The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 13, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1892
Page 3
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1^|P^^^ ^^r ? v>^<*7 - V Mfs. Richard Sinclair, of Jackson, is visiting in thH city. A movement Is on^foot to start a democratic club in thirty. Chief Engineer VVHliamB, of the C< J. & M , waa in this city \6day.' ^ Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wright ajriffd home today from thejr trip to CalifoC 1 .ma. --, • ,\ , E, L. Murphy has'a few words to say J to the ladies on the subject of cloaks hi Attorney uSiSsto at thtf opera'i today'* issue. ' house Friday 4 —- l)r f and Mrs, Smiles have ^turned Mi and Mrs. Goodwin, of N i a . . , vlUe, have been visiting in this city-fetf MiM Winnie- Miter, ,11V* .wen - sick for several day.9 pas A pound" social will (be cvenlnit at tnc^ K «b««* parlots the benefit of Jj&partai'. Sapper i«U cf a day or so cast Harrison Arms shipped a <jnr . horses' 16 Chicago today and' will Another to New York tomorrow. ^ , thej»lect*ic- commissioners are yety —, ^^ much*gratified with the way the people stt^sW" t** s£ss&£ss%£-3r~ ^*w"r& l ^^*:i^'^^^ fiiJii entire stock of Memeniy anuav* ~ , _„,«__ _n »i,» i«*i,« i« »KP wholesale clothiers of Chicago.;ifte papers do naUtate f h*Uief he will con tmtie » h * business »n luftU&y or not V>U*t lwt*U Vti»i« JWS»WV»^*-»F T-"- -—- - i ; The nearly stopping all the leaks in the] nne tbe.towroejrt »n * Saiab Yate*. an inmate oC tto county . ,howe. died Saturday, - Oct. years. ' She had been there since Aug. banks. As fcodfr- as the train can be spared again more work" will be done and it is thought, that the leakage will b 3 1 slopped, entirely^ . social occasion flight at tLe We have the agency for the sale of CtOAKS .made from these popular goods, and we will sell them at very low prices to get them introduced here,. Every garmemt warranted \S.O/ «rf Vidim there since AUK. i o.uwBwut»*"»-«-"i"v-•-«— -«• &>m s£dV Ctthecr[residenceof Mr. ,>; V ^ hbins wa3 * «f rl«ath. Thn taeriStotl wry pleasanta0^by>oromonco|»ent. was at Ride "Creek cemetery..-. ty.cWPle* .P«nt a ptoauftt uu»« i« j^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ , th? - sftrpr^e-party, at WP. w ^* vb ude i a diea v to'gether with.Bew England lard RusspiUstreet.- M^ * p " "* r : ;f . ^ c( oa ghnttts; sandwiches and poflee bt and Misa'^omp8on,,oi tiuu, wj',"; * , .,„„•„ gatialied-fftlly tfce Ipner Smith, of M WB ball,*ere preset. . gL^*™J^g? n • - " ' ..,, S f\Ak U tt.>rBl"J ttl *»HW »»M1M»"' „ » ,, , TBLJ pleasant affair „ ^ "Cho music, an'd^ecitaiiops ^^ appreciated; 1'b'e.,' W* reshlBents ' were well served lay the youi\g; ladies. T;* bread baked in'a e ga8 B.tove by o^eof thff ladies^ to'gether with.Bew England lard cloughnttts; sandwiches and poflee bt »., x ,*m,w thp,t I am 9, little_ far to «|the East end butas our city is grow- .s'pxiekd we all can-: The SeluntiliC of 0«!t. » of *taperv1««r«, i-llV' Mi*«-V**-* i -** v ' "»"" " . „ ' ' ±tL'ZSttX££&£ • ^ ^i^>"~.j; • s S»^ I !^5sra"-s±^^ week averages a vw._ ^ (| tliW ^ f|lm| . ^p^ amt tec onimen*led their allow ^."^wi.i,,...i...».^i.i .^.^a l.ii.f fin lliH table do Business % the ce^terv but it T*mi parjr you if iii want of aay lies ' The officials aa a convincing *r«ument i» favor of keeping the tair open on Sundays Ti>e ladles of the Ger church will hold a tocial ro ' ' tiou. ..for.the bunettt of thoir eongrega tion. All mentbef* of the church and the public generally &j ? respectfully m vLd to attend Ail^isaiou, 10 cents. Supper 15cent?. Door S> wiU,be open from, and,iitcr live o'clock &.m for supper. auce ~TtirrcpOtt-*a3la5d,on llie table. *Mr/Curtis oflered. thMollowing refo- itioi^wlsich waa,jadopted: Resolved, That n cpmmiltteo of three be appointed by the chtur to co|jfur with the HlsctrJc liKbt commias!on«r3 »» » what can b-i dqn^ Witti reference tu p.^.1• hahts in .liie cuurt Muse ™ «. . ' » .. ^.jj-v..*.