The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 8, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1893
Page 1
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VOt. Xlt^-NO 252 MARSIAtL, MICH^ THBRSWY,' JUN6 8. 1893. "PRICE TtO CENTS •S'_%,•' A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening; strength U.^-Goirernmoiit Food Re- ROyAiTrB^KING POWDER CO l^g^all Street, N, Y An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicwtotheuseof AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions— the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everything—injures nothing-Hlon't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JTAJ9. S. Z£HtI£ Ac CO., L A Superb CenpUx.. Ion Ban*. CARTERS i '- 3K-Jr Eaadiolio and relievo «o: utotrooblM Inof^ it-it «o » bilious stat^of cha «y stem •uoh Nausea, Drowalnas*. Diatreis , , r»tlJ»k. faiu lit the Side, 4o, Walla tturir mort ^mwkable nuccaas nw Veen BOOWH in oiiztaf ^ yet Carter's Little Ll-rer Pffla cw valu»blo in ConatlpatioB, curing and pz» venting thlanicoylnKCompl»Jlot,whilQ they also correct «U<li»orJoraplthofit6m*ch^Umul«.teUift ltver«oii regulate the bowela. ithoj would bo almoatFiloflloMtolhoMwlic; , BatalytlieJrBOod^aMxIatKiiiotoudheta.ijidihosf oth*t they wlU not be wfl. .-?>>' Grand 4rmy boyj| may be jj> in the V«%flog from Alex. B. 4.' !>• C« CoKMnajidet Oa; HeBaya: "Webise of whobpinK eQWgh.;here {Stewart, ) andChftmberAain'e Cough Remedy baa fj^&^hie only medicdnff that baa anyjfOrod.* 1 -There is no danger from whwp log cough >hen, thi? remedy is freely given. It cotopjetely coatepla tine disease., GO cent bottl|» fat eale al Oreow's drug atrwt. Capea ani-jaclteta, a new uivoioe Terrible Tragedy Revealed at • Grand 8ESSIOK AT MUSING, •at dross. Luke Dies From the •f .'".•• KfTiect of Swallowing an- Oi-iuige Seed. A Foreman In a Lninbcr Ciunp Seriously Hurt—I»l»eogc<l Immigrahtn on Their' Way to Dlfl'erciit Points In Michigan. GRAND RAPIDS, June 8.—William A; Gray lying in bed with a bullethole in his right temple out of which the brain was oozing and Dora Velzy lying on the floor by the bed in a pookof blood with abnllethole through both temples was the sight "which met the eyes df Charles Moore when he entered the room of Gray 'at No. • 80 Crescent avenue, to awaken him. The Velzy woman,\a pretty yotmg brunette whoso father, iss supposed to be a farmer at Allendale waa known to be Gray'Bjnistress. 1 From letters found On her' clothing and addressed to her at Allendale, Gray urges her to be in Grand Rapids Tuesday as he would leave for^Chicago Wednesday to go in business with his brother. It is supposed that the womap, furious at being abandoned by Gray, waited until he went to sleep and then sent a bullet crashing through his skull. The revolver was held so close that the flesh was burned. Miss Velzy apparently attempted to make her escape, as she was found with a portion of her clothing on, and changing her mind, ended her own life as she had that of her lover. The bulldog revolver was found by her body in a pool, of blood. For the past two years Grey was eroplpyed as bookkeeper by O'Brien Brothers, undertakers. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES Among Immigrant* Who Are Ifeaded Toward* .ptlchlgan. LANSING, June 8.—The state board of health has been informed that on the eteamer Weimar, which arrived in New York on June 3, with smallpox, measles and chickenpox patients on board we .immigrants bound for the following Michigan towns: Lansing, Detroit, Hancock, Negaunee, Calumet, Druiu- mond, Menominee, Blast Tawas, New* berry, South Haven, Ironwood, Ishpeni- ing, Bessemer, Vulcan, Hanover and Honghton. ". ; Pioneers In Session, '•,". • LANSING, June 8.^-Secretary G, .H. Green's report, which was presented at the meeting of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical society, shows that there are now 529 members. Forty-one were .added during the past year and'there r w(£e 24 deaths. Treasurer M. L, Cble- raan has a balance of §225.on" hand. Two yolnmes pf irioneer collections have been published ^.ud one more is, in type. Many valuable data concerning the cptmties of the state have thus been pfeserved. A T<HnBJi ". June S.