The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 7, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1893
Page 3
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.a , CHRONICLE, . 7; itftS. - - BREVITIES. ' Cooler* • ' ft has not rained since-Monday. Juvenile Orchestra concert tonight. H. E. ffollon spent the day in Jackson. • . •-•^ Edwin Booth died at 1:16 this morn D£v$d Furlong, of Chicago, is in the city. - u. H. Sbuthwortb has returned ttotn Chicago-. " 0. Hr Montgomery arrived home this .afternoon. "". [ Over 230 seals have been reserved for tbe concert tonight. Dr. 'Roberts and Edgar Hofrmau went l o Albion today. . The Michigan Bar association is m session at Lansing. >° Mr?. F..W. Diekfey visfted Battle Creek friends today. • -If: C Stuart had a bad spell Sittufdpy, but is some better now. . . Mrs. D Darwin Hughes, of Grand Rapids, is in the city, The Fast, Mail will 6e the next" attraction at tbe Opera House. Albion College commencement oxer cises occur next week. ' Cpm, ^ohn P. Merrell, of .the tJ. S. navVi is vltsHing in this city. . -^ D. MerreyXot $UVlwater, Minn., is. visiting relatives inihis city. > ^H. I. Peck's many friends arc'pleased to see him able to ride but again. ;.' Luther Van Arman and Nelson Slur > - *. George Werner has reopeoetf'bis stf- I oon Ifl the east end. We now have one mbre saloon than hist yeftr^wUh a prob ability of one more'yet. Joseph M. Sibley'a funeral look plftee this afternoon -The £. O. tl. W. of this city attended in a body, and a num ber W6re present from Aibiori and the east end of the county. The services were conducted by Revi W. L. Gibjbs, of Concord/ Tne interment Was at 'Oakridge denrtetery. .Charles Farmer, a.wealthy' retired farjiHrer -Aiding in Battle Creek, foil .from a tree. Monday eveninc while trimming branches and broke hisgncck; He was 48 years of age arid leaves a widow and one sbh. deceased-moved to Battle Creek a year ago from Kast Leroy, The funeral was'hcld this afler- ternbbn from the Leroy ,—N6W Reduction SAle «f 'Time to Buy. To close out my steck of plants I now offer the entire lot at aboiifc the cost of grow_ ing them. - > 50C pattBt68 fit 2& cents per dozen; 500 Eng- gliflb daisies,, 25 'ccnCu per dozen; 100 ver* benftss 30 cents per dozen; I(X> geraniums, 75 cents per dozen. The .above aro in tttid and bloofn and ready to produce an immediate effect in the garden. | Setcen doors and windows all sizes ttus Bosloy'* A Private Detective Commits Suicide in Detroit. "DOO" BENTliEI PLEADED GUILTY, .15, R. Wallace Ittstwitly Killed* Breaking or a Scafifold Whllo Shingling HU Hon»e—Kufus Blgelow, a Deaf Mat« Peddlor, KlUeti 6y • a Trftlrt oh tlie Mftiil§t««J and Grand Rapid* EoaO. ^\pi«^ii^/.-i&y-.>p.~WiIllaJ^ Boyd, the private detective who was arrested .. . j 10 cents per dozen; 100 petunias, fft«Sehts per v dozen;-200 phlox 10 cents per dozen; 200 celery* 10 cents pc.r dozen; ICO egg plants, 20 cents per dozen; 'tOOrpep- pors, 15 cents*,., •.« • - ^ Miscellaneous potted plants, a large ns^ sprttnent including roses, fuchsias, bego- ;ias, etc, 25 per cent off. Call nt Oeo. Coleman's stora on State fcreet or at 59 E. Green street. • CLIFTOif B. RtfWLINSON. CTRL! Wanted, a girl nbout14 ye'ars of age o take care of child. Call between 7 and 8p.m. Monday, June 12. Apply to L. F. PAGE, over Bradley's store. Jarpets at lowest prides iy the state. •• - S. $. R. LEPKEK'S. a sliort time ago on the oliarge of big- • ' - 1 " " m ' - _.«_*_ «__*' ' 1S.»_ ..*._ _ '—t—*.-. U«v& n 1* airiy, bronghthis life to a clpse by ing poison at tbe home of bis segond gis had a sheep case .before Justice Canney today. Edisar Woolsey, ol Chicago, arrived this afternoon fora visit with his par entd just north of this city. A couple of bieyoli&la from Trenton, N. J., passed through tnis city today on their wheels, bound for the world's fair. Mr. and Mrs C. S. Hamilton and daughter, and Victoria Monk return from Chicago tonight. It was reported today that John San ders was dead, but it was a false report Ho is just alive aud his death id liable to occur at any tirnu. Standing room wai alV* 11 ' at Bryan's circus Tuesday uglit. ; Ttiere were some guoti features about the show, but thaf 'band would break up.lliu bett onu on earth. The concert was uiinouuced to bo Hie best part of the bliow, but it would uot have to be very good to excel the tirsl par. E T. Bryan's circus was vury laruely pntruuizuU last eveuiug; iu fact the ruth • ; was sj «re:«t that a number «»f people were lurnud aw"ay ; . The eveninR's pro cram waa after the udual ordeir of tsach enttrtuiiinients. in consequence of the abscence- of Mus Flora BourkO; in Grana Raj)ids, her dietisu ttkihu aaop has beeu clossd for thtt past two diiys. Miad BouVke rv wife's parents, 928 Michigan avenue. He never intimated that be intended to commit auicjde, but tbe folio-wing note was found among bis effects: •> My Father—Too bad. I loved and lost. Tell them all I meant right. Wished] was a millionaire, and then : we all would bo happy. God blesa you all, Bittle. The trouble which led up to the sui cide is of long standing and ia closely connected witb it. Boyd first marriec a young lady named Agnes Welton o: this city, several years ago. After liv ing bere a abort time they moved to Buffalo, wbere they jointly conducted a ebipper's agency. Their married life •was not of the best, and Boyd got into several scrapes. < He.finally left bis wife and, returning to this city, started a detective agency in the Hammond building. An array of talent bung around his office day and night and business seetaed to be brisk •with him. He employed-a typewriter in the person of Miss Dora Canton. Tbeir relations were of a purely business nature at first, but he soon began dictating love letters. A proposal followed, be telling her that he had obtained a divorce from his first wife, and to clap the climax they were married last January. TJbss reigned but a short time in the household, when trouble appeared in tbe perSbn ota lady who claimed to be; Mrs, Boyd No. 1 in the strict legal sense. Boyd denied this' in very strong tenns and tried to quiet matters, but <he was unsuccessful and a warrant charging V>4 w« *OT»*^lt TM (•»«">*»Vt «p lira a cmrrtwvt «*\n $" a fTOVTIBTt' 1 Wanted, a girl to-do general house Work. Particulars will bo, given tipph calling Tuesday, J«"e, 18, between 7 attd8.p.m. -Apply to ^ . if. F. PAGE, over Bradl%'8,>tore. STOCKIAMTED TO Terms cheap, see or address, A. B, KING, Marshall, Mich Corn a»d wheat grits for little chicrk. also*componnd food, areat^st toad on earth, atC.'A. Gh^her',-' milfc ftnlnvof KM£*. Saturday, and all nnxt week, all new patteYhg' ? .just Q§' thti Irtoms at rock bottonKprices. • . * J. S. WHITE & Co'. Bargain Store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor Ha. , -. • •. .-•-,., •-•• . V - • . ... ' • All persbns nro .notiu'etl not tbdlinip atiy ftioro aarba^o in th'e.streets.'... ;V Ho\VB, MnrV'httl. \ Homes for Visitors'to the World's Fair is the title of a neat Ijt^ltfb.qok. con(?iia-. ing the iiddress oT about 0,0<K) ..fauiytes T who vill udcommodntc visillbfS^ afeo a list of. hotel?, iliuHtratnd "witiy I^rge scale map, sold at M. C ticku>yof]acG. Price GO 2entf. _, ,,/ - v Tin'rooiing and all kindH of tin done promptly by lloijurttjchellv., No'tico Itelativn to. C'OWM. ' The ordinance relative io pastUnn^ cowa in the street will be si riot ly en" forced. No cattle will be allowed to\>e pastured in any street, whether 'Irey are tied or not, and nil cnttlo found at large in the street,.whether tied or otherwise, will be taken cure of. No ex ceptlou will be made to this rtjle foi* anyone; ''; PstE'R Howii, • • ;, ,: ...City Marshal. S •Sufferers from Piles should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and ef fectuajly remove every trace of them. Auy ; druggist w'U get it for you. Commencing .Saturday We Look For Daily Supplies At : Lower Prices. JJ. Cunningham's. An especially fine Hue of ladies' an-1 chilctn-u'b hosiery at the baznr. If you want the best ref rigurulor on earth for the least money no to Boslui's. Buy the genuine Philadelphia 1'iwn mower «t Bosley's. Lawn mowers" paired at • ^fc*jua***>v/v™******' **.*»** *^f »«•«**•***•* »w--»«—• pr""o him with bigamy was sworn out against him and be was placed under arrest. ; - On this examination his divorce papers were prpdueed, but Mrs. Boyd, turns today, and will be ready to re\|^ ew ore that she knew' nothing about them, and that she bad never been notified of any suclj proceedings. On this showing be wag bound ovet to the recorders court for trial. Shortly after, from information that was received, it The following item, clipped from Hit- Ft. Madison (Iowa) Democrat, contiiins infor- uiatiou \*fcll worth rememberiua: "^lr. John Bath, of this city; who inet with an accident a few days ago, spraiuing a"d bruis- IPB his leg and arm innle severely, was cured by one 50 cen.t bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm." Thia remedy is without an sprains and bruises an<i should have a.placp in every household. For sale at areene's drug store. ceive her pustomura tomorrow. In the multiplicity of uveuts do not 1 furtjet ihe.lecture op ';F.r»teruttl Or.jgJ«Q izatious". by (Jol. B» \ Fiulcy Smiley Thuisday evening, Juu^.8. at Maccabee hull Cul Siuiluy baa lb« rttput^tion'qf being a, very pleusiutf ep^aUor. Be aure_ to bear him.. •^ The bill rinsing the salary i3 the sten- Ographur of tbu nfth jud\cial. circuit, ^alou, CaiiiJuu and tJarry , to i|3,^P>. passed', bulb bouses beqaiuo a law. JD. C. Hocdeuuuker, formerly -of Jtalurnazoo.'w tbe stt>nog- rapher. ' ^ ^ cast) pf.a Uitta enticiug a Hula gill ftwuj for tmmortU purposes was reported (Q the officers Monday, but before, a, w arrant, was B worn ouVtiwj man bacl skipped. ||e was visiting in the ea,st ., pVrlt pf khe, ,citv, If Ihe aJttau is fcorrect- • ly repot ted,, t.lie fellQW shoCild be brought i if be cau" poisibiy be found. tja' \*4***tfv?i?Y »i«tT»l^ ', ~^^TT"' *** —-—••" t- • -. v w T*F. acon8oftdftte4 th^e condition of the 149 » three tri^st compiu;^, the cloae pf b'usiaeBB May 4. a»4 liabiUtiea J^J^«_»i «« JLUAV/A &UUU4.VT** fc«4.WkW ^F **fc* *i^fc^*x* J v^*y * v appeared that there was no chance .to convict'the defendant, and he was released on his pyrtjonal recognizance. .Things seemed brighter for Boyd, but his wife's parents had turned against him and this see'nxect to worry him. ; ; Finally his wife left him, as she began. to be afraid of him on jaccount of the threats he made to kill 1 her i{*hb»» ever left hjin. Boyd continued to do business and stayea with bis father, A few days ago the couple met in tbe office of the prosecuting attorney; aud &fter talking a "$Jiite v Boyd succeeded. in inducingbis wife to get into a buggy, when he drove over; to Windsor ana stopped at the Western hotel, .-^fc Boyd succeeded in effecting few «aea Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.,. "Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla r Secirei.WiuS Fair Wract, 7OO.OOO Ibs, • _ •:•:'•/:• v.r ' On sale at J. Cunmngliam's til! We Want to Show our - WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the County. w. T; DRAKE; December made. loan nd ' bonds and 'niort«»gej|,' 468,334,306.83; 1^rpl»ft MA . n flft4»[l4¥4 pwlitB, fiW 189.26, aud deposit 167,431 ,251. &4. Ice litter item. or to the Canton residence, and ained; admittance ha retired to " ' " he took the fyfy£ ,f j J , . £ BKiuJre at Marshai! Htioae. discounts, stocks ' For Summer Us© Jtist Beoeiygil, - .. • • - " : " "*-,"-• -,- . -• At Shanahan's

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