAoe rfectly Sen VIOLA SKIIi SOAP i« "tap>7 i»<wm«r»w« «• * store. Pitchers Castorla: • Bent offer PT or Morrison st coart' An agent (or a i.rge cloas bou« will 4S0p $ftd»>jof drip week wUb Asia

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