-srr^n. :pld skating rink on Willow street, d^ned; and used by Harvey IngersQll as a plant for manufacturing the Capitol oilstovea, was entirely consumed by ftre, 4^. ber of stoves, some carriages and a horse were also destroyed. Ingersoll'e loss i« 13,000, with no insurance, Bev; ,W. S. Sly, fouaderiof the Rjbckx BeacS orphans' home, }ost all pf Jiia* household fornitnrejt which waa. stpred »n " " , Jujae 8,— The district e$nfer- .of the Latter pay Saints has finished ii§ work It waa .decided ; to hold consln/Pennsylv.ania, Ohio, ' Elders 6c<«tt and Smith ~ ' •-—--•• K,, June a—By the death of hie brother. William HeUier of ~ Lake, has fallen heir to a valuable ea- \ tate in England. His faffiily "have gpjne to bsd£0 possession .of it, M& -HelHer" has crossed the ocSan betweeij 20" and 80 times. '.. . '• Lumber Forcdtan Hnrti ° CpLKMAN, June-' 8^^-Jo8eph Palnier^ foreman of A. T. Bliss v lumber cainpsy four miles from here, was caught by logs rolling from a car and his, right leg and shoulder were badly broken. It is thought he is injured internally. " . ' Sorts .of Vetcrting. LAPEER, Jnne.8.— The state encampment, of the Sons of Veterans opened with » large' attendance. At the camtK fire the speakers were General San, and commander of the United States, olonel Dyer and others. , STATE ITEMS. . , Lenawee county Baptists are holding a con|cronce at Hudson. • •.-_ ^ The commencement of Kalaimtzoo college, will-be held June 31. - ,Qarretb- Qousch, a 'l7>-year-old Grand Bapids boy, is among the missing. A company has been organized at Sogi- for the construction "of a new telephone line. '• ' . " ' Ozlos Tubbs and-if elen Tubbso'f Grand married 43 years. Now the woman sues fpr a dlyorce. endbrig June 1, 63 members of the Katamozoo Pioneer society died. The averagVtvge was 61 years. J. A. R. Van P'ogwren ot Grand Rap- Ids, filed an applipationXor a position as special agent of the 'treaau: The Ingbam County PloneeKassoclation . met at Mason. J. R. 11 Price oKLansing was elected president for the ensuing year. Ed Van Drezer of Holland, the other-day bought a silver dollar of the series of 1&& for 150. The coin is worth several hundred dollars. ' • About four months ago a 2!0-ton mass of solid copper was discovered at the bottom of the Old National mine near Ontonagon. It has taken all the time since then to 'get the copper into auch shape that it.could be brought to the surface on ordinary, skips. The ore will immediately be taken to the amelters. Joseph H. Griffin of Ithaca sues the Detroit, Lansing and Northern road for $10,000 damages for injuries received by falling off the front of a switch engine at St. Louis last winter. Baum & Richter, Menominee clothiers, have gone to the wall. Their stock will be sold at auction to satisfy a mortgage of $5,400 held by the Charles P. Kellogg company pf Chicago, The first trout in many years have been caught in the Huron ifver at Milford. It is thought that they came, .down from Indian Garden lake, in which a large number were' planted about four years ago. The Michigan Central at Union City built abridge over the Coldwater river, but in doing so contracted the river to such , a degree as to cause frequent attd, serious overflows. ..A number of dam age suits will now be begun. " Double Wedding Ends In Murder. B4»TiKOT<DN, Neb.., June 8.— TJie home ^f Frank Herchtem, about/12 mile?: north of Partington, was/the Bcene of a terrible butchery. A double •wadding had occurred^t that plape and a grand time was to be had. About 2.0 kegs of beer constituted part of/ the refreshments. After par taking^ of ; the beverage the boys commenced feeling rather good and a little wrangling ensued. \ Henry Lanscing, one of Cedar county's most respected citizens, was cut- from the right shoulder to the heart,;kiHing him, in about threa spin,' utea. John Koech, the* murderer, Waa brought to town by the sheriff, The .Germans are at a fever heat and strong talk of lynching prevails.^ ,,. Convention, , r- fif tjf me'mbftrs o* the' American Jfuj?- eerynKen met in Assembly hall at the world's lair for their annual, convention and eleetion of officers. The coaven-, tfen vm called to order by PearwH pf Fort Sepfo ^an. porisxtf tbe secretary and- the treasurer were presented and the f oUowingom- cers elected: President, Colonel 'Tear eall of Fort Scotkjfon.; vice tir^aident W. F^ BpM?>a of Huntsville, ^AJa > ! aepje ta>y, George S. Eager of Rochester ta^asurer, N. A.. Wiwuey ot;'^f9oif^ Grove, Ills. ProfeaaorKaiJeyof Gornejl university "Wa the "room? foroierly ^occupied %$W&K, New/stock of wall paper at Geo, i t ^.-.-^ ^.« A' . »• - - * Mm.- .." : 'l-:.', s ..; ; VVhc'ii :inTtlrtng;.you- want to buv, ° Jusl call nt Chfsher'fl mill atid try; 1 jHis crtsh' prlces'wiH^ urely suit ysw, When any feed jou do want grqund,* Call at Cbvaber'n mill, he )H always around, '•'•>*•„• 1 And he wHJJ try to please yo%.. We buy for cash and sell for cash, .-.And litat'n whnr^kepps us iti our $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness that Vegetable: Cure will not cure. , ,„. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaGrippe and its after effects, Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Eryaipi elas and Cpnttipation. 12 oz. $i;t)0. • ' DR> SHARPSTEEN. ' Get your tin warnnjended Schelly' tin shop..:>'•»"' , t Gasoline stoves cleancil nnd ' repaired nt R. Shelc.y'a: ., f -- / Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Chafes on babies, sore nip pies and in flam mat ion of the breast instantly relieved with Lavendar Ointment. A new remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effe in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. /It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease ao quickly,. safely and surely. ^Any druggist will get it fo/you. . _ ir Carput.ii The carpet cleaning works on Exchange street will be open/on and after Monday. March 27th. The Pyramid Pile Cure/is a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles x i every form. Every druggist has it. Robert Shelley/oat* optiiiuci a tin shop in too building formerly occupied as n meat market, opposite E L. Murphy's store, (jrvtj b/ui u call vvheu in ueud of any tin work/ Boughtou 7 will sdl jbu wall paper and ha.ig/t for you. Cess/pools aud privy vaults,oluarled, infected in good shape at rea- • son^ble prices by .. , QUAY & BAILEY. "!' "Koyal Kuby" Kye Whl«k, is "4 Bye as is a Kye," najiurally ripened and free from, all' foreign flavor aad; «ctul--> terauts, guaranteed pure and qvur eleven years of age, recommended to the connois seuras a reeritorioue article- worthy of the ponfidenoe of invalids, bonvaleswnte and the aged. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co. - } . Druggiate, \ •.. . '- JUB • | n II | -_- , '"*^l'(- * Fine stationery at t^e bazar complete assortment always pn • A hur^ioul Qperutluu. JS<ij the cure qTPilea is alway<t painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly paudfiss, gives Jn- stant relief and permanent cune-and costs. but a, trifle. It i» the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is, a more certain c'ure than % surgical operation, without any of the intense) pain, ex- pensp and danger of an, pperation. Any druggist wilj get it iorypo.' " ' *_3- assure as hot wa&ther^comea'there mate or J£BS bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, anl especially fam^ ' 'ihfiSj ought to h^av.^ some' r§lia,ol& medioin'cf' at baud for instant *»se in case it is need<jtL A 25 oi 60 cent 'bpttAe of Cnainberkii^-; JJob.c< Cholera and Piarjrho>a Remedy is joft, ytfflftti JfpjSt J^l^ff^St *tO feftyfi' * ftDlm jBJH tfaiftti ,, would ^eed, even for,tho jnog flev|te and danger'oua cages. It ia the betrt^ liabJie apd most succ^8af«l "*' T

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