* »•*» tlti.j Hardware to give me a oaU, I have two carloads of Acorn g &'B€4 Over of these stoves tng.evci . and jail, »l.d.flo.ino>i»K«- 1«> report to ' ihpii «'arh«-6« iunce Mr. and mg the Tl»e report of the cymiuit'ce luidon thetaV.le 5<-st»Td«y Was taken from the 1 table and ; ou • . • A1W*4-' »% J v »(»»^'"- ."^T— •••.'. will entertain Mr o-Hiirn oW«.-r>-a tH«'followip« . 18»2. The, following prograni . expected". Quotation from Goldamith; recitation, ^la, $ urduck; recitarton, Maude Halleck- reading, Mrs. Houck-, eway, Md. Simons-, A trip- to - Olution which 'was adopted: the ek-ctiou of ii JSesoe<:vat e e- mtendcnt of -the pporOQ succeed A. U „ Hyde wU-se lermot ofttcso will rtpir* «u h« fl Ua- ing oi (to foT the term the fixing of the . of th» i-ouuty olh. injK J&" llSt « of. probiile «ii-i K , to can at wy ;. Salesroom spect my new fine of goods. I also make a wonderful" offer^ in plated goods this week. be.rgn & Boge^;' recitation ^ Basket! Bruce- .Fwh, "*4 tne tixing 01 IHC ai»»w»j *»*• r» "•>•*" . - j S« eWon of a ^f^ctVoifofTjam sciioofexausm&rs; the ciccuoii '*» *• j~** 4 . , tor for the coun-house for t^otuios| ml year and Ii3cm§ his salary; tomgtne «»••»» — r-—J--'• • • • • i t i.:, «j71l I ru»r ilit'll! of tl^e dcpU^J' ffamC HUU *b»TK« of Miss-isimmons. As th) S wu g^ ui w y tbu ftmuunj ^ p(? , be •tfrflwt meeting of the season, aM f^'^lowed t& for the .the annual election-of officers »ft fall of p rls r,uer 3 in the county tail for the atUdZeU gently elicited. Coo* P,^ fe ^^ |7ety oue. ,., r a ^ t e n o'clock or as soon ther«a^ regard V6 >thte uiaaou work wit-ttej may be - » * *Jfc.— 8ttd electric light plant 1,be| * Qa m p t iou Ot M.r. \Vartipap the luuc ra say they do aot claim to ^^ offered by Mr. Walkuwba* ^ ©d be expcrw oa- the subject and are not nc$lluy wa s taken from the tab}e, e capable oKpassing judgment -D«- Ibe Tho ques d OQ recurred u^on the ado» t but ipNi- fiuoter they have * | UoQ of t ii e re^oiuadn i»nd >t wasadopted who is ftfllycapablc to taKe charge b u y(rt? ol 29 av*3 to 3 nays, of the worknodseethivt'itiS danejighA..| , Adjourn^ until 10 a m. Friday M,r. Hunter waa' ^^"^o 1 ^,^ tb? te f el Water "W heel Cx» TI**^ mun taor- oughly compBtaptl to take en! aj the work: Tbie was done ufte^r, y—^—^ representative had been here and »^nl Chicago and return at th w?a> the,nVl;«reoC tho work was. He^a e ne_tbird ; ^jw*jnj IQHN' East State Street. MABTIN BLOCK. Ci FOR THE BEST. Julius Stein & Co. of New York. 'I • V*.***i*w «s^-^ — — —^ T SaaS show their dptire line of CW.QAKS here a at the rate of one «>«V, v r stfirst claflafare forl . r- i ._^_ T^U/a Q»TT!<»—-^ri/4 Hit f>T « rate of one i"**^" - v i r** T . ,„„„„. .•-, *»•.-«,.*. .Bsr^s^B.lSS^'sL.a few days, The-Sty^-snd Fit ot. f»ysl«^w»>» «*» "^-.- . . a aDd>*cJudmg05JE.^ v ^_ 4 - J r ^ < • , !___„. j^saioners are satisbed that ne *npw*j wnTrtieli:talkingubout. , . ajreutl^rTlargcctoaK houfe All pSr>eas^mtere§ied iu huviug^a |. ^ u .-_. °< • ~ » i '' """ , u u»», u * " J be at our sioraWday of thb week»w.Ub cure are w ^.^ ^Udi^earmeuts. An in O_ . _ t - ^^ \^^99<M^^. ™" "^^ » ofloce Friday e?c»ingat is a also desired to fa" altar club ftt the »ani^ . StWduba have bee» organi^d m o heVplwea«* accomplubed * Wt W f _ ^^ ^^ Mrn ^r, E churches ani i pf NLrl.isL *V" V»«.J^M«. "~ — '/ •*-• • - , [these Garment is known as. the "beat. Notice of date will be given later, Don't buy until you 4 see them. E..U MURPHY. F OBSJU.B-SWwk of groceiiei, eood wiM, «to<* o« jaoitoT* ^ sjoodwiU. VOlto* «4dtQ8«l*iw«r«- M - fi . tM _ r«w of «su*B »t W*M«^LBshi JrfflSssr reaaoni tor selUng. *4dnM» *>9* "»i ?l«»M* l f MicU, r . -J- •'.' ~ ^SriSi«2sfttfti ttif' _ Select k»d sl«todard oysters their 8pa»e Sbanahao'a eveniog before- it .if ii6,'oflfly |?5- |*?*-_ f f*l«tt*I» • BIWl. ip lSSs.«W«*^IS f -^w 1 ^*' T; T *- V - - ' -- ''"'-•; '/-> \' * = ^••^ ' ' - -:-,'"--l > .l/.'/V 1 : ~ - ? v :, - Ji ' 'i:^-"Z~-"f^frr>,'_, 1 I